Bigg Boss OTT 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raqesh tries to make Nishant and Shamita talk

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Day 28 7:45 PM
Raqesh says to Shamita I don’t want you to feel down because of this. I want you to be strong for me. He hugs her. He says don’t let it bother you. Shamita cries. Neha gives her water. Neha says what is wrong with Nishant. Raqesh says she shouldn’t take it personally. Neha says she takes things personally when it’s said on media. He assumed all that about her.

8 PM
Shamita says why did he pounce on me like this? Neha says it’s his habit. Shamita says he always gives his point of view. Neha says I don’t get where this came from. Shamita says what made him say that? He called me proudly. Neha says Raqesh is with you. Shamita says he didn’t speak up. I always defend him. Neha says that’s who you are. Raqesh isn’t like that. Trust him and let him do it his way. He’s a good man and he cares about. She says first Divya divya and now this. Neha says Moose and Nishant attack him. Shamita says you have to do something when you care. I didn’t expect this from Nishant. If being strong means I am proud I am. Neha says we can’t take it to our hearts.

8:15 PM
Nishant says to Raqesh I didn’t want to drag you in all this. But why did she say about you be a man? Raqesh says don’t discuss me. Nishant says I didn’t say anything to you. We speak about all connections. She said we are not cute. Why can’t I say she’s dominating? I was talking about pride and she wanted you to fight with me and she dragged you. Raqesh says but I didn’t want to be dragged into it. Divya says to Raqesh do you feel pressured? He says no. Nishant says why do other people feel it? Divya says why did she ask you to fight? Raqesh says she wanted me to take a stand. Moose says then she dragged you. Divya says it’s a game. You also called Moose a style disaster. It didn’t work like that. I feel she’s proud, I feel it. She can’t ask you to fight with me. This house is to talk. Raqesh says I want you both to calm down.

8:30 PM
Neha says to you gave all the reactions at that time. Pratik says I told you to stay while I was talking. And I didn’t support Moose. Neha says you three gang up on me. Pratik says what? I was taking your side. You have a preconceived notion. I can’t help it. Neha says I wasn’t even angry at you. You left and asked me to shut up. Neha says okay I am sorry I won’t do it again. He says listen to me. You behaved wrongly with me and I didn’t like it.

Raqesh says Shamita talk to me. She says don’t say I am overreacting. He says I am not. I told him you’re not proud. You have a point of view. Then everyone is proud here. There is a difference. You need to feel better. She says I need to heal on my own. Raqesh says should I kill myself? This show has me between you and him. She says you should have said something. He says I don’t react abruptly. She says then you need to change it. He says why do you want me to change everything? I can’t make a fuss. Shamita says this was said in front of Karan. Raqesh says it’s all life. I don’t want you to take all this seriously. She says I am not that person. She says you didn’t react on right time. Shamita says I felt attacked and you didn’t do anything. He says you don’t always have to attack. Why is he talking about me and you? It’s our thing. I don’t like that. I am hearing about all this since day 1. I am fed up with it. He says I couldn’t drag the noise at that time. She says okay.

9 PM
Nishant Moose and Divya dance on desi girl. Nikki and Rubina come in. Nikki says Moose, big fan. She says you all look so pretty. Rubina says were you waiting for who is coming? Rubina says you will miss this house. Nikki says you all look amazing. Pratik you look handsome. Rubina says here’s the bigg boss trophy. I am here to provoke you all with this. Please give your best. Only two weeks are left. Think of everything like your last day. This will become an important chapter of your life.

Nikki says Pratik come here. I want to talk about something personal. She kisses on his cheek through the glass. Everyone laughs. She says I am waiting for you outside but do win. Everyone laughs. Nikki says Pratik I can’t see your personality anymore. I am single and I hope you are too. He says I am complicated. She says I don’t care. Nikki says Neha don’t fight over it. Neha says I am getting used to it.

Rubina says two weeks are left. She shows aboard and says these are all the OTT stars. She says you have to take off a picture of the person who you think shouldn’t be there. She calls Divya and Neha. Rubina says I will give you two names. Shamita or Raqesh. Divya says Shamita should be out. Neha and Shamita.. talk a lot about women’s empowerment. We are the same. Neha sits down. Their words are different from their actions. Raqesh doesn’t come between her fights. Raqesh said be the man. Neha says I am bored. Divya says show some respect. Rubina says you have to come up with a mutual agreement. Neha says they have evolved and took their connection forward. I think they both deserve to be here. Divya says don’t bore. Neha says stop talking like kabbadi. Divya says are they lower than you? You can mock them? This isn’t okay. Neha says I can’t play with her. Divya laughs. Pratik says you can’t keep dragging it. Divya says wow now you are taking a stand for her? Being in her good books? Neha isn’t playing.

