Bigg Boss OTT 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Everyone to play solo

Bigg Boss OTT 7th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 30 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing to teri yaari. Nishant hugs Pratik. He says today I will be free from a girl and who knows she might break up with me when she gets a chance. Moose says so what happened between us last night.. Was is just a way to use?

Raqesh asks Divya how are you and Nisho? She says he’s okay as per the game. Raqesh says talk to Nisho.. She says so Moose can get over my head? Shamita says to Pratik how are you and Nisho? I don’t want Nishant and Divya to become one. Neha says really is that happening? Shamita says I can see it. She asks Pratik how is your equation? He says it’s not that good. Neha says I don’t think he will go to Divya.

9 AM
Shamita and Raqesh sit together. Shamita asks Raqesh what’s up? He says Nishant said we will need each other’s support since you’re my friend and everyone is a new friend. If you want we can play the game together. She says you didn’t even tell me? He says I am telling you now. Shamita says we can play without support. If he plays with Divya I won’t play with him. He will be a fool if he changes his connection. Raqesh says his connection with Divya can be strong. She says it doesn’t matter. Raqesh says let me finish. They can play strong together. Shamita says it will be harmful to us? Raqesh says they are both on my side. Shamita says I don’t trust Divya. Raqesh says I will play give and take. Shamita says she flips. He says I feel different. I don’t like it when you speak to me like this. She says you can play the buzzer, I can play alone. He says you react extremely every time.

Raqesh says you’re demeaning a lot these days. She says the day before you hugged me and thanked me for being there? He says you are demeaning. Everyone can see it. She says because the lady said? He says stop dragging Divya. She says I am not talking about her. He says analyze yourself. She says I don’t need to. I see a new side to you every day. Raqesh leaves.

9:30 AM
Shamita says to Neha I discuss everything with him but he doesn’t. The audience won’t like it if Nishant leaves Moose. Pratik didn’t play with people’s hearts. I doubt Nishant would do it. Raqesh can’t leave you and be with Divya either. Shamita says he should just go to Divya. I am fed up. Neha says stop. Shamita says I don’t care if I go out. But if the audience thinks I shouldn’t be here, I will accept it. I can’t change who I am. Neha says you are proud then?

10 AM
Shamita asks Raqesh when you say you like that I have a strong voice and thank me and all? Then your thinking changes? Then you believe I dominate you. I asked you several times and you said now. Then you said I dominate and demean you. This is very confusing. If you say right now what’s in your heart please do. He says you overreact. There is a solution to everything. I don’t base my decisions because you want me to. I am stubborn in real life. If you’re talking to me and I think in a certain way think before neglecting. She says you would want me to think and then speak? He says yes wait and then talk. This will increase our fights. Shamita says am I dominating and demeaning? He says yes you do. She says I get what is in your mind.

11:15 AM
Nishant says to Moose Pratik and I made a list of who we think are top 5. He didn’t take your name and I intentionally didn’t. Let everyone think that I am going to press the buzzer. I trust you not to do anything stupid and keep this as a plan to yourself. He says Raqesh and Nishant want to know our plan and we will keep confusing them.

11:30 AM
Moose says to Pratik why were you confused when Nikki asked if you’re single? Pratik says I said I am single. Moose says you took so long? Nishant says don’t tease my brother? Pratik says you’re both my brothers. Moose says I will change my top 5. Nishant says do you wanna know our top 5? She says no. Nishant says scared?

11:45 AM
Nishant says to Moose if I tell you something you don’t have to go to other people and say it to them? She says you make me feel like shit. Nothing is left. He says I kept you on top. She says you haven’t. You have a problem if I speak or not. Nishant says do what you want to do.

