Bigg Boss OTT 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratik-Akshara become the first bosses of the house

Bigg Boss OTT 11th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 3
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song raatan lambiyan. Neha hugs Raqesh. Everyone dances.

9:15 AM
Divya tells Ridhima that Nishant fought with me then he should have made up with me. Ridhima says it’s Nishant’s way of playing a game, he said nobody asked me what his option was. Divya says he just wants attention, she goes from there. Karan says he wants his say in everything.

Divya tells Shamita that Ridhima was taking Nishant’s side right now. Shamita says it’s her personal choice, she should understand where she should provide support or not.

10 AM
Shamita tells Akshara to not eat the granola as it’s gluten-free. I am just requesting everybody. Akshara says I didn’t eat it, I have an issue with gluten too. Shamita says if you have a problem then you can eat it but others cant eat it like a snack.

11 AM
Akshara comes into the kitchen and asks Neha if she can eat this granola? Neha says yes, I just said it because Shamita and I have gluten energy. We just wanted everyone to think about it as we can’t eat anything else. Akshara says I find it cheap that you are not allowing others food. Zeeshan says they have an allergy that’s why. Akshara says I didn’t even get food yesterday, all should equally get food. Nobody thinks about others here and eats without even thinking about others.

12 PM
Neha tells the inmates that some people are not getting enough food or what they want to eat. She tells Shamita that you can ask everyone what they want to eat. We can decide in the morning what all want to eat, we will mutually decide what we will cook then we won’t put each other down about food. Shamita says I agree. Neha says Pratik wants to cook for himself. Divya says I am cooking for 12 people so how can I minus one person? Nishant says we are not even calculating how much we are making daily. Divya says when the food is cooked then come one by one and take it as if you come later on then food is finished. Akshara says people are eating 5 times and we are not even getting food. Divya says don’t scream. Akshara says nobody is listening to me, I didn’t get bhujiya yesterday as someone ate 5 times. I am not getting food. Urfi is talking to Moose so Divya asks her to keep her volume down. Urfi says I am not even talking to her. Akshara tells Divya that how can one person eat for 5 people. Shamita asks Akshara to calm down. Divya says keep your volume down. You are screaming. Akshara says you can scream but others can’t even talk? Divya tells Akshara that food was in the fridge, you just didn’t look inside. Akshara says I didn’t even get breakfast today. Urfi and Moose sit aside. Urfi says we are sweet people even they want to poke us. Akshara tells Shamita that I ate your granola because I didn’t get anything else. Shamita tells Akshara we can’t stop people from eating or if someone is eating 2-3 times. What can we do? Akshara says I am not pointing at you. Shamita says we are telling everyone to not finish food or 2-3 times. You can point out the person, don’t be frustrated. Shamita consoles her. Akshara asks if she can cook for herself? Shamita says why? when we are finished cooking then you can take the first plate, will that be fine? Akshara says yes.

Urfi tells Moose that all want to be leaders here. Moose says if we become leaders then they will be scared. Urfi says I am going to blast soon.

12:30 PM
Divya tells Akshara that if you cook yourself then you can but everyone will start doing it. Shamita says I know this looks petty but we are in this situation. I follow a proper diet at my home but I am not fussy here. Akshara says then why did you make an issue about granola? Shamita says because I asked for it. Akshara says I asked Bigg Boss also. Shamita says that box has my name on it, I have a medical issue. Neha asks Akshara to end this issue, if you felt bad then just say it. Akshara says she made it a personal issue. Shamita says I didn’t stop anyone when they were eating it but it’s my packet so they can’t eat it like a snack. Akshara says don’t shout, Neha offered me that box, her name is written there too. Pratik says this is such a petty issue. Shamita says he is making his food and wasting it but that’s not petty? Pratik says I have my hands intact so I am cooking for myself. Shamita tells Zeeshan that we shouldn’t feed monkeys.

Akshara comes to the washroom and says they can’t be high-profile just by talking in English. They put others down for no reason.

Divya tells Ridhima that don’t waste this food, if you want to cook for yourself then do it.

Akshara tells Urfi that she acts high profile by just eating granola. She wants to dominate others, we can’t even talk about food? I am done with it. I am not eating anything. She tells the camera that I am not going to eat. Neha tells Akshara that you ate my granola, I am okay with it. It’s fine, I will talk to Shamita. I shared it with you. Akshara says then why is she acting like she owns everything here? Pratik and Moose cheer for her. Akshara says I can talk in English too but I don’t want to show my high-profile attitude here.
Shamita tells Zeeshan that I can’t believe Neha is doing this with her. They don’t understand that it’s a medical requirement, it pains me if I eat gluten. I am not being high-profile.

