Bigg Boss 9 6th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 6th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage and dances on song Bodyguard. He welcomes everyone in Bigg boss double trouble. Salman says there is so much going in house, seems like they will need bodyguard soon, lets see.

Clip plays, Rochelle speaks in english, Priya stops her. Rochelle says to Priya that its because of teachers like you that i cant speak hindi.
Priya tells this to Keith that Rochelle is calling me teacher to hide her incapabilities, Keith says you should understand that she never break rules but you are behind her, Priya says i am not anyone’s teacher, i am just trying to make everyone follow rules, Keith says you should understand she has spoken in english whole life so its difficult for her to speak in hindi, you should be lenient. Priya comes to Rochelle and

says you are incapable and hiding it by putting blame on me, calling me teacher, i am teacher in real life and i am telling you as that you are incapable, i will speak to you in english, dont you ever blame me for your incapabilities Rochelle devi, she leaves.
Priya cries, Rishab ask her to not cry, Priya says how can you blame a doctor for your weak eyesight? Rochelle is doing that with me, she thinks she is Rochelle devi.
Rochelle says to keith that she is behind me for no reason.
Priya is crying, Digi says to Priya that Rochelle just want everything to work per her will, Mandana says Rochelle did wrong with me in task too but you are captain and you should not say to others that they are incapable, Digi says the problem in this house is that if you ignore things then you are considered as weak, you should not ignore, Rochelle comes there and says i was talking to her calmly but she started fight, Digi and Mandana you dont need to speak ill or b*t*h about me on my back, she says to Mandana that i will not support you in this anymore, Mandana says i am trying to talk to you from past two days, Rochelle says dont talk to me now, she leaves.

Salman says lets welcome guest of today, Ranveer Singh.
Ranveer comes on stage and dances on song of Bajirao Mastani.
Salman welcomes him on stage and makes fun of his long round mustache, he says your round mustache is looking like round glasses on your face, everyone laugh. Ranveer says i want to become your younger brother, Salman says i have 2younger brothers and they are not much younger too, all laugh, Salman ask Ranveer if his mustache tickles his face? Ranveer says sometimes, Salman ask how he maintains those long mustache? Ranveer says i give them 2hours in morning, Salman jokes that you are that much free? Ranveer laugh. Salman says first i was doing Bajirao Mastani but Ranveer snatched it from me, if i were doing it then i would be promoting it today here, next week Shahrukh Khan is coming, he would be promoting Dilwale and i would have been promoting Bajirao but Ranveer snatched it. Salman and Ranveer does Malhari dance.
Salman ask heroine of Bajirao, Ranveer says its Deepika and Priyanka and they have done great job, Salman ask about deepika’s dance in song, Ranveer says she did great work but if it was you and me then it would have been a great dance, they both dance on Deepika’s song.
Ranveer says to Salman that your movie Hum Dil dechuke Sanam is my favorite, Salman jokes that we are getting work on basis of that till now. Ranveer sings song Tadap Tadap ke from that movie.
Salman ask about dialogues of Bajirao mastani, Ranveer says i know you know Marathi so i will mouth dialogues in hindi of movie then you speak in Marathi, he mouths it then Salman mouths it in Marathis.
Salman ask Ranveer who is his favorite in house? Ranveer says Prince is cool and Rochelle is sweet, everyone keep irritating her, Keith is calm person too while all other fights too much.

