Birth for you …. Death for you – A Jabir FF – Part 6

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This part begins with Kabir getting emotional snd Anuj consoling him .

Here this week passes .

Here Janhvi marks his entry and Kabir was sitting at a chair emotional and thinking about Janhvi .

Janhvi shows him her ring and tells him everything about Rahul ‘s proposal .

Kabir was shattered.

He left the place .

Here Janhvi’s family started preparation for their marriage .

Kabir was broken from inside and was thinking to leave to US forever.

Here Janhvi came to Kabir’s room when he was not their to take some files and opened the culboard and saw the ring and letter .

Jahnvi – Means Kabir loved me !! But its too late now .

A fb is shown

Jahnvi was sitting and Kabir brought her ice cream   🍦.

They were eating from same cone and jahnvi remembered it .

Precap – Janhvi is getting ready as a bride and Kabir is leavinf for US

Hi guys. Hope you all liked this part and its second last part of this ff.

Hope you enjoyed this ff

Its me pari

Will upload next part soon .

  1. Jasminerahul

    Kabir getting shattered seeing rahul’s ring on jhanvi’s finger was sad.sad that kabir decided to leave for US.jhanvi seeing the ring n letter and realizing that kabir loves her was very emotional. Jabir fb ice-cream scene was cute.ayesha was planning to woo kabir.also she is doubting whether kabir identified her or not.what happened to that?please show kabir ayesha scene too.want to know how she will react knowing about jabir.
    shocking n sad that this ff is getting over so soon.

  2. Revu

    Sad that you are ending it so soon, Not able to see a broken kabir. please unite them soon

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