Bin Kuch Kahe 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer described how she got heavily inebriated and he had to take her to room, then things turned started turning on, then…Myra shouts stop it. Kabeer continues. Myra shouts again and walks out. Nikhil and Riya walk in and asked what happened. Kabeer says he does not know, maybe she does not like his face. Riya says yes. Nikhil realizes he forgot to call Abha. Riya asks what happened to Abha. Nikhil says she got municipality notice to vacate cafeteria and says today’s day is very bad.

Sandy tells Abha that he liked her cafeteria. She asks if he wants to have coffee. He says yes. She asks waiter to bring coffee and asks why he is helping her. He says he is also interested in her cafeteria and shows his business card that he is international business chain’s senior executive.

Back home, Abha informs family about cafeteria notice and Sandy helping her. Kabeer is shocked to hear Sandy’s name. She reads business card and says his name is Sandeepan Iyer. Kabeer gets more shocked. Abha asks if he knows Sandy. Kabeer says no, moves aside and messages Sandy if he is in India. Akshay shouts he will teach Sandy a lesson. Abha says to calm down, he is coming to meet tomorrow. Akshay says he will make sure Sandy’s visa is canceled. Myra says they should not take Sandy’s lawyer help. Nikhil says he will consult his friend. Riya gets angry and yells she is going. Nikhil stops her and asks where is she going. She says they are all hypocrites, he was paying attention to her till now, but once Abha came, whole paying is paying her attention more. She brings her bags and leaves. Abha asks to go behind him.

In the morning, Nikhil brings bakery snacks for Riya and asks Sudha where is she. Sudha says in her room and says if Riya leaves something, he can give it to him. He walks into Riya’s room and she weeping says she does not eat all this. He says she will not gain weight. She says her career is finished. He cheers he up and sings her father’s song Ruk jana nahi tu kabhi haar ke…song.. Riya smiles up and they both sing.

Abha with Akshay and Kabeer waits in cafeteria to meet Sandy. Sandy enters and greets Abha and is shocked to see Kabeer. Abha introduces Kabeer as her tenant Kabeer Miranda, a renown International journalist. Sandy asks about Akshay and she says he is a family friend. He starts explaining about his offer. Akshay yells they are not interested and if ever comes here back or seen in this street, he will face dire consequences.

Precap: Sandy tells Abha that he thought, her family is well cultured. Akshay punches him. Sandy asks Kabeer if Kohli family knows about his background. Kabeer says no, even he should not try to tell them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What background????

  2. Yaar…i like kabir
    What twist…till now this is going without any twist…now hope something good.!

  3. M sure kabir is someone like James bond.?

  4. priety Mittal

    some politician background

  5. Ruchi

    I thought that this Rosy will spice up Myra nd kabir’s love story but he is spoiling everything … Curious to know about that background thing!!!

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