Bigg Boss OTT 5th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Shamita and Nishant huge fight

Bigg Boss OTT 5th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sidharth’s memories. Karan says, Siddharth Shukla.. A name that was an important part of our lives. Our favorite Bigg Boss family member. He was friends with so many of us. He left us a lot of sudden. We are still finding it hard to believe. He was a good son, an amazing friend, and a man to be around. He won millions of hearts. We all need strength to carry on with this show. But we all know this is what he would have wanted too.

Karan says this week we had many fights, new relations and see how it ended.

Day 28 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing.

8:30 AM
Nishant asks Moose how are you? She says good. You? He says can we talk. She says I didn’t like that a third person spoke between us. I too emotionally relied on you. I felt good that you were around here. It’s not working. Nishant says I felt bad. You took it to her. Moose says it’s something important for me. She is fake. If you think Pratik talking to me makes you feel like a fool then I don’t like Divya. Why are other people coming up to me? Nishant says I lose my mind. It’s valid for me to think to have friends. The way you have Pratik and common thing to speak about.. Who do I have? I don’t have a problem if you fight with Divya. You can break this connection and I will leave the show. I shouldn’t have blasted in front of everyone. That’s my fault.

Nishant says Raqesh and Shamita deserve a punishment. They took my coffee. Raqesh says I can eat all your food. Shamita says I will come with you. He says but you were looking for other partners? She says who? He says Pratik. Shamita says you fight with me on everything. He says you do.

12:30 PM
Nishant says I should trust you 100%. Moose says you can’t force everyone. She asks what’s going on in your mind? He says everything wrong. I am not used to this. Moose says I know. Nishant says I avoid all this in the outside world. Moose says you can let me know which boundaries should I respect. We joke around. He says jokes should be jokes. You need to know me and there’s a better world to know. I have been hurting you, I don’t like that. Moose says when did you hurt me? He says all the time. He says like yesterday.. Again I am going in the cycle.

1:45 PM
Divya says Moose isn’t talking to me. Gaba says it takes time. Divya says I won’t talk to her. He says you went to her last time. She says I am hurt. Gaba says don’t let her know. Nishant was embarrassed. Divya says yes he told me. He said he couldn’t get what happened. She also stays with Pratik all day. It’s a connection, not a wedding. She’s too possessive. I don’t get it. Pratik says where is food? Divya says last night’s food is left. She says should we cook for dinner or now? He says now. She says cut the cauliflower. I will make it. Pratik says okay.

3:15 PM
Pratik says Divya it was all out. I removed it from here. Divya says no one else is working either. Pratik says I am working. She says I can’t handle the entire kitchen. The last person who eats needs to remove it. Divya says it’s not on me all the time. Everything was there already. Divya says if there’s no food you can make something small. He says I chop every day. The cooking team has to do their duty. Divya says should we cook all day? He says no. Pratik says you said many things are left. She says you called me and asked me to cook and I did. I can’t keep checking the fridge. He says you make tea so many times. She says so what? I make it for myself. Divya says you are crazy.

Moose and Nishant laugh at them. Pratik says why are you saying? Divya says I won’t cook extra. He says I won’t eat 4 days old food. She says you asked me to cook. He says leave cooking then. She says you are not the bossman. Neha says if he needs food.. Divya says stay out of it. Akshara says calm down. He says we will eat this too. But what about new food? I ate yesterday’s food. What’s the point?

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss says we want you to choose two connections who have the strongest bond. Pratik says it’s me and Neha. We are too comfortable. We don’t judge each other and we had less time and our connection is strong. Neha says we are friends and it’s natural. We care for each other. The next name is Nishant and Moose. Since day one they have been natural. They balance each other. Pratik says I agree. Divya says Akshara and Gaba. They understand each other. The next name is Shamita and Raqesh. Their connection is strong and they support each other. I don’t think anyone can come between them. Shamita says Pratik and Neha. They always had a good bond. Raqesh says Pratik took care of Neha when they were not well. The second name is us. Our vibe matched from day 1.

Gaba says first is us. Because we have always been good friends and we stood up for each other. Gaba says second is like a younger and cuter version of us. Nishant and Moose. They fight but they support each other. Moose says the first connection is Akshara and Gaba. They are good friends. And second, is one. Pratik says there will no mutual agreement. Pratik says I agree on Nishant’s name but I think the second should be us. Divya says if Moose thinks they are so strong together she shouldn’t have spoken all those things to me. Moose says it was about you and me not about me and Nishant. Divya says I can give my point. Moose says your reasoning is wrong. Divya says you speak first. Moose says then shut up and let me speak. It was about you and what a fake b*t*h you are, you reasoning is wrong. Divya says I am not being rude. Moose says you I stand by what I said. You go around and convince people. Divya says have some shame of your age. Moose says you should. Divya says you also go after Pratik. Neha says let’s move forward. Divya says who are you to tell me that? I will give my reasoning. Pratik says okay we will sit here for three days.

