Bin Kuch Kahe 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay kneels down to propose Myra. Sudha asks him to go ahead. Akshay says until Myra permits, how will he. Myra asks to speak. Akshay holding ring asks if she will marry him. She says yes. Kaber watches that and gets sad. Akshay and Myra exchange engagement rings. Everyone congratulate them. Myra notices Kabeer and gets sad, but Kabeer walks away suddenly. Myra thinks it is her imagination. Myra and Akshay then cut cake. Everyone clap for them. Sandy takes Kabeer aside and asks if he saw what happened. He says yes. Sandy says he loves Myra, then how can he be silent. Kabeer says it is important to save Abha’s café at this time, even Akshay loves Myra and will keep her happy, he hates him as he also loves Myra. Sandy says he is not writing an article, it is his life.

Nikhil takes over mic and announces even his engagement with Riya. He exchanges ring with Riya. Everyone clap for them. On the other side, Sandy says he came from Mumbai to Jaipur for Myra. Why did he spoil his image to save this cafeteria. Kabeer says if he should tell that one who wants to snatch this cafeteria is his father JS, whatever he did is right. Sudha hears their conversation. Kabeer apologizes her for going without informing her. Sudha says she heard and it is better Kabeer leaves. Sandy asks Sudha to listen to Kabeer once, if he knows what Kabeer did. Kabeer says it is okay. Aryan comes and says Kabeer. Everyone notice him. Nikhil thinks what is he doing here. Abha walks towards Kabeer. Akshay fumes that he will handle Kabeer. Aryan hugs Kabeer tightly. Abha asks him to come back. Aryan says no. Kabeer says Aryan that he knows what he wants to ask, but not now. He leaves. Sudha says it is time for celebration, let us enjoy.

Riya sings Adha ishq adha hai, adha hojayega…song. Myra reminisces her association with Kabeer. Everyone dance on gal meethi meethi Shekhawath looks at Sudha while Abha looks at Sandy preparing mocktails. She walks to him and asks why did Kabeer come here. Sandy says to clear some confusion. Abha says what is left now. Sandy says he should ask Kabeer. Abha leaves. Sandy asks Aryan if he still trusts Kabeer. Aryan nods yes. Sandy asks what about him. Aryan says he is South Indian and he does not have South Indian friends yet, so he cannot say anyting. Sandy asks him to go and dance with his mother. Aryan dances with Abha.

After returning home, Myra says Riya that mamma was looking happy. Riya says it was her favorite daughter’s engagement. Myra says it was even her engagement, even Sharma aunty was looking happy. Abha enters. Riya asks why did Kabeer come. Abha says she does not know, Sandy told mamma didn’t let him in and sent away. Riya asks why she trusts Sandy so much. Abha asks why she trusted Kabeer and brought him home. Sudha enters and scolds nobody will take Kabeer’s name in this house and Sandy will not work in cafeteria until they vacate cafeteria, she will even stop Aryan from meeting Kabeer. Abha feels sad and cries. Myra tries to console her. Abha says mamma always make her realize she is a loser and taunts her, Aryan misses father figure and even she misses a partner, she works hard, but mamma cannot see her effort. She continues pouring her heart out.

Precap: Sandy confronts Sudha if she knows what Kabeeer did. Sudha yells he is shouting in her cafeteria, he and Kabeer should not be seen near her house
or cafeteria and get out right now.

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  2. dead slow……. the slowestestestest serial…….. go f*** urselves writers nd directors …….. just set fire to the show…. bye

  3. 123% right…!!!
    Thy f**ked up the show…that cud hv been a path breaker.That make me feel something different from all other daily soaps on Indian television but thy totally spoiled it.
    The only good thing about bkk is kabeer ND his performance…thts y I watch it while cursing the team.??

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