Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10 Contd.

Chapter-10 ( Him And Her)

Sam’s pager beeped and her eyes widened. Heavens. She panicked and ran through the kitchen and almost collided with an angry looking Roshan in the process of hurrying.

“Omph,” He groaned, when she moved past him and her shoulder hit his hard.

What? How did he hurt so easily? By her slender arm that too? Was it possible that Neil was right and she had gained weight and her slender arm wasn’t slender anymore. Oh, damn him again for messing with her head.

“I’n so sorry.” Sam apologized over shoulder and pumped her feet towards the hall.

“What the hell are you creating a ruckus in the kitchen, Sam?” He shouted at her and she flinched at his tone.

God, he was moody since the party night.

She looked at her watch and saw that two minutes had already passed.

Damn. She treaded three floors fast. Her body slumped down on the fourth. She strained to breath and gasped for air.

A pair of black shoes came into her blurry vision. Sam blinked wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her left hand. She looked up after a second and found Rudra staring down at her quizzically.

She got off the floor hastily.

He looked sharp in the black uniform. His eyes were sharp and disapproval.

“Boss wants you in his room. Three doors to the left.” He said coolly.

Room? Why was he calling her to his room? She felt her face burn looking at the way Rudra was had seen her just a second ago.

He had seen her several near Neil’s study and also had seen her in the corridors. He seem to have got wrong idea about her and the boss.

God, he seem to be judging her. Like she was some kind of..

Sam was going to kill Neil. He was ruining her reputation among her work place.

“It’s nothing as you think.” She said feeling humiliation colour her face.

His face became indifferent.

“I’m not anyone here to think anything. Just following the boss’s order. Three doors to your left, alright.” He said stiffly and moved out of her way.

She opened her mouth to reply but he didn’t give her a chance and did already walk away.

Man, he was just like his boss, isn’t he. Curt and rude.

She sighed feeling stupid and completely embarrassed. What does he want from her now? It was past eleven. It was closing time of the kitchen staff and she was tired to the bone moving up and down for god knows how many times.

It wasn’t even like half a day since he had returned in her life and he had already managed to turn her head upside down and everything. She was again jittery, fidgety, nervous, anxious and sweaty in his presence. Ah, what should she do now? The new found courage that she had gathered earlier just scattered altogether now.

Her heart started palpitating and she was afraid it would fail to beat altogether. Her hands sweated as she reached the room.

The door was half open and she was afraid to venture into it. Oh, why was she even here. What would have happened if she ignored the pager? Her mind pushed thousands of dreadful thoughts. None were positive.

Her forehead crinkled in worry. It wasn’t so late to run but she was afraid of the consequence of going against his order. He was so unpredictable and what she saw in his study really frightened her. This new version of Neil really scared her. He was unmoving and unforgiving. At least when she was with him he used to soften seeing her cry but now it only seem to anger him more.

Sam shook off all these frantic thoughts. Get in. Ask him what’s his deal now and the two curt questions. Why had he called her up again? For what? Then she can run. Like really fast.

She got inside reluctantly. Her eyes widened looking around. It was really huge and wide. Like a suite. Neil was like extremely rich but he never showed the arrogance of having much or boasted about his wealth whenever he came home to visit her parents. He really smiled in mamma’s company. He got along well with pappa. Though he talked less one can see the warmth when he was among her family. With Rohan he was completely laid back. Sam had always wondered why he couldn’t be like that with her.

She shook her head and moved her feet into the centre of the of the wide room. It wasn’t actually a single. It was a combination of three rooms. One was like a hall with a set of beige coloured sofa and plush cushioned chairs accompanied with it. The couch faced a large telivision designed in the wall. Her eyes fell on the box of speakers on either side of it. Seemed like a home theatre system. Wasn’t Neil always too gadgety. He has always the hip collection of these new things of technology. It was really cool. The other rooms were opposite to each other of the wide hall. The floor was smooth black marble and the walls were white. Sam frowned. Where was Neil?

She hesitated but turned to the left. Taking a deep breath she reached a door and hesitated again.

Sam bit her lower lip. Should she knock? Was it his bedroom? She kept staring at the antique type mohagany door like a fool. Damn, she was in a fix. Why had she come here? Ugh.

She closed her eyes tight and knocked on the door and almost turned around to leave but a sharp bark of order froze her completely.

“Come in.” His voice curt and very sharp hit her ears harshly.

Sam groaned inside her head and she cursed her luck. Ah, let it come whatever it was waiting on the other side of the door.

She pushed her feet into moving.and got inside the room. Her eyes unblinking took in the room. This one was wide too with the same combination of colours. Black, white and red. In that apartment she stayed it was the same too. There was a black recliner. A wide large bed with white sheets and pillows. The walls were not exactly white but cream coloured. There were the large windows at the far end of the room. The night’s breeze circulated around the room. It wasn’t really chilly though. The ocean was serene today. It beautiful outside actually.

