Bigg Boss OTT 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Moose and Nishant fight because of Divya

Bigg Boss OTT 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 27 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing on vellay.

10 AM
Akshara says to Gaba Moose told me she doesn’t get the game Divya is playing. Gaba says she’s alone. Akshara says she said she says something to me and something else to Nishant. She wants him on his her side. Gaba says I asked her if she would pair up with you or me if one of us leaves. She said my first preference is Nishant. I don’t think he would leave Moose. She says he won’t leave Moose and Divya is after him.

10:30 AM
Moose says to Nishant get up. I want to be cozy. He says I don’t want to do this. I don’t like this clingy. When this happens expectations grow. She says it’s cute. He says this is how you fool me. SHe says I don’t know how to. You are friends with everyoen so you start fighting with me. I am good that I keep cool. If I get angry it will be a tandav. He says I don’t want extra. He says you keep making me run after you. Moose sleeps.

1:15 PM
Pratik asks what’s the difference between egg plant and Brinjal? Raqesh says shut up and eat it. Shamita says see how he talks. Neha says Raqesh is mama’s boy. He says I am everyone’s boy. Shamita says we know. They eat the food. Shamita says he is lazy. Was he lazy in love. Neha says yeah darling move slowly. Raqesh laughs.

3 PM
Nishant sings kuch kuch hota hai. Pratik and Neha dance. Gaba says love is friendship.

3:15 PM
Divya reads the letter. The three contestant couples have to play a ladder game. There are three ladders in the garden. There are no steps in them. Three connections would pick the steps from the slide and try to make their ladder. In the end the one with most number of ladders will win the task. The connections who couldn’t get letters from their houses during nomination, this is another chance to get those letter. there will be 7 rounds. Bigg boss will send one letter with each round. After the buzzer, the connection who gets the step will decide if they want to tear the letter and put it on their ladder or would they give the letter to the owner and throw it in the bin. Nishant and Moose got an advantage yesterday so they already have a step. Raqesh and Shamita will be the referees of this game.

3:30 PM
Pratik asks Moose what do you think? She says I don’t know. He says I want everyone to get their letters.

3:45 PM
Neha says we should focus on steps. Pratik says give them all letters. Neha says do you wanna lose? He says it’s about family yaar. It depends on the steps we get. It would feel so bad.

Nishant says anyone who has 2 will win. It will go in a very cool way if we all keep the steps it will feel like a domino. Gaba says if I get my own letter, I will tear it. I will match up with you. Nishant says if I get mine if first patch, I will take it.

4 PM
Akshara asks Moose, were you telling everything to Pratik. Moose says to Nishant Pratik said I will give away all the letters. You will win anyway. Gaba says to Akshara we will get our steps. He says Nishant will give us the letter. Divya says to Nishant Moose and Pratik were talking and they stopped when Akshara and I entered. He says I know.

4:15 PM
The task starts. Nishant and Moose get one step and there’s on letter on it. A letter falls out. Bigg Boss says the first letter is from Divya’s house. Everyone rushes to get it. Gaba picks it. Divya is emotional. He says I am giving it to Divya. Divya hugs him and cries. She says thank you.

Divya reads her letter we are proud of you. You are doing so well. all family and friends are seeing. If papa were here he would be proud. Divya cries. Gaba and Akshara hug her. Divya reads we know he’s watching you. Talk about your personality. We are all there for you. Everyone calls you a fighter because everyone is saying you’re fighting alone. Win and come back. Everyone hugs her. Nishant says Bigg Boss, where is cashback? Shamita hugs Divya.

4:30 PM
Divya says mama I read your letter. It makes me very strong. I almost gave up because this game is about connection, I can’t play any task but this letter makes me so happy. Now I want to stay and win. Once I get a connection I will be eligible to play.

5 PM
Bell rings. Everyone gathers to pick steps. Bigg Boss says it’s from Nishant’s house. Everyone rushes in. Gaba and Pratik touch it. Raqesh says Pratik touched it first. Pratik says to Nishant I will give it to you. He says thank you.

Moose hugs Pratik. He gives her a letter. Raqesh reads for Nishant. You are doing so best. Everyone is liking you. The whole world knows you now. Mom and dad are proud of you. I wish you all the best. Keep people smiling. Nishant is very happy. Neha says to him Pratik really loves you.