Call is connected to house, everyone get excited to see Ranveer, they say your mustache is nice, Ranveer says like Suyyash, Salman says Rishab must be thinking he removed his mustache and it was more nicer than Ranveer, Rishab says i will grow it again. Ranveer says whole country is watching you all, you all are doing great job.
Salman ask Suyyash to bring sword of Bajirao from store room, he brings. Ranveer says i will say dialogues of Bajirao and guys to speak it while holding sword. Keith comes first and mouths Ranveer’s dialogues, and moves sword in air, all clap for him. Then Prince comes and ask if he can mouth dialogues in Punjabi, Ranveer says why not, Prince says it in Punjabi. Then Suyyash comes, Ranveer says he romantic guy so i will ask him to mouth romantic dialogues of Bajirao Mastani, he ask Kishwar to come forward too, Kishwar comes, Suyyash says now i should put sword down, Ranveer says romantic dialogues, Suyyash speaks it for Kishwar looking in her eyes. Ranveer calls Rishab now, he mouths Ranveer’s dialogues, Ranveer ask Rishab if he has loved someone? Rishab says yes, Salman jokes that his love changes every week, all laugh, Rishab says one should love person who love you back. Salman says now Kanwal should come forward, he is Bajirao and Mastani both, all laugh.
Ranveer says now girls of house will have fight to become Mastani. He says two girls will push each other in opposite direction and the one who is able to push other out of line will become winner. First Rochelle and Priya comes, Priya pushes rochelle to line but Rochelle moves back and Priya crosses line, Priya is out and Rochelle become winner of that round, then Rochelle and Mandana push each other towards eliminating line, Mandana is pushed out of line, she is out, Rochelle is winner, then Rochelle and Kishwar push each other, Kishwar tickles Rochelle and Rochelle crosses line laughing at tickling, Rochelle is out, Kishwar wins the last round. Ranveer says so Kishwar is Mastani of house and Suyyash said romantic dialogues from heart and has mustache like Bajirao so he is Bajirao of house, suyyash thanks him.
Ranveer says to inmates that i will say few lines and inmates have to guess for which inmates these lines fit. Ranveer says first line is “me and my two precious friends”. all say its Kishwar and Suyyas-Prince, all laugh. Ranveeer says 2nd line is “you will see new me”, all say this is Prince. Ranveer says this dialogue is “I am lover’s servant”, suyyash raises his hand, Ranveer ask if its Keith or Suyyash? Salman says Suyyash doesnt want to leave that position, all laugh. Ranveer says next line is “the one who wants to enter every argument”, all say its Rochelle, Rochelle laughs. Ranveer greets inmates, Salman says i will be back, he ends call.
Salman says Bajirao Mastani is releasing on 18th december, do watch it, he greets Ranveer. Ranveer leaves.

