Bigg Boss Season 7 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 7 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 24th September 2013 Written Update

Morning 8 am
Song played 4 baj gaye lekin party
Kushal and Gauhar playing thumb fighting game.

Andy feels Tanisha gives him extra work as he needs to go for exercise but but Tanisha asks him to cut onions.Andy cutting onions (which is for afternoon) Tani says him to for his exercise..Andy still cutting.
Sangram doing some jaw yoga and also teaching Rajat and telling its advantages.

10 am
Andy feels Tanisha give him extra work.Both fighting over work issues.Anita tells them to stop arguing in morning.Armaan says its just morning.
Andy talking to camera that why isnt he allowed for workout.he’s working still he’s ordered everytime.

Andy says to Tanisha that u keeps ordering me I did my work still I was asked to cut onions.and didnt let me workout.Tanisha says she requested and not ordered.He would’ve disagreed to do it.Andy feels Tanisha thinks individually and feels Tanisha taunted him.

Tanisha feels that Andy has problems with her as she was chosen as captain.She takes her stand saying Anita said lunch will be late so she asked her what can they do to do it fast…Anita says onions can be chopped.

Armaan says to Sangram that I believe ki ghee agar seedhi ungli se na nikle toh ungli tedhi karni padti hai
Warden tells about new task which will be hell wasis have to keep a watch on time and have to announce it after every year.Heaven wale have to stop them from doing it.This will make heaven wale not to get a hell wala promoted to heaven if they succeed..and if hell wale succeed,one will be promoted to heaven.Hell wale have to ring the bell after every hour.

Hell wale given a big watch and they working on it.Andy and Co. trying to disturb them from their work by shouting their names and banging utensils.

Hell wale rings the bell after its 1 am on their watch.but Warden tellsa tham they’re 6 minutes back the time.

1:45 pmHell wale lost again with 8 min earlier.Warden annouces that but Hell wale couldn’t hear so Gauhar shout on heaven wale and ask for time again.Warden tells the time once again.
Heaven wale saying they shouldn’t shout on them.Rajat says something to Armaan..

Armaan shouting and speaking to Andy that they’re shouting to make heaven wale loose.He’s shouting for 2 hrs which made hell wale go ahead of original time.
Rajat came and apologises to Armaan.Armaan is still angry.Andy says u are hot-tempered.

Due to some misunderstandings create by heaven-wale Hell wale makes their time eight minutes aage.Tanisha celebrating with Armaan and Tanisha says that dont fight with ur team-mates.Then Tanisha callsa Rajat also for work.

3 pm
Kamya crying and saying why am here leaving my daughter.
Sangram says to Armaan ki is bechaari ko yaad dila do..Kamya says dont call me bechari again.Sangram asks Armaan the meaning of Armaan.
Sangram telling Shilpa about his argument with Kamya.
Sangram and Kamya speaking and Kamya requests him not to speak it again.Sangram apolosises.

7 pm
Shilpa says to Andy they have to think what Tanisha is thinking.She says she loves Armaan as he has done nothing bad for her.
Armaan talking with Anita and Rajat and says if they need to send anyone to hell,it will be Shilpa.
He says he wants hubby-wife together.They discuss about Tanisha as well but as she’s captain she cant go.

9 pm
Hell wale is correct this time with 9 pm.
BB announces that today’s luxury budget work is obver with heaven – 6 points and hell 3 points.BB asks hell wale to give 2 names who are more responsible for their lost in task.

Hell wale discussing over their names to give to BB.Kamya declares Ratan and Elli.BB declares they both have to work whole night and if they won,hell wale will get 1 xtra point and if they lost,one point will be reduced.

10 pm
Kushal saying to Apurva they’ve given right names.Gauhar says that next its gonna be more difficult.So dont keep grudges over BB house.
Kushal says he wants to go out…he dont care who is voting fr him and whose not.Gauhar says then dont think.Kushal says but I dont want to go to heaven.Gauhar says even I dont want till that man(Armaan) is there..
A insect comes,Gauhar says how kinds of insects are there.Kushal says other people are talking ill about themselves Gauhar says I dont care.
Ratan telling Elli speak hindi,you’ll feel good.
Ratan and Elli calls goodnight to everyone and comes near watch.Ratan and Elli playing some ghost-ghost with Elli putting all her hairs in front and Ratan suddenly bringing her hand near canera.LOL

Precap: Warden telling why are u not following one rule?next time,those who won’t follow it,will be punished.
Shilpa reading BB farmaan that now Heaven wale have to keep a look on time and hell wale have to stop them.

Update Credit to: suhana

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