Bigg Boss 9 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 9 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 18
Inmates wake up as Chota Bacha song starts playing, Yuvika dances.

Keith says to Prince that your personality is attracting, soon all will understand you, your friends Kishwar and Suyyash will understand too.

Prince comes to Kishwar, Kishwar says i am angry with you, when i announced Suyyash’s team winner, you said that you knew it fromn before, why? you thought i was biased? your team was not wearing mikes, i am not fighting with you because of Suyyash, when you and suyyash were fighting i was silent, Prince says to Kishwar that my relation with suyyash is different, i am his friend but i have different relation with you, Kishwar and Prince hug and does patch up.

Vikas and Suyyash are mopping and cleaning floor, they make fun of hairs spread everywhere.

Digi reads instructions that Luxury budget was left in middle so no points will be given to them as they didnt complete task, now bigg boss is giving them another task which is “Shh! kid will wake up”, they can earn some points by doing this task, inmates will bear some hurdles in this task and they have to be silent all the while, if they make noise then kid will wake up, for first challenge of task, one inmate will be chosen to do it, he or she will go in activity area and wear cap by using elastic strap, captain Prince will keep pulling and pushing that strap to hit neck of person till red light doesnt switches off there, Prince ask who wanna do this task? Mandana says i and Keith wasnt active in tasks from much time so i wanna do it, Keith says it will hurt you, she says i am ready fo it.

All go to activity room, Mandana wears cap, Prince hits her neck by moving elastic strap of cap up and down, all are appalled to see Mandana bearing pain, task ends as light turns off, all comeback to lounge, they check if Mandan is fine, Prince says my strategy was to not hurt her on same space.

The next challenge is for 250points, icy water will be poured on person and he or she should not make any noise, digi says i have already done ice bucket challenge, all say that its more difficult than that, Digi says i will do it, Keith ask if she understood everything about task? she nods in yes.

In Activity area, Prince pours 3 buckets full of ice on Digi’s head one by one, he keeps pouring ice on her head, she bears cold, she clutches her fist and bows down her head but doesnt scream, all are appalled to see it, light turns off, task ends, Digi is taken from activity area.
She comes out and is feeling cold, Kishwar covers her with blanket, all clap for digi and says welldone. digi comes to washroom, Rochelle brings clothes for her and ask her to change it, she goes to change, Rochelle says to Kishwar that kid didnt wake up with ice noise, Kishwar says it was difficult task.
Aman ask Rimi if she would have done this task? Rimi says even if i was in competition, i would have not done this, i am not interested in an task.

Rimi is playing with Mandana’s hairs, she ask Mandana about her age, Mandana says i am 27 years old, she ask her, Rimi says i am 34, Mandana ask if she doesnt want to get married and have kids? Rimi says i dont it want it, Mandana ask how long was her relationship, she says it was for 8 years, Yuvika ask her how many boyfriends she had? Rimi says i didnt have many bfs as i dont interact much, i get afraid listening kids name, Mandana says when you love someone then its natural.

Rimi is packing her stuff, Keith jokes if she is getting ready to go? she says no, i wont go this weak.
Keith talks to inmates, he says Rimi said that she will not leave house this week as she has understood game now, Kishwar says dont know what she has understood.
he runs a wheel which has shoes placed on it, Keith sit near wheel, Prince hits shoes on Keithโ€™s butts by moving wheel so that Keith will scream and kid will wake up, Keith bears the shoe kicking, all are giggling seeing it.
A task is given for 250points, Keith is chosen for it. task starts, he runs a wheel which has shoes placed on it, Keith sits near wheel, Prince hits shoes on Keithโ€™s butts by moving wheel so that Keith will scream and kid will wake up, Keith bears the shoe kicking, all are watching it, they giggle, Prince is also laughing silently, light turns off, they leave activity area, all laughs, Keith says it was fine till 2 3seconds but then it start hitting me, i was like boss its hurting my butts, he was hitting at my center, all laughs, they say welldone Keith.

