Bigg Boss OTT 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nia enters

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 25 8 AM
Everyone wakes up to paisa paisa. Moose and Nishant dance.

8:45 AM
Raqesh hugs Shamita and says we have a lot of baggage from the past. We went from a lot of things. I am sorry. I don’t want you to feel this way. I am there for you. Shamita hugs him. Shamita says you have to accept me the way I am. She cries. Raqesh hugs her. Raqesh says kisses her cheek. Raqesh says what do you have for my birthday? She laughs. He says be happy. raqesh kisses her cheek. She says I miss my home. He says let’s go home. Shamita kisses his cheek and says happy birthday.

12 PM
Divya says who will the lawn? Neha says talk to Akshara. She is in the cleaning team. She only cooks for herself. Divya says say to her. Neha says only 2 people had to do it. Divya says to Pratik you and I are kitchen. Nisho is cutting. Divya asks Akshara were you in cleaning? SHe says no. Divya says Neha and Pratik are saying. She says them saying won’t make it right. Pratik says to Moose can you clean the garden with Akshara? Akshara says I won’t. Pratik says that’s selfish. Neha says we are the captain. Pratik says you change and flip. You don’t want to do anything. Neha says we are doing the dishes. Do something at least. We are all working. Pratik says there is some responsibility. Gaba says I can do chopping or lawn. Let her do kitchen. Akshara says no one can force me to do anything. If you should at me I won’t do it.

Pratik says our mistake that we asked the queen to work. Akshara says don’t use these words. Milind cleans the garden.

12:30 PM
Nishant says Neha ji you cracked my friendship. SHe says I came here for that. He says I won’t let you succeed. I will show you what fire it. Divya shoves him.

Music plays. Everyone dances. Nia comes in the house. Divya hugs her. Divya meets everyone. Nia says to Divya you’re very hot. Everyone is crazy about you outside. She meets Neha and Shamita. Nia sings happy birthday for Raqesh. She says to Pratik you are very hot. She says Moose you are too cute. Bigg Boss welcomes Nia in the house. He says As Bossman and Bosslady, Neha and Pratik’s time is over. Nia is the boss lady. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss says you all have to follow her. Nia says give me a bed. Shamita says will you stay here? Neha says she is a wild card entry. Nia says I am the new contestant. Everyone claps. Divya says I have a partner. Nia says if there’s a connection choice, I will choose Divya. Divya says thank you.

Nia says I have a play and pause button. You can pamper me today. I can pause and play you all. I can fast forward and rewind. When I say pause you have to pause.

1:15 PM
Raqesh says Neha is saying save the partner. Pratik says Neha why are you defensive? Nishant asks Moose don’t worry. Neha says to Pratik don’t mess.

Nia says to Shamita you are very pretty and real. Pratik says she is hot. Neha hits him.

1:30 PM
Nia says why is birthday boy sad? He says you know it. Nia says I will talk to you in person if Shamita is okay. Shamita says I am always okay. Nishant says we all speak in front of each other. Nia says what’s off is off. People can see when it’s not organic. She says to Akshara, Divya and Nishant Neeha and Pratik’s connection isn’t real. Akshara says they do it for the camera.

Neha says to Pratik I am one step ahead. I am not here to cry. You can do what you want. He says why are you doubting me? She says you’re looking at me. He says your attitude has changed. She says because of your attitude. Pratik says I can be friends with her or best friend.

Nia says there’s more to you Raqesh. When I see you I wanna know more. One person is in his shell. Divya says I am saying it from day 1.

2:30 PM
Moose says I was scared I was young so I would be targeted. Nia says you are being seen as a cute girl. You are savage. I am like that too. I like saying what I want. But you let Nishant take the lead all the time. She says no Nishant isn’t overpowering you. He cares for you. But you’ve become so comfortable.

2:30 PM
Pratik asks Nia what’s happening? You have been watching. She says you’re good. You want me to appreciate more? He says I want to know. Nia says Neha is different. I liked you when you were playing alone. You both are well prepared for this show. Divya is playing well too. He says we are both strong-headed. She says you are getting overpowered. He says I owed her. I had to let her save her friend. She says you can’t overpower. She can’t be overpowered.

3 PM
Akshara does her makeup. Pratik has to pick the washing machine. She says you are hurting me. Stop for a minute. Pratik says you can also move aside. She says you were pulling it. Don’t tell me what to do. Pratik says what’s happening here? You can’t silence me.

3:45 PM
Akshara says you will all be after me now. See this scratch. Pratik says what would we do if we don’t move? She says I stay every day. He says you were not moving. Akshara says I asked you to stop. Pratik says you didn’t. Neha says you know how this girl is.

4 PM
Divya reads all connections of the house have been given a task. This task is Nia ka raaj. The two winners will become two more contenders. Nia is boss lady of the house. You have to win her heart. If she’s happy with someone she will give them gold coin. Nishant and Moose already won so they won’t be part of this connection. Since Divya has no connection she won’t be participating in it. Divya says what bigg boss. Nishant says why are you here? She says to read the letters. Everyone laughs.

4:15 PM
Nia and Divya pick the coins. Nia says tell me what to ask them to do. They laugh. Pratik says to Akshara and Gaba make an emotional story. Neha says what do you want boss? She says give Pratik an oil massage. Pratik says tell me too. She says you want all the coins? He says no I want your heart. Nishant says you should get it done boss lady. Neha massages his back. Neha asks do you want a massage? Nia says I had it in the morning. But good one. I give three to both of you. Neha says thank you.

