Bigg Boss Season 7 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss Season 7 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 20th September 2013 Written Update


5 am
Aa ante amla puram morning song.Hell wale dancing..Kushal and Andy talking about random things.

8 am
Armaan tells kamya that he have to be save from 5 people – kushal,andy,gauhar and agnihotris
Shilpa talking about Armaan and his bondings with Rajat

Gauhar says I didnt staight my hairs..kushal says even he wants to ask her about that.some bhai-behen stuff from Gauhar and kushal
Andy tells Shilpa that yesterday rajat ate food from other’s food-eaten plate.
BB calls Gauhar and Apurva at confession room
Gauhar jokes about meeting with BB and put on make-up

BB tells them dat as only they two are not nominated from hell,they’ve to give two names from heaven to make

After some discussion,they give andy and tanisha name.
After coming out,Gauhar and Apurva declare their names which they’ve given.

12:00 pm
Kushal jokingly asks Andy if he has leadership qualities.Andy says yes main garibi hataunga.
Andy comes to kiss Ratan but Ratan goes.He then kisses Gauhar.
Anita cooking food…and telling rajat about her cooking and the dishes she used to cook.

BB gives voting rights to heaven
Sangram – tanisha

BB announces that tanisha won on1:6 votes.Tanisha cant do any work but will see if the work is done smoothly.

3:45 pm
during lunch,heaven wale talking about jhaadu,cleaning and cooking.
Tanisha tells rajat and andy to work in kitchen.

Elli tells BB camera that everyone is making fun of her.Then she tells Armaan that everyone is joking with her.Armaan says u can do yoga in your bikini.Elli says thappad maarungi.

5:45 pm
Elli crying in bathroom.Gauhar asks what Armaan said to her.Elli says till now,noone has spoken to me like this.Elli says he’s mature enough to understand herself.Gauhar tells her u should shut him up and ask an apology from him

Pratz asking Elli u can tell me…what happened.Elli says I will beat if someone say me this before.Elli says Armaan thinks foreign girls are easy to talk anything.

Pratz tells her that he was joking and u shouldnt said him thappad maarungi.Kamya says everything was going jokingly.
Armaan shouts that dont make fuss out of anything and crying in front of 10 ppl.

Sangram speaking to camera and saying misbehaving with a gal is bad and if he get power for one day,he’ll change everything.

BB announces that every member has to ask something from vision ball.BB will give what they’ll find apt.but nothing comes free.

Rajat goes and asks whether to let him meet his daughter or coffee.

Kushal asks for trimmer and says he’s on national tv he wants to look good.
Sangram asks for hot water juice and to do something
tanisha asks for hot water…then for kushal
Armaan asks to send kamya and pratz to heaven.

kushal says he’ll not wear mike if he”ll not get what he asked for.
then he asks fr sunglasses as well.
Armaan apologises from Elli and says that he’ll be in limit next time.

9:45 pm
Tanisha called in confession room.Coffee and aloe-vera juice is given as part of their wishes.
BB tells tanisha that hell is luxury deprived and as she’s captain so she has to look in matters where some contestants (kushal) are giving dhamkis to BB that they’ll not wear mikes.

Apurva also removed mike supporting Kushal.
Tanisha tells Kushal that shaving is not a big problem and he’s still looking good.
She tells that gym and shave aint going to give him anything..the show is going to.and dont listen to anyone,wear your mike.
Kushal and Apurva wears mike.

10:30 pm
Kamya and Armaan talking.kamya tells she thinks any part of BB house goes somewhere else.

Kushal asks tanisha if she’s feeling good on becoming captain
Kushal says gauhar that am flirting with u do u feel bad?Gauhar says u can flirt but dont say am doing time pass

PRECAP- Salman speaking one will be out.
Rajat Armaam and Sangram saying Tanisha and Anita dont work at all.

Update Credit to: Suhana

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