Bin Kuch Kahe 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra asks Abha what happened to her cafeteria’s license and stay order. Abha says she need to reapply for permanent stay order and try to get license again. She explains whole process and its complicalities. Myra asks if Sandy helped her in getting temporary stay orders. Abha says yes and in fact combo meal idea was his. Akshay enters and says he found a lawyer to handle Abha’s case. Abha asks who is he. Akshay says his senior’s friend and he handles mostly politician and high profile cases. Abha thanks him. He says no need for formality. Abha excuses them and goes into kitchen asking Myra to take care of counter.

Nikhil takes Riya for a movie and reminds how the both used to like comedy movies a lot. He tells how many times they watched Hera Pheri movie and mimics Babu Rao. Sarika comes with her boyfriend and introduces him. Boyfriend goes to get ticket. Sarika asks Nikhil where is he now a days, why he is not replying her calls. He says he did not get any calls. Riya tries to leave. Sarika stops her and says Nikhil she cannot carry lies anymore and tells man is her boyfriend and they are marrying soon. Nikhil tells when she broke engagement, he shattered and got more jealous seeing her with Kabeer, so planned all this to make her jealous. Sarika tells Nikhil and Riya that they are made for each other and should not part ways for silly reasons. Riya hugs Nikhil.

Myra takes care of cash counter. Akshay insists her for a movie. She says no. Customer pays bill with 2000 rs and says he does not have change. Akshay continues pestering Myra for a movie date. She says no. Customer seeing their fight asks Myra to agree, else Rosy will continue pestering her. Nikhil calls Akshay and asks to meet him near some cafeteria. Akshay says he does not like that cafeteria. Nikhil says he is calling to talk and not by him coffee. Akshay asks Myra if he should leave. She says go.. He thinks he loves her a lot and leaves. He meets Akshay and Riya. Akshay asks him to convince parents for his and Riya’s marriage. Akshay agrees.

Sanday comes to Abha’s cafeteria and tells she should accept his offer, she will not lose ownership and her cafeteria will be India’s one of best cafeteria. She shouts to get out. He says if he goes, his team will come and they are ruthless people and then he cannot help her. She shouts again to get out. She then goes to meet lawyer with Akshay. Lawyer praises Akshay for his contribution to the country as army man and says because of army, civilians sleep peacefully. Abha says she is not in peace though. Akshay introduces her as his sister and tells Abha’s whole story. Lawyer agrees to help her.

Kabeer meets someone at a roadside tea stall, gives him money and explains him about Abha’s cafeteria issues, asks to stop King Café from acquiring it. He then thinks he will see how Sandy will takeover Abha’s café.

Precap: Akshay informs Nikhil he loves Myra. Kabeer smiles at Myra and she fumes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Halima Yahaya

    Arrogant myra I just wish kabeer will let her go

    1. sushmitha shetty

      I agree. In this whole serial only Kabeer, Nikhil, Ayan and Abha were good now Abha also became like her sisters

  2. The way Myra is behaving..she must stay wid the great army ungentle man…she doesn’t deserve kabir..??

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