Akshara tells Urfi that she can’t understand hindi? My life is destroyed here. Neha laughs.

1:15 PM
Shamita tells Divya that people will gang up on me but I have to defend myself. Raqesh asks the fight was against you? Shamita says yes, that gluten-free food is for me. I am all for sharing food but one packet was for me and Neha. Neha should understand that it’s about my health. If I was out in the world then I would buy more gluten-free food.

Urfi tells Pratik that I don’t even want to eat what they are making. Pratik says they are negative, cheap people. Urfi says we can cook our own food.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that connections are important in this house. He says a guest is coming who is a top-class match-maker. She is Sima Taparia. Sima enters the house. Sima waves at everyone. Bigg Boss asks Urfi and Zeeshan to go into the garden.

Sima meets them and asks how are they? They say we are fine. Urfi says I don’t know how I am. Sima says this is fun and you have to win. Urfi says we know each other from before but our friendship is breaking here. Sima says you both are not favoring each other in the house, why? Urfi says he doesn’t talk to me much. Zeeshan says I want to make everyone laugh, I talk to everyone. Urfi is not used to crowds. I told her she should come out of her comfort zone. Urfi says our groups are different, you are providing me support. If I cry then I won’t come to you. Sima asks if they took advantage of their connection? They say no. She asks if Zeeshan is different or the same here? Urfi says he is the same but he is different from me here. He is not taking care of me here like he did when we were outside. Sima says you are a team so don’t think that. She asks them to write on the board. She asks if their connection is right? They both write yes. She asks to rate their connection from 1 to 10. Zeeshan writes 10, Urfi writes 9.5. Sima asks how much they contributed individually in the connection? Zeeshan writes 6, Urfi writes 4. Sima asks what type of connection you are? Zeeshan says strong, Urfi writes the best connection. Sima says very well. She says I want you to be strong, be compatible and positive. Zeeshan thanks her.

5:30 PM
They talk to Sima. Nishant says I am enjoying it very much. Sima says I see that you both are playing in a crowd. Nishant says we can’t ignore other people, our connection is mind-blowing in the tasks but I want her to have friends. I also want to have a set of friends. There should be space for both of us. Sima asks Moose what she thinks about Nishant? He won luggage for you. Moose says I was very happy. Nishant says I know she won’t disappoint me. Sima asks them to rate each other. They both rate 10 for each other. She asks about their individual contribution to the partnership. They both write 10. She asks if they want to choose another partner then who would you choose? Moose says I would try Pratik. Nishant says he is our friend so it’s fine. He says I don’t mind Urfi as a partner. Sima says you both have a bonding which is good. Just focus on each other more. She wishes them luck. Nishant says it was nice meeting you.

In the house, Akshara says we have to do everything with our partners here. Milind says what if they tell me to marry my partner here, I am going to run away. Akshara laughs.

6 PM
Sima asks if their connection has improved? Karan says I like Ridhima because she is clear, she doesn’t keep grudges. Ridhima says I feel protective about my partner. When they are making him work a lot then I get angry. Sima asks where do they spend most of the time? Ridhima says he is spending more time with dishes more. Sima says we feel Karan is making connections with others more. Ridhima says I don’t feel that. Sima asks if their connection is good? They both write yes. She asks them to rate their connection. Ridhima gives Karan 8. Karan gives Ridhima 10 out of 10. Ridhima says I feel Karan pushes himself to make others comfortable. I want to change his habit, I feel he is very innocent. Sima says how many hours they gave to make their connection better? They say 4-5 hours. Sima says what if you get an option to choose another connection? Ridhima says I am happy with my connection. Karan says me too. Sima says Ridhima is not making connections in the house. Ridhima says I like everyone and they like to me. Sima says don’t be silent, I am telling you both. I wish you both luck. Ridhima thanks her.

Pratik tells Nishant that Shamita and Divya want to dominate everyone. We won’t be dominated by them.

