Bigg Boss Season 7 22nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss Season 7 22nd September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 22nd September 2013 Written Update

Salman welcomes people to Weekend Special from a special room. *What does he call it I couldn’t hear* He says that this house is attached to the BB House. And today Shahid and Ileana are coming to promote Phhata Poster Nikla Hero so let’s go and welcome him.

Shahid enters the stage on a cycle and dances on Salman’s songs- Towel dance.

He welcomes people as a host and says that his character in the film- Vishwas Rao… intends to be an actor but his mom wants him to be policeman… and recites Amitabh’s Zanjeer dialogue and Salmaan’s Dabangg dialogue. Salman enters saying “Swagat Nahi Karoge Humara” He hugs Shahid and teaches him the in-famous Dabangg belt step.

Salman says let’s talk of new films. He says he’s done a cameo in the film

and asks Shahid to teach him “Agal Bagal” step. Salman teases him and then imitates him.

They rehearse the steps using 123456 and then ABCDEFG and then on “aa- ee-oo-ai ai* (Hindi Sounds) and then finally on the main song.

Salman amuses saying that he always said that he’s Sasha ke level ka dancer… and now today he proved that.

He tells that he did one film with Rajkumar Santoshi (Andaz Apna Apna). *everyone claps* He says that when the film was released… *he shouts in fun at the audience… that because of them film didn’t work* Salman says that now Santoshi is doing a film with Shahid. Shahid says that the film was ahead of its time…and he’s seen it almost 40 times.

Salman and Sasha enact Andaz Apna Apna scene.

Sasha enacts Aamir and Salman teases him to enact once more. They re-enact the film scene. *The scene still remains so amazing*

Audience claps.

Both of them sit on a cycle and Shahid sits with his back to Salman. Salman asks him to push with his legs and Andaz Apna Apna song plays in BG.

Salman asks for his heroine. Ileana enters with “Main Rang Sharbaton Ka” song in BG. Salman says that the opening of the film is amazing. Audience loved the film. Some of his friends even liked the movie. Ileana thanks Salman. Salman asks her on-screen name. Shahid tells “Complains Kajal” Salman asks if there are any complains for BB!

Salman asks Ileana to tell all the complains inside thru Me TV. Salman shouts if she hasn’t seen the episodes. Ileana says she has. Ileana says she likes Sangram for he is focussed, motivated…has a lot of will power…and clean heart.

Shahid likes Rajat and Gauhar…because Rajat is entertaining…and Gauhar is straight-forward.

Salman asks if he likes Gauhar for anything else. Shahid says no only Straight FORWARDNESS.

Ileana says they won’t go inside the house before she gets to dance with Salman. They dance on “Main Rang Sharbaton Ka”

Salman says that he was better than Shahid.


Salman, Ileana and Shahid go inside the BB7 House. Salman says he’s brought someone for them. Ileana commends them for their looks. Salman tells him them about their film “Phata Poster Nikla Shahid” and then about Complain Kajal. She has a habit of complaining and will complain here.

Ileana asks Elli why hasn’t she been able to remember all the inmates’ names. She says she remembers alot of names but these people tease me. She tells that Apurva’s name is Kishore and Ratan’s is Phoolmati… Armaan said his name is Chaurasiya.

Salman says she should remember just one name. Elli says “Salman Ji” Salman says that she should say ji. Elli says she respects him. Elli says “Salmaan Jaan” Salman says she should have said this earlier…and would have now not been in BB7 house…and in the hosts’ house. Salman-Shahid laugh and hug. Salman says that it was a joke.

Ileana asks how could they finish a week’s ration in 2 days. Tanisha explains that because of the labour-intensive task and Jannat people thought that they should give sufficient food to Jahannum people.

Salman says they’ve made something for Shahid-Ileana

Jannat People… Tanisha and Andy dance on “Dhating Naach” Rajat joins them.

Salman appreciates Andy.

Jahannum people turn. Kushal removes his jacket and starts in a star fashion. Gauhar and Elli accompany him. Kushal keeps acting like a superstar. Salman joins them from outside.

Salman asks Shahid to choose the winner. Shahid says “Jahannum”
Salman tells Gauhar that she has the capability to attract anyone to Hell… Salman and Shahid being the first 2. Salman says that he believes that Shahid is as good a dancer as him. Everyone becomes quiet.

Salman says… Shahid is Dhating Dancer… and Salman is “Nothing Dancer” Shahid dances on “Dhating Naach” Salman says claps for me…and big claps for Shahid.