Nishant says, quiet everyone. Divya says Neha you won’t be able to tolerate Neha. Nishant says Bigg Boss there is no mutual connection. Please tell us what to do. Bigg Boss says it’s unfortunate. Then use the vote to choose two connections. Akshara says it’s a tie. Pratik says I change my vote. I am giving it to Raqesh and Shamita. Raqesh Shamita has 3 votes and the rest all have two votes. Nishant says Divya it’s equal. We all have bonded. Divya says ever since it started, I took your name for natural connections. I took names today for their connection as two people. Raqesh and Shamita are moving ahead.

Pratik asks Nishant so their connection is stronger than us? Akshara says yes. Pratik says I am asking them. Moose says they are more compatible. Nishant says they do better in tasks together. Pratik says I am surprised to hear it. Moose says so are we. He says I took your name and changed it. Moose says you changed it, anyone. He says you boycotted it. Pratik says I know you’re hurt over that task Pratik. Moose says this is our decision. He says then discuss. He says we discussed that we will take decisions and play keep friendship aside. Moose says it’s not about friendship. He says okay then I take my name and give yours. I give Raqesh Shamita and Nishant Moose. It’s 3 3. Bigg Boss there is the majority. Nishant says this is my decision, I don’t like people who say something and rub it on your face. I don’t want to play. I don’t want it. Pratik says you took their name and not ours. Our connection was made by choice. Nishant says I was your choice and Neha’s was different so you went with hers. If we want to go for someone else we will Neha says he has done enough for you. I have never done anything for Shamita. I had to show her that at least there’s someone. Nishant says I gave my 100%.

Raqesh says we also give to Nishant. It’s done. Nishant says I don’t agree. He leaves. Pratik says it’s Akshara Gaba and Nishant Moose. He says I don’t want it. Pratik says the majority has decided. Raqesh says it’s done Nishant. Don’t be a child. Moose says how is he a child? Shamita says I don’t want to continue this arguing. Raqesh says Akshara Gaba and Nishant Moose have a majority. Nishant says I don’t do fake things like you all. Bigg Boss says Divya tell the final decision, she says as per majority it’s Milind Akshara and Nishant Moose. He says bring the letter that’s in the store for them.

Nishant says I don’t want it. Shamita says what’s irritating you. He says leave it Shamita. She says end it. He says Pratik is showing like he’s doing a favor me. I don’t want anyone’s donation. Moose says listen.. He says I don’t want to do it. Nishant says I didn’t want to argue with you Pratik. Pratik says I had to listen to my connection. Shamita says at least listen.

4:45 PM
Divya says the connections in this house remind us of love. There’s a rapid-fire challenge. Divya will host it and ask questions from the two strong connections. The rest of the inmates will be judges. They can pick thumbs up or down placards. There are boards with six question marks, the connection which has the least number of question marks will win. They will get two phones. Gaba says to Nishant let’s go. He says I do things from my heart. Pratik says when you start things come forward. I didn’t call you wrong. Nishant says how can you say that I should nominate you? Pratik says I don’t care about nominations. Nishant says you risked me. Pratik says she said she won’t be able of Shamita. Nishant says then what you’re doing is fake now. Moose says the cycle broke. Pratik says it was only about one task? Nishant says I don’t want your donation now. Moose says to leave it.

5 PM
Shamita says before coming here did you all sign a contract to support each other? Pratik says if anyone nominates me, I won’t mind. Shamita says once your partner put her choice and you agreed why is there such a problem? How can he demand loyalty. Neha says they also rubbed it in our faces. Nishant says they can do this and now we are being called kids. Raqesh says everything can’t be your way. Nishant says if I feel bad I would say it.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss says when a task is given, it’s your duty to complete it. Bigg Boss wants you to complete the task. they go in.

Divya asks is Shamita jealous of Divya? Gaba presses it first. Divya says Nishant and Moose pressed it first. They say yes. Everyone disagrees. Shamita says Moose gets very b*t*hy sometimes. Neha says yes. Shamita says what happens to her. Divya removes the question mark from Akshara Gaba’s board. Divya asks is Raqesh scared of Shamita? Everyone agrees. Shamita says you said it yourself Raqesh. Divya asks are Milind Akshara smartest? Nishant and Moose say no. Everyone agrees. Divya asks do Pratik Neha deserves to go to the finale? Gaba presses the buzzer and says yes. Pratik says eat gobi. Divya asks is Neha scared of Pratik? Akshara and Gaba say no. Everyone agrees. Divya asks are Nishant and Moose are the cutest? Moose says yes. Shamita disagrees. Divya asks are Raqesh and Shamita is fake? Gaba says no. Everyone agrees. Gaba and Akshara win. Divya gives them the phones.

