Bigg Boss 9 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

1 day to go for Grand Finale
Day 103
housemates are taken by surprise when they are woken up to RJ Malishka’s voice instead of a regular song. She wishes them good morning, Malishka says hi to everyone, Rishab says good morning Malishka. She congratulate them for making it to finale, she asks how are you feeling? they say very nice, she asks if they are living like happy family? Mandana says kabhi khushi Kabhi gham, Malishka asks Mandana to give kiss to Prince on cheeks, Mandana gives peck on his cheeks. Malishka announces that the housemates will have to play a Q&A round and answer few fun questions. The lucky winners will stand a chance to win tickets to watch movies at the Bigg Boss cinema! Excited about this idea, the housemates gear up to face Malishka’s challenge.
Malishka says lets start with Emraan Hashmi of house that is prince, she asks to give kiss on camera, i will keep my cheeks forward, Prince gives it. She says you have always said that people will see new and real prince. Prince says they were elder to me so i didnt show them my cruel side, Mandana says i would have fought with him then. Malishka asks Mandana why she asked that have she been evil on show? Mandana says i thought if i am coming across as like that. Malishka asks Rishab if Mandana is cold hearted? Rishab says yes she is, she didnt make friends, she confessed to Rochelle that she did friendships in house for game, Mandana says i didnt make any friends, Rishab says she used people for support, Malishka asks Rochelle if Mandana did wrong to play game? Rochelle says we all are here to play game but she forgot that we all are humans and cant forget humanity. Malishka says to Rishab that all know you are not devil but why you want to become that? Rishab says people in house are not nice to others so i wanted revenge from people who were not nice to me, Malishka asks Rishab that you didnt do anything in sand task but kept saying you will win show, how? Rishab says i kept my sand protected without doing anything, Mandana says Rishab is all about big talks, i and Rochelle used our brains and muscles when our containers lever got broken, Rochelle says we are sleeping as Mandana has started answering, Mandana says they always underestimate me, they have never allowed me to talk but see i am still here, see Mandana is infront of you and speaking too. Malishka says now i will have rapid fire question-answer round with you people, she asks:
most clever in house? Inmates say its Mandana.
Who doesnt take part in household chores much? Inmates say everyone but Prince does it less.-
Malisha asks who is selfish? Mandana says Rishab and Rochelle.
Who is cunning? Inmates say its Mandana.
Who is lazy? Inmates says its Rochelle
person who boasts much? Inmates say its Rishab.
who will win show? all shout me, they laugh, Malishka says the one who will be supported by audience will win.

Mallishka announces that they all win tickets to the Bigg Boss cinema. She says fans will ask questions to you after sometime. She says lets talk to bigg boss and have fun, she says hello bigg boss. Bigg boss says hello Malishka, they hoot, Malishka asks Bigg boss to take her name again, Bigg boss says Malisha.. Malishka plays La La La music. Malishka says Bigg boss you and me are behind mike, why dont you come to sometimes? she asks if Bigg boss has Mr.s Bigg boss? Bigg boss says we dont think to answer this question, they laugh.

Rochelle says Mandana is very boring, i hope to not give any interview with her after show, she give negative interviews, Rishab says she takes everything in negative way, Rochelle says i was just joking and she took it wrong.

Mandana acts like fighting with Prince, Rishab says this is wrong, you dont allow us to joke with you and now joking with him? Prince says you havent understood how to joke, Rochelle tries to say something but Mandana says i am not talking to you, Rochelle says i want to enjoy but people’s mood are not nice, Rochelle says i wanna laugh in this house, Rishab asks Mandana to get lost, she is full of negativity, Mandana leaves.
Mandana comes in washroom, she locks herself in washroom and cries loudly.

Rochelle tries to to talk to Mandana but she ignores her, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you, Rochelle asks if she is going to take bath? Mandana doesnt answer her, Rochelle leaves. Mandana says when they want they can talk to me or make fun of me, give me a break, Mandana says i have guts to say that i have played game, yes i did everything for game, atleast i am surviving alone in this house, Rochelle devi first you had boyfriend and now your friends, i dont have friends to use them for advantage, come on people grow up, she cries.