6:15 PM
Sima asks how are they in the house? Akshara says it’s fun. Pratik says we are taking stands, fighting also. Sima says just have patience also. She says your connection is ‘jor-daar’ (electric). Pratik says we are both like if you tell us with love then we will give life but if you are fighting with us then we will kill you. Sima says anything can happen with love. Sima asks Akshara why did she choose Pratik as a connection? Akshara says he gave me an angry expression on the stage but people like him usually are very sweet from the inside, they are usually hiding behind that angry face. That’s why I chose him. She asks if their connection is right? They both write yes. She asks them to rate their connection. Akshara gives Pratik 10, he gives her a 6. Sima asks them why? Akshara says because he takes a strong stand and not a wrong stand. He has a good heart, he listens to me a lot. Pratik says I have written 6 because she has started talking since yesterday. She hesitates sometimes. Akshara says I try to have patience. I just don’t want to bicker for no reason. Sima asks Akshara to rank herself against other females in the house. Akshara says I am the best. She writes 10. Sima asks Pratik to rank Akshara against other females out of the house. He writes 2nd. He says Moose is my friend. I have a good connection with Akshara. Sima asks him to rank himself. He says 1st. He says Karan and Raqesh just talk when I am talking, they don’t even know the matter. Milind doesn’t get involved. Nishant is a good guy but I give my opinions clearly. Zeeshan is running behind Shamita and Divya only. Sima asks Akshara to rank Pratik against other males. She writes 2nd for him. Sima asks them to use an adjective for their connection. Pratik writes #AchiBachi (nice girl) for here. Akshara writes #PhatiTohPhatiLekinPowerNaGhati (even if there is a problem, power doesn’t go down). Sima says you both have a good connection. She tells Pratik that you are going in a right direction. They thank her leave. Pratik says I wish I could offer you something to eat.

Neha asks Divya who would she choose as a partner? She says Karan, Raqesh or Zeeshan. Neha says they might want us to fight for partners. Divya says I am not here to break connections, it’s not Splitsvilla. I am here to play an individiaul game. I don’t want to look negative by breaking a connection.

Shamita asks Urfi if she knows Pratik from before? Urfi says I was acting with Pavitra when she dating Pratik. She used to tell me that Pratik used to hit walls in their fights. Shamita says so you like all that? Urfi says I think what he is doing here is his game.

Pratik hugs Akshara. They repeat their hashtag.

6:45 PM
Sima tells them that you both are strong players but you both are not putting in an effort. Shamita says he is always sleeping. Sima says you both are caring. She asks Shamita how supportive is Raqesh? She says he is very supportive. Sima says we didn’t see Raqesh supporting you when you had an argument. Shamita says I want to face my problems, Pratik kept irritating me so I had to say something to him. Raqesh says I don’t enter her fights, I would jump in when she needs me. Sima says Raqesh was out of the task first and Shamita didn’t say anything to him. Shamita says it’s not his nature to push others. Sima asks if their connection is right? They both write yes. She asks them to rate each other. Raqesh writes 8 for Shamita and says it’s an infinity number. Shamita gives 6 to Raqesh, she says we are still getting to know each other. She asks how much they have contributed individually? Raqesh gives 6 to her, she gives 3 to him. She asks them to write a hashtag for their connection. Raqesh writes #real for her, Shamita says #balanced. Sima says what’s required in your connection? She says effort. He says communication. Sima says if you get a chance to make another connection then who would you choose? Shamita says I would Zeeshan as he understands me. Raqesh says I might choose Neha, Ridhima, or Neha. Sima says you both are strong but don’t give up.

7 PM
Sima talks to them. Sima asks if they knew each other? Neha says yes, we have done shows together. Milind says we are the same on the musical ground. Sima tells Neha that why did you choose a safe partner when you wanted to be out of your comfort zone? Neha says I really like Pratik but Milind is a real connection for me. Sima asks Neha if she is comfortable? Neha says I am crying daily here but I am here. Sima asks what can they do to make their connection stronger? Milind says do discuss with each other. Sima asks if their connection is right? They both write yes. She asks them to rate their connection. They both write 10. Sima asks what’s their individual contribution in their connection? They both write 10. Sima asks Neha to rank herself against other females. Milind says she is number 1 for me. Neha says I love myself and I approve of Milind. She asks them to use a hashtag for each other. Milind writes #positivityWins. Neha writes #God’sGift. Sima asks them to write what’s their connection? Milind writes #fearful. Neha writes #organic. Sima says you have a good bonding with each other.