6 PM
Neha asks you both don’t like each other? She says we don’t. I thought I should keep my distance. I won’t go overboard. Nishant wants to argue everything. They are like kids. It gets exhausting for me. I told Raqesh at my age, I don’t want flirtation and all if it’s not going in the right direction. I wanna give my heart to someone who is a keeper. Raqesh is in self-preservation mode so much that it’s to the point of being selfish. If he likes me why is she ashamed to show his feelings? Raqesh comes and kisses her. She leaves. Pratik says if can bring things up so can I. Neha says I knew things would change. He doesn’t understand you as a person. Moose said it right, in the beginning, she doesn’t like me.

Bigg Boss says time for the report card. The audience is happy with your performance. Everyone is happy. Nishant says to Moose to sleep over it. She says I know you would ask me to make it up with Divya. He says I don’t know how seriously you take things here. It’s the most crucial week. If Akshara leaves, Gaba is with me. Divya can be on our side too. Raqesh, Shamita Pratik, and Neha would be on one side. Neha will try to mess with our brains. We can’t be here alone. Moose says I can’t fake it.

11:15 PM
Pratik hugs Nishant and says I love you. It’s beside the game. I don’t get angry with you.
Moose says to Nishant he was emotional. Nishant says I don’t care. Nishant says you’re taking his side? Moose says he didn’t talk to me. Nishant says actions speak louder than words. Moose says if you trust me, Pratik has someone like Neha. Divya has no one. I don’t say as much as you do. I am trusting her because you asked. I respect that friendship means a lot to you. I can’t fake it. He says I don’t think you want to go forward. She says you are being mean now. Nishant says let me explain in better words. Moose says it was unnecessary.

12:30 AM
Nishant says to Neha we were friends since day 1. My trust is broken. Moose says he didn’t break your trust. He says I didn’t expect it. I would have gone out of this house. Neha says you should hear another side of the story. He is missing you guys. I feel bad that because of me you guys distanced us. Nishant says we were clear from day that it was a genuine friendship. I don’t have any friends here. Neha says it’s the same for him. We aren’t here to hurt you. I know you’re friends with Divya but I don’t wanna hurt you and see your face like this. I am sorry.

Sunday ka vaar starts.
Karan welcomes everyone. He says why is everyone so spread out? Come close. You can come close on weekend. You all look coordinated. He says we have learned a lot in the last 4 weeks. It isn’t easy. I wish Akshara, Gaba, and Divya all the best because you guys are nominated. Let’s see who leaves the show today. He says the audience has sent a question paper for you all today.

First question, a girl asks Akshara in Pyramid task she Gaba and Neha fought you said you are here to feel bodies. Akshara says I didn’t say it. The conversation went that way. Karan says is that what you think? She says I didn’t say it. He says the show is recorded. You said those words. Akshara says these guys were fighting. I didn’t start it but I don’t angry. He says as a woman how can you say that about a woman. Is that right? She says it’s not. He says you didn’t accept that it’s your statement. You supported Milind but didn’t accept that it was your words. You talk about culture and manners all the time. Is that what our culture is? Should such words be used for a woman? Akshara says I am sorry but I don’t think I used those words. He says if you’re giving justification, then sorry is invalid. He asks Gaba if they wanted to leave the house you gave different reasons. But we felt like the real reason was that you felt bad about saying you came here to feel the body. Gaba says those were not my intentions. Karan asks what was your intention? He says I repeated the words. Karan says you say all the time that you are a good human. Is it okay to repeat such words? He says no it isn’t. That’s why I apologized to Neha and Shamita that I didn’t those words. It was the baggage of the entire week. It was the heat of the moment. My words were wrong and that’s why I apologized. But I wasn’t leaving the house because of this. I felt like I was given unfair treatment in the task. Karan says it was a trigger. I felt like it. Karan says when you say things in anger, you actually mean them.

Karan asks Neha I want to know your thoughts? Neha says I have actually let this go. It doesn’t matter because they said it but people have always been saying it. He says the audience didn’t let this go. Women across this country think you have been shamed. I let it go last week but it has left an impact. Neha says I have always struggled with these words. I have been shamed. If I like someone I am open about it. I am like this since childhood. People say my boy game is on. Maybe I feel comfortable with them. I told Akshara what message are we giving to the world when we say things like you’re trapping men. Karan asks Akshara. Akshara says for that matter, even if Milind wasn’t there. From day 1 even if she came near me, I told the same words. It isn’t like she’s a woman and he’s a man. That wasn’t my intention. Karan says have you not been judgemental? She says never. He says how could you say such words? She says I have said the same words about myself. Neha says I had let this go Akshara but it was wrong. Akshara says I didn’t speak of it like you’re a woman. I am a woman as well. I have struggled with the same things. Everyone has different experiences. You should understand the other person too. Karan says whatever you said is recorded. Your justifications cannot change that. I have written a book about myself how I have been judged but I know who I am. That’s all that matters.

