BIGG BOSS DOSTI KA KHEL (Bigg boss 10) Episode 3

hi guyzzzzzzzzz here is 3rd episode of bigg boss dosti ka khel
At 8:00 am Day 1
all housemates wakes up with the song ABCD from yaariaan movie. everyone dances on wake up song

At 10:am Day 1
bb announces the rules of bb house
bb – we all know that bb dosti ka khel is different from bigg boss show , so its rules will be different.
here is a 10 niyam of bb dosti ka khel
1 . all housemates have to use only Hindi language
2 no housemate can sleep , when bb house’s lights are on
3 All housemates have to make everyday entertaining with entertainment
4 all housemates have to fight with each other atleast once in a day
5 bb will show more fight , if u want to be popular u have to involve in maximum fights
6 all housematea have to behave with the respect to bb (unlike aaliya bhatt)
7 In every season two girls’s cat fight is must .
8. You can’t demand new branded clothes from bigg boss bcz we have low budget we can’t afford it ??
9 Timing of supply of water
* morning – 8:00 am to 10:00 am
*evening – 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm
10. there will Aliya ka vaar after every two days

all housemates have to follow all the rules of bb
sonia – what ? water ki supply sirf 4 hours k liye hogi
shriya – how can we live with water for 20 hours in a day
Ditya – bartno m bhar kar rakhna padega pani
At 7:00 pm day 1
kp – array aaj ki fight kon karega
Gg – ya kon karega fight
preeti – ok aaj m aur aakshi fight karte hai
Simran – what is the topic of fight
Ft – they both are queen’s of poem so topic will be poems
Aakashi- ok done
( preeti and aakashi start fighting….)
preeti – mera naam hai preeti
krdungi gull tumari sitti pitti
Aakashi – i am the best aakashi ye
janti hai
nahi tik paugi tum aakaashi ye manti hai
Preeti – tum manogi jo nhi hoga har baar
jitungi ye fight m hi abki baar
( st was not there wo unko ladte dekh kar aate hai )
st- why are u fighting ?
Ft – bigg boss ka rule hai k ek baar ladai zrur karni din m
st – oh ! sorry sorry plz continue ur fighting…..
Aakshi – hoga wahi jo m manungi
aakshi ye janti hai
manogi tum bhi ye
aakshi ye manti hai
kp – we all know, u both are best
In this fight , nothing is left
u both are the best, kp ye janta hai
ab aapko kar lena chahiye patch up kp ye manta hai
simran – preeti and aakashi ka pach up ho gya
sonia- yayyyy
shriya- yippieeeee
ditya – well done kp
kp – thank u

At 10:00 pm day 1
bb house ‘s lights are off and all housemates are sleeping

precap – bb introduces new luxury budget task “bb sare ga ma pa”
( sory guyz itna acha nhi likh pai bcz of study. guys maine galti se pichle epi m likh diya tha k 9 contestants hai instead of 10 contestants )

  1. Yeah very gd epi really really funny am asking to my conscious could i also write this? And my conscious said no never bahut maza aaya mujhe toh padh ke meri aankhon k saamne saara nazara ghum gaya sirf epi padhne se and am still laughing after read the fight between aakashi and preeti yaar thoda baal, waal(hair, wair) pakad k ladna chahiya tha aapas mein hahahaha aur preeti ghuma do aakashi ko apne shabdon (words of poem) se hahaha

    1. Simran99

      thank u kp . it means a lot for me that meri wajah se aap sabhka thode tym k liye entertainment ho jata hai

  2. Simran99

    corrections :-
    *shreya – how can we live without water for 20 hours
    *simran- preeti or aakashi ka patch up ho gya yayyyyyy

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    ???? haha I loved it a lot keep it up the rules though Areh Hamara liye sirf 4 hrs ka pani ka supply ?? not fair ?and haha at least one fight is must if u wanna be popular do fight ??? and preeti and Akashi ka fight awesome tha ??? and haha all must respect bigg boss unlike aliya ???? bigg boss ko aliya se itna problem kyun hain ???

    1. Simran99

      i think bb likes Aliya . Aliya bb ko bhav hi nhi deti that’s why he is jealous .

  4. Prettypreeti

    Lovely epi…my fight was superbbtoo good rules
    Waiting for nxt part
    Love u

  5. Good epi..lkd it…

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