Keith says to Rochelle that you are so giggling about that task, Rochelle ask did it hurt you? Keith says it start hitting me after a while, Prince was moving it continuously, Rochelle says Prince get engrossed in task very much.

vikas ask Rochelle if her first boyfriend was as smart as Keith? Rochelle says he was also body builder type but Keith is much better than him, our relation got strained as i started my career so i started dressing nicely and he used to not like it. Vikas says my wife handles me so well which no one else can, Rochelle says Keith is also first one who has handled me so well, Vikas says yes Keith is very nice person.

Suyyash reads instruction that they have earned 750 points, now task is for 500 points, 2 inmates will do this task, they have to wear safety gears and put their faces on chin holder, they have to be in that position till light goes off. Suyyash says task must be difficult as its for 500points, Prince ask Rochelle if she wanna do it, she ask if her face will be punched? he says no, Vikas says i am ready to do it, Kishwar says i can do it too, Rochelle says i am ready to do it, Kishwar says you can go i have no problem, Vikas and Rochelle are chosen to do task.

they come in activity area, Rochelle and Vikas wear safety gears, they place their faces on holder which is on one side of tennis table, from otherside of table, inmate hit balls on their faces with tennis racket continuously, Rochelle and Vikas doesnt make noise, task is done. All come out, they congratulate Vikas and rochelle for doing it so nicely.

A task is given for 500points, inmate who will be chosen for task will have to get his both legs waxed. Suyyash is chosen for task. they come in activity area, Yuvika applies wax strips on Suyyash’s legs and starts waxing them, it hurts him but he doesnt make any noise, task is done, they comeback to lounge, Kishwar ask him if it didnt hit him? Keith jokes that Kishwar and Suyyash should sleep alone tonight to get Suyyash waxed totally.

Rochelle says to Kishwar that Prince is most unhygienic boy of this house, Suyyash comes there, Kishwar says you are looking like waxed chicken.

inmates have earned 1500 points through “Shh! kid will wake up”, they see items on screen, Aman writes items which inmates wanna buy, inmates keep suggesting him, they buy ice cream too, all are excited to get it.

All inmates are talking, Prince is dividing the household chores, Suyyash says washroom should be cleaned nicely, kishwar says Rochelle will not clean washroom from tomorrow, boy will do it as you boys are not keeping it clean, all agree, Prince says i dont know who has what duty, i will see everyone and know what work they are doing then it will know to everyone as who is doing what then i will assign duties.

Suyyash and Kishwar are cleaning washroom area, Suyyash says Yuvika and Mandana are genuine but Mandana is lil weird, Yuvika comes and ask what? Kishwar says we are saying you are genuine, Yuvika says this game will become difficult for me, Kishwar says you wont be evicted soon, Yuvika says to Suyyash that i wanna say you have taken this task very nicely, you became normal after the task, you will get the result for this, this your your genuine personality, task ended and you moved on, you will get many chances, Suyyash thanks her.

Keith says to Aman that Kishwar is not bad person but Kishwar’s way is not good, she crosses her line, she should be mature, Aman says for her, its like she is right in everything, when she thinks all are wrong then she doesnt let them talk.

Suyyash and Kishwar are sleeping together. Suyyash kisses Kishwar, he hugs Kishwar and kisses her forehead. Keith and Rochelle does smooch and sleep hugging each other.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says now its time to get punished for breaking rules. Yuvika, Mandana and Rochelle come in double trouble room, they have to press buzzer in accordance with each other and their decision will affect whole house, Kishwar says if none of them will play buzzer then one inmate will have to bear all the punishment of housemates. Later Mandana says to Yuvika that Rochelle thinks that she is very smart, all she can do is talk nothing else, she keep praising herself, she is opportunist, Rochelle says to Keith that what kind of girl is Mandana? first week she was calling you Shallow in Lagaan task, second week Kishwar was her enemy and now Kishwar is her best friend. Later Mandana says to Rochelle that you cant think at my level, Rochelle says excuse me what do you mean? Later inmates will get gifts as there will be biggest sale on snapdeal for Diwali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Digi u r best. . . .

  2. prince is best

  3. Love digi who likes digi

  4. I love Digi, But i voted for Keith, Mandana, Digi and rimi.. I love Keith and Digi, and i want Rimi to stay in the House and bear the house mates, hehehe. Hate Kishwar from the core of my heart..