The second question is for Akshara. The guy asks Akshara you said Pratik came from a reality show and for him, Neha is a big name. But when Pratik confronted the same thing why didn’t you agree? Karan asks Akshara very typical of you. She says when I spoke to Neha it was a different situation. If you speak to me with love I can be open. Neha and Pratik were very loud and I didn’t like it. I told them I won’t answer. Pratik says so the audience is lying? Why would Neha lie? Own it up. I don’t say things that hurt others. Akshara says I said it but it has been exaggerated. Pratik says how is the audience saying the same? Karan says those are the audience’s words. Akshara says Neha is a big name and Pratik came from the reality shows and what’s wrong with that. It’s true. He’s not an actor. Pratik says who told you? She says as much as I know. Karan says you didn’t accept with Pratik asked? She says he was the high pitch. Karan says so you lied? She says no I don’t talk to them. I did what I thought was right. Karan says to Neha, Akshara whispered something in your ear. what was the context? Neha says she said to play with dignity. Neha says these words shatter me. I wonder what am I doing? She said Pratik is using me. Karan asks Akshara what is undignified? She says I said it like that. I say it generally. I say the same to Gaba. Karan says so you think you can go and say people with authority to play with dignity. But if we are a family, we can say things to each other. Pratik says the audience has questioned you. Akshara says I will talk to sir, not you. The audience has right on me. I will answer them not you. Karan says they can question you. Akshara says I won’t answer them. Pratik says then be silent all week. She says you can’t tell me to be silent. Pratik says she’s defaming me. That I am using Neha. I came here on my own. Akshara says I was talking about the game. Karan says fight later.

The third question, a woman asks Akshara you said to Neha not to open her legs? What did you mean? Don’t you respect other women? Then you justified it by saying that her foot was towards you. Akshara says I respect women. We were talking there. We fought right before that. She was in front of me. she was showing her feet to me. She does that. I thought she’s doing it intentionally. I would have said the same to any guy. He says I have seen this moment too. I have seen guys sitting the same way. You never said anything. She says we just fought. Neha says my foot was hurt. Karan says what about the gesture you showed with your hand?? Akshara says it is said like that in our culture. He says it isn’t said the same way anywhere in the world. This isn’t the right thing to say to a woman. Neha says accept it somewhere Akshara. Karan says the audience is asking these questions. she says I am answering people. He says you forget things you say. You said you only know how to open legs. Akshara says I am sorry. he says apologize to Neha. Akshara says I am sorry Neha but that wasn’t my intention.

Karan asks Divya didn’t you find it derogatory? You are a woman. You were there. Every woman in this country is watching you right now. She says I spoke to Akshara. I asked her calmly. He says you said to Zeeshan it was wrong. She says it was very wrong. Neha and I had a fight. I stopped when it was said. Karan says when something wrong happens you raise your voice. Even when it doesn’t involve you. Akshara said such a big thing and you were silent. In solitude, you said to Zeeshan it was wrong. Isn’t that convenient? She says I spoke to Akshara. She said they say it in her culture. She didn’t accept. I am not here to develop personalities. I hope we learn it here. Neha, Shamita, and I have struggled with all this. Akshara might not have exposure like us. It comes out of innocence. Karan says you can’t call it innocence? She says I am not saying she’s right. Karan says when someone says something wrong, you can’t stay silent. she says it’s a very petty fight. I couldn’t speak about it in front of Akshara. He says we can’t stay silent on these things. He asks Shamita. Shamita says it made me cringe. Akshara said it’s said the same way in her culture. It’s not about a place. It can’t be said anywhere.

A woman asks Raqesh you don’t thank Shamita enough. H says we are not here because of anyone. We are here on our own. I get complacent. I am learning. I am grateful to Shamita for being with me. Neha laughs. Karan says we had your answer written already. We knew you said it already. Raqesh says awesome. He says are you a tape recorder? he says I have a good connection with Shamita. Karan says the world is seeing that. What if someone else had a connection with you? He says I guess Neha. Karan says not Akshara and Divya? The lip balm would be the same? Pratik says I have seen them dance. Karan asks Divya would it work with her? She says I would make it with anyone here. I can make it with Raqesh. I told him he would be the first choice. He’s a cool Mumbai guy. It would have been a difference Raqesh if he were with me. Shamita says I wanna understand. It has been said so many times.

