Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Prats speechless about fight between Armaan and Kushal. Kushal still wanting to fight with Armaan. Apurva and Kamya telling him to stop speaking. Armaan also complaining to Anita that Kushal is getting personal. Gauhar and Prats are getting into a fight as well.

Armaan is crying about Kushal being all arrogant and trying to show off and Sangram is consoling him, saying “jo galat kar rahe hain woh niklenge saare”.

Rajat feeling depressed and ill. He is crying and all the heaven people are around him telling him if he wants to leave he just needs to tell everyone. Armaan is also crying. Rajat leaves to get fresh air.

Armaan and Tani talking about Elli and then topic changes. Armaan says that he doesn’t

even know her (Gauhar) and yet she has been irritating him since the first day. She got into the fight between him and Kushal when it wasn’t even about her.

Kushal becomes mediating king and tells everyone to breathe to calm themselves down. Meanwhile, Tani, Andy, and Shilpa are still with Rajat as they are trying to help him get better. Kushal starts rap dancing.

Gauhar talking about Armaan with Kushal, Elli, Ratan, and Apurva. Kushal wearing devil horns. Ratan says that they can write a galiyon ki dictionary.

Rajat crying to the camera that he can’t eat, his mind is blocked, and his heart is beating hard, and he’s getting weaker. He wants to go on medical conditions. He starts crying.

The house is woken up on the song Fuk Fuk Fukrey. Andy and Gauhar dancing as mirror images. Rajat starts crying again about wanting to go home. Gauhar, Tani, and Shilpa are talking about Rajat constantly crying since last night and that they are only sitting with him. Shilpa tells Elli that she’ll give Elli milk tomorrow and Gauhar says she sounded like a cow.

Bigg Boss’s doctor Ajay Kamath checking up on Rajat. Then he says that Rajat is fit medically and leaves.

Rajat again crying to the camera and Sangram eating in the background. Tani decides to remove her mike and requests everyone to remove their mikes as well to help Rajat.

Tani called into Confession Room and Tani says that we’re all worried because he has been crying for 2 days. BB says that the doctor said that Rajat is fine medically and can stay here. He tells her that a psychiatrist has already met with him and helped him and continues saying that we’re all keeping a watch on him. Tani says that we all feel the same. BB says don’t support him and rather tell him that he’s fine. BB says that medically and professionally we’re making a decision and will reach it soon and tells Tani to go now.

Sangram talking to hell people and BB that he has cleaned so much that Tani should lick it and see if it works. Gauhar says you’re hurt now. Sangram says he is working like a bull because their captain wants them to do so. Andy says that he has started again. Gauhar calls Sangram a khula sandh.

Andy says he is not having fun and being made into a maid. Kamya and Ratan are laughing at this. They tell him to have a bath first.

Armaan now consoling Rajat and wiping his tears.

Sangram teaching Elli Hindi. She understands what he was teaching her.

Anita and Armaan try to get Rajat to eat. He finally gets up and comes into the kitchen and everyone starts cheering for him. He smiles and then goes back into the bedroom where Anita kisses him on the cheek. Armaan brings him burgers to eat and he eats.

Andy and Shilpa are talking to Apurva about Rajat and they mention that he might be faking his illness. Andy says that it takes 2 – 3 days to change and all of a sudden he changed. Apurva gets up and walks off. Sangram working out in the background. Apurva comes back and says that it’s a strategy he may have used.

Rajat is called to the confession room and he says that he is feeling a lot better. BB congratulates him and tells him to go. Rajat asks to take the lemon juice jug, which he takes and leaves.

Rajat, Anita, and Tani are discussing Gauhar and Kushal. They are saying that there is a love story. And Tani says Sangram and Andy have their own story on this side.

Nominations begin. Again heaven people can only vote for hell people only.
Armaan: Gauhar, Kushal (because they are creating a group, which is not correct as per the rules)
Anita: Gauhar (because she has double standards), Kushal (no rapport with him)
Sangram: Kamya (negative vibes, she doesn’t talk with him), Pratyusha (she is becoming like Kamya)
Andy: Pratyusha (they’re having too many fights), Kamya (didn’t like things about her)
Shilpa: Pratyusha and Kamya (they started forming a group in just the first few days and there is negativity and bitc**** and planning and plotting)
Rajat: Gauhar (too sweet), Kushal (arrogant even for a newcomer)
Then BB tells Tani that she has to nominate someone from the heaven side. Tani nominates Rajat because of what she saw today.
BB announces that the nominated people are Rajat, Gauhar, Kushal, Kamya, and Pratyusha.
Kushal and Gauhar are discussing who nominated them. Kushal guesses Rajat, Armaan, and Anita. Gauhar agrees because Rajat and Anita are Armaan’s friend. Then they start discussing why Tani would vote Rajat. Gauhar tells Kushal that he shouldn’t trust anyone, but he says he trusts her. Gauhar says don’t even trust me.

Tani says sorry to Rajat for nominating him, but he says it’s okay and she did the right thing.
Gauhar and Kushal are singing Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum. Kushal says he doesn’t care this time.
Armaan, Tani, Anita, and Sangram discussing who Tani should have nominated. They said she did right and she shouldn’t think about it.

Armaan, Anita, and Tani sitting with Rajat. They tell him that everyone became negative and Armaan, Anita, and Sangram all cried with him.

Sangram tells everyone to save his hathi. Armaan laughs at this.

Apurva singing Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai, which Kushal mouths to Gauhar.
The Heaven people are also playing Antakshari.
Lights out and Gauhar and Kushal are shaking hands and then Kushal and Gauhar get really close to each other and are laughing at something.

Salman says Hum hain rahi pyaar ke, humse kuch naa boliye, koi raaz kholna hai, toh sahi waqt pe kholiye. Kholiye bhai kholiye, kholiye bhai kholiye.

Precap: Tani tells Andy if he doesn’t want to do anything he doesn’t have to. Andy gets angry at this. Tani says that if the routine changes then what’s the problem. Andy gets angry and Tani raises her voice. Armaan tells Rajat to sit and calls him bewakoof and Rajat gets angry at this.

Update Credit to: KS_Shreya

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