Malishka talks to inmates again, she asks if they fought? Rochelle says little bit, Malishka says good work done by me, she tells them that the fans have a few questions for them.
Fan asks Rochelle if Prince didnt give importance to her friendship? Rochelle says Prince gave me love but ddnt give importance, my opinion was not valuable to him but now he trying to rectify it.
A fan says to Mandana that i have loved the way you played game, she asks Mandana why other three doesnt deserve to win? Mandana says they have never played individually, Prince made relations, Rochelle had her boyfriend, relations made here are not real, Prince says she is person, we help her when she is ill but she says later that you came to me help, i didnt ask you to do so.
A fan asks Prince why he doesnt take Mandana as competition? Malishka says Mandana, Mandana, Mandana. Mandana says its all about Mandana.
Prince says i take Mandana as competition but she is not nice human being, she may win this game but she cant win life’s game given the fact how she lived in this house, Mandana says what i did in house has nothing to do with my life, Rochelle says this will keep going on for whole day.
A fan asks Rishab if he had regret that his relation spoiled with Madnana? he had soft spot for Mandana? Rishab says i had but somedays back Mandana confessed to Rochelle that she just used friendships in house so i have no regrets, its her loss eventually, Malishka ends call.
Rochelle says to Mandana that you said you never wanted friendship so this means when you acted like friends with me it was fake too? Mandana tries to answer but Rochelle leaves.

Prince and Rishab have fun talk. Rishab says to Prince that mother will say you can ask any tarot card reader but you will have to marry girl of my choice eventually. Prince says mother be like why you wanna go for white girl when indian are so nice?
Mandana swims in swimming pool.
Rishab says i have flirted openly, Prince where? Rishab says not in this house, Prince says you have taken chance here too, Rishab says it was healthy flirting and you have done engagement too, Prince says when things dont workout then you people call it healthy flirting, right? i am expert too.

activity area is converted into “bigg boss cinema”. it is time for the housemates to watch movies at the Bigg Boss Cinema. They are given a chance to watch their journeys in the most unique manner where one movie is dedicated to each contestant. While Prince’s movie is called Action Aashiq, Prince is given name “Action Aashiq”, his journey clip plays, Bigg boss voiceover says this story is about a Prince, he was always in highlights, Prince fights with Rishab, Mandana and others is shown, how he was blamed to be physical, how he was called goon, how he had fights with Priya, how Mandana said he is animal. Bigg boss says he had game in hand but his heart was not in his hands, his flirting with Yuvika is shown, then how had love story with Nora, the one who give kisses is called Prince Narula. He had ups and downs, his equation with Kishwar is shown, how Kishwar left show for him, how he said his sister is more important to him than game, Bigg boss says Kishwar’s sacrifice made him villain, now grand finale is remaining, we hope that he has happy ending, clip ends. Prince cries and thanks Bigg boss, Prince cries and says i miss Kishwar, I am here because of Kishwar only, i am not here because of myself, i love you Kishwar, Rochelle hugs and consoles him, Rishab supports him, Rishab says thats spirit, Prince says if i win then Kishwar will be behind it.

Its Rochelle’s movie time. her clip plays, Bigg boss says this story is about girl who became Miss India then she came in house to win hearts, she has Prince too(Keith), how she called herself angel is shown, her cute acts are shown, how she flirted with Prince, made him uncomfortable. Then her fights with Keith is shown, how she blamed Keith for being on Mandana’s side, how she snapped at him, Agar tum saath ho plays, how she had trust issues with Keith, how she said to Keith that he didnt say he is with her, then her fights is shown, how she made conspiracy against wild cards, how Imam uncovered it, how she had issues with Kishwar, how she was attacked in sand task. Bigg boss says Rochelle is still standing to win game. Rochelle is given name “Chennai super queen”. Prince gives kisses to Rochelle, Rochelle thanks Bigg boss, Rishab says i love her, Madnana says it was sweet video.

Its Rishab’s movie time, his clip plays, Rishab is given name “Ek tha Don”. His entry is shown, how he said that he will wake up everyone. Bigg boss says he was first wild card entry and became devil of house, his hotel task is shown, how he made Kishwar doggie, how he had cock fights with Prince. Bigg boss says then he became mild and all started taking fun of him, how he left car task because of his stupidity. Bigg boss says then Priya entered, they used to fight with each other and fought for each other too, they were frienemies. How Priya said after her eviction that she wants Rishab to win show, Bigg boss says there was climax too. How he was called no. 6 by inmates, how he was underestimated, how he had fights with Rochelle, clip ends. Prince hugs Rishab, Rishab says it was nice, Rishab says i was wearing same jacket when i entered house.