A man asks Pratik, he says I liked how you were playing in the beginning but ever since you’re with Nehe you are on the back foot and playing defensive. Your individuality shouldn’t be lost. I want to know what. I don’t get the decisions you take with Neha. Pratik says I have the same energy but I have understood the game now. When we had to save someone I had to support Neha. I am open with what I say. Karan asks who thinks he’s on backfoot? Moose, Akshara, and Divya agree. Moose says nothing against Neha. Their connection is good for them but not the game. Karan says you said it’s a fake connection. I am happy for him. He was better with Akshara. He was being shown more. Karan says is this an emotion? She says this is my opinion. I have left emotions behind. He asks Divya you think they are fake? Divya says they go overboard. Akshara says they look like a connection where you have to put too much effort. Pratik is dancing in her actions. Neha says take it back. Pratik says I don’t want her. It takes effort to make a connection. I play my game. Nishant says it has become difficult for him to voice his opinions but their connection is strong. Their focus is a bit lost. Neha says why are we the topic of discussion? Akshara says the audience asked it. She says because you all keep talking. Nishant says they bore with their singing a lot.

A girl asks Divya what does best friend means to her? When the show started Shamita was your bff, then Nishant, and now Akshara. You’re changing bff like the weather. who will be your last bff? Everyone laughs. Divya says for me best in the lot is Nishant is my best friend. We fight but we are genuine friends. Karan asks why is Moose smiling? Divya says I can’t say that. Moose says how cute. Matchihgn also. Karan says you think Divya wants to steal your connection? Moose says I felt it once but just that I feel like don’t provoke. Nishant says there’s some equation between Pratik, me, and Nishant. We can make a dostana 4 here.

A girl asks Divya you don’t have a story and you keep entering other people’s stories. You said Bigg boss is your desire. Where is your game now? She says I don’t know what to do. I would have a game when I get a chance to perform in the task. Let me play alone. Karan says the show is not about the tasks only. She says I am being the high school girl. Karan says everyone thinks you’ve lost it? She says I don’t understand this pattern. I feel low. Since Zeeshan is gone. That acceptance is difficult but I am trying my best. He says you forgot your own story being in others? She says it’s on hold. He says it’s been 4 weeks already. Karan asks Shamita? She says can I reserve my comments? He says no. Shamita says I don’t know what to say. The part that she pushes herself in other people’s connections concerns me. I can’t blame her only. Raqesh is also at fault. I can’t say she is forcing anyone. That’s all. Karan says you made it clear you don’t like her. She says yes. He says you’re so done. She says this is my stand, he can talk to her or not. I am fed up with it. Karan asks Nishant. He says what’s your opinion? What’s happening? He says I won’t agree with Shamita. She hasn’t given up. If things go her way then everyone should take a stand. Shamita was equally wrong. She said she won’t do the task. Divya didn’t work that day and she ate from my plate. Shamita said why am I allowing it? Shamita says because she said to me she works. Nishant says I will throw her bags in the pool. Shamita kept saying we should take a stand. Then Shamita and Raqesh opted out of the punishment. You did the same. Shamita says it wasn’t my punishment. Nishant says it was for the whole house. Nishant says so everyone can do it but not you? Shamita says Divya didn’t work for two days. Pratik says Divya’s connection is that she is friends with everyone but not enough that anyone would press the buzzer for her. But the punishment was for the whole house and it was for Shamita. Nishant says Shamita has issues with everything with Divya. It bothers Raqesh.

Raqesh says Shamita and I are two different people. My equation with Divya has been normal. Not like enemies. The task that Nishant is talking about, we asked bigg boss how could we be punished? Like we are talking about the majority now. Karan asks Divya there was no serious effort from your side that anyone would press the buzzer for you. Divya says I didn’t want to please or beg anyone. I can’t do that. I tried convincing Pratik or Neha. I was joking with Nishant and Raqesh. I can’t beg anyone.

The next question is for Divya. You told Akshara to be nice to Neha and make Pratik feel guilty and do her work. And be nice to Shamita and Raqesh because they are a boss man and lady, why did you say all that to her? Neha says that’s her story. Divya says I am doing something see. Karan says what’s funny? Neha says why did you say it? Divya says let me talk to Karan. It’s not about you always. Karan says let Divya speak. Divya says yes I said that to Akshara. I told her to be with people. We had no friends. It was weird. I don’t have a connection. Everyone was talking to Neha so I said to Akshara to talk to her. Karan asks Divya did they also say that be nice to Pratik and makes him feel guilty? Divya says Akshara was hurt. It was getting aggressive for her. He’s guilty, he keeps saying just use it and go ahead. Pratik says her emotion was hurt my action was justified. Karan says Divya if you put so much mind if getting your own connection, you would have gotten somoeone. She says I was here for my friends. He says you give advice to everyone. Why not do the same to yourself? She says I feel low. I decided I can’t do this. I can advise my friends. I was alone when the tower game and I tried defending Gaba and Akshara alone. Pratik says it was the other way.