5:30 PM
Bell rings. Akshara runs out and another letter falls. Bigg Boss says it is from Akshara’s house. Pratik and Gaba touch it. Pratik says I got it first. Shamita says gaba got it. Akshara says to Gaba tear it. He gives it to her and says you decide. It’s in your hands. Divya says to Akshara read the letter and be happy for 10 minutes or achieve what your parents want. Akshara says I want to tear it. Divya says very brave. Proud of you. Divya says they want the same. Gaba hugs her. Moose hugs her. She puts the letter. Divya says they are proud. Akshara says I know they want me to win.

Nishant says to Moose Divya told me you and Pratik were talking and you stopped when they came. Nishant laughs. Moose says she provokes. Nishant says I know. I told her I know what she is. Moose says she’s so clever.

6 PM
Another letter falls Bigg Boss says it’s from Neha’s house. Moose says the most hated woman in the country. she says it herself. Gaba says I got it. Nishant says I also touched it. Shamita and Raqesh say Gaba got it. Gaba and Akshara discuss. He says let’s give it. SHe says but what next? We will have to tear it. Divya says you can get your own name and put it. Gaba says we want to give it to Neha. Neha says don’t do it Gaba. Put your step. It’s okay. Shamita says it’s his decision. Neha says no Gaba. He gives the letter to her. Everyone claps for him. Neha hugs him. Neha hugs Akshara and thanks her. She says God bless you.

Neha reads it from her husband. Shamita says you can read it. He writes dear Neha, I am trying to write in Hindi because only that’s allowed. I know me, your family and your life everything is fogged. Just think of it like you are living in a joint family house like your childhood. I am glad everyone in the house is nice. This game is about little fights but the other side it that once you fight someone you tear it. This game plays with your emotions. I am sad that you can’t see me. But I can see you and I see you 16 hours a day. Everyone says aww. He says when you cry I wipe your tears on the screen. She cries. Pratik reads when you smile everyone is happy. We share that happiness. I hope you feel my love. You have to read many more letters. I want you to win and go to the next house as well. Not only because you win. The 6 packs I promised, it would take 6 weeks. Everyone laughs. Neha says I am sick of your belly. Gaba reads win the game but don’t lose your OTT family. Be your Sameer. Love to everyone. Your Sameer. Raqesh says you are amazing Sameer. Shamita hugs her. Pratik hugs her as well. Nishant hugs her.

6:30 PM
Raqesh says to Divya you leave the tea outside. She says I want someone to help me and clean it for me. Because I make tea for everyone. He says go to hell. Nishant says Shamita something is going inside all this. He says you look good doing the dishes. She says that’s why you like Shamita? She says what about the tea I make? He says you leave things in between. She says you left our friendship in between. He says if you do the dishes, I will become your friend. She says I don’t want it. Nishant says Shamita even if you stopped it, their feelings are growing. Shamita laughs.

Pratik says let’s tear all the letters now. Bell rings. Bigg Boss says next letter is from Gaba’s house. Pratik gets it. Nishant gets it too. Pratik says you can read it Gaba. He hugs Milind. Moose says go Gaba. Gaba reads. We miss you a lot of love. You are a chacha now. He says wowwww. Yayy. Everyone congratulates Suresh. He reads we are proud of you. The world knows now that you’re a beautiful human. We will wait till the end because we want you to win. Don’t bow down to anyone. People love you for what you are. You have shared love in that house. Don’t ever say again that I want to leave. We are here to celebrate. We love you baby. He says it’s Pihu. We all miss you. NOW you are playing very well. Everyone laughs at NOW. He reads you looke beautiful, all mine. He says thank you. He gets very happy. Pratik hugs him. Neha says your brother and Pihu wrote it. Everyone congratulates him for being an uncle now. Nishant says my attack is on Shamita.

7 PM
The next letter falls. It’s from Pratik’s house. Pratik gets it. Neha says don’t tear. He says wait. She says please think. Pratik tears the letter. Neha says no please. He says now it’s a fair game. He puts the step. He says it’s okay. Neha hugs him. He says I love you mom. Bigg Boss says you had to tear it. Pratik tears it. Pratik cries. Neha hugs him. Pratik says it’s okay. Divya says be strong for your mom. Don’t cry, your mom would be upset. He says you are right. Neha says she’s proud of you.

