Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty’s mother Sunanda wins hearts with her positive energy and grace


As the family week is going on in the Bigg Boss OTT house, Shamita Shetty’s mother Sunanda Shetty recently visited her. She won the hearts of the viewers with her positive energy and grace. The netizens are even singing praises for her ever since she made an appearance in the house.

A Twitter user wrote, “When a classy lady impress with her aura and encouraging words without a single hint of attitude. You call her Mother @sunandashetty Lots of regards mam.” Another user wrote, “Everyone’s family Nice But I love and respect ‘Aai’ (#ShilpaShinde ) ‘s mother and now Aunty #SunandaShetty , gracious lady with such nice & kind thoughts.”

Another wrote, “If there is any name for grace thn it should be #SunandaShetty Ohh my goddddd she is so graceful and lovely #ShamitaShetty you are so lucky girl.. For God sake know your worth yaar. #BiggBossOTT”

Here’s one more comment that read, “What a woman! Mumma Shetty. That’s why your daughter is so loving and warm!! #ShaRa #ShamitaShetty.” Another wrote, “omg #ShamitaShetty’s mom! what a womannnn and the way she spoke to everyone they all clapped for her she’s left so so much positivity in the house my heart is so full.”

We can go on and on as there was an array of such kinds of tweets. Sunanda was so impressive that all the contestants clapped for her when she left the house.


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