Nishant says I won’t call it a card because it reduces the meaning of the sentence. Neha says say it. He says I won’t. Divya says he means sympathy card. Karan says so you mean Divya is playing sympathy card? He says I didn’t say it. Nishant says you have said it, sir. Karan asks Akshara I didn’t know you’re that weak you would do what Divya asks. Divya says she said it wasn’t for her. Karan asks how is Divya your CEO? Akshara says that moment the only person who stood with me was Gaba and Divya. They supported me. She was calming me down. She was teaching me the game. I was low and hurt. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was cornered. No one wanted to be with me. Neha says I spent three hours listening to her. Karan says you can fight in the house. Karan says you answered public questions. They will decide the results. They will accept or reject you.

Karan says who has a GF in this house? Raqesh says, girlfriends? Shamita and Raqesh put up their hands. He says put your hands if you think you have gfs. Pratik says if it’s gf? Shamita says Neha is my gf too? Karan says so Raqesh and Pratik have gfs in the house? Neha says Pratik you don’t understand the question. I am his bigg boss house gf? Karan says I wish we had such luxuries? I am talking about gf for ghalat fehmi. Everyone laughs. Karan says Pratik and Nishant bring the gf balloons. Everyone has balloons on their heads. Karan says you have to blow ghalat fehmi balloons. Nishant says I will break Neha’s. She thinks I think bitter of her. It’s not like that. I will have more chances to prove. Pratik says I will break Nishant’s. He thinks the friendship is about just nomination. Moose breaks Nishant’s. She says I want to remove his misunderstanding. He doesn’t trust me completely. but thinking I will step on him and go to someone else. He’s my first priority. I respect everyone here. She breaks Divya’s balloon and says I didn’t want to call out on her character but she took it that way. Raqesh blows his own and says I trusted people so much but every week they all change. Karan asks who? He says, everyone. Karan says take names. He says Nishant once. It depends on his mood. Raqesh blows Shamita’s. He says she thinks I can go elsewhere. That I might be lost. Shamita says he doesn’t get it. The audience said it. Karan says he wants to say you are the destination. Raqesh blows Akshara’s and says I thought she could be my friend.

Shamita blows Nishant’s and says I think he thinks he doesn’t get to speak but he speaks the most. He has an opinion about everyone. She breaks Akshara’s and says when Nia was here, there was a fight. She lied and said Raqesh asked her to steal the coins. Neha tears Akshara’s and says I should blow my own too. I thought your apology was true. She blows Gaba’s and says I broke the connection not your friendship. I never wanted to be bad to you. See who’s around for you. Gaba says but I didn’t say anything to you. She says look around. She blows Divya’s and says you think you can be nice to me and I will come back to you. I am a polite person but I don’t trust you. She breaks Nishant’s and says you have the misunderstanding that I don’t love you, I do.

Pratik blows Moose’s and says I will always consider you both my friends. This game will end in 6 weeks. Nishant says he can have expectations and not us. Pratik says I won’t justify. He blows Neha’s and says she listened to Akshara. I told her I will always be connected to her. He blows Akshara and says she thinks I have hurt her. I apologized. I did what my heart said. She felt bad so I apologized. Pratik blows Divya’s and says she thinks I get into everything. I had to blow hers.

Divya blows Nishant’s and says I don’t play the sympathy cards. She blows Moose’ and says she said it already. I am not running after anyone. She blows Neha’s and says she thinks everyone talks about her. She has so much self-importance. She blows Pratik’s and says he blew mine. Gaba blows Pratik’s. He says Pratik questioned our connection and said it’s not strong. Pratik says we chose each other. Gaba says we were friends. Akshara says you are such an attention seeker. Gaba says it doesn’t matter how it was made but how we show our compatibility. He blows Neha’s and says I don’t get influenced. Please trust me. Akshara blows Raqesh’s. She says I respect Raqesh’s but he says we have to go as per the script. He said it. Raqesh says she took it the wrong way. Akshara blows Shamita’s and says she blew mine and said I react wrongfully. She thinks wrong of me. Akshara blows Neha’s and says I apologized with all my heart. My words were wrong but not my intention. Neha says I can’t accept it. I feel like a fool. She blows Pratik’s thrice. Akshara says he blew mine. He thinks I was hurt, yes I was. I was silent that day you think I lied. I said don’t shout in front of me. Karan says if this was a competition I would have lost track.