Moose says whoever gets the last one they will win. Pratik says I love you mom. I miss you.

7:15 PM
Neha hugs Pratik. She says did you read one line? He says I couldn’t. Pratik hugs her. Neha hugs him. Divya says don’t cry please. Your mom is very emotional. Be strong for her. He says she is missing me a lot. divya says if she sees you crying she would cry too. Be strong for her. He says I am trying to control. You made it. Moose says Divya waits for people to cry so she can fix them.

7:30 PM
Gaba says to Nishant if I get it I will tear it and so should you. We will see what comes between us. He says Pratik might get it too. We don’t have a chance now. Let’s give it to Shamita and be 1-1. If he keeps it then let’s steal the ladder. Gaba says let’s see. He says three is better to play than four. Nishant says even if I tear that ladder won’t stay. Eventually I don’t know how long it would last. Let’s keep it a lie.

7:45 PM
The last letter is from Shamita’s house. Raqesh hugs Shamita. Nishant gets the letter. He says let me think. Shamita says he will put it on his ladder. Pratik says you can decide who got it. She says but it’s fair. He got it. Pratik says I wanted to give you your letter. She says but he got it. Moose says you play well. Keep trust. Nishant says I will give it to Shamita. Moose says yes. She says no. It’s the deciding factor. He says give me two minutes more. we want footage. Moose laughs what to do. Gaba says your call. I am out of it. Nishant says we decided it. Let’s give it. Let’s see then. He says Shamita take it. Shamita says are you mad? She gets emotional. She says Nishant are you sure? He says yes take it. There are better ways to win. Shamita hugs him. She says thank you. Shamita reads it.

Nishant says let’s gaurd the castle. Shamita reads, my darling Shamz. How is your health? I watch you every single day till you sleep. So proud you conduct yourself with dignity. You give your 100%. Stay calm and strong. Elated to see you being your own self. You are at a sad and breaking point. You are not used to being with so many people. Turn it into a positive energy. Poeple love your connection. You both receive a lot of love and attention. I am with you at all time. Convey my love Raqesh and Neha. Love to see your baby talk, mama. Raqesh says thank you aunty. Divya says Raqesh is approved. Everyone laughs. Shamita says love you mom. She kisses Nishant and says thank you. She hugs Moose. She says I didn’t expect anyone to give me this letter and I would have totally understood. Nishant says everyone got it. Why won’t you?

8 PM
Bigg Boss says with this, the task to become the new boss man and the lady is over. All three contestants have only one letter and it’s a tie. No one is the winner. Moose says it’s not even been five minutes. Bigg Boss says there will be no boss man or lady. Everyone claps. Divya says everyone is equal. It’s a fair decision. Neha says no one will work now. Everyone laughs.

9 PM
Bigg Boss says time for your report card. Audience is happy with your today’s performance. Everyone claps. Nishant massages Shamita’s hair.

9:30 PM
Nishatn says let’s shake hands and screw that sparrow. But that witch doesn’t know all the power is in my hands. Pratik sits with Moose. He says we are twining and Neha and Nishant are. Divya says are you guys exchaing partners? Moose says that’s all you think all day? She says yeah I don’t have one. Moose says don’t be after mine. Divya says what’s wrong with you. Moose says you wanna talk about it? Why do you keep running after him? Divya says what do you mean? Moose says you don’t know? Divya says are you okay? She says yes I am. Moose says you go to people and say it. Divya says he’s not your boyfriend. Moose says I can say the same to you. Stop provoking him. Why do you have to go to him when we have an arguement? Why do you come back and say to me girl code and shit? Divya says I didn’t ask him to join me. I said when you leave.. Moose says why would I leave? You can leave the show. Divya says you don’t care. Why do you have to tell people that Pratik and I were talking?