Rochelle says to Rishab that your relation with Priya is shown well, Rishab says i am incomplete without her in house, she was only one who didnt underestimate me.

Mandana’s move time. Mandana is given name “Revolver Irani”. her clip plays, How she accused Prince of being goon. Bigg boss says she was beautiful princess of Iran, but she showed her otherside, her fights with Keith initially, Bigg boss says she became lioness of house, she had targets Keith, Rochelle. Her relation with Rochelle is shown, how Rochelle b*t*hed about her because of task. How she used to walk out of conversation. Her fights with Prince is shown, how she abused him, how Prince warned her to not use slangs for him. How Mandana accused him of having used Kishwar. Then how she had fights with Rishab, how Rishab stood for Priya against her, how he abused her. How Salman said that Mandana is alone enough for all of them, how he said that nobody is able to ignore her, clip ends. Rochelle says all were targets of her.

Mandana comes in kitchen and says it was fun. Someone had to do it.
Rochelle says to Rishab that Mandana kept saying she is target but in actual, we were her targets.

Mika Singh comes in house. he sings Aaj Na Jaa Billo, Inmates hug him and dances with him. Prince says he is pride of Punjab. Rochelle asks Mika to look around house, Bigg boss welcomes him and says we hope that you enjoy with finalists. Mika says when i was coming in house, i felt like this is jungle and you people are lions fighting with each other, he says we have to set Mandana’s mood right, Rishab says we can get upset too, Mika says you are always fun.

Mika says all are asking me to vote for Prince, Mandana, Rochelle or Prince. My friend KRK of whom all are afraid, he is asking me to vote for Mandana. Mika says two type of people come in house, one who is young and wanna take career ahead or old and want to come in limelight again, i might come in bigg boss when i will have downfall in my career when i will grow old, Prince says you dont need to come here sir. Mandana asks about her movie promotions, Kya Kool hain hum? Mika asks if she is in movie too? Mandana says yes, Mika says oh you are the one who is posing nicely on poster? Mandana says yes in red bikini, Mika says now i understand why Krk asks to vote for you, he is very handsome 6feet long guy, Mandana asks really? inmates laugh, Mika says yes, he is really handsome and muscular, Mandana asks if he is serious or joking? Rishab says we are laughing on his style, he is not joking.

Mika jokes with inmates that he used to be told that he will not get work, he says not in bollywood you people will have good career, he asks Rochelle to marry Keith, if he doesnt listen then give me a call, i will set him right, he hugs everyone and leaves. Rishab says Mika rocks.

*Voting lines are closed.

PRECAP- Tomorrow is blockbuster grand finale. Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh will share stage. Ex-contestants like Aman, Kishwar, Suyyash, Priya, Gizele etc will come too. Krushna and Bharti dance, Krushna says Bharti is dancing like penguin, Salman says you both danced but why people are clapping for me? Krushna says when Salman is standing beside, who will clap for us? In bajrangi Bhaijan movie, Nawazuddin(actor) did good job but you were praised only, Bharti says in end of movie Munni called you her uncle but didnt call Nawaz even her aunty, Salman laughs. Gautam Gulati(winner of BB8) will come too. Nora will give sizzling performance, Prince will have dance performance too. Keith and Rochelle will have steamy hot pool dance on Tumhe apna banane ka, Rochelle and Keith are close for smooch in dance. Rishab will provide great performance. On stage, Bharti says Priya Malik is teacher, Krushna says she is real dabangg as she created so many holes in people, Priya laughs, A winner will be announced in funfare.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hahaha today rocele eyebrow remind me fill in the blank section of exam paper

    1. Hahaha….. wow girl that was really hilarious ???

  2. Today joke- prince-mae sara din bhuka raha tha !! Abe bhuka kha tha ?Nora ko kachkach kha gaye

    1. @pet Jacky Mandana has lost it according to vote yeh nahi jeetegi ..Bye Bye!!

    2. Koi bhi jeety terko futi kodi nhe milegi bhai…… 😀

    3. @suyash ja apne baap ka 1 inch ka Lund choose jabb talk mai Teri maa ka doodh piyunga.