But she froze when Neil got in through the balcony. It was on the right side of the room. Her breath caught when he glanced at her. He had removed the coat and was in the white shirt and grey pants still. His hair was dishevelled and he looked tired. Seems like he had done a lot of work. Sam saw him work the files one after the other like a crazy person. He was at it since the morning.

He remained silent and Sam wondered what kind of errand he had planned to make her run after it. She would throttle he ordered to make tea again. Goodness he drank it alot. Like water.

He took like five spoons of sugar per each cup. Sam wondered if wouldn’t become diabetic soon. Ironic wasn’t it as he wasn’t exactly a picture of a sweet person though. He didn’t look like one having sweet tooth. He was more like a rough earthy kind of person. Go for a hunt in the wild. Kill a game and bring it to a dinner kind. He suited more to rough weathers. He was a tough guy and even hard a tough nut to crack.

Sam felt like a servant. Waiting for his highness order. He turned around just when she made a face to his back. Sam hastily rearranged her expression to a meek one. He was busy removed the watch and removing the wallet from his pocket.

Ah, time to speak. She locked her hands together down.

“ called me?” She asked finally.

He lifted his head and looked across at her while folding up the sleeves of the white shirt over his hand. His forearm and shoulder muscles stretched the shirt. The green lined veins of his hands were profound over his wrist and back and she was mesmerised. He looked really stiff and formal suddenly. As if he really didn’t know her at all. But until he opened his mouth and proved her wrong.

“Draw me a bath.” He replied finally in a distracted tone.

His voice was deep, gruff and gravelly and she liked it. His voice she always had liked. There was she again crushing over him. When would it go all these feeling for him. Oh, she was pathetic. Even he treated her like this she had feeling for him. What to do? It wouldn’t go away even if she tried. She really liked him.

Sam blinked. Draw what? Excuse me?

“What?” She asked.

He sighed and looked across at her as if she was an imbecile. Sam stared back confusedly.

“Draw me a bath.” He said again, but this time very slowly in a drawl.

Sam stared at him as if he was crazed. She snorted. Draw him a bath? Was he a toddler to need help drawing a bath to? Was he crazy? Of course he was. And why the hell would she draw him a bath. He could do it himself. Ridiculous him and riduculous are his errands.

All thoughts flew and her eyes widened when he started to unbutton the shirt. Goodness gracious what the hell was he doing? Was he was serious?!?

One by one the buttons opened up the shirt and revealed a very toned and tanned body. He had become leaner in about only a month. Five weeks to be precise.

“W..wha..what what are you doing?” Sam spluttered.

His hand movements stopped and he glanced across at her again. He was near the centre of the room and she stood frozen near the door. There was almost like more than an arm’s length between them.

He didn’t reply but removed the shirt off his shoulders and Sam’s face burned and she drew away her eyes and slid them to the wall. She looked up after a second to find him near the wardrobe.

“The bathroom is there.” He ordered her instead sliding his gaze away after a second of silence.

Sam gave him a bewildered look. He really was serious, wasn’t he. She opened her mouth to argue with him about it but she closed it shut realizing that it would make the matter worse. When she told him that the kitchen ran out of milk, he actaully ordered the dairy farm truck to load tons of milk packets inside the cold store room. Roshan had went crazy looking at the amount of it. Now if she protested and tried to smart mouth him he would surely do something utterly shocking and crazy.

Run a bath and run fast herself.

Sam groaned inside her head and she treaded into the bathroom. She turned around to find the bathtub but her eyes widened and stayed like that for more than a minute.

She gasped looking at a low deep pond. It was wide like a small swimming pool. It seemed completely made of stone with round steps travelling into the pond. And it was half filling as the steaming water gushed up slowly. It wasn’t that deep if looked at closely. She thought the interior was not old age but the bath here was of possibly the eighteenth century. Sam was bewildered looking at it. All three rooms in the dorm wouldn’t be sufficient to describe it this one. It was like a mini suite. Goodness. There was a shower wall in the corner. A jacuzzi in the far end of the bathroom. A white bathtub beside the Both of her eyebrows raised at that.

One could live here as actually a room. Except it was a strange looking bathroom with various baths. The light was very dim here with gaslights over the stone walls. It was weird.

Why had he asked her to fill the bath when the pond seemed already filling with hot water. This guy. He was really strange.

Time to run. She moved towards the door but it pushed open. She almost tripped but saved herself by grabbing onto the wall.

Neil walked in. He was wearing boxer shorts and nothing else. He didn’t look at her but went towards the wash stand and he grabbed a soap bar near from the mirror wall. As he made way to the pond, Sam’s face burned and she hurriedly moved towards the door.

She almost ran out but out of the bathroom but his sharp voice made her jump in anxiety.

“Come here.” He odered her from afar.