Rubina says Neha be a sport. Neha says I can’t be with rude people. Rubina says there will be all kinds of people here. Play the game. If Shamita is your friend, she will understand. Neha says that’s not the problem. Divya says I feel Shamita. Neha says you are so ill-mannered. Don’t act nice to me. You do drama. Divya says I am not here to please people like you. Neha says do I pay them to be nice to people? Divya says you are calling people easily buyable? Shamita says to Neha I will understand. Don’t fight because of her. Neha says the only reason is Raqesh needs support. Divya says my reason is Shamita is bossy and she contradicts her own words. She never accepts her mistakes. Don’t try to change people. You are not here to change personalities. Nikki says who did she try to change? Divya says me and she tries to change Raqesh. Raqesh says it’s not like that. Nikki says she only stops him from doing certain things. Nikki says he isn’t the same Raqesh. Neha says did you bring him from home? Rubina says shred it. They shred Shamita’s picture.

Moose and Pratik come next. Rubina says your options are Divya and Nishant. Divya laughs. Moose and Pratik laugh and hug Rubina says so fast? Divya says it was easy. Moose says my reason is that I don’t know who she is genuine with? I thought she’s genuine with me. Then I heard her spoke behind my back. You can either be my friend or talk behind my back. Pratik says she tries to provoke people. That’s her job in this game. She tries to act like everyone’s mom. She tries to get into other people’s connections. Divya says I will fight alone. Pratik says it’s my chance to speak. Pratik says she keeps passing judgements on other people. They shred her photo. Pratik says don’t the fire. He says this is why no one makes a connection with her. She says you become my connection? She says yeah I like monkeys.

Rubina calls Raqesh, Shamita and Nishant. She says shred two names. Neha, Pratik and Moose. Shred two. Shamita says Neha is my good friend. Neha is a tough player. She takes a stand and makes sure she’s heard. Nishant says I disagree. I would save Moose. She had been with me from day 1 and we proved our connection. Moose is also strong. She is young but too confident. No one has that kind of confidence. She has the most understanding with people in this house. Raqesh says I will save Neha. If Shamita weren’t my partner, I would connect with Neha. I love her spirit and energy. When she speaks, everyone enjoys it. She is a tough competition. Rubina says you have to do a mutual agreement. Nishant says that won’t happen. Shamita says we can stand here all night. Rubina says I can’t. Shamita says you can go for the majority. Nishant says I won’t agree to it. Rubina says no it won’t. It takes courage to make a unanimous decision. Raqesh says to Nishant, see we all like Neha. She has good energy. He says we are talking about mutual agreement then call her too? She’s too proudy. You see it. Raqesh brings her. Nishant says I won’t change my decision. There won’t be a mutual agreement.

Moose says I have an idea.. Nishant says Pratik. Nishant says see how sensible Moose is. But Shamita is too proud to have a discussion. Rubina says I want you all to have a communication. Nishant says to Raqesh, let’s do Pratik. Raqesh says talk to her. She says not happening. Nishant says yeah not happening. Shamita says I am playing my character. Being proud. Rubina says I am giving you 60 seconds. Nishant says she doesn’t care. This show isn’t important for her but it’s important for others. I say this ego and she hates it. It’s okay doesn’t matter. Shamita says I know who I am. I don’t need to prove anything. Nishant says I am okay with Pratik. Raqesh says I would still go with Neha. Moose says answer the question she asked. Raqesh says why are you coming in between? She says because you don’t speak. He says I will take my decision. You don’t need to say anything. She says I never said it’s your decision.

Neha says there is a difference between being ill-mannered and talking. Nishant says we have all seen ill-mannered classy people. Rubina says this house is too unpredictable. Divya says Neha can shred Shamita but she can’t do this to Neha. Rubina says Nishant will tell his two names that he wants to shred. He says Pratik and Neha. Rubina asks Raqesh. He says Pratik and Moose. Shamita says Pratik and Moose. Rubina says we will go with the majority then. Pratik says I have nothing against Neha but I saved your name as well. Shamita says I am egoistic. They shred Moose and Praitk’s pictures.

Rubina says so we have three names. Neha, Nishant and Raqesh. Nikki says now I will ask a few questions, you have to answer yes or now. If you answer yes there will be spray rain. Nikki says Divya come. Nikki asks she thinks she’s always right. Pratik says yes. He throws spray on her. Shamita says yes and she sprays on her face. Nikki asks Raqesh Divya makes the best tea? He says I make it better than her. Nikki says don’t make it for him anymore. Nikki asks Neha does she think she’s ms. know it all? Neha says yes. She sprays foam on Divya’s face. Nikki asks Nishant does Divya likes being Pratik in Shamita’s life? She says yes. Nikki asks Moose is Divya not worth having a connection with? Moose says no.

Neha is called next. Rubina asks Pratik is Neha insecure? He says no. Pratik sprays on her face. Everyone laughs. She says I will see you. Rubina asks Divya does Neha talk from here and there? Divya says yes. Rubina asks Nishant has Neha cracked your friendship with Moose? He says yes. He sprays it on her face.