Divya says stay away. She says someone told me as well. Moose says why are you spreading it? She says I was protecting my friends? Moose says then don’t act like my friend. Divya says game and personal friendships are different. Moose says then don’t act like you are my friend. Divya says you don’t have a brain. Nishant says guys calm down. Divya says Nishant this si too much. Nishant says calm down Divya. Divya says she started it. Get married and take him home, insecure b*t*hes. Moose says you don’t have a connection and you’re putting your mouth everywhere. And calling us insecure b*t*hes? Divya says I will slap you. Moose says do it right now. Akshara says calm down. Moose says why do you talk behind the back? She says you and Nishant are two people. You are insecure. College and highschool words. Moose says come hit me. Divya says get lost, ill-mannered. Moose says at least I say it in face.

Gaba says she took it in a wrong way. Divya says what a college kids? Nishant says you put me in a wrong place. Moose says how is it her place to say all that to her? Nishant says I didn’t tell you so you can go and say all this? He says you have put me in a bad position.

Divya says is Nishant a kid? Is she his wife? He had to go and tell her? Pratik says Moose was right to feel it. Nishant says if I tell her something she will use it against me? Moose says I used it against her not you. Pratik says it’s about priority. Moose says she was commenting on me. Nishant says you should fight. Pratik says she said it about her. Nishant says if your friendships don’t bother, then mine shouldn’t either. Moose says I can’t believe you.

Moose says to Nishant why are you fighting with me again? Your friendship to her is more important than me? He says you put me in a fix. She says what is more important? He says do what you want. Pratik says Nishant can always confront me. Divya says like this? Nishant says the reason is different. We also have a friendship. Divya says you talk behind backs Pratik. Mooses goes isnide. Divya says stay quiet and listen, Pratik says Moose come here. Divya says only she has emotions not us? Divya says whats the problem? He says it’s justified. She says Nishant and I are actually only talking about the game. No matter who it is related to. Have I ever questioned you? Pratik says it’s justified if she feels bad. Nishant says you are putting me in a fix.

Akshara says to Moose talk to him whe he’s calm. She says Nishant also said it all in front of everyone. I am calm. Pratik says she has right to feel. Divya says she said I have an eye on other people’s connections. Pratik says you called her an insecure b*t*h. Divya says that she is. Moose says he doesn’t listen. His priority is himself. Neha comes in. Moose says should I talk to Pratik? Neha says le thim talk to Pratik. Nishant says to Moose if you want this connection now, then stop talking to Pratik. If you can’t do that. Tell me. I will walks out of the show.

8:45 PM
Askahra says to Divya she didn’t like when you said about wedding. Divya says this is the second time. should I be okay I drool over other people’s guys? That’s an attack on my character. If she was outside, I would slap her. Neha says I get you Moose. I have this kind of thing in me. I get possessive about my friends. Nishant is very angry. Moose says I am confused. He said such a bold thing if you want this connection to work.. Neha says Pratik is already worried about his friendship over with Nishant and now you.

Nishant says what am I not doing? I have done a lot of things I don’t usually do. I can also walk out. I tolerate it. But it’s getting very irritating. I can’t do it every time. She has a soft corner for Pratik but I also have a game. It shouldn’t be spoiled because of them. I am playing my name.

Neha says the outside world is separate and we are relying too much on our connection. Pratik says she called you insecure b*t*h right? Moose says she said I will slap you. Pratik says I know it was build up. What you said was genuine.

10:15 PM
Divya comes to Nishant. She says this is really wrong. Gaba says it’s wrong. Nishant talks ot everyone. Nishant nods. She says just because I am alone you can’t blame my character. I call her kid. It doesn’t feel good coming from her. I would be okay of Neha or Shamita said it. We love her so much. Akshara hugs her.

2:15 AM
Divya says to Nishant I will tell you why I was stopping Moose. I know Pratik too well. I have known him for 4 years. Since first week you and Moose have always been in good books. I don’t know why he tries to make a connection with Moose. He plays big games. He plans it big. He doesn’t know anyone here. You are strong. This was the only way he could make you strong. He says when I had a fight with Moose on letter, space all night, she had her food, meds, they were talking and chatting. She has sent enough time with him. I don’t know why is she doing it. She says it’s not her but him. He says they can’t fool me.

Neha says Nishant isn’t dumb. He says people learn from experience. Divya says I hope this will remain between us. He says thanks for listening to me. I can sleep now. I will have fresh energy. She needs me and I need her. That’s what we figured out. If I think from the game perspective it won’t sound good. She says you have a good heart.

2:45 AM
Neha reads her letter in bed and cries. She falls alseep.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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