Pratik tells Akshara that we will make our own food. Divya says some food is already left, you people made it so finish it first. Pratik says I don’t like her way of talking. Divya says I keep asking what you want to eat. Pratik says don’t become our mummy. Divya says I was talking to Akshara and not you. Pratik says you are not talking nicely to her. Divya laughs and says look who is talking about respect. Divya asks Akshara if she wants Pratik to answer on your behalf? If you didn’t have a problem with me then why is he saying anything to me? He is cheap. Pratik says you people talk about gluten-free oats and I am cheap? Divya says I don’t eat gluten-free. Pratik says but it’s your group. Divya says I am not talking to you, why are you interfering in my discussions? Ridhima says you people are boring us all. Pratik says it’s about respect and disrespect. Divya says look who is talking about respect. Pratik says I never disrespect or abuse people. I know how Pratik treats his girls, how much respect he gives them. I know how much you abuse in your real life. Pratik says what do you know? Divya says Urfi told us. Pratik says I will ask her. He goes to her and asks what did you say? She says nothing. Akshara tells Divya that when Pratik was making roti, he asked me to offer it to you. Divya says ask him to not do all this drama. He is crazy. Akshara says don’t talk to me like this. Divya says he keeps fighting with me. Pratik says you are not my mummy. divya says you are not a level for me to talk. Pratik says we are in the same house. Pratik tells Divya that your boyfriend said I would never beat him but he was 3rd, I was 2nd. Your ego will break you here like that too. Divya laughs.

Akshara tells Nishant that I tried to talk Divya nicely but she was so rude. Pratik tells Akshara that I talked on your behalf because we are close. Nishant says she has been misbehaving with you, just fight your own battle. Nishant says Shamita is very clever. Pratik says she is fooling Divya also.

Shamita tells Ridhima that Pratik is barking since morning because he wants attention.

Shamita comes to Divya and asks why do you keep taking to them? Divya says you don’t listen to me, I was trying to talk to you but you ignored me. Shamita says when? Divya says you were talking to Ridhima and ignored me. Ridhima comes there. Divya says Shamita doesn’t listen to me. Shamita says I am sorry, I didn’t mean it.

Bigg Boss says Sima talked to all the connections so she can leave. Sima greets and leaves.

8 PM
Divya tells Ridhima that if something wrong is happening then speak up. Ridhima says I do speak up. Divya says you people keep saying that I ignore Pratik but he keeps provoking me. She tells her that you don’t understand how torturous he is. Ridhima says I won’t even let him stand in front of me. Divya says they keep targeting me. I felt bad when you sat with Nishant. Ridhima says I was just listening to me. Divya says you and Shamita are close to me. I thought you were protecting Nishant. Ridhima says I just said he is playing a game. Divya says I am cool with Nishant, I have a love-hate relationship with him, he never comments on my personality so I don’t fight with him.

9:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they all have spent time with each other. He says there are 6 lollipops in the garden so you have to rank your own connection. The 1st number means strongest connecting, 6th means the weakest connection. He asks them all to go and rank. Pratik and Akshara run, they take 1st place. Nishant says let’s go one by one. Pratik says I am not moving from the 1st position. Zeeshan says you can’t decide alone. Pratik says I have an understanding with Akshara, we are sharing clothes too. Akshara says our bonding is actually strong, he listens to me all the time. Shamita says we are taking the 2nd position because we have a lot to know about each other but we have an understanding. Zeeshan says I and Urfi are in the 3rd position. he says Sima also said that we need to give time to each other more. Divya says to herself that they wouldn’t even know each other’s full names, these people are just playing a game. Zeeshan says Urfi and I have a strong connection. Urfi says we will be together for 6 weeks. Neha says Milind is a big part of the reason that I want to be here, we are both positive people. Milind says we share food, we talk, we adjust with each other.

Sima is in the confession room. Bigg Boss asks how did she like the inmates? She says they are all nice. Bigg Boss says you must know by now which connection is strong or weak. We want you to rank the connections from 1st to 6th, the first being the strongest. Sima’s ranking:
1st: Pratik-Akshara
2nd: Neha-Milind
3rd: Ridhima-Karan
4th: Shamita-Raqesh
5th: Nishant-Muskaan
6th: Zeeshan-Urfi

Bigg Boss says you think the weakes connection is Urfi and Zeeshan. He asks what did you see in Akshara-Pratik’s connection that it’s strongest? Sima says they are clean at heart, they are both strong people. Bigg Boss thanks her for coming. She thanks him and leaves.

