Bin Kuch Kahe 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra waits for Sandy at a roadside tea shop. Sandy comes and greets her. She asks if he used to meet Kabeer here. He says yes. She asks if his offer of cafeteria partnership is still on. He says no, he had told her not to fall in court issue. Myra cries that Kohli café is Abha’s life and she will not handle losing it, his café chain is very big and they can buy many café’s like theirs. Sandy asks her to relax, they will meet at Kohli café in sometime.

Municipality officer gives notice to Abha and apologizes. She asks how can they make mistake, she got notices many times. He says it was a mistake. Myra enters. Abha gives her notice and says municipality people made mistake, they both continue lashing officer. Officer asks if they don’t want to be in peace, they are mad. Myra yells she is international journalist and will expose their mistake. Officer leaves saying they spoilt his mood. They both get happy that their cafeteria is safe. Myra says if this news had come last night, engagement would been more joyful.

Sandy enters and says sorry he came late for job today. Myra asks him not to tell Abha that they had met today. Abha shows his municipality notice. He acts as shocked and asks how can this happen, his job will be gone. Abha says he can sue municipality people. Sudha enters and yells what is he doing here, he and his friend should not come near cafeteria and his friend should nnot meet Aryan, Kabeer is a big fraud. Sandy angrily asks what she knows about Kabeer, he will tolerate her yelling at him, but not Kabeer, he did a lot for them. Myra yells Kabeer betrayed them. Sandy gives notice and says Kabeer saved their cafeteria. He had left his family 7 years ago as his businessman father wanted him to join family business and not journalism. When he came to know his father’s company is buying their café, he met his father and agreed to all terms. He sacrificed his freedom for them as he got the love and dearness he was searching from them.

Kohli’s go back home and sit sadly. Sandy comes there and tells Abha he needs to talk to her. She says they can talk in cafeteria. He says it is important about Kabeer, he did not know that his father’s cafeteria chain is taking over Abha’s café, he is different from his father. Sudha yells like father, like son, he is also betrayer, she considered him he son, but he did not tell anything. Sandy sys whatever she thinks, Kabeer is not wrong and leaves.

Abha confronts Sudha that she does what she feels and does not care about other’s feelings and forces her decision on others. She continues pouring her heart out and says because of her she could not get divorce from her ex-husband officially as she wants her to go back to him and suffer, she is selfish. Sudha says she spoke a lot and leaves.

Aryan returns from school and seeing Kabeer outside house runs and hugs him. He says he knows he had gone to save their cafeteria and is not wrong. Sudha comes out. Aryan says he already told that Kabeer is not wrong. Sudha says he is. Kabeeer says he came here to return room keys. She asks him to come in and have something as she respects guests.

Precap: Kabeer tells Myra that he appreciated her every decision, but her decision of engagement with Akshay is wrong.

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