Sam closed her eyes and beat her left palm over her forehead. You should have not come here, she told herself. He was trying to embarrass her but she was already feeling like flying out of the room.

“I….the it’s already filled. I..I’ll just go then.” She fumbled with the words nervously.

She heard a splash.

“Come here before I get there.” He said again in a low drawl.

She sighed. Damn him and his warnings. Ugh, why was he doing this to her? She counted to ten and turned around cursing under her breath.

His back was to her but he was already inside the pond with his hands stretched on either side of the stone rest.

It looked like a king’s bath. Sam suddenly felt the need to laugh. Neil and his vanity was unbelievable.

She moved closer towards the pond. What the hell wants her to do now?

Sam gulped hard looking at his back. His arms stretched wide, the muscles and the sinews of his hands flexed and his skin was covered with water droplets. The tattoo around his left hand forearm looked more profound and dark over his skin.

“What is it now?” She mumbled and asked, looking anywhere but at his back.

“Wash my back.” He muttered again sighing.

Sam’s eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed in disbelief.

What the hell?

“No!” She retorted instantly.

She heard another sigh.

“Fine. Mop and wax the five floors.” He said flatly.

Sam gasped while she turned around to leave. Five floors? Moping? Her? She snorted.

“You must be crazy.” She flung back in a snarl.

“Get here. Wash my back. Get lost. Mop the floor. Two options. Your choice.” He said again dryly while leaning his head back on the black stone.

Sam gritted her teeth. She would die moping the five floors all night. She reluctantly turned around chosing the second option. She had seen him half naked before and everything in herself was immune to that. She wasn’t going to get affected by his proximity.

Sam better show him that she was over him. His arrogance should be needed to be brought down.

She walked up on the steps and dropped to her knees.

“Get that soap.” He said again, flicking his forefinger to his right side.

It was just about his reach. Why couldn’t he take it and wash himself.

Sam made a face at the back of his head. Her right hand hesitated but took the dry bar in her hand and sat frozen there.

“Don’t you think you’re being too informal now. To tell an employee to wash you.” She muttered in a low grit of voice.

His head turned towards her but he didn’t turn around in the pool.

“Don’t mumble like a mosquito. Speak up clearly.” He said wryly and turned his head front.

Great now she was a mosquito along with being fat.

Sam felt the need to throw the soap at his head but she just have to fume in silence.

“What’s wrong now? Have you stopped breathing altogether?” He asked in an annoyed tone.

Sam sighed and moved closer. She wetted the soap in the warm water. Her hand hesitated before she pressed the bar over his right shoulder. Her heart started beating faster immediately. His head leaned towards her hand and he sighed.

“Press beside the shoulder bone.” He told her flexing his shoulder.

Sam stared at the back of his head. Ah, the nerve of this man. What did he think she was? a massué now?

She glared daggers and pressed hard her soapy fingers into the muscle beside his shoulder bone. They were knotted and stiff. Sam could feel that he had taken all the stress over his back while sitting like that for hours.

Evertime she pressed her thumb finger and unknotted the tensed muscle he groaned immediate sighing heavily.

“That felt good.” He murmured tiredly.

Sam’s face flushed as she concentrated on the work but not his voice, breathing and the warmth of his body. Her eyes drew to his locks which were damp and wet. They stuck at the base of his neck and the water trickled down over his back.

Sam shook her mind vigorously of such observation. She put all the focus over his back. He had lot of tensed knots over his shoulders and neck. He seem to have been working continuously.

She breathed heavily when she had washed his shoulders and loosened the muscles there. Her fingers slid away from his back but his hand shot to the side and immediately and very abruptly he caught her wrist tight.

Sam felt her heart jump at that. She stared surprised when his head turned to the side and his eyes caught hers in a lock. His stare into her eyes didn’t stay long before he dropped his gaze to her hand. His jaw locked looking at her wrist but he remained gravely silent. Water droplets covered his face and trickled down his black locks. His face was bright with the orange light falling on his profile completely. His eyelashes were the most beautiful. Dark and curled and when he looks at her lazily lifting his eyes to hers she really felt her heart skip and beat again. The water was submerged in the dark and he looked as if he was someone completely of not this world. She still didn’t know anything about him. He wants her but he doesn’t want. She never was sure with him.

She jumped again when he drew her down by the hand and observed her elbow.

She opened her mouth to protest but his hand loosened overs her and she thought he was finally letting her go. She almost got off the step but he grabbed her hand again and pulled her hard.

Sam shrieked and went falling down into the pond. She closed her eyes and gasped in a breath expecting the water to pull her deep into it. But Neil grabbed her by the legs and locked them around his waist. Sam was drenched down from her lower stomach.

“What are you doing?” She gasped trying to get off him.

He stared into her eyes flatly as his hands clutched her waist tight.

His left hand moved up from the water and pulled down at her pink t-shirt.

Sam’s face burned and she tried to move his hand away.