Salman says inmates think that they know everything but they dont know what game we are playing with them. SUYYASH and DIGANGANA are nominated but voting lines were closed as for first time one of them will be eliminated by votes of inmates only but inmates dont know that.
Salman connects call to house, Salman says everyone is looking nice specially Suyyash and Digi. Salman says one of you two will be eliminated. Salman ask who is more tensed Digi or Kishwar? all laugh, Kishwar says i am feeling tensed, Salman says if Suyyash leaves today then Kishwar in house will be flying like free bird, Suyyash says she will become cow with long horns, all laugh. Salman ask Rishab if he got manager in house? Rishab laugh, Salman says Mandana has manager Rochelle, Rishab says Rochelle has resigned from it. Salman ask who is Keith’s manager? Keith says no one, Rochelle he needs psychiatrist, first he was my manager now i am his manager, Salman says he is your boyfriend so need psychiatrist, with next one he will be experienced, Rochelle says there will be no next one(next girlfriend) for him.
salman jokes to Kanwal that did he reach to finale with that card? Kanwal says i thought before Rochelle takes it, i should grab it. Salman says you took 52 rounds in pool, were you thinking it was lap dance? all laugh. Salman says we gave you money money task, lets see what you did.
Clip plays, Salman says to inmates that i am giving you task to increase prize money, read task nicely and understand instructions. Next how every inmate left the task was shown, like Rishab leaving rope while peeing, Keith and Suyyash leaving because of bee etc.
After clip, Salman says Priya was great as moderator. Salman ask Keith what happened with him? Keith says bee was irritating me so i left rope by mistake, Salman jokes that it was nice performance, you acted very well to make it look like you were shooing bee but it was done to leave task smartly, good acting with bee, everyone laughs, Salman says to suyyash what happened with him? Suyyash says bee was irritating me so i jerked it off but left rope, Salman makes fun of it too. Salman says you all miscalculated that whose bag can have which amount, Mandana’s bag had x2, Mandana says after task they all jumped at me that i am responsible for losing task, its my capability if i can to task or not. Kishwar says when we shoot, we do night shifts too, if Mandana was not able to task then she could have sat in garden and could have talked to inmates who were doing task so we didnt feel sleepy, but she chose to sleep in bedroom, Salman ask if it was Mandana’s fault only? Rochelle says no but she acts like she is victim and we are blaming her only, Digi says problem is that only 3 4 inmates do every task till end so they are frustrated that other inmates are not taking responsibility, Salman jokes to digi that you are ill, so keep resting, she gets silent, Salman says to Mandana that every inmate blamed you, if you had done task and stood there for 24hours then what would you have got? Mandana says nothing, all left task then x2 wouldnt be of any use, everytime i am blamed as this is their excuse, Priya says after everyone gave up, Mandan questioned inmates that how can they give up? inmates felt bad about that, she was the one to give up first then she is questioning others who tried for many hours, when your own house is of glass then you shouldnt throw stones at other house, Salman jokes that if glass is bullet proof then you can throw stones at others, all laugh. Salman ask Rochelle why she fought with Priya in task? Rochelle says i misunderstood Priya so i said sorry later to her, Salman says then why did you fight with Priya and said slang to Keith too? all laugh, Salman ask Keith if Rochelle said slang to him before too? he says not this was first time, Salman says congrats then, all laugh, Salman says Rochelle you have done it for first time now do whatever you want to do man, all laugh. Salman ask Mandana whats better for her to do task or not do it? Mandana says i dont know, they have problem with me in everything, if i do task then problem, if i dont do task then its a problem, if i cry then its a problem. Salman says Kishwar know you better than you, all laugh. Mandana says they dont know my real self, Kishwar says first it was me who understood Mandana well but now whole house understand her very well, Rochelle agrees with Kishwar, Salman jokes that Rochelle have again changed sides, Rochelle says Mandana is like scorpio who will bite the one who is on her side, its her plan to become victim, i and Keith told her that we are with you but she insisted that she is alone, she wants to act like victim, Mandana says Rochelle and Keith give me lecture on everything that i should behave nicely with everyone and all, i appreciate that but from last two three days, Rochelle is picking fights with everyone on silly issues, she behaves so badly with Priya, say nasty words what about that? as a friend i wanted to explain her but she said that my fans know what i am doing and i dont want your suggestions, then she resigned from manager’s position, Rochelle says when i was upset, i wasnt listening to my boyfriend then how can i listen to her? Salman ask Rochelle to let Mandana speak, Mandana says she was beahving badly with Priya so i wanted to speak to her, Rochelle says i wasnt behaving bad with Priya, Mandana thinks that i am back biting her, Salman says we understood it now you tell Mandana this in her language, all laugh. Salman ask who is frog and scorpio of house? Rochelle says Mandana was frog but now scorpip, Salman ask Rishab whats problem with Mandana? Rishab says she is friend with you and then suddenly she snap at you and she started abusing me, Mandana says everyone say slangs to me, Kishwar says dont act like victim, you say most slangs, Rishab says Mandana is ungrateful, Priya says she doesnt acknowledge when someone does good with you and when someone tries to show her mirror then she starts acting like victim and make it such a big issue, Keith says she says we give her lectures right? we will not give her lectures now, there is one word for her that is introspection, Prince says everyone has big ego here, Salman says Mandana did anger task very well and inmates appreciated it too, you should understand what they are trying to tell you.

Call is connected to snapdeal customer, Rani jha talks to Salman and says you are love of my life. She ask Keith that when you were in house Rochelle was in your shadow, you used to decide things then Rochelle use to follow it but now when you have entered house again then whole situation has gone to reverse, its Rochelle now who decides everything and you follow her, you are now acting like suyyash, Rochelle and Kishwar are surprised at this and laughs, Keith says nothing like that, Rochelle have grown in show, her stance is solid now, i have comeback after 3weeks so balance is not same but i will be maintained, if she is strong then i love her personality, customer says but we want you to play individually, your fans are there too, Keith says i take stand for what i feel is wrong even if Rochelle doesnt agree to it, customer says thats what we want. Customer ask Salman to send her autograph, Salman says i will send it with Keith’s autograph, she thanks him and ends call, Keith sings mug for her, Salman says to inmates that we will tell you who is eliminated tomorrow. He ends call and signs off from show.