Nikki calls Pratik. She says I am waiting for you. He says I am waiting now as well to meet you. She asks Shamita is he kanaya of the house? She says no Raqesh is. Nikki asks Neha is Pratik the hottest person in the house? She says close call but you have abs. sHe sprays on his face. Nikki asks is Pratik friends with Nishant because Nishant is smart? Raqesh says yes. He sprays. Nikki asks Divya was the aggressive Pratik is real? Divya says no. But I want to spray his face. Nikki asks were Divya and Pratik were brothers and sisters? He says yes. He sprays on Pratik’s face.

Shamita comes next. Rubina asks would Shamita have more chances on winning is she plays solo? Neha says no. Rubina says so she can only win if she’s with Raqesh? Divya and Nishant clap. Neha says let me explain. They are strong as a connection. Rubina asks Nishant does she take Raqesh for granted? He says yes and sprays on her face. Rubina asks Moose does she have Raqesh’s remote control? Moose says yes. She sprays all over her face. Rubina asks Divya, this is a tough question. Do you think Shamita is a drama queen? Divya says yes. She sprays on her face.

Nikki calls Nishant. She asks Shamita is calculative? Shamita says yes. He says it’s okay these aren’t designer clothes. Nikki says the next question is for Neha. Nikki asks Neha is Nishant overconfident? She says no but I will spray foam on her face. She sprays all over his face.

Raqesh comes next. Rubina asks does Raqesh talk behind Nishant’s back?She says not bad things. She says he speaks about him. Not back-bitting. Rubina asks is Raqesh’s connection real with Shamita? She says yes. She sprays. Rubaina asks does he like Divya’s lip balm more than Shamita’s? He says yes. Rubina asks Nishant is his real self is yet to come out? Nishant says yes. I will bring it out.

Moose comes next. Nikki asks Neha can Moose win? Neha says yes. She asks Shamita can she mess up with your win? Shamita says no. Nikki says keep smiling people. Shamita. Rubina says we loved being here. We wish you all the best. They leave. Nikki says Pratik you should be shown more.

10:30 PM
Raqesh says I told Nishant having an opinion and being proud are different things. Neha says he thinks no one is with him. Raqesh says she also needs to change. She doesn’t want to be here. Neha says I think before I speak to her because she gets caught up in her thoughts. She isn’t getting why Nishant said it. It’s not easy for her to move on.

11:45 PM
Shamita says to Raqesh we need to make our connection stronger. He says you have to trust me. He says I don’t like the questions like a remote control that were coming to you. She says I also got questions regarding Divya. Raqesh says I don’t want you to start reacting to things. We can’t take everything personally. You know I support you but our ways are different. She says you say you are not in the middle. It was about you. He says it wasn’t. Raqesh says I spoke to him. He knows how this show works. Shamita asys I also know how it works. He plays differently. He says why do you get defensive. I don’t want him to separate us. Raqesh says it affects me when you are affected. My energy is love. I don’t like it.

12 AM
Nishant says to Shamita the only thing I want to tell you it’s a task. You can’t take things personally. I am not speaking between you two. We speak about all the connections. It’s nothing personal. She says I know how much effort we put in to understand each other. If an outsider tells me how am I treating him, it affects me. Nishant says I will speak. Shamita says I have been told from day 1 I am bossy and he’s spineless. A lot is said about our connection. It has affected us. NIshant says you say things that should be okay? Others can’t say it? You call me 10 things too. She says you speak then you sau that you don’t have opinions. Shamita says I have never pretended to be anything. I always said you have a lovely side. Nishant says if I see anything, I will say it. I can’t be silenced. You can call me proud if I call you proud. Done. He leaves.

12:30 AM
Raqesh says to Nishant we know each other. We should be there for each other. Nishant says you don’t have to say it. Raqesh says we are friends. Nishant says she’s Neha’s friend. Talk to Shamita too. They will both corner me. Raqesh says we will play well. I don’t mind being with anyone. Raqesh leaves. Nishant says I keep my word. I have proved myself on the show and otherwise. You know me. Even if it’s solo, I will be with you. You wanna play right? Raqesh says yes. I am not forcing anything on you. It’s your call at the end of the day.

2 AM
Nishant asks Pratik who do you think is top 5? Pratik says Shamita, Neha, Nishant says four are correct and who? He laughs. Pratik asks Divya or Raqesh? He says I don’t think Raqesh. Nishant says he’s a known face. Pratik says his face is lost here. Nishant says he has story from his ex-wife and all. You never know. Pratik says what if he surrenders? Pratik and Nishant talk. Nishant says they said about Moose that she is not being seen. She never spoke. Pratik says she never has her own opinion She takes a stand for us but her own stand gets missing in it.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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