“Neil, stop it.” She said embarrassed as he stared at her shoulder with a frown.

“You’re burned here.” He observed gravelly still looking at her skin….”And you’re still pale.” His eyes glinting caught hers.

“Let go of me.” She said again ignoring his words.

He was all strong and muscly. His chest was hard and she felt like burning up immediately feeling his warmth. The swirling water above her waist did not help at all. She felt her breath caught when his eyes narrowed and he stared at her through half mast eyes in challenge. Her hands caught hold of his shoulders for support.

“Haven’t you been wearing a sunscreen when going out?” He asked in a very serious scolding voice.

Really what was the need of him pulling her to his body always. Can’t he just talk keeping a little distance from her. Why does he always pull at her clothes? She struggled to get out of his hold of her but he tightened his hands over her waist. Her face burned when the t-shirt pulled completely down her shoulders.

“What did I ask you?” He pulled her up more and she gasped.

“Yes, I have been wearing a sunscreen. Can you please let me go.” She replied hastily and anxious looking at the hard expression crossing his face.

He ignored her reply as his gaze went over her hands and shoulders.

“You’re too pale for the sun here. Wear a strong SPF.” He suggested and his eyes narrowed and severe caught hers and his tone become low and husky..”I don’t want to see your skin bruise again.” He murmured and waited staring hard at her to reply.

“Yes. Alright. I’ll do that.” She agreed thinking that he would leave her alone now.

But he didn’t.

He ignored her once again as his eyes travelled over her face leisurely in observation.

“Let me look at you first. You’ve changed spectacularly in these weeks.” He said to himself rather than to her.

Sam wondered skeptically if he was criticising or was complimenting her? She wasn’t really sure of the latter.

His left hand from on her waist travelled up slowly on her spine and he immediately held the back of hair tightly making her face to move up for his observation and eyes. He pulled at the locks lightly and a rueful smile twisted his lips up. His face was lined with something like serene and calm and he didn’t seem a bit agitated or angry. His breath fell over her lips in a cool caress. Sam could feel his heart beat over hers. She could feel the movement of his rib cage and the strain of his muscles and every inch of abs and bare skin over the thin wet t-shirt she was wearing.

“Your hair. It’s longer now.” He murmured in a low husky tone.

Sam remained silent and uncomfortable in his arms. What should she reply to that. Uh, yes my shampoo works great or Oh, thank you for observing. Neither of the two seemed better to blurt out.

He removed the wet hair off her right cheek with his hand and he held her face up. His thumb finger slid across her cheek over and over.

“Do you think to blush like this always?” He asked her softly and Sam felt the breath leave out of her lungs as his eyes strayed to her lips and stayed there all the while talked….” Nevermind, Sometime later for sure, I will be getting to know how far down it spreads.” He completed the thought in a gruff voice.

Sam blistered.

“That’s never going to happen.” She replied vehemently.

He smiled for the first time he met her since. A deep spreading of warmth all over his face.

“Hmm, we’ll see about that.” He murmured sighing and relaxed.

He seem to have all the time in the world as he held her like that in his arms. His right hand was exploring over her waist though.

His chest vibrated with a chuckle.

“What’s this.” He said amused as his hand spread over her lower stomach caressingly under the t-shirt…”You’ve filled out well.” He said again huskily appreciating her figure.

She didn’t know but it seemed he was laughing at her and again she was embarrassed that he was calling fat.

“Cupcakes.” She mumbled in a low tone.

He chuckled some more. The deep richness of his short laughter vibrated down her body.

“You’re curvier than before.” He said in a low warm voice.

Sam’s face burned. It was because of Yuvan. He made such delicious desserts in the night for the staff that she couldn’t resist having the raspberry filled jam cupcakes or the fig fruit ice cream that he made always. She really had been eating well since when working here.

His eyes caught her fleeting ones.

“Seems like the kitchen had been treating you well.” He observed sounding pleased as hell.

Why was he so happy with that?

“I’m not fat.” She retorted sharply.

His right eyebrow lifted up amused.

He sqeezed her waist and travelled his hand down her hips.

“Fills my hands just about right.” He said huskily while spreading his hand on her hips…” All in the right places.” He murmured again.

His eyes drew up her waist and moved over her chest and to her shoulders. His forefinger slid down the bra strings and his forhead lined, his gaze gravely slid there frozen. His finger traced down the red line on her skin. Sam burning up really tried now to move out of his arms.

“Your skin is marked here.” He stared at her hard and a little passive angry…”You aren’t wearing the right size.” His voice turned annoyed now.

“Oh, stop this.” She breathed heavily pushing at his shoulders.

He stared at her through wet eyelashes. His eyes were dark inky black. Huh? He was angry?

His hand around her waist tightened.

“It’s tight isn’t it? Remove the ghastly thing.” He said fiercely and moved his hand over her back.

