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Bigg Boss 9 1st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Special
Salman comes on stage, he dances on Mashallah song. He welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. he says ARVIND GOT ELIMINATED yesterday and we said one more inmate will be eliminated today, RIMI, KEITH, MANDANA, DIGANGANA, VIKAS are nominated for today.
Call is connected to house, Salman says you will not need mike today, Kishwar ask if he coming in house? Salman jokes that i am not that dumb, all laughs, Salman says you will not need mike as i will speak more today, 20% of show has been done, you all are thinking that its all going well, now lets talk about end of show, assume that one has won show, got trophy and money, now you all have to give speech as winner, he ask Prince to give speech as winner, Prince says audience has make me winner as i played with heart. next Suyyash comes and says audience liked me so they make me won, i didnