Bigg Boss OTT 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ticket to finale

Bigg Boss OTT 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 32 8 AM
Everyone wakes up to chaiyan chaiyan. Moose Nishant and Divya dance. Raqesh dances too.

8:30 AM
Divya says someone tell Neha pratik that connection game is over. Pratik hugs Neha. Divya says why is Pratik sad? Moose says he keeps my judging my friendship with Divya. What I see in him and Neha is lust. It makes me umcomfortable. It’s just weird.

10:15 AM
Pratik asks Nishant when will you start making lunch? He says now. Pratik says you can do other tasks anytime but food needs to be prepared on time. Divya says tell us what to eat. Pratik says if breakfast is made at 11 everyone would have eaten. Divya says no one is doing chopping. Pratik says ask Moose. moose says Shamita is chopping. Pratik says are you captain? Moose says are you? Why do you try to be? Pratik says I am not. Moose says that’s why I said I ask Shamita. He says you can talk to her. Shamita says can I do breakfast and lunch chopping. Nishant says Shamita will do it. Moose will do the dishes. Pratik says Neha will do the hall. Pratik says I can chop. Neha says she can chop. Why should we always take Moose’s duty. Moose says ask the one who is exchanging. Pratik says to Moose see your tone. She says you don’t need to tell me.He says you are not my friend. she says I won’t look at you. Nishant says let’s sort this first.

10:30 AM
Shamita does chopping. Neha asks Raqesh are you okay? He says yes. Just tell her it’s better that we stay away. We can be friends but I don’t want to bother her. It’s not right for her health. If there are such extreme reactions, I don’t want to be the cause of someone going down. She’s a very good person. I don’t want her to suffer. Neha says you want me to say all this? He says yes. It’s not right. Neha hugs him.

10:45 AM
Neha says to Shamita he wanted me to tell you something. It’s our of concern. He hasn’t eaten since yesterday. He is saying take care. It’s better if I am bothering you, stay at a distance. I care for her. Shamita says I agree. The problem is that he isn’t accepting me. And what is important for me. He is very clear about who he is. Neha says feels the same way. It has affected him. He cares about you. She says it’s fine. Whatever. Let’s move on. He was shouting at me and tell me he doesn’t want me to talk.

12 PM
Pratik says if Moose said she owed it to Divya or promised her. Please trust me. Let me do it. I would say just do it. But she said I don’t trust you. You would do this. Pratik says I would give you both a chance. Neha says she’s always stupid. She says weird things.

Moose says there are good thoughts in my mind for Pratik. That crush is over. Why is everyone saying I love him? Who are they to decide?
Neha says this is convenient freindship. She calls me and you and me and Shamita fake. All three of them. She questions your loyalty as a friend and that I brought a crack in your friendship. Pratik says this doesn’t happen like that in real life. Fine. She can be with Divya. Neha says they don’t think your loyalty is clear.

1:15 PM
Neha says he’s hurting there and now you. He’s also very emotional. I feel all of this.. Shamta says don’t make me cry. Neha says sorry. Shamita says I can’t take it anymore. She cries and says I had it once when I was 18. He died. Then my father died. My first boyfriend. I can’t accept it. I just feel.. For so long I didn’t allow anyone in my life. I felt like I had to put myself together. I much rather take care of myself then being in someone else’s hands. I connected with him because he’s a good human. Neha says so are you but you both are different. He didn’t use or hurt you. I want you to heal. He tried to be there for her. His baggage isn’t over from last marriage. It’s just the time.

1:30 PM
Nishant asks moose you should talk to Pratik. Talk it out. We three are very strong together. She says he doesn’t thik the same. He thinks I am not strong enough. He didn’t even come to me in the task. Then when the game was in my hand, he came to me. He wasn’t looking out for me. Neha is more important for himself. I was third. You, Neha and then me. Nishant says it’s Neha, me and then you. She says he said there was trust in us. But how? I wasn’t even in his top 5. Nishant says your problem is expectation? If I do the same how is that different? I also said you are not in top 5. But I tried to save you in the task and not give you disadvantage. How am I different? Divya says you said the truth. Moose says he lied. Nishant says if I were thinking about my benefit I would do the same. What would be the reaction towards me? It would be problem. Moose says the thing is, he didn’t come to talk to me. Nishant says I am confused. Moose says he keeps saying Moose Moose in front of everyone. But he said I won’t be in his top 5? Moose says if I said the same? Moose says I would be offended. If it’s true let me know.

1:45 PM
Moose says they both said it. Divya says it’s hurtful. Moose says they both keep saying me they want me out. They shouldn’t expect anything from me. Divya says you are not here to help them win. You’re playing for yourself.

2 PM
Neha says to Raqesh I hope you give it some time. Raqesh says obviously. Neha says she’s not blaming you. It’s not easy for both of you. He says I can’t change my nature for anyone.