PRECAP- Two new wild card entries will come in house. First wild card is Nora Fatehi, she comes on stage, Salman ask her strategy? she says maybe i will be able to give love to Rishab and Prince, Salman is surprised listening this. second wild card entry is Giselle Thakral, she comes on stage, Salman ask her strategy, she says the entertainment quotient is low in house , inmates seem bored so i will be their entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Later Keith and suyyash will be tested like Prince and Rishab, their lust and desires will be tested, A girl in short clothes does pole dance infront Keith and Suyyash while their heart rate is noted, inmates are watching it on Tv, Kish seems cool seeing it while Rochelle seems tensed seeing that. Later Prince sit on truth chair, Salman ask Prince if he thinks Suyyash cant survive in house for much time? Prince says yes, green light blinks means he is not lying. Keith sit on truth chair, Salman ask if he thinks Rochelle has become arrogant/haughty? Keith yes, green light blinks, Rochelle is surprised with this answer. Later Salman tells inmates that for first time in bigg boss inmate will not be eliminated by public voting but by inmates voting, all are shocked. later inmates vote for Digi and suyyash.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice weekend …..lot of masti ….n enjoyment….. awesome eviction twist ……

    EXPECTING…..digi to b out …….as she’s not even entertaining…..

  2. Rochelle has become arrogant now.I really wanted her to win but it seems arrigance is drowning her down.She need to think abt it.In this bigg boss no one is that strong.All are fake and confused and no strong personality.I hate kishwer but now I think that she is same as she was on day 1.atleast she is not confused abt her personality

    1. Rochelle is also one of my favourite contestants in bb9. But I don’t like her arrogance which sometimes makes me confused whether to vote for her or not.

  3. I hope that atleast now people start getting mandy’s pov, as this is for the first time that i have seen her explaining her side properly(her weak hindi causes lots of misunderstanding). Also, roch got influenced by prince i think as i saw her thinking that mandy was back-stabbing her when all i heard was mandy telling priya that what she was doing, wasn’t looking good as a captain. on a side note, I felt bad for digi, poor girl couldn’t stir up a controversy with roch even when she was caught red-handed **tching about roch(so much for once saying that i don’t like to influence other people’s way of thinking :P). I think she will always remain like a shadow and never be in the limelight…
    Prince finally playing mind games and using brains looks good. He can really stir the balance of the house in any direction he wants as of now. Also, hats off Priya, that morning spat with roch just proves that how even a non-topic can be made into such a big issue(enough to dry your eyes out), that gave me the laugh of the episode. you are truly a nautanki and hence will be always hated by me.
    Lastly, did anyone else felt that Salman might have stirred up controversy with his kanwaljit comment’s today, they seemed quite s*xist and offensive. Not that i hated it or mind it, but it might have hurt sentiments of that community.

    1. I agreee with you on the part were kanwalji is concerned… I felt it tooo… Salman was being a lil rude when he Called up kanwalji for mastani fyt…
      But Kanwalji laughed nd took it as a sport..

  4. Surprised to see ki abhi tak koi comment nahi aaya,well let’s talk about today’s episode. Ranveer singh thanks for adding some masala in show. Well manadana is too irritating and fake ,usually in this episode also she was trying to make herself target. And how I can forget another drama queen Rochelle onces again she has changed her side. But this time she is in right side. I start liking kish as she is very mature and good player.

  5. Boring..

  6. prince you are the always best.✌

  7. I think,,dis writter likes rishab,,,she mentions each nd evry point abt him!!!where as abt prince she xplains in 1word!!i dint lik it

  8. i love mandanaaaaa….i luv wateva shiz doing…go girl…

    1. same here

  9. Aww love sukish . got beautiful sukish moment today . hope this jodi remains forever and they go till end in show together

  10. Sabirashaheer

    I love this episode. Ranveer ur so handsome.rochelle khud ko kya samjhtha hai yeh hamain nahi maloom.prince ur right baby.suyyash is a good and sweet guy but woh ithna aage nahi jaayegi.i think kish show jeethegaa.

  11. Digi is eliminated it is confirmed and salman was not happy with this he said suyash should be out of the house

    I felt that he is again doing partiality when roopal went he said that he is shocked but that tym yuvika also was there who not playing well at least not than roopal that tym also he should say that yuvika should be out of house I really don’t like this of salman idiot hai like seriously I hate him even more now there was a tym when he was my first favorite hero but he is showing his true colors I hate him I m feeling like I was mad

    I m disappointed because he knew if he will say something like that about suyash then many will not support him but he is doing this like for jaanbuj ke ?

    Digi is less shown yaa can understand her health is not well but then also she is not good than suyash n d most worst is rishab who is not doing anything idiot hai sallu ki tarah I really hate salman now m very disappointed ?