10:15 PM
Pratik tells Raqesh that it’s not about majority voting. I am not moving from the first position. Shamita says he won’t listen. Zeeshan tells Karan that Urfi has different friends but we have a strong connection.
Pratik tells Akshara that you handle people patiently. I will answer them back.
Shamita tells Raqesh that I feel Akshara is scared of Pratik, they can never be number 1.
Urfi tells Zeeshan that I will shift on your bed, I will handle my breakup outside but we have to be together here. Zeeshan laughs.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they 5 minutes to complete the task.

Divya tells Zeeshan and Urfi that I am giving both an idea because Zeeshan is my friend. She says you both know each other from before, these people don’t even know each other’s full names.

Nishant says Pratik that Neha-Milind have a good relationship but it doesn’t matter what your connection was outside the house.

Zeeshan tells Ridhima that you were not even there in the task for Karan. Urfi was cheering for me all the time. Ridhima says I don’t believe in pampering him between the task. Zeeshan says why not? Ridhima says I a going to defend myself, if Karan needed anything then I would give it to him. I can’t become his mummy. I am his connection, not his mother.
Neha asks Pratik if he is connected with Akshara? Pratik says I know they have given you a lecture. Neha says I am not a baby. Divya was telling me something else. She says I am not that insecure to run to the 1st position. Pratik says you are saying I am not secure? Neha says don’t accuse me. Neha says Pratik said he had more connection with Moose.

Bigg Boss asks everyone to take their ranking. Nobody takes 4th, 5th, or 6th position. Bigg Boss says you all couldn’t do a decision but Sima has given a decision. He says as per Sima, the number 1 connection of the house is Akshara-Pratik. They scream and hug each other. Bigg Boss says Akshara and Pratik become the first bossman and boss-lady of the house. They will handle the house from now on, they will decide about the duties, they will make sure that all follow the rules. Pratik and Akshara thank Bigg Boss. Akshara thanks her fans and Bigg Boss.

Divya tells Moose and Nishant that you have given too much attention to Pratik. Maybe you all are scared of Pratik. Nishant says it’s not that. Divya says he is pressurizing others but you all are supporting him.

Ridhima asks Pratik to give duties to everyone. She tells Pratik that you discuss with Akshara but you don’t announce the duties, let Akshara talk to everyone. Pratik says I agree.

Urfi says I agree that Pratik pokes Zeeshan, Divya tells Urfi then why do you allow it? Urfi says I just enjoy it. Divya says you all have made him a lion.

Pratik looks in the camera and says it means I am doing something right. I have shaken this house, my mom’s blessings are with me.

10:30 PM
Pratik tells inmates that 2 connections will handle the kitchen. He says Urfi-Zeeshan, Moose-Nishant will handle the kitchen. Just manage between you all 4. Pratik says Karan-Ridhima will wash the dishes, they won’t wash personal dishes. Pratik says Raqesh-Shamita will clean the living room one day and the bedroom one day. Divya can help them. Milind-Neha can clean the garden. They all agree with duties.

10:45 PM
Divya tells Raqesh that Pratik keeps staring at me whole day and my own friends tell me to calm down. I was on the stage with Karan Johar for the first time and he insulted me. I got nominated on the stage only. How would I prepare myself?

Pratik tells the inmates that Divya is not ready to do any duty. He comes to Divya that she has to help her friends in cleaning. Divya says I won’t do it, I was not part of the task so I won’t do any task. Pratik says it’s your friends so it’s up to you.

12 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for their report card. The audience was happy with their performance today. All clap. Bigg Boss says, as a result, the girls will get all their luggage. All girls cheer hearing that.

The girls come to the store room to get their luggage.

1:15 AM
Ridhima asks Karan to leave the cups as is in the basin. Pratik says everyone will wash their own dishes. They just had tea. Ridhima says he has already washed 3 cups, 4 cups are already in the basin. She tells Pratik that we have to stop washing their cups as then they will start washing them on their own. This Karan is a Bhole Nath so he will keep washing them. Pratik says I won’t let him do unnecessary work.

1:30 AM
Divya tells Neha that I got angry because I felt my friends are suppressing my personality. They keep telling me to ignore Pratik, I have never ignored a person who passed personal comments on me. He drags my boyfriend and my friends still asked me to ignore him. His eyes make me uncomfortable as he keeps eyeing me the whole day. He doesn’t make me uncomfortable in a s*xual way. Neha says he is egging you on? Nishant says it’s part of his game. Divya says why should I ignore him then? Neha says we are talking about Pratik only since the start, we have to ignore him and we need to stop discussing him, just change the game.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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