Sam gasped and spluttered.

“Neil, what the hell are you doing?” She squealed as he tried to tug loose the bonds under the t-shirt.

The water they were immersed splashed around as she struggled to move away. She tightened her jean clad legs around his waist more not to slip down hard into the pond and collide her head on the stone wall.

He stared into her eyes gravely.

“Buy new ones. Perhaps that would fit you properly.” He ordered her through closed teeth.

“Alright. I’ll do that.” She again agreed hastily breathless.

“I’ll check that myself tomorrow morning. I want the red marks gone soon.” He muttered very displeased and disturbed by it.

A low deep breath escaped his lips as he sighed a little stutteringly at her meek and pacifying tone. He really was serious about her skin getting bruised.

His eyes now a little less wild slid all across her face and her eyes and he frowned again. Dear god, now what did he find?

His hand though slid away from her back and moved around. His left hand cupped her right cheek.

“You haven’t been sleeping well.” He observed again in a strained voice…” There are circles here.” He muttered sliding his thumb finger under her eye.

Sam felt herself flush. Wow, he had the dare to ask her that. Of course she couldn’t sleep properly. He was the only reason for it. He though looked very much hearty and healthy without her.

She stayed silent. It was hard not to let out some very nice words to curse him with. It seemed pointless to argue with him. He would always win shocking her to silence when starts to rant about his behavior.

Instead she glared at him by pursing her lips to a curl. His eyes flared in response looking at her lips.

“Now why did you do that.” He said with a smile.

Sam’s eyes widened when his face drew closer to hers. Water droplets fell over her cheeks falling down from his locks.

She averted her face. That she shouldn’t have done. His hand caught her jaw and he stared into her widened gaze with serene dangerous eyes.

“What did I tell you about turning away from me.” He warned her gruffly.

“I…I..” She started to fumble with words again.

He sighed as if exasperated. His eyes slid down to her body.

“Are you going to undress or should I do that?”He asked her nonchalantly going back to his own cool self again.

Sam stared into arrogant eyes.


He leaned away and rested his back over the stone rest but he still had his hands around her waist.

“Isn’t that what you came here for. To bath with me?” He asked her looking at her widened eyes.

Came here? The nerve. She came here because he ordered her too. Did he give her any choice rather than the only options controlled by him.

“If you aren’t going to undress then get out of here. I’m bored already.” He said finally and abruptly let his hands slid away from her and he literally pushed at her legs.

Sam slipped into the water and she gasped while splashing around in it. She spluttered up for air all wet now completely.

The devil. The idiot. The rude and obnoxious idiot. How dare he put her in spot saying that she wants to bath with him. How shameless. Her face turned crimson while he looked at her through smiling amused eyes. He really does know how to string, circle and unwound a girl’s mind. He would leave any one confused by his behaviour.

She failed her hands and pushed her feet into walking. The water reached upto her upper chest now. It was all soapy and steaming warm.

She gave him the blackest glare while treaded her way out of the pond. His hand shot up and caught hers before she could completely get out of the pond.

Sam turned her head around to find him staring at her fingers. Now what? She wondered.

“What’s this?” He asked scowling fiercely.

Sam looked down at her fingers. He was staring at the plasters around last three.

“I cut myself while chopping vegetables.” She replied staring into his frowning face.

His eyes slid upto hers glaring.

“Can’t you do a thing without hurting yourself first?” He asked her in heavy disapproval.

Sam blistered at his tone. Why was he scolding her always? Why does he find things to pick up a fight with her everytime? Ugh.

Sam twisted her hand free.

“That’s none of your concern.” She muttered and got up hurriedly.

Uh, finally she got herself free. It was burning her skin everywhere he touched her. God, he always managed to destroy the peace of her mind.

“Run away again. That’s the only thing you do well.” He flung the insult at her through mocking voice.

Sam’s jaw locked hard. She ignored his caustic remark and walked inside the room. Her new jeans were destroyed. The water travelled down her legs and ruined the waxed floor.

Well, good. She destroyed something of his finally.

She looked around the room and found her outside of the room and into the hall.

Her hands went around the door knob before she was pulled back into the centre of the hall.

She stared surprised into a pair flat looking eyes.

“What?” She asked frowning.

He had on a white shirt and grey pants. Which wasn’t bottoned and untucked. He got out fast and half dressed. Was he going somewhere? At 12AM. His hair was still damp and lay over his forehead disheveled. They fell over his eyes and almost shielded the piercing look he was giving her.

What now?

His eyes strayed down.

“You’re not going out dressed like this.” He gruffed out.

Sam looked down frowning. The t-shirt was wet and sagging and her black jeans were a mess. Her hair obviously was sticking and curled.


“I…” She started to say but he cut her off.

“I can see through your t-shirt. Do you want to flash your br*asts at every man you pass by.” He muttered in a forbidding tone.

