Bin Kuch Kahe 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra requests inspector to give girl’s mobile for 30 minutes. Inspector says he will lose his job if something happens to evidence. Sandy says he has pen drive and they can transfer data on it. Myra requests inspector and gets data transferred via laptop. They both then reach home and check data. Abha comes and asks what are they doing at this time. Myra asks Sandy to go and rest in Kabeer’s room. He says it is okay. She insists and says she will check call log. He leaves. She checks call log and finds Akshay’s number.

Next day, Kohli family waits for Myra. Mandi maasi/Sudha’s sister comes. They are all surprised. Sudha hugs her. Mandy says they all forgot her, but Myra did not and invited her for her wedding. Myra returns with Kabeer. Kabeer sits and says he is fine. Akshay comes and says Kabeer he is glad that Kabeer is back. Myra says yes, but Akshay had planned to trap him. Akshay asks why she is joking. Myra says hope it was joke, why did he trap Kabeer. Akshay angrily yells that Kohli family ladies are characterless, mother is drunkard, elder daughter is divorcee with a child, second daughter became pregnant before marriage, and third daughter enjoys with a man before marriage. Kohli family is shocked. Riya says they are not surprised with his behavior, he promised his mother that Myra will cut all her relationship with her family after marriage. Myra gets more angry and says she was marrying him because of her mamma, enough of his nonsense now. She returns his engagement ring and says it is over. Akshay continues that he is glad that because of him Kabeer spent 2 nights in jail. Riya says he is so shameless. Nikhil says he is ashamed of him, he took sim in his name to trap Kabeer and asks him to get out. Akshay angrily walks towards Myra. Sudha stops him and asks to get out. He says will she not ask what her daughter did. Sudh asks him to get out right now. He leaves.

Sudha fumes that she will not spare Akshay and his mother and will go and break alliance rightn now, they want Myra to break relationship, now Nikhil has to breakup with them. She leaves. Mandy says Sudha will not stop and says she knew Akshay is an idiot and tells Myra that she will get a lot of good boys. She asks Kabeer why Akshay is behind him. Kabeer looks at Myra and says he does not know.

After sometime, Mandy gives gifts to Sudha for her family and says she knows who is perfect for Myra. Sudha asks who is it. Mandy says Kabeer, he is so mature. Sudha says she knows, but who will explain Myra. Sudha then goes to Akshay’s house and returns all gifts to his mom and warns to stay away from her family. She scolds Akshay he is a blot on army.

Precap: Akshay holds Myra and asks not to break wedding. Myra asks to leave her hand. Kabeer comes and pushes him and warns not to come near Myra again. Akshay says he is coming between repeatedly, now he will shut his mouth, pulls out knife.

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