Karan says for sometime I am leavnig you. Divya says Moose won’t understand. Shamita says she doesn’t get it.
Neha asys I felt like I have had a lack of support. It meant something when audience took notice. Moose says this is repeated behavior. Nishant says so many things happened where people didn’t take stand. Pratik says we did. Shamita says to Raqesh she has said many things. Moose says to Neha you also said things like I am more woman etc. It feels the same. Pratik says it’s about womenly tendencies. Neha says the context was different. Neha says don’t take it a different way. Moose says don’t come near me. You told me to shut up. Neha says learn to listen. Let me talk. Pratik says there’s a difference between joke. Nishant says she must not have gotten it. Neha says we are done. Moose says yeah get lose. Neha shouts I can shout more than you. Moose says you do this every time. You try to intimidate people. Neha says you are delusional. Shamita calms Neha down.

Karan says all of them think they don’t have any misunderstanding. Let’s introduce our new guests. Please welcome the cast of Candy, Ronit Roy and Rita Chadha. He welcomes them. He talks about their show. Rita and Ronit tell about their show. Kara asks Rita what’s his sin? She says he scares people with his eyes. Karan says it could be his romantic quality. Rita says we were shooting. He has a huge female fan following and we saw it there. Karan says Bigg Boss also has a scary eye. Ronit says she Rita gets all red when we go out. Karan says let’s goin the house and unwrap their sins.

Karan goes back in the house, says I have two guests with them. Ronit Roy and Ritcha chadha. Karan says Nishant and Moose get candies from the store. Let’s unwrap your sins. Ritcha says these candies have different sins. You have to tell us who do you dedicate it to. He asks Neha, greed. Who would give it to? Who is greedy for audience’s attention. She says Nishant gets the most attention. Nishant says this should be given to Raqesh. He’s greedy about food. Everyone laughs. The next candy is about connection’s greedy. She gives it to Neha. Karan says it makes sense. Divya says yes this is my pride. Karan says Neha you played safe. I reject them.

Ritcha asks Karan to give jealous candy to someone. He says I think.. Karan says you wanna discuss with Shamita? He gives it to Divya. Karan says you wanna say she’s jealous of your connection? He says maybe. Divya says girls are jealous that I try to steal their connection. Ronit says Shamita. Pick the anger sin. Shamita gives it to Akshara. She says I think point is something else and she gets mad on other things. It becomes messy. Ritcha asks Akshara to pick lazy candy. Akshara gives it to Gaba and says he sleepds and makes me work but does my work too. Gaba says I take power naps. Ronit says there’s ego and pride candy there. Pick it. Nishant picks it and gives it to Shamita. He says she’s very proud and ice queen of this house. She thinks no one can go against her. Everything should be the way she wants. Shamita says I have an opinion but tha doesn’t make me egoistic. He thinks we can’t see who he is. See. Nishant says I am not even saying anything. Shamita says it goes beyond me. I am tired of defending Raqesh. Ritcha asks who is the most self obssessed Pratik? He says me. He wears it himself. He says I see my abs all day. Karan says you don’t forget to see the mirror. Pratik says I don’t wanna look funny. Divya picks dominating. Ronit asks her to give it to someone. She gives it to Shamita and says Shamita is dominating. Moose comes to pick traitor and gives it to Divya. She says I think it happens. I don’t know if it’s intentional. Divya says I am just open. I think this should go to Pratik. Pratik says I had everyone. I was playing with Akshara but my heart said I should be with Akshara. Ronit asks Milind to get up and give manipulative to someone. He gives it to Neha. He says Neha talks to everyone differently. Ronit and Ritcha leave.

Shamita says to Raqesh I will only defend myself. I am dominating apparently. She throws it. Nishant says this is egoistic. Shamita says enough of this shit. Nishant says see exactly. Raqesh says don’t overreact. Shamita says he said I treat you badly and dominate you, you keep shut. Nishant says his eyes can tell that you do. It’s a house. We can say what we want. Shamita says you have opinions about everyone. Raqesh says don’t get mean Shamita. She says man up and take a stand.