Sam closed her eyes sighing. Great. He was crude completely tonight. And who’s fault it was for her being wet. He pulled her inside the pond.

“Go change.” He ordered her again.

Sam looked up glaring.

“Change into what?” She asked in disbelief.

Was he crazy? She had come here into his room and go out wearing his clothes. Her friends. The staff here. Everyone. What would they think? Of course they would think that she was some kind of woman….

“I’m not wearing your clothes.” She snorted backing away.

Even then, they wouldn’t fit her at all.

His eyes narrowed at her feet and his gaze caught hers again.

“Better my clothes than you going out like that.” He said wryly and moved forward towards her.

He grabbed at her shoulders abruptly and pushed her towards his bedroom.

“Go change.” He said curtly.

Sam gasped at his high handedness and manhandling. She scowled in irritation. Oh, he wouldn’t leave her alone, would he.

Sighing exasperated she treaded her reluctant feet to into his bedroom. She walked towards his wardrobe and opened the cabinet. Sam looked anything proper but she knew it was pointless searching. Shirts, pants, trousers, and ties. On each of the hanger. These wouldn’t fit her at all.

Her eyes strayed to the side and she frowned finding something like a white and pink on the floor. To the left side of the bed. Confused she turned around and slid down on the floor.

Her body locked frozen. She grabbed the clothes into her left hand. A dress?

Her eyes blinked several times. A slow heat coursed her veins into a feverish pitch. A gasp escaped her lips. She dropped it as if burned.

It was the same dress she had seen on the woman who came around Neil’s study today. What was this doing in his room?

She grabbed the dress again wondering with a sudden prickle in her eyes.

So, he had been with a woman and throwing evidences of it everywhere around his room.

She got up shaken as the knowledge of it sting her eyes more.

The door opened and he came in ignoring her presence. He moved around the wardrobe and took out the coat from one of the hangers.

Sam stared accusingly at his averted face. He went towards the large mirrored wall and started buttoning the white shirt.

Unable to keep mum she opened her mouth finally.

“What’s this?” She asked him with hoarse voice.

He slid his head to the left side white buttoning the gold cufflinks over his shirt sleeves. and glanced down at her hands. His eyes moved up unaffected seeing the strain in her face.

“A dress.” He said flatly.

The back of her neck, cheeks and whole of her body heated at his answer. She couldn’t believe him. He did things to her. Got intimate and finally showed her to a place down humliating her like this. By showing that he had been with a woman. What did he think that she was a sl*t still. He got closer whenever he needed and went about with other women expecting her to alright with it.

Sam’s eyes burned really again.

He slid the coat over his shoulders and glanced across at her again.

His lips lifted cruelly in a mock.

“Are you going to cry?” He asked her in a cold voice.

That’s it. She was done here. He was wringing her around again brutally. He can’t do that anymore. She flung the dress across the room and moved towards him.

She got the pager from the back and jeans and threw it at his chest hard.

“You’re sick….you’re sick and you disgust me. I’m done here.” She flung the words into his face, through the swimming tears and gruff voice.

She almost made it to the door when he turned her around and grabbed her up off the ground. His face was livid and red.

“You have some nerve, don’t you.” He gratted through clenched teeth.

His hold was hurting and she winced his fingers bit into the flesh of her upper arm.

“This drama what’s the point of it now, huh? You left flinging your sister in my face, didn’t you? Asking to do what….” He glared down at her punishingly. Sam stared into his glinting eyes with her own stinging ones while he continued in a low harsh voice.”To touch her with the same hands that I touched you. Should I have slept with her thinking that it was you. Kissed her. Got closer…”

Sam couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt her ears listening to him talk like this.

“Oh, god, please stop it.” She said almost breaking down and averting her face.

His lips touched her left ear.

“What? Disgusted already, huh? You could have told me. Talked to me. But you decided for us and pushed a woman not you in my face and f**king left. You left insulting me in the worst way possible. Now, you don’t have the right to be in pain when I’m with another woman…” He whispered in a hard unforgiving voice and pushed her away with such force that she went flying far.

She staggered on her feet but she steadied herself by grabbing onto the wall.

Her gaze went back to the dress and then at his face. He took a deep breath and moved back removing the coat. He looked across at her while opening the wardrobe and taking out a grey and white stripped tie.

He had been with that woman then. Bile rose up into her mouth thinking and thinking. It pained her head. It hurt. Disgust rolled inside her stomach. She can’t be here anymore. Oh, god she can’t while knowing that he had touched that woman.

“I’m leaving.” Sam informed him firmly trying hard not to cry.

He didn’t respond but went about his business circuling the tie around the shirt collar.

Fine. He was obviously living his life and making her see it. Great, let him gloat for everything he was doing to her.

Sam walked out of the room with her head held high.

Neil struggled with the tie cursing it heavily. He finally got around it and slid the coat over his shoulders again.