12 PM
Nishant says to Divya Pratik and I discussed our top 5. Moose is not in both lists. I told Moose and then again she lost it. I told her if something like this comes up I will do it. Divya says her priority is Pratik in terms of love. You can either love or play the game. Bigg Boss says she cares for me. She says you can keep 2 boys outside but not here. Nishant says Pratik and I are focused on the game. Divya says but he has a strong partner. Nishant says I don’t know if Moose is emotionally strong.

1:45 PM
Divya says is this yours Moose? She says it’s Neha’s. Divya says quite disgusting. Neha says I don’t want your opinion. Divya says why did you leave it here? Neha says I left it and picked it, get over it. Neha says stop barking. Neha says she acts smart. Divya says what can I do. Neha says it’s not such a big deal. What’s your deal Divya says I don’t leave my boxers here and there.

2:45 Pm
It gets dark and scary sounds play. Everyone says what’s happening? They look outside. There are men in PPE. Pratik says what is happening? Nishant says what are you doing? They throw things and take the trophy out. Everyone shouts what are you doing. They come back with everyone’s pictures. Moose says what is happening?

3 PM
Bigg Boss says this show is about connections. In the last 4 weeks, you were given two chances to change your connections. Except for two everyone kept it even if the connection was dominating, forcing them to leave friends. This time Bigg Boss is giving you freedom. In the next two weeks, you can play this game solo. Nishant and Divya say yayy. Bigg BOss says to cut the ropes and free yourself. Neha and Pratik cut theirs and hug each other. Moose hugs Nishant. Divya says free. Shamita says go live your life. Nishant says thank you Bigg Boss. Everyone claps. Nishant says Pratik now the world will know the real connection.

3:15 PM
Divya says to Moose I know Pratik is to you but don’t get emotionally invested. Play for yourself. Moose says Nishant said even if it’s connection Nishant said do what you want. Let’s play now. Divya says there is a world outside too. There’s a world outside as well. Moose says I would never go for anyone like Pratik. He is a good friend.

Neha says so is everything changed? Nishant says to Moose, I will shove you in the pool. You can’t get my clothes or sleep on my bed. She laughs.

4:15 PM
Neha says play for yourself. Pratik says yeah. He says who broke all the sticks? Pratik says I don’t know. He goes in and asks who broke it? Divya says I did. She says it fell and broke. She says yo can break mine too. Nishant says solo time. Divya says you are such a child. You can break hearts. He says you can speak about panties. Pratik says Moose now she’s your friend again? Divya says week 1 back again. Go fight someone else. Pratik says where are you burning these days? She says I will now. Moose says she didn’t break in front of me. Moose says it’s not a big deal. It’s unnecessary. He says so you will support her? She says you are too much.

4:30 PM
Raqesh says I got out of a marriage because I wanted to be on my own and be free. I felt the same in this connection. The same way that my individuality was gone. Our souls are connected. It reminded me of things that I went through. I didn’t want to recall it. She asks when did you get out of it? He says 2020. But we are friends. I am figuring myself out.

4:45 PM
Pratik says they don’t understand. Nishant, I love him but what happened I feel weird about it. I can only trust you here Neha. My priority hasn’t changed. She says to go with the flow. He says I know.

5 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for nominations. We want Shamita to come to the confession room. Shamita goes to the confession room. Pratik says Bigg BOss started now. Shamita comes to the confession room. Bigg boss asks two names she wants out of the house. She says her first name is Divya. Her behavior is eratic. She tries to be nice and then something happens and she becomes unreasonable. The next is Moose. She’s weak without Nishant. Their connection was wrong but Moose isn’t that strong.

Divya comes next. Divya says her first name is Neha. She fights on small things. She doesn’t say sorry for her mistakes. The second point is that she said don’t behave like a beggar. It’s a class insult. The second name is Pratik. He’s back to his week 1 self. He is fighting for no reason.

Raqesh comes next and says it’s Pratik. I don’t get him. How does he change so fast? I can’t understand the game or connection with Neha. If he’s fake or genuine. His connection with Neha is creepy. And Moose, she wasn’t really playing. She gets illogical.

