Bitti Business Wali 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi realizes his mistake

Bitti Business Wali 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahima asking where did that girl go? Kashi says she must have came for money and left. Laddo Singh says lets end the matter. Mahima says she will definitely come and this silence is before the storm. Bitti tries to get mobile phone fallen there. Sardar Singh’s goon comes and takes mobile from there. Laddo Singh tells that he won’t let Bitti stay in the house. He asks did you tell your bahus and Sangam? Mahima says they will know and tells that they shall search Bitti first. Kashi says we will search her and tells that everyone shall know that Mahi is getting married. Mahima says this marriage shall happen silently. Prema hears them and thinks whose marriage. Mahima scolds her for spying on them. Prema says I am going to my room. Mahima scolds her and asks her to call Mahi. Prema says Mahi is not at home. Mahi comes to Shrivastav’s house and thinks of her words. He thinks she left home because of him and thinks she should have told me before going. He rings the bell.

Chandana opens the door. Dadi asks who is at the door? Chandana moves from the way. Virender says how dare you to come to our house and says he will beat him. Jogi also says the same. Gayatri asks them to stop it. Mahi says I haven’t come here to fight and asks them to call Bitti. He says I came to meet her. Gayatri says she didn’t come here. Suman thinks to tell him, but stays silent.

Chandana and Pavitra scold Mahi. Mahi gets worried for Bitti. Dadi goes inside and calls Sardar Singh. He asks him to say something. Sardar Singh goes to Bitti. Bitti asks him to dismiss his idea and let her go. Sardar Singh asks him to do as he says and says you are not wanted anywhere neither in your sasural nor in your mayka. He asks her to call her father. Bitti refuses. Chandana and Pavitra accuse Mahi for making bitti go missing. Mahi asks them to accuse him if Bitti returns with their accusations. Sardar Singh tells Bitti that he can do anything for his daughter’s happiness. He says if she don’t call her father then he will make a call to Gayatri and will inform him what is he going to do with her, then he couldn’t bear it and will die. He calls from Bitti’s number and asks her to talk. Gayatri picks the call. Bitti tells that she is fine and came to mama ji’s house.

Dadi signs Virender. Mahi hears her and leaves. Bitti tells Sardar Singh that Gunjan will also be unwanted bahu and says atleast she is happy here. She says Mahi is against this marriage and will never accept Gunjan. Sardar Singh gets angry and says if Mahi refuses to accept her after marriage then he will be killed. Bitti gets shocked. Mahi comes home and thinks atleast she is saved and thinks he don’t care where is she? Prema and Akshata ask where is Bitti? Mahi says she went to her Mama’s house. They ask why she left. Akshata tells Mahi that they are affected seeing his change and says you loved her so much, but nor refusing to accept her. Prema reminds him of his love for Sapna ji and says you wanted to go to any extent to get her and used to talk to us. She reminds him of all his gesture. Akshata says you made way in her life, because of you, she left her studies and her alliance were also broken. She says she came to apologize to us because of her family. Prema says you punished her for her family’s wrong doings. Mahi recalls Bitti’s words.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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