His phone rang for the fourth time. He moved towards the windows and got the call on the third ring.

“The foreign delegates had arrived in your study, Sir.” The security head of the Villa muttered into the phone line.

Neil’s jaw gritted and locked hard looking down at a distant figure walking down the beach all alone.

He didn’t reply but stared all the way when she disappeared into the night.

“Sir?” The voice questioned again.

He stared hard and remained unmoving at the glass window.

“Cancel the meeting.” He replied curtly.

The protest came immediate.

“But, Sir, the meeting. It’s important…”

Neil cut the call without a word. He remained still to the floor for a second but he walked out of the room.

“Foolish woman. Believes in everything I say.” He muttered to himself irritatedly and walked out of the hall.

He made way to the elevator.

Sam shivered walking through the cool sand. The ocean was calm and pleasant tonight. The night breeze circled around creating a beautiful mist around. She could hear the sound of the ocean. The rush of waters moving over the shores creating a sort symphony. A beautiful sounding chorus. She sighed heavily feeling utterly forlorn and sad. Her situation was pathetic now. She should have at least changed into something dry and grabbed her luggage outside, but the girls would never let go off her without talking. They would need explanation to her sudden departure and she had none the patience to sit and talk. It was impossible to live there. She couldn’t do it. Hurt prickled her eyes again.

Sam moved towards the white wood fence of the Villa. The ocean shores was just inches. The gushing water tried to flow in and dampen the dry sand. She badly wanted to feel the water under her feet. She wanted to into the ocean for a swim.

She leaned over the fence that reached to her waist. Looking into the night, the serene ocean and bright star filled sky Sam felt her heart fill up with sadness. How can he move on so easily. Here she was hurting everyday. There wasn’t a thought that crossed her mind without him in it all these days and he…he so easily let go off her. A warm tear rolled down her left eye.

She jumped suddenly when a pair of suited hands circled her waist and moved over the fence pushing her body forward. An abrupt warmth hit her back close. The hair on her left shoulder was moved aside and she knew it. It were his arms. He put his chin over her shoulder.

Sam sagged back as her hands moved his arms unconsciously.

“I didn’t sleep with the woman.” He whispered sighing and gravelly.

His breath all warm fell over her skin heatedly.

Her face burned and she felt a sudden rush of awareness and pleasure thrilled through her body.

He came after her.

The pulse in her wrist quickened.

“But the dress?” She asked gulping hard.

His body stiffened over her back.

“She is the daughter of mom’s friend and had come to visit my place. A sherry glass fell over her dress in the study. She got in my room to change or something, I guess. I didn’t know it was there on the floor until you asked me about it…” He whispered in explanation calmly.

Well, she felt stupid for reacting but what’s surprising was that, he was even trying to explain things and he had come after her.

That pleased her. Like a lot. But he acted as if he had actually slept with her. God, he wanted to hurt her with it. It did hurt her. Too much. She couldn’t bear it. And what he said about before. His frustration over it. He was right to feel insulted too and she felt a lot guilty about it. The way she had left. Without talking things with him. Now, he seemed really angry. What should she do about it.

She was turned around abruptly and her body plastered to his front completely. Her eyes lifted up to look at his face. Through the dim lights of the out house she could see a grave expression come over his face. His eyes glittered like gimlets though.

He stared down at her without l blinking and Sam felt her body heat up.

Both of his large warm hands cupped her face. Her skin was cold and his hands were very warm.

His thumb moved over her cool cheeks as he slid away the tears and something like a shadow passed over his face and eyes.

The sensitiveness and pain of it surprised her.

“Don’t play me with these tears. I haven’t forgiven you yet. The tears that you shed for me will only make me hurt you more. I’m so angry with you…that I might actually break you…” He whispered harshly and his voice thetered gruff and out of control.

His body shook with the effort to tame down the rising emotions that seem to come over his demeanor and face.

Sam grabbed at his hands and opened her mouth to reply but he cut her off.

“Don’t…don’t move. I’m trying here to calm myself so don’t you dare move a muscle.” He breathed through clenched teeth over her lips.

His breath fell over her face heatedly.

She stayed frozen in his arms. She could feel his heart beat race through over his chest and the sound of it vibrated into her skin and over her chest. He slid his chin on her forehead and took deep breaths. She could smell the clean soap and the musky scent of his cologne and her eyes closed and her arms circled around his waist tightly. He stiffened immediately at her touch.

They stayed like that for more than a minute until Sam felt him sag. He wasn’t stiff and strained anymore. His breathing too seemed controlled now.

He let go off her and Sam felt the loss of the warmth of his body immediately. He moved back keeping a safe distance from her.

He had a long black coat and he compelely like a tall grave stone statue looming down at her like that. She shivered as a sudden breeze passed through them. His hair moved with it and fell over his forehead again. The locks have grown longer. He needs to have it cut.