Neha says to Pratik talk to Nishant. He says you come between us. Neha says I don’t stop you from talking to him. Raqesh comes to Shamita. He says he is talking to you. Give it back to him. She says he’s your friend. He says why am I dragged into everything. Shamita says you want to be the correct one and I get my hands dirty. Neha says can I say something? Nishant says no one is here to take your shit Shamita. Shamia says no one will take yours. I will say what I want. Nishant says I will say I want. He’s my friend. I will speak for him. Raqesh says Nisho calm down. Nishant says you don’t respect anyone. Shamita says it’s between me and him. Who are you to talk about me and my relationship with him? He says it’s a show I will say what I want. I have a mouth. Shamita says so? He says you can say I am childish. Shamita says we don’t talk about your relationship about Moose. He says I am not mean like you to her. Shamita says everyone can see who you are. He says everyone can see who you are. Shamita says keep your mouth shut. He says you’re proudy. Raqesh says enough Nishant. Nishant says you are proudy. Neha says calm down. Nishant says don’t get into it Neha. Shamita says he has to say something about to everything. Nishant says I am here to play. I have an opinion. Shamita says you have an opinion about everyone. He says yes. She says you’re always right? He says yes. She claps. Shamita says wow. Nishant says you’re proudy everyone can see. She says I am who I am. Raqesh says Nisho please go. He says no Raqesh. She needs to understand. I have strength to say. Shamita says everyone has done wrong things. You’re proudy. Accept it. Shamita says look in the mirror. He says don’t tell me what to do. Raqesh says enough. Nishant says keep crying. Moose says he won’t go. She can take her voice outside. He will speak if he wants to. Why are you getting into it? Shamita said Raqesh get him shut up and you did? Nishant says you are proudy. Shamita says I will play the game my way. Nishant says I won’t keep this attitude after you abused me. You said sorry when your mistake was counted. Raqesh says stop it guys. Shamita says I am not here for TRPs okay. Nishant says neither am I. Shamita says stop talking about my character. He says I haven’t. Bring character into everything.

Everyone goes back to the sofa. Raqesh says calm down. he hugs Shamita. Shamita says I am fed up. He says we have to go out. Calm down. Breathe. Shamita cries.

Karan says there’s so much going on in the house. I wish I could watch this fight live. But I have to interupt it now. He says I know it’s a huge fight. Everyone’s nerves are high. What we are going to do now, requires everyone’s emotional alertness. Everyone is playing this game. During the game dark and ugly things come out. I want all of you brace yourselves. It brings me to the toughest part of the week, that is elimination. Akshara, Gaba and Divya are eliminated. The audience has to decide it. The three of them hold hands. Karan says this time I won’t play with your emotions. One person will be evicted this week.

Karan says the contestant who hasn’t gotten votes and the contestant we have to evict from this house, that contestant is.. I am very sorry. With a broken heart Milind Gaba. Everyone is shocked. Karan says I am very sorry Gaba. You have to leave this house. You played very well. A lot of fans are ready for you on the other side. Giving you a lot of love.

Gaba says thank you for all the love I have got here. Akshara cries. Moose hugs her. Gaba says I love your jacket sir. I love you. Karan says I love you too. Karan says guys please sit. When did I say the elimination has ended? Please sit. I didn’t say it was the end. Akshara cries. Karan says this week, not one but two people will be evicted. Today with Milind, another contestant will be evited. Will it be Divya or Akshara? The contestant who is leaving this house, it is you Akshara. You and Milind are evited. Thank you for your game.

Akshara says I am sorry to everyone if I have hurt anyone. I really respect you all. When you win, this love will remain. I will come to your places to meet you. Moose cries. Nishant hugs Akshara. She cries. Pratik hugs Gaba. Karan says only two weeks are left in the finale. Each one has to give their best. Nishant hugs Gaba. Moose hugs Akshara and cries. Akshara says give your best. I will keep an eye on you. Don’t fall. Akshara hugs Neha and says I am so sorry. Neha hugs her. Akshara says I didn’t get the show. I didn’t know. Ia m sorry. I am learning. Gaba packs his stuff. Shamita hugs him. Gaba says bye everyone. Pratik hugs him.

Karan says they will work harder to impress you all. Let’s meet people who impressed you in Bigg Boss 14. she will come here but with another contestant. Let’s welcome winner Rubina and Nicky Tamboli. They enter the show. Nikki says I feel so excited. Rubbina says I am so excited to meet you. Karan says my mom loved you. He says you both look gorgeous. Karan asks Nikki who would you make a connection with? She says Pratik. He’s single. Karan laughs. Rubina says she’s playing matchmaking. Karan says I will tell Pratik. Nikki says I will tell him myself. Karan asks Rubina? She says Raqesh. I know him and he gives good vibes. He’s very polite and dignified. He says you are turned on by boredom? She says no intelligence and dignity. He asks Nikki who’s rocking it? She says I want Pratik to knock it more. He’s calmded down now. Rubina says Nishant and Shamita are rocking it. Karan asks what should Divya do? She’s single. Rubina says she has the opportunity to stand out and shine. Nikki says she’s shinning. With connections, you’re overshadowed. Karan says I love both of you. Are you ready to go inside the house? Nikki says I am so excited. Karan says there was a huge fight. You are going in the middle of a battle. They go inside the house. Karan says they will go inside and you will watch them live. Tomorrow will be 5th week and it will have a huge twist. See you on next Sunday.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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