Bigg Boss 14 announces a NEW TWIST coming up Soon!!

The season 14 of Bigg Boss is become more and more entertaining with every passing day. The show has grabbed many eyeballs and is constantly on the rise. It is like a roller coater of emotions with love, laughter and hatred going hand in hand. Like every other year, friendships and equations inside the house have been changing with each passing day, especially with every new twist that comes up. We are seeing new sides of people and their masks are coming off with time.

And now with the latest promo, it seems like something big is on its way. As promised by Bigg Boss, the scene is again going to shift this time.

The promo features some of the contestants of the show making statements that indicate a change that would take place.

The teaser starts with Bigg Boss saying “Waqt ke sath chalne ke liye, waqt ke saath badalna padta h. Ab waqt hai ek naye safar ke akaas ka, kyuki abhi nahi to kabhi nahi.” And then comes Rahul vaidya who states, “bharosa karne ka shauk tha, par ab nahi.” Next is Jasmin Bhasin who says, “Mujhe sab kamzor samajhte the, par ab nahi.” Then comes Rubina Dilaik and says, “socha tha acchayi sabse badi shakti hai, par ab nahi.” And later Nikki Tamboli, Eijaz Khan and Aly Goni also make such statements.


The promo has been captioned as, “Palatne wala hai #BB14 ka scene phir ek baar! Kyunki abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi!” on Instagram.

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