    4. Yee kaam teri bhen daily krti h…….. Tu jaaaa chkeeeee hahahahahaha sala

    5. Sale jacklie chaaakkke

    6. @suuyash chakka Tera baap hai..mere Ghar aa ke taali maar raha tha
      .maine 1rs pakda karr gand pe laat de..kaha bhapp bhosdike..Fir gaya..KARWAli POORE khandan ki maalish..le beta abhi level 1000 nhi dekha hai tune..

    7. Alllly……. Aakhe fod ke dekh tera jija tha wo hahahahahaha

  3. Hahaha…
    Revolver Irani truely match her.

    1. @deepika Thats your all problem exectly you guys always prefer cast,religion,state,country,status thats why you are saying this sentance i feel bad if someone say this in virgina bt thank god they are nt like you .intolerce isse bi kahate he merri ladi behna

    2. Guts toh h atleast usme bina ungli pakde game khel rhi wo jitee ya na jiteee deepika raniiii

  4. Wohoo so prince already got work…. Mika Singh promised him to make music with him in near future ..

  5. simranjeet kaur

    I hope prince will win bb9

    1. Tu b punjab se h….. H naaa esiley tujhe b phle state dikh rha…. Kitne milege tujhe agar wo jeet gya… Party dena sab comments walo ko

  6. Today totally loved
    Malishka and bb convo
    Prince n rishab bromance
    Prince vs Mandy alone in task- definitely prince will win. She totally deserves the title revolver Rani.
    Rishab with hair all over face looks like a jungli, with trimmed hair he looks so handsome.

  7. And looks like winner has been announced as Ali quli mirza posted that prince has won enjoy..

  8. Wanna watch Prince’s journey. It has everything emotions, fight , romance. Vote for Prince guys.

    1. That disgausting how bigg show only fight scere.there were so many scece which is [email protected] boss that my 1st season n now i regreat to watch it if you wanna use outsider for just TRP and nt wanna make her winner cause she is not indian then we all should say bye to you if you have already decided who is winner ever voting are still on …… whatever happen i will never ever watch this show its my first and last season n devoted to mandana

  9. awsm observation by mandana…ki she always portrayed herself as target but in reality she targetted everyone…cruel women she iranian lady downlooking every indian person in the house-“janwar h ye log”-shiitt kahan tk pahunch gyi bakwas lady…

  10. Good episode I m eagerly waiting for grand finale coz want rishabh to win
    Rishabh will win bigg boss our devil will surely win the show

  11. So, this was the end….
    The voting lines are now closed. So, I have decided that now it’s time for awards.
    First there will be votes and the voting lines are open till 4.00 pm and awards will be announced at 5.00 pm. Some of these awards are already given in the season but i am now taking audience’s opinion.Let’s start:-
    1. Best Jodi:- (maximum three votes from one)
    Nominees are-
    Kishwar & Suyyash (to be married couple) Prince & Suyyash(brothers forever)
    Keith & Rochelle(nothing to say couple) Priya & Rishab(Bhabhi-devar)
    Prince & Nora(footage couple) Prince & Yuvika(break-up before love couple)
    Those who are not interested i am saying sorry in advance that i have wasted your time.if no one votes then whom i vote will the ultimate winner nothing to say.

    At last but not the least #PrinceNarulaRokzz

    1. My vote goes to Kishwar and Suyyash, Prince and Suyyash and Priya and Rishab

    2. Subhashitha K S




  13. Hello all. News is just coming in Prince Narula is the winner of BB9. Congrats to Prince.

    1. Im still voting from canada how can he declare a winner .duphar ko kya bola tha mandana evited now ek aur drama

  14. Manuel Ferrara

    A prominent aberration has happened and that is Mandana Karimi is out of the race of big boss 9 winner.Now it’s gonna be between Rishabh and Prince outrightly & 80% chances that our intrepid prince will emerge victorious.
    Although my statement may be a prelude to actual celebration but fact is fact as voting lines have closed and I am confidant concealing something what is the ulterior and that is trend 2.5 hrs before actual voting lines close according to which prince leads by 1.2 lakh votes compared to Rishabh whose voting status has skyrocketed past Mandana by more than 2.5 lakh votes.
    so SORRY MANADANA FANS in case if voting lines have really closed.
    But I feel it’s between Rishabh & prince now.


