BIGG BOSS DOSTI KA KHEL (bigg boss 10) Episode 2

hi guyzzzzzzz here is a next episode

Aliya comes on stage and perform on Saturday Saturday .
Aliya welcomes everyone in bb dosti ka khal
Aliya – Next contestant ia shriya
(shriya comes on stage with selfie stick and takes some selfie with aliya)
Aliya- hi shriya .u should forgot about selfie bcz mobile os not allowed in bb
Shriya – ya i know ??
Aliya – so u know what u have to do all ur work by urself in bb like washing, cooking etc . aap kya kya bna leti hai .
Shriya – m selfie lete time different different faces bna leti hun
Aliya – oh! very nice . now its time to enter in bb
(Shriya enters in bb house )
Aliya – new contestant is Ditya
Ditya – hii
Aliya – i just love ur fress. its very pretty
(bb interrupt between them and says..)
bb- Aliya u should focuss on ur hosting
Aliya – bigg boss ye kya hai .aap kyu bar bar aa kar dimag ka dahi kar rhe ho .
bb- bb thinks itni insult toh kabhi sallu bhai ne nahi ki . Aliya bigg boss chahte hai aap bigg boas k sath tehzeeb se baat kre
Aliya -shut up
Bb – thats like a good girl . ab bigg boss chalte hai
Aliya so ditya its time to enter in bb house

(Ditya enters in bb house )
Aliya – next contestant is Fatarajo
Ft- hii
Aliya – what is ur mind
Ft – i am in tension
Aliya- why ?
Ft – bcz i have a jio sim . now i have to stay in bb house . jab tak m bb house m rhuga kahi free data service ki validity ne ghatam ho jae Aliya – oh its a very serious problem hahahah. so its time to ener in bb house
(he enters in bb )
Aliya – Next contestant is st
st – hii
Aliya – what is the full form of st
st – full form of st ……
Aliya -tell me..
st – i dont remember it . let me think
Aliya – tell me fast…. . i am very curious to know
st- hmmmmmmm

Aliya – chlo chhodo . what’s in ur mind
st – usally i have 2% names of others 5% Mobile no 93% lyrics of songs
Aliya -oh! so its time to enter in bb
(st enteraw in bb house)
Aliya – next contestants is Soniya
Soniya – hii
Aliya – Have u ever seen any other seaaon of bb
Sn-ya i am bb fan
Aliya – what u hats the most or u dont want to see in ur season
sn – swami om and his lotta
Aliya – hahaha ryt .so tell something about u
sn – m hun ek sidhi sadi ladki
halat tight kar dungi sabki
bb k ghar m jaungi
sabki band bjaungi
Aliya – nice
so its time enter in bb
(sonia enters in bb house)
Aliya – so we have 9 Contestants in bb dosti ka khal . aage kya hota hai ye dekhne k liye zrur wapas aana

  1. Hehehe simran very funny wow what a epi st hehe forgot your name and bb ki bhut insult ho gayi aaj toh hehe and wow simran good poem on sonia mai toh kahungi ye poem ki do line itni achi hai k mujhe toh bhut maja aaya kya taj demag hai aapka and kp and preeti tumse achi poem hai na

    1. Simran99

      thank u so much good girl for ur appreciation . actually ye poem likhne m kp ne meri help ki thi

    2. Gd girl you are right simran’s poem is better than me(king of poem) and preeti(queen of poem) hahaha and i didnt help simran at all she herself have a v sharp mind and she is a v telented girl am waiting for next epi with excitement

    3. Hey kp what are you saying yaar hhahaha tu kab se king of poem ho gaya kyuki jaha tak mai jaanti hun tujhe toh poem ka ‘p’ nahi aata hahahha

  2. Simran99

    *correction – Aliya – i just love ur dress .it’s very pretty

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Haha Aliya and bigg boss conversation ????

    1. Simran99

      am happy that u like it

  4. Prettypreeti

    Just lovely too good u just rocked the epi…..wohooo
    Yess sona di it was good than my poems…..
    Lovely epi..
    Now post soon..
    Im curious….bb ki insult aur padhni hai…
    Love u

    1. Simran99

      ya preeri i will post next epi soon

    2. Hey preeti how are you friend? I read your poem some time but couldnt comment bcz of time and kp once said you are best friend of him at this site(tu) what a imparious girl you are

  5. Excellent episod i enjoyed to read this wow lovely the conversation between bb and ab oh superb and very funny just shut up hahaha and in the last wonderful epi

    1. Simran99

      thank us so much

  6. Really excellent episode.
    Simran apke dimaag me itne acchhe thoughts kaha se ate h.
    Ft and aliya conversation about jio sim is too gud.
    Superb and keep writing and post the next episode soon.

    1. Simran99

      hiii sonia . ye sare thought aap sab doston ki duao k wajah se aate hai. thanx for the appreciation

  7. Hey simran how do you do? Actually am new here and i like bb from 5th season and dear am also big and die hard fan of rohan and you nailed it just awesome writing style loved your ff mam actually am classmate of kp (prateek kumar) very intelligent boy in the class (topper)

    1. Simran99

      thanx ditya am happy that u like it

  8. Prettypreeti

    Oh kp bhai frnd diya di..di now tell very secret of bhai ….bhai ab khulenge secrets..

    1. Hey preeti ok i will reavel his secret and first is he like you very much and second anyone can easily attract to him bcz he is very smart and handsom boy hahhha and he is very sure in his promise if he says yes than whatever he has to do but he will complete his promise and very intelligent boy (topper) and almost students of college likes him and knows him bcz of behaviour very sweet and equal to every friend

  9. Omg?did I frgt my name….. Haha v fny……
    Wtng to next epi…..

  10. Simran99

    i have already posted next epi til 2:45 but it is not published yet.

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