Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal finally bonds with Divya Agarwal


Bigg Boss OTT house is a place where the dynamics in relations of the contestants keep on changing with every passing day. While the show is progressing towards its closure, it seems like the family week has brought a pleasant change in the vibe of the house. Varun Sood recently visited the house to meet his girlfriend Divya Agarwal. Post his visit, things are improving between Pratik and Divya.

A video is doing the rounds on social media where Divya and Pratik can be seen having a conversation about a task. Divya is seen offering a cup of tea to Pratik and asks him to calm down. Nishant was also seen teasing the two while Divya admits that they kind of reconciled after Varun’s visit.

During his visit, Varun said a lot of nice things about Pratik and mentioned how he will always remain a good friend for him.

Neha Bhasin’s sister and Raqesh Bapat’s niece also visited the house and said nice things for all the contestants. Shamita’s mother, Pratik’s sister and Nishant Bhat’s friend will be entering the house soon.

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