Salman says he remembers a game. He’ll say a name…and people will mention the word that comes to their mind…and attach to Phhata Poster Nikla —

Questions to Gauhar.

Tanisha: Captain
Andy: My Friend from the other end
Ratan: Hindustani
Apurva: Ek bahot hi achcha HUSBAND

Salman thanks Shahid and Ileana and wishes them good luck for their film. He urges the audience to watch their movie.

Salman asks people to bring in “Big PITARA”

He says many mysteries will come out. And some unusual moments which weren’t shown. He takes out a King Card and Queen Card and sings… Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya…

But in the house… Raja ko Raja se pyaar ho gaya…

They show an Video of Andy-Sangram Dostana

with “Yeh Mera Deewanapan Song” They show their scenes together. Pillow…lifting each other… talking about each other’s hairs They show a pocket moment of Andy-Sangram. Sangram ties Andy. Andy gives him a lusty eye-look. Gauhar blushes seeing them. Salman laughs.

Next Salman takes out his Bodyguard Pic. He says if this was inside Elli wouldn’t have suffered.

They show a Video of Elli

Elli says that she is good and people should save him. Elli’s scenes showing her complains…and her inability to understand things. Her hindi trouble. Her tiff to remember names! Her urge for a towel.

Salman says this is BB ghar mein abla naari ki ragging.

He takes out a room-freshner next.

They show BB House scenes

People talking about washrooms. Rajat says female washroom is Sandas…and Kushal takes out voices of fartings Prats recites the Sanskrit shlok about the noise and the smell Shilpa talking of discussions…

*OMG How to update this*

Rajat says some people haven’t gone for 2 days. Someone says the one who does good…people do good with them

He takes out a Phone Reciever.

Salman says usually this is used to gossip. But in BB House…they don’t need it to gossip.

They show Sangram-Rajat

They are b*t*hing about Anita aunty…calling her Zeenat Aman. They talk and gossip about her and her age. Anita comes inside and they ask her to keep the door close.

Salman then picks up a heart. He says that they separated a couple but they always had a cross-border love.

They show Shilpa Apurva Videos

Shilpa and Apurva …kisses…Shilpa’s concern for Apurva and their talks on the khidki. Apurva says he’s happy Shilpa’s in heaven.

The Angel and Demon take the “Big Pitara Away”

Salman says that because of votes, Hazel was eliminated. He welcomes her and offers her a seat. He says she is still not well. Hazel says that this is a heaven’s couch.

Salman says she wasn’t in limelight all the week and that’s why she got out. Salman says who was the good. Hazel says Ratan, Elli and Arman. Salman says the bad ones? Hazel says Prats is a little moody and when she gets bored… and Andy is a big besharam. Hazel says she thinks Anita, Andy must have nominated her.

But it was Shilpa and Anita. Hazel got shocked. Salman says that it was the first day. Hazel says yes…it was fair enough.


Salman asks if she wants to go inside from here. Hazel says ok. Everyone greets her. Hazel sees she is missing everyone. He asks Tanisha to send someone to get something form the store. Tanisha sends Sangram. Sangram brings in a tray.

Salman asks Hazel to chose Angel of the House and Devil of the House.

Hazel says “Angel- Shilpa” because when they made food for Jahannum people…they themselves didn’t eat. Tanisha crowns Shilpa.

Hazel says… Kushal is the Devil. Because everyday for some reason…he yelled “Main Mike Hata Raha Hoon” Salman asks Arman to crown Kushal. Armaan says “with lots of love”

Salman says Hazel gets “Bigg Bomb” adhikaar to Hazel after getting evicted. Salman asks Hazel to describe to her task.

Hazel says that she wants Sangram should teach Elli Hindi. Salman says sure.

Salman shows her journey on BB7. Starting from entry. Then her entry to Jahannum. Her meeting Elli. Her journey thru the Hell as she always wanted to stay in a village. She says her dream came true. They showed her moments with friends…

Salman wishes her all the best in life. Salman bids everyone good bye and says that next week there will be some twists:

Monday- Tanisha’s captaincy ends
This week- Game b/w Jannat Jahannum and whoever wins…gets a special twist.

For this keep watching BB7!

Nominations started. Rajat shown as ill. He asks BB to get him out. Tanisha requests BB to do something else they’ll take their mikes off. Sangram says their elephant is out of control today. Rajat says he can’t take this anymore…and he pushes Sangram away in agony.

Update Credit to: BadtameezDil

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