Moose says the first name is Neha. She doesn’t do well in tasks. she doesn’t do her duties and leaves dirty things. The second one is Shamita. She’s demeaning to people. she showed that it’s not important for her to do tasks. She doesn’t do tasks. She is proud. I felt it always.

Pratik says his first name is Divya. I never got along with her. I don’t like the way she provokes people. The second name is Raqesh. He tries to be nice of the face and on weekends, or tasks he gets against me. Neha says the first name is Divya. She never had a contribution. She’s rude. She makes this game dirty. The second name is Moose. She’s not that ready to play.

Nishant says the first name is Shamita. She’s not a strong player. She isn’t out of her comfort zone. She never gives in to the tasks. The second name is Neha. She didn’t save me. I helped them completely with the captaincy task. But she saved Shamita. Shamita never did anything for her. Bigg Boss says with this nominations are done. The names that are nominated are Divya, Moose, Neha, Pratik, and Shamita. Everyone says what? Pratik says I know who flipped.

5:45 PM
Neha says Raqesh this was your game that you don’t have a game? Raqesh kisses Shamita and hugs her. Neha says stop fooling her. They laugh. Shamita says I am glad you’re safe.
Moose says I don’t want to do anything. Where should I cry? Pratik says it’s okay. Everyone is nominated. We have to trust life. You know who you are. That’s what matters.

6:15 PM
Neha asks Raqesh why do you dislike Pratik? he says I don’t. She says why are you nice in his face? He says I fake it. He changes a lot. Nishant says did you try to be his friend? Raqesh says I did. Pratik says to Moose Raqesh is nice on the face but he gets bitter on weekend. He thinks he’s playing the game but he’s not sure about anything. He’s a problem with the fact that I am being friends with Nishant. He doesn’t have a sense.

6:45 PM
Nishant says I am happy about the solo thing. Divya says me too. He says I am surprised I am not nominated? She says why? He says there’s no one who doesn’t want me out? Moose wanted her own time. Divya says she’s upset.
Pratik says I feel like you are a competition Neha. She says don’t test me. Moose says I am going out. Nishant says she will be mad if she sees me with you. Nishant says it’s okay. She said she wants to do her thing. Divya says what’s with her and Pratik? Nishant says they are good friends. She says then she should be okay with you hanging out with me? He says it’s the same here. Divya says that’s childish. She laughs. Moose leaves in anger. Divya says she will lose it now. Moose cries.

7 PM
Moose says I want to break things. Should I throw a cup on your head? Pratik says don’t. She says throw me in the pool. He says I would be out. Moose says I am very angry. He says look there. Moose says my ears have smoke coming out. Nishant laughs and says see here. Moose says I am going out. she throws the stool. Pratik says don’t break anything. She says don’t stop me. He says don’t destroy the property. Divya says she will kill me.

7:30 PM
Shamita asks Neha how many people have hit on her? She says why? Shamita says we have been stuck in a house for 3 weeks. Pratik says to Neha Raqesh spoke to you about me? She says he didn’t. Pratik says I was the context. He has a judgment about me. I heard it. Raqesh says it’s affecting everyone. Neha says it’s not about you. He leaves.

Nishant asks Moose why are you feeling so bad? She says I was coming to you and you were talking to Divya.. He says you wanted your alone time. She says I didn’t.. He says you don’t have to explain now. Neha says to Pratik it was half conversation. Stop making it about you. I don’t want to exaggerate it. I am tired of it. Pratik says but I am not. She says you can go fight with him. I can’t fight over assumptions with someone? He says to take some clarity at least?