    1. Manuel Ferrara

      & yeah voting lines have closed as confirmed by reality post which means high chances of prince being winner…hurray!

    2. Prince will win

    3. harshal(PHFFANK)

      Voting lines are still open internationally till they reach their local 11:30pm…. as far as i have heard, UAE people are still voting for her, lines are open there

    4. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

      Ye it’s true even in singapore it’s open till 5pm which means 2.30pm in india

    5. But Harshal in singapore voting lines were already closed on Thursday 7pm , sorry I just remembered 😛

    6. Manuel Ferrara

      @Harshal may be open but what I think is why will they indulge into complexities,this way voting will become hectic!
      But ya your point also valid,let’s see reality post will sort it out.?

  15. I hope mandana wins

  16. Prince….we love you….

    You will only win bro…

  17. @Neeru..
    Did you see the movies. ? They kinda sum up the entire journey….
    And mandanas was filled with fyts… Not evn a hint of goodness….. LOL….
    I liked how it showed her starting speech nd the total opposite behavior aftr entering the show…. Funny…
    The only thing she did was hurting nd fyting…. nt to forget crying… !!

    Prince movie was the best…. His journey – a package of every emotions.. That shud be the journey of a winner….
    Hero, lover, villian, angry young man, emotional, caring, frnd, brothr….. Woah..
    Rochelle nd rishabs wer good too.. They have made relations, fought, laughed, cried and enjoyed…
    Learn something from them mandana.. This is how you live in a house…in a society…with other ppl..

    1. Neeru(PHFFANK)

      Mmm…. Yeah… I agree…. Prince journey was the best…. Kinda covered everything….
      Fingers crossed now…. !! 🙂

    2. tedd (PHFFANK)

      Ha ha…whoz dis *real* neeru???

    3. Neeru(PHFFANK)

      @tedd…. 😀
      Somebody trying to be me….
      Din you see yestrday’s commnts. ? ???

    4. tedd (PHFFANK)

      Yeah saw them again after reading ur comment…..nobody can be like u..??

    5. Subhashitha K S

      Ya was only mandana’s movie that was a abrupt ending.we couldnt even realize it was a end bcoz there was only fight and no other emotion.

    6. Which movie? airlift !!!!!

  18. Koi b ho winner but Rochelle devi kbhi nhe……..

    1. Name to suna hoo gaa jha

      Tum hara baap bhi nahi khae sakta haii kii Rochelle Rao winner nahi hoo Sakti haii

    2. Ouuu!jara chide hatke dek nahi sakti :bhar padi hae masti”lol

    3. @kutiya Jackie discovery channel walon ne Tera video banaya hai kutton ke saath..

    4. Chutiye m khuga bnti wo winner agar ban bhi gyi rhegi sali randi hi Rochelle randi sali

    5. Video toh tera b bnaaaa h teri maaa ke sath

    6. Name toh suna ya nhe tu mil khi kutt kutt ke kutto ko khila dena

    7. @suyyash Teri maa ki gand me poora jahaj ghused dunga,Teri maa ka bhosda,Teri maa sale naalon me suaron se chudti hai,Teri maa ki gand chappal maar ke lal karun bhaduwe ki nasal.

  19. Now it’s time for-
    2. Naag-Naagin-Sapola:-(Maximum one vote)

    1. My vote goes to

    2. Khud hi bhai decide kar tu hm 4 me kya chune .gizele,aman,vikas etc kaha gaye

    3. @kutiya Jackie tu toh harr car ke picche bhagti hai re.

  20. sry it was not mandana it was rochhlle

  21. Kieth ke layak nhe h Rochelle….. Kieth is a nice n sweet guy

  22. LOL Mika paji ne chaar chaand lagaya …krk z bashing mika n twitter 4 his joke.

  23. Rocelle devi kya tu hunnymone pe ayi thi jo tuje target na kare ….shame on you biggboss ek logo ko finalist banaya hae game kharab hae to chup ke khalti hae ullu kahi ki

    1. @kutiya Jackie tujh kaise logon par log pan guthka thook kar jate hain re..

    2. Ohhhhh sayad tu he h wo Rochelle ka purana chooodddu

    3. @suyyash Teri maa ke mooh me taatti karun bhonsad chode..Teri maa ke mooh me paanch suaron ka Lund that..chatwa Tera baap that Jo ki suar Hi hai ,satwa toh total suar.