  5. Lov u digi u r the best

    1. Rochelle is one of the sensible girls in the house. You ll hardly find her talking non sense. Also, she talkes quite an interest in taks.

  6. i hate rochelle n aman most in d house

  7. I like both prince & diggi very much

  8. I dnt knw why people r voting for rimi.i cant interfere any1’s choice but if she herself doesnt want to stay why fans r forcing her.she is nt doing any task then whts the point in staying?she doesnt want to do anything.she is nt interested in anything.prince said very right thing if bigg boss would hav understood the game,they would hav chosen right contestants.i feel very bad seeing celebrities like rimi they live in their own shell they dnt knw real world.rimi is a genuine person no doubt in tht but she has very negative attitude towords life.i knw sme people r introvert but diggi also has a silent nature but she wants to do something she wants prove herself & tht makes her special.otherside rimi gives up everything before even trying it.I hope she changes for better.

    1. I agree with u anu, digi z also silent bt c z doing tasks. When rimi clearly saying c ll nt do ne task n c doesnt want to stay here then wts d need to vote fr her?
      People r wasting dere votes.
      Bigboss house z nt a real home where u clean, cook, n eat.
      Dey hav gone dere to do d tasks. Dat z d main thng which rimi doesnt want to do.
      I hav my personal choice bt still Rest r fine. Atleast dey r involving dem.

  9. ANU I think coz they want her to realise that this is a nice game …!!!!! I hope she understand

  10. Luv Digi n Prince…..wanna see dem till d last….

  11. Digi n Prince….luv u both n wish u loads of gud luck

  12. To all those who vote for Rimi- do you want someone so disinterested to stay in the house just because you can feel the pleasure of seeing her face that too hardly twice a week? Get yourselves some sense. And vote for those who deserve.

  13. The most genuine ppl r kishwar n rimi…hate Rochelle n aman…

  14. Prince is a good captain.

  15. Wow well done digangana…that was tough :/ and ya, even i want rimi to stay. She was a v.cheerful girl b4…sumthng must hv happened in her lyf dat she has becum lyk this…nt normal and negative abt lyf! Big boss and d madness all around her wl infact do good for her. If she goes out, she wl again go into her shell depressed with lyf. Moreovr, shez genuine and kinda cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I think Arvind ll get eliminated dis week. M somehow sure abt it.
    My guessing was correct fr last week also ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›
    I hate kish n fr d 1st time i liked suyash in dis epi only.
    Prince as per now doing well n digi as always nice bt dis time u rocked though fr 1st time ๐Ÿ˜›
    N vikash must get eliminated he z so so fake
    Though i hate kish i still want her to stay fr more dan a month as c z d garam masala of dis show ๐Ÿ˜›
    N i want keith to win bigboss as per now

  17. Mandana is also nice

  18. AMAZING DIGI…..I watch dis boring bigg boss show only b coz of you…well done….your task was d most difficult and hats off….love u….keep doing well…..i hate prince he s so dumb….keith is another reason of my watching this show..he s d only person having mind in the house….drama queen kishwer suyyash they should be out of the show

  19. prince is best

  20. love u prince….but prince apni tarif khud hi karte hain…thats what i dont like….warna woh bohot accha hain….

  21. kish aunty stop thinkng tht u r a big smthng!!! waiting for salman….

  22. Digi is nothing.Her task was not so difficult.Kish will stay in the house for long time so pepole get the drama.Keith is playing smartly.

  23. A person who will play smartly and provide entertainment will win the show.If u notice the last seasons all the back biters and drama creaters got eleminated.Last seasons were good,contestents proved their worth and this time tasks are not so difficult. Contestents are not using their brains.

  24. I voted for Rimi coz i want her to suffer, as a punishment you can say fornot doing the task and not participarting much. If You u are given cake, u like it but if u are said to eat cake all day and night u will hate it and it becomes punishment for u. So this is for Cute Rimi not not showing up much…. I like Roch, Keith, Digi and prince.

  25. suyyash ia the most genuine person in the house

  26. Suyash is acting like gautam but he will not win.

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