7:45 PM
Neha asks Raqesh when you said he’s acting different, was it about us? Raqesh says no I meant as a person. Pratik says you were making faces when I was having fun. He says it’s my face. Pratik says what’s your problem? Did you call me Korean? Raqesh says it’s a compliment. Pratik says you said I am a mismatch. It’s a negative word. raqesh says I cleared myself. Pratik says I will not call you Korean. You’re fighting for no reason? Pratik says you felt bad when I spoke about you. I apologized and didn’t repeat the same word. Raqesh says okay fine. Pratik says don’t try to be nice to me and then you speak behind my back. Raqesh says I always took a step towards you. Neha says let him speak too. Pratik says he’s your friend. Raqesh says I will speak to her. Why did you come in between? Pratik says you said it’s different Raqesh says there’s no definition to different. Raqesh leaves. Shamita says Pratik you’re being harsh.

Shamita comes to raqesh and says let it be. Divya says that’s dirt in his mind. Korean isn’t a bad thing. People call me Afghani, Pakistani, Mexican.. it’s a good thing. Raqesh says he is finding a reason to fight.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says time for the report card. your audience is happy with today’s performance.

8:15 PM
Pratik asks Neha was the different thing okay? She says no. He says then why is he faking it? Shamita says to Raqesh I will talk to Neha about it. Raqesh says she has an image outside. He’s an idiot. Raqesh says he’s using Neha. Shamita says he’s nominated and he’s trying to get screentime. Neha says I asked him what’s the problem. He said he is not being nice to Pratik. Shamita says how? Neha says let me speak. Neha says he feels that doesn’t pretend to be my friend if you don’t like me. Shamita says he also keeps making fun of Raqesh. Raqesh says I tried to change the things. Don’t rub be in the wrong way. Why is he coming in between when I speak to you? I am genuinely concerned about you. She says no it’s okay. Don’t be.

8:30 Pm
Shamita, Neha, and Raqesh hug. Shamita says we shouldn’t break out bond. Neha says he’s also important to me. Shamita says it’s fine. You don’t have to explain it. Shamita says to Raqesh at the end of the day what she feels is important for her. She knows what is right and wrong. Raqesh says I am not talking about their personal relationships. I know Neha and Pratik both. She’s getting used. Shamita says that’s her choice. Raqesh says as a friend I have to voice my concern. Shamita says let her play her way.

9:45 PM
Pratik says Neha sometimes you also taunted me for not taking the stand. She says I have been bullied in this house. Moose is also a part of that bullying. Pratik says what did I do wrong? She says when Moose or Nishant bullied me you didn’t take a stand and I didn’t ask you to either. She says you told me I am biased. He says I didn’t say it. He says you can choose to talk to me or not but don’t pick up something that doesn’t exit. It was all okay and now you have a problem. I feel bad talking to you because you’re raising a finger for no reason. I value you. she says you don’t. I am fine alone. She sleeps. Pratik says okay I won’t talk to you. He leaves.

10:15 PM
Pratik hugs Neha. She says move away. She cries. Pratik hugs her. Raqesh says what happened to her? Shamita says let them be. Pratik says I don’t want you to go and cry. Shamita says Pratik let her cry if she wants to. Pratik hugs Neha. Shamita hugs her and says you are a tough cookie. Shamita says you are fine. You are doing nothing wrong and I am here for you.

10:30 PM
Shamita says she needs support and our support matters for her. I don’t want her to feel like she’s not supported. She is sensitive. Raqesh says I will speak to her. Shamita says she will feel better. He says I care for her.

12:45 PM
Pratik says when our friendship breaks it would be so bad, we won’t even talk. Neha says go from here. You won’t talk to someone who always supported you? She leaves. Nishant hugs Pratik and says go sleep. He says I hope Neha doesn’t catch me. He goes inside.

Neha says it hasn’t stopped. Nishant says why are you tying them? Neha says I care for both of them. Raqesh is also wrong but I asked Pratik to end but he keeps dragging it. He gets hurt then. Nishant says let go a bit.

Day 30 1:45 AM
Shamita and Raqesh hug and sleep. He kisses her forehead. Shamita goes to sleep.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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