    4. Teri maaa muh me phle he ho chukkkki ja phle use saf kr chakkkkke

  24. Bigg boss devi ko nikalo brainwash karti hae ex miss india”

  25. Sometime i feel nature is cruel rocele devi ki na achi sakal na akal. Keth ko samal kabi wo ho jale sade

    1. Our baarbaala picchwade pe garam chimte laga dunga..nahi toh bhagle.

    2. Chudai ka shook bhi ho jayga aaa jaygi aj teri randi bahar Rochelle randi

    3. @suyyash Tere baap sala 1 inch ka lund leke nanga dolta hai bra chakke ki aulad..Tera baap bhosad chode chakkon se chudai tarwane jaata hai..bhaduwe ki nasal.

    4. Hahahahahahaha jhupad basti ka tapolaaaaa

  26. Will miss u all guys as this gonna second last day of this big boss forum

  27. Stupid prince stop saying Punjab.
    I HV been waiting till d last day to hear d word Indian.
    Being confident isn’t bad u nail it too much buddy

  28. News-75%vote rejected so chance of wining prince is 0.cze sare to vidu dara singh ke pr the or do vote for prince with fake id

    1. Chappal yahan se fenk ke maaru..ya Ghar aake maaru..

    2. Porn phonic kyaaaa rate h tera chakkkkkeee

    3. 180 ki speed p. Repta lgega
      Jutha khi ha

  29. Stupid prince stop saying Punjab.
    I HV been waiting till d last day to hear d word Indian.
    Being confident isn’t bad u nail it too much buddy.
    Gud luck every1

  30. Hi! Harshal! Welcome back. Thanku for ur humbling response. I think u are mistaken. I voted for mndy not rshb. I dont dislike rishb. It is just that since two strong dabang women are missing i thought it would be wiser to vote for revolver rani who is equally individually strong. Had rshb came out as a strong persona with a strong stand and competition then definetly i wld have voted for him. He is a simple cool and funny guy who came to this level only due to unconditional love of his fans. He owes to them a lot.

    Today i really felt sorry for mndy when all shouted her name when malishka was askiing concerned questions. There were questions related to rochl too. But only mndys name came out too often. Thats why i think she cried.
    I definetly want mndy to win because strong individuality should always be honoured whether we love them or hate them. Women power(mndy kish priya) ki jai ho.

    1. Very well @11 thats wat i was saying two days bt i stract thing more.thats why i always oppose them they say mandy is heartless she care for everyone but predent that she nt care.thats called human quality not like others who say i did thisetc .than what se do if cry than say wanna fottage whatever she say have logic. N outsde some prince family membr like suyash sister @shruti saying in twitter that she wanna thrown out mandana and kill her.they should remember female are never weak if they are weak than showing that she is nt weak .she play game nt in real like we cn see her eyes how pure she iss and thanks for giving her vote .

    2. Oye sun @jacky evanko 4 chand lagenge teri shaan ko..kyu leti piche udte baan aag lagegi teri g*nd ko..suariya khatra teri jaan ko..gaali sun ni padi tere kaan ko..

    3. harshal(PHFFANK)

      II, much appreciated man, thank you so much, even I felt bad for mandy today(but am used to it, and know that she can take it as she is mentally very strong). Its like others can say anything, but when she tries to speak, they all were shouting at her.
      didn’t like her video one bit , it was shown as if mandy was the one targetting others :/
      Agree with your take on rishabh too, but i still find him very likable and strong contestant despite that. He has given this show a different approach and that’s much appreciated.
      Prince is Prince. He is strong in tasks and a person that I find a very strong contender for the title since the beginning .
      Surprise is just rochelle. I really don’t like her, nor do i find her strong contestant. She is now pretending to be so good again, I am sure even prince fans may be saying that she is good, let alone housemates inside. She claims that mandy went personal to prince when she talked about kish and nora, but forgets that she was the first to say the same things about prince behind his back. Its just that it was not shown to viewers. I would have loved bigg boss if they had shown those backb**ching comments of rochelle. Outside the house, Kishwar, Suyyash, Gizelle, Priya, all have spoken of this double game that rochelle plays and it just got ignored today :/

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