3 PM
Moose comes to Pratik you said the anger is not of the game. He says I felt bad when you expressed your feeling. I felt bad, that was my problem. You said you don’t trust me. You were on Divya’s side. That was honest feeling. She says I didn’t say that Divya is important. I said if I can’t judge you and Neha, how can you judge me? Pratik says if you said please understand and I made a promise. Moose says she came to me in the game first. Pratik says game started 5 weeks ago. She says you were with us because of Nishant. He says I always stood up for you. moose says Divya and I are on the same page but you and Neha weren’t on the same page. You will choose her. Then why should I risk myself? Pratik says I am not mad at you. It won’t hurt me anymore. It’s okay.

3:45 PM
Divya reads the task. 5th week has start. If you win the task today, the winner can make place in the finale. The task is called ticket to finale. Today will be three rounds, tomorrow would be semi-finale and finale. We will choose two people. They will fight against each other in the garden area. You have to pick and walk with a water filled vasel. You have to protect it. If the water get lower than the yellow line, you will lose and be out. Rest of the inmates can try to keep filling vasels of the person they want to win from the tanks. If the two players keep walking on the track, then the one who has tank filled til yellow will be out. Advantage, the audience has given advantage to one person through a poll. That person is Divya. She qualifies directly for the semi-finale which would happen tomorrow.

4 PM
Divya says we are 7 but I am not in it. Pratik says to Neha Divya got the advantage. Bigg Boss says the first round is between Moose ane Neha and Pratik is the captain. Shamia says let’s go.

Everyone coems to the garden. Shamita says to Raqesh I can’t be like with you. Raqesh is silent. Neha and Moose pick their vasels and walk. Divya fills for Moose and Shamita for Neha. Pratik says Neha be careful she’s coming from behind. Raqesh adds water in Neha’s tank. Moose and Neha shove each other. Nishant says this will take forever. Neha shoves Moose’s. Her vasel falls. Pratik says Moose out. Neha won. Moose lost.

Raqesh says what happened? She is bleeding. Shamita says I am fine. Neha says it’s bleeding. Raqesh brings ice. Moose says she shoved me. nishant says it’s okay. Raqesh puts ice on Shamita’s bruise. He picks and takes her inside.

5 PM
Nishant asks Moose I am confused. SHould I play or do what’s in my heart? She says what’s in your heart? He says I don’t like shortcut. This task feels like shortcut. I would rather be there for audience to decide. She says you should listen to your heart. Bigg Boss says the next round is between Nishant and Raqesh. Moose says go and lose. She laughs and says this is the way Nishant plays. Divya is the captain.

Everyone comes in the garden. Moose and Pratik add water in Nishant’s. Nishant says this ticket to finale is an opportunity for people. I have never taken shortcuts in life. I don’t want to. Happily and full faith in myself and everything I have done, I don’t want to be a part of this. Divya says are you crazy? Raqesh says don’t do that. Nishant says if it’s my destiney I will win. pratik says this is the game. Nishant says I will have faith in myself. Pratik says don’t shove each other, we will fill the tanks. Raqesh says play please. He says I am not doing it for you. Divya says he’s doing it for you. Pratik says this isn’t shortcut. This is bigg boss’ task. it came in first week. You have to show your audience you are making an effort. The fate will show. Nishant says I don’t wanna play. Divya says drop it then. She spills it. Divya says Raqesh wins. Divya hugs Nishant. He says I don’t like shortcuts in life.

5:30 PM
Nishant says this was the chance. You got it after so many left the house. You deserved it. Nishatn says if I deserve it I will still be there. Pratik says that can’t be your mindset. You earned it. Nishant says this task was in my destiney. That’s enough for me. I don’t play shortcuts. Divya says it’s okay. Pratik says I only was giving my perspective.

Shamita says he has guilt. He’s trying to show he’s very nice.

5:45 PM
Neha asks Nishant why didn’t you play? He says it’s my choice. I didn’t quit. Neha says a few people decided to manipulate and I didn’t want to choose between two people. Divya says you drowned everyone. Nishant says at least I didn’t drown anyone. Neha says to Nishant you keep saying I ruined the friendship. Nishant says we talked when Pratik was in it. You were mad at me yesterday. Neha says you shouted first. Moose says you started first. Neha says I don’t want to talk to her. Moose says you started first. Pratik says you manipulated it first. Moose says I am not going to talk to you. Go from here. Can he come close to me when I don’t want? Move back. Pratik says I have distance. Moose says it’s uncomfortable for me. Divya says move. He says please quiet Divya. Pratik says I won’t. Moose says it’s uncomfortable for me. Pratik says Moose I am done with you. She says me too. Pratik throws the ink.