  12. Because of priyas splendid captainship it seems even salman ignored her mistake of giving wrong judgement in anger wala task plus cut tting mandys dress badly. Instead he appreciated mandy for doing task well. Today i think rochs pressed wrong button of priya by saying that app jaise teachers ki vajah se and so on. For priya it is definitely an insult to her position but for viewers priyas reaction will be definetly a drama or nautanki. I felt she genuinely felt hurt but her biggest weakpoint is she doesnt know how to stop the fight and goes on and on like phataka. Please learn from kish how to fight. Itwill be like one big bomb blast. Doesnt last too long. Not that much irritating and no cryi ng. Please priya please learn soon. Even ranveersingh is praising rochs saying she is sweet and everybody is irritating her it seems. May be he is p ointing at u. Please dont fight that much priya because ur not a stupid that even salman knows.

  13. Prince bajirao of bb9 ?

  14. The funniest moment in rochs and priyas seriuos fight was priyas getting upon the sofa unknowingly standing upon it and fighting. Omg i burst into laughter. She forgets herself while fighti ng. Anyways i like priya and kish. I know priya will get negative comments. Only those who like her can bear her like keith is bearing rochs. Lash at me also even if u want.

    1. I agree…Kish and Priya r d best among the lot now!

  15. I dnt knw why salman avoid to talk with prince….common sir saara episodebme aaj sirf rochelle aur rochelle devi se hi baat ki aapne….

  16. borrrringg

  17. I like kish right from the beginning…she is what she is. Being original is one of the first thing which such shows demand. Suyyash is sweet but he won’t survive in the game for long. Prince as a player is good too. Rest others seem fake. Esp Roch n Mandy are making it far more irritating. Digi is showpiece… Not fit for show. Keep calm n support kish?

  18. Laugh out loud rochelle and her ” fans ” … Her saying that was epic fail!

  19. mujhe comments dekh kar kabhi bohut irritate hoti hu…sorry but those who have selected their winner for bb9 ,,woh dekhte he ki salman unke side le or na liya jaye toh salman partial he,baise he….salman ne kab kaha suyyash ko evict hona tha …. kuch v bolte ho,,,,,

  20. mujhe hasi aati he kuch v nonsense baatein karte ho….hahahahaha….. bb is base on weekly performance okey

    1. Yah ok..
      Bt when in every week mandy z so so irritating y salman z supporting her?
      I dont hav ne fav in d house as i watch it fr entrtainment nt to support ne1.
      Bt frm week 1 sallu z supporting mandana who z so much arrogant.
      In money task no 1 blamed mandy, dey were just talking abt if no 1 ll support dem den how dey ll stay dere fr so many hrs.. bt mandy started bhving lyk victim..

      1. Very true….Salman Khan is very biased….a person who can support Sooraj Pancholi saying that he will take my place – Mandana is still better than him…what to expect!

  21. Digi is out
    suyyash is safe

  22. Mandana come on Rochelle always supported you from begning and now when she needs you you are back bitting her dats not fair and priya just stop over reacting cz u r being unfair wid prince mandans and Rochelle
    Seriouly u all need to get serious on doing the task fully

  23. isl lv u mandana

  24. hey!! Is here any Keith fan i mean he is so calm person and he can handle anything so easily.He has an ability to win the from my point of view.What about you guys??

  25. Hii I think the epi was boring Rochelle does not deserve to b at bb home so she should b eliminated n diz week suyyash should b eliminated

  26. Salman sir iss baar kisi ki b tharafdhaari nahi ki.. Jo starting me roch priya ki ladai hui– har baar roch ne priya ko kuch b kaha tho wo apni nautanki shuru kar deti hai.. First roch ne priya ko kaha wo washroom se kanwal ki wet dress nahi utayegi usme roch ne kya galat kaha?? Aur har baar ki tarah kish ( b*t*h) har conversation me tapak padti hai especially jab b roch aur mandana ki baat ho… Mandana aur roch hindi blkl b cnfrt nhi h isliye unko sb bt k lye galat samjthe h.. As a captain priya ne roch se 2 baar english me baat ki first usne apne apko punishment kiya. But sirf mandy aur roch ko hi kyu kaha mirch khaane ko?? Especially priya aur kish target karte h roch n mandy ko.. Roch ne mandy ki dosti chodo dhi acha hua.. Mandy ko khud smbalne dho.. And digi har ladai me jab b roch ki kisi se b ladai ho tab roch k lye 2line negative me bolti jarur h.. Sab sahi kehte h kish muh me bolti h pr usko camera footage jb b kisi k bich ladai ho tho kish wahan jarur bolegi. Nahi tho wo kud topic banayega mandy se bahas krne k liye. Love u Keith n roch.. Do what ever u wnt much we r wid u