4:30 PM
Nia says it’s Raqesh’s birthday. You should talk. We will hear you out. Say things that bother you. Let it all out. What made you cry. Raqesh will speak. Happy birthday. Everyone claps. Nishant says you will only say the truth. Raqesh says when I came here I didn’t know what was I getting into. Above 2 is a crowd for me. I have been close to very few people. You all say I will get the show when it’s over. I was dyslexic and a slow learner. People are talking about it negatively. Neha says confession about Shamita. He says she’s very clean-hearted. she is very black and white she doesn’t get gerys. Nia asks Shamita what do you feel about her? He says I genuinely like her. I am happy she chose me. Our vibe matches. Nia gives three coins.

5:15 PM
Gaba and Akshra cry and pretend like servants. They cry and say madam please hire us. They say Raqesh babu didn’t like Divya. Everyone laughs. Gaba says this is Raqesh’s favorite lipstick. Divya laughs. they cry and Ms. Shamita died. Nishant says I heard there was a third woman too. Gaba says Mr. Pratik wears this short and never wears a shirt. Akshara says he keeps showing his legs. Gaba says he’s so shameless. Nia says you are hired. Amazing performance. She gives them coins.

5:45 PM
Nishant says I didn’t like you joking with Neha that there’s a crack in the friendship. she doesn’t think you are genuinely hurt. She thinks it’s a joke. He says I will go against her in an task.

6:15 PM
Neha asks everyone to sit. Neha says this is Bigg boss’s house with 10 people. Everyone says they are the most honest but everyone has many sides. There is Miss Shamita. She makes Raqesh make tea and girls let him sleep in their beds alone. His real partner is his tea and Bigg boss always asks him to fix his mix. She acts like Shamita and does yoga. Everyone laughs. She says whose dishes are these? She says no Divya. Tea? Anyone tea? Pratik you are my brother. I don’t like you Pratik. You can’t be a big herein like me. raqesh walks around me. I am happy I don’t have a partner. Will you eat food? Nisho Moose. Moose my baby.. Everyone laughs. She dances acting like Nishant. Nia gives her more coins.

7:30 PM
Raqesh asks Nia what color do you like? She says brown and gold. He makes a snake tattoo on her arm. She says who asked yo to come here? He says I don’t know. Shamita gives her tea. Nia says impressed. Raqesh says give coins.

Raqesh and Shamita dance. Raqesh picks Shamita. Shamita says coin. Nia dances with Akshara. Bigg boss announces audience is happy with today’s performance. He wishes Raqesh happy birthday and says there’s something in the store.

Gaba reads a serious poem. Everyone gets emotional. Nia says well done.

9 PM
Divya brings the cake out. Raqesh cuts the cake. Everyone claps.

9:45 PM
Nia says I don’t have the count who I gave what. Keep your coins safe. Raqesh dances with Nia. She says you are killing it. Gaba sings. Nia dances with him. Everyone tries to snatch coins from each other. They all protect their coins. Pratik outs all of his in pocket. Gaba sings for Nia. She gives him more coins. Raqesh tries to steal Neha’s. Pratik shoves him. shamita runs with the pot. Neha runs after him. Shamita says Gaba come snatch them with me. Neha and Pratik fight.

Neha jumps in the pool. Nishant jumps with her. Everyone runs around to snatch each other’s coins. Nia says stop. She gives more coins to Neha.

9:15 PM
Gaba dances. Pratik dances with Nia. She gives him more coin. Shamita and Gaba throw foam on each other. Akshara keeps it safe. Shamita says what has this game made us.

10:30 PM
Everyone goes inside. Raqesh says Gaba and Akshara have two more than us. Pratik says we have 144. I counted. Raqesh says are you sure? He says yes. Nishant says to Akshara Neha will be out if she did this to save Shamita. Raqesh is interested in playing. Raqesh says he said he has 41. Gaba has 42.

11:30 PM
Nishant says keep it inside your pillow on under your bed. Raqesh says Shamita you can tie it around your waist. He says you asked me to do the task. She says I am broken. He says this pain will be worth it when you win. She says I will give this pain to you. She hides it under the bed and says it’s so dirty.

Milind says I will sleep there. Akshara says we will both stya up. He says I will also do it. Akshara says don’t get rude. People are different. He says so should you. You should understand what I say. He says I did what you asked. She says you have done more. Akshara says don’t loud. He says you keep it. He says ask long as you could guard it. Akshara says keep it. You won’t understand.

1:30 AM
Raqesh says to Shamita what happened? She says you were so rude. He says I don’t like this man. She says say it don’t shout. He says you can also say things. She says I didn’t want to be rude. He says you can say go get it. She says you are making me feel like I am always wrong. He says everything can’t be your way. She says when did I want that. He says it has always been. She says I will back off. Go to Divya. I am done. He says I am sorry. She says I don’t want to talk now. He says you started. She says I didn’t. I don’t like certain things either. You don’t understand me. He says what am I supposed to do? She says use your brain. You make me feel like a negative person. She leaves. Raqesh says where are you going? She says to pee.

2 AM
Milind says she doesn’t trust me with this that I can’t guard it. Divya says she was saying you sleep deep. Divya calms Akshara down. Gaba says she taunts me. Divya says it’s done. Don’t fight now. He says we are friends. She taunted me about Neha. Akshara says I have a problem with the loud voice.

Pratik hides the coins in his suitcase and locks it.
Raqesh says Shamit don’t do this. Neha tries to calm her down. She cries. Neha says repetitive thoughts kill us. We have to get out of it. She says why should I always give what he wants? I want to go back to the person I was when I entered. Raqesh hugs her and says don’t do this please. Neha says sleep please. He says put your cream. She says I used serums on my face. Neha laughs.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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