Praitk says to Divya you ruined this equation. Well played. She says you always awnt her to play your way? is she here to do that only? He says did she agree? Divya says you tried. Neha takes Pratik from there. 6 PM
Nishant says to Neha he entire task was taken down. Neha says Moose changed her face in a few minutes and made Divya her friend. Nishant says we can’t talk about their miscommunication. Pratik says she’s talking about me. Nishant says they didn’t clear. Pratik syas I don’t want to. Moose says she called us fake connection. I can’t keep quiet. I will not stay quiet anymore. Nishant says you are the same way with her. Neha says I won’t play with Divya. Nishant says you play with Shamita. Neha says Moose attacked my connection and everything. Nishant says you don’t solve it. Neha says at least it’s not like Divya who plays with her mind. we can see that.

6:30 PM
Neha says to Pratik fix your face. SHamita says are you friends with Nishant? Pratik says I am confused.

Nishant says I didn’t put anyone in trouble. I didn’t eat anyone’s immunity. I wanna live that moment. Divya says it’s your take. Moose says they can’t compare it. Divya says they are just jealous.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss says ticket to finale has the last round between Shamita and pratik and Nishant is the captain. They go out and pick the pots. Pratik tries to snatch Shamita’s. Pratik says announce it Nishant. Nishant says Pratik wins. Pratik says I am sorry Shamita. Neha and Nishant hug Shamita. Neha laughs and says so quick. Pratik says she went back and it spilled. Everyone laughs. Neha says no one plays. Raqesh says this is why I was saving women. Now my point is proven.

7:30 PM
Raqesh says Pratik talk to her about strength of a woman or man. Shamita says you don’t need ot ask if I am okay you need to prove your point. Neha says what’s wrong with him. Raqesh says what’s your problem? Shamita shouts and says nothing. I am hurt but you wanna prove your point. Fine you are right but what is eating you up so much that you always wanna prove yourself. He says don’t argue when I am right. She says stop and do what you want. Take your ego to yourself. He says I was telling you the same yesterday. shamita says I am hurt. He says you are always hurt. She says I am physically hurt. She says you can do what you want. It’s not about me anymore. He says every time I care for you and you do this. Neha says talk once. Raqesh says I wanted you to be happy on your own. Be happy. Don’t be like this. Don’t trouble yourself so much. she says I am not your concern. Just go. Raqesh leaves. Neha tries to calm Shamita down.

Shamita says what is he? She cries. He did this to me and then he tries to prove himself?7:45 PM
Raqesh says my words were taken wrong. Moose says you repeated your words. You also said be a man. You are s*xist. She says you have said it. Moose says he chose to say a wrong thing. He should have gone to army to be a man enough. Why is he an artist. Nishant says I feel bad for Shamita. Divya says I also felt bad. Nishant says she fell in a corner.

Pratik says to Neha I told you to support Shamita. She says we could only add it one. He says you could add it in Shamita’s. She says no one was adding in yours.

8 PM
Moose says Raqesh you were talking about strength. Women give birth it requires a lot of strength and tolerance than a man can bear. Everyone person is different from each other. Raqesh says why men and women compete separately in all sports? I said he he would get advantage. I wanted to protect Shamita. It ends there.

8:45 PM
Bigg Boss says time for report card. The audience is happy with today’s performance. Everyoen says yayy. Divya says to Raqesh how is there so much love in 20 days? He says I just want to go home now. She says what’s the plan tomorrow? He says I can’t be in this house anymore. I am done. My life is outside. Divya says but you have to play. You have to think about yourself. There is no problem. Your friends yours and her friends are hers. He says I am done. She says be normal.

Neha says it’s better with more people. Shamita says Moose keeps shouting. I am too into my own zone. Neha says till the task started he is on his own. Shamita says I feel alone. Neha says he’s also not fine.

11 PM
Pratik says we used those Neha. Neha says why don’t you talk to Moose? He says I am hurt. She has hurt me. She backstabbed me. Moose says I am disconnected from everyoen. Nishant says who? Moose says meet him outside. He will be a great friend. He adores you a lot. moose says I wish you understood how much I liked you.

1:15 AM
Nishant says to Raqesh you don’t want to talk? I respect your decision. raqesh says you play your game. I am not playing here. Nishant says you look disturbed. Raqesh says I don’t like that guy. He is weird. I will teach him a lesson if he speaks to me again. Nishant says but why me? Raqesh says you are his friend. I don’t like you talking to that person. He’s a filth. He is ill-mannered. Nishant says I can play my way and Moose plays her way. She plays. I am playing for myself. I am free. You have to be free, snap out, and play as well. Anyway, Raqesh says I will see my thing.

Episode ends.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bigg Boss ott is such a waste of time. I dont understand why it started in the first place. Is Kjo taking salmans spot and will he be the host from now on? Or is it just to entertain people while most of them are home due to covid. Soon bb 15 will start so it will be such a long show for those who are fans of big boss.
    From bb ott contestants, I think only shamita rakyesh and neha talk sense..yes sometimes neha too goes overboard but the rest just keep fighting and blame others..pure madness.

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