    1. I agree with u bco’z u r always right

      1. Thanks rishabh

  27. I have heard a lot of negative comments on bb9 being boring. This is the first season of bb I have been following every episode , I do agree that last season was better, even though I watched some episodes. But if this is the case then why are the makers bringing in too many wild card entries , all the wild card entries looks like they will entertain but once they are in the house, they are totally different.

  28. boring,Rochelle bewaja larayi karti hain,woh kabhi winner nahi ban sakti,bahat hi arrogant hain,bahat hi iritating hain

    1. Irritating aur arrogant tho kish b h fir tho usko b bolna chahiye..

  29. rochelle ,mandy bahat drambaz hain,kish kojo khena hota woh samne se bolti hai,priya iz good,prince best hain,rishab joker hain,digi boring hain,suyash gf ka gulam hain,kish,aman ke jaisa hain cool,kanwal ji boring.aab interzaar wild card ka hain

  30. i like priya.she has done a wonderful job as a sanchalak & captain.sad for diggi.she is cute.roch is thinking she is the strongest player,she is becoming irritating start i didnt like kish at all,but nw i find her funny& honest.agar kish thodasa apna aggressiveness kam kare to she is a nice girl.

  31. Bigboss me sirf digangana,kanwal, suyyashaur rishabh ko chodke sb muh me bolte h especially mandana, roch, aur kish.. Me ye samaj ni aata ki sab sirf kish k baare me hi kyu bolte h ki ki kish jo bolti h wo samne se bolti h..

  32. I think in this season one of the major problems is both bb and the contestants being biased and also too many wildcard entries. I agree that digi and suyyash are weak contestants. Usually I feel digi is the weakest, but this weak I feel digi was better than suyyash. At least she started speaking even though she is getting eliminated. Even though I don’t like Priya, at least she is not biased.

  33. I jus love rochelle ..she z jus so cute n real ..we share same birthdates and therefore i completely understand her way of thinking and how she handles ppl around her..sometimes i jus forsee wat she s upto and most pf the times she s so very up to d mark in d show ..she s a full tym entertainer ! I absolutely love watching her in d show ..kish on d other side one frustrated soul i v seen on ds planet ..for god sake can she jus not fight like al the tym ..and those ugly faces that she makes ..argghh she s gonna realise how ugly and rutheless she s shown on the television once she s back frm bb ..suyyash is overshadowed ! Prince – i don noe ..he was entirely a diff person in splitsvilla toh i dont evn like watching him on d show ..all thanx to hs ever growing frnship wd kish ..digi – thank god ..she z out ..dumb girl she was ..n it was so damn irritating to watch her and listen to her boring aunty statements ..i doubt she s an 18 yr old ..she seems to me like some old granny ..girl u jus act mature while u r actually not and u were really not needed in d show .r8shabh – wan to c some more of u .u r very genuine bdw ..i v started liking u lately ..keith – u r one lucky man i know cz u hav my fav rosh ..stick to her man 🙂 mandana – pls grow up ..ds s a nation call fr u and a wake up call as well ..stop back biting rosh and stop acting so arrogant and adamant ..behave like one human .

  34. Hey guys digi is sweet but not able to play bb9 her fan following is too muvh is karan bb ko ye step lena pada ki house intimate tay karenge ki kon jayega kyuki she is ill.i love digi

    1. i agree…
      even digi health bad she is showing some interest to play task bt bb dont agreed
      n she is not like others who always fighting…

  35. LATEST UPDATE OF BIGG BOSS?? PLease someone update it soon. Waiting eagerly to read it.

  36. Today’s update please!
    Hi! guys silent reader can I join?

  37. Today’s update please!
    Hi! guys silent reader can I join?
    Digi is such a cute and mature girl she shouldn’t go.

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