He moved towards her again sliding off the long coat off his shoulders.

He moved it over her shoulders and sliding her closer to his body again.

“Get inside before you catch cold.” He said in a low husky voice.

A car moved across the long road and stopped beside the sand area. Neil moved his left hand around her waist and walked her to it.

Sam didn’t know what to say as he seemed to draw into himself again. He didn’t look like now to invite any conversation from her. She remained silent trying to think about what was it now that is going on in his mind.

She almost got inside while he opened the back door. Sam hesitated looking at him with wide eyes. He stared at her and something like warm and heated entered into his eyes and face.

Sam felt the look go through inside her and it warmed her blood.

“Where are you staying in the Villa?” He asked her suddenly while his hand was sliding up and down her lower back.

He was doing it unknowingly but she felt heat curl around everywhere now on her skin even through the thick layer of the coat.

His eyes moved over down to her lips and stayed there.

“I…In the staff quaters.” She replied equally in a low tone.

His hand movement stopped over her back and his eyes narrowed reaching hers.

“You’re moving into the room opposite to mine.” He decided in a firm tone.

Sam blinked three times and she opened her mouth to protest. He got the expression on her face and his jaw hardened in response.

“There is no point in arguing about it now.” He muttered a little annoyed.

She just sighed and stared into his eyes unmoving. He gazed down at her unblinkingly for a second. He slid his eyes away and moved back.

“Goodnight.” He said curtly and cold and moved her body into the car.

He closed the door while she still stared at his unmoving figure by the ocean shore.

She felt bad at the absence of endearment at the end of the good night he muttered at her. His voice held no warmth at all.

She reached inside the Villa mumbling under her breath. Was it necessary to call for a car. They could have walked together inside but he seemed to not want her company at all. She felt sad because of it.

One of the housekeepers hurriedly showed her into the said room. It was right across Neil’s. God, does he have to do that now? What would everyone think. That she was getting special treatment by the boss. She could hear the whispers already. Of what kind of woman she was.

The room was large and wide with the same colour combination of floor and walls. It wasn’t a three room combined one like Neil’s though. Sam walked to the wardrobe and found her things there already. How did he do?

He made the staff to run like that to and fro in fright every minute, didn’t he. Sam felt a headache coming with all the thinking she was doing since she saw him. Her life was a havoc and a mess now.

She didn’t have an ounce of energy left after she changed into a night dress and got into the wide plush bed much later. Her tired eyes drooped. The sheets were soft and comforting and Sam fell into a deep sleep immediately.


Sam got up with a jerk when someone knocked at the door continually. She blinked about bleary eyed and looked around scratching at her scalp and yawning wide. Her eyes went wide.

It was a bright morning. The sun rays travelled in through the window beside the bed. Sam panicked looking at the digi clock time on the table beside the bed. 10:30 A.M? Goodness in heaven, Roshan was going to kill her. He really hated late comers to the kitchen. She groaned heavily. She was going to be cutting onions today again as punishment for being late.

She hurried out of bed and moved towards the door.

Sam flung it open and found a woman holding two boxes in hand. She was one of the staff around on the fifth floor. Well, judging by the black and white uniform she really was the staff. The woman smiled and pushed the boxes into her hand and walked away without a word.

Sam blinked after the woman.

What was that?

Her eyes fell on the boxes. One was small, Squre and pink and seemed like a bakery box. Another was wide, white and rectangular. Like a clothing cardboard one.

She frowned and closed the door and took the boxes to the bed. She sat down and opened the square box.

Her eyes widened and she sat frozen on the bed.

Cup cakes? There were about ten of those lined in two rows with different coloured candied toppings on each.

A small pink note was attached inside. Sam unfolded it and read out.

-I like you curvier- N

The note said.

Sam looked down at the curt initial and her face burned embarrassed.

Though a slow smile lifted up the corner of her lips. She removed the cover of the other box and she gasped.

Her body burned and she beat her palm over her forehead in utter shame and embarrassment now. Ah, he was shocking her too much in the morning.

She glanced down into box shaking her head and sighing. It was filled with various kinds of silky, scandalous and expensive looking inner wear. All were in red. His favorite colour.

She got out the white note and read out the words again.

-Burn the old ones-

Were the only curt words written without the initial.

Sam frowned. How did he know her size? She was aghast thinking next. How did he shop for these? Goodness, did he put someone to buy such things?

Sam groaned closing her eyes.

Oh, he was shameless. And he sent someone to give these to her. Ah, the news would spread like wild fire now. He didn’t care for her reputation at all.

He really did not have any shame the brute. The Neanderthal. The impossible man. She muttered curses under her breath heavily. So much to wake up to a bright morning. She was already shaken here. How was she going to work all day in this state she didn’t know……


Next Up Part—- Ignoring the Boss’s order and Message…Facing the Ire of His…..


Here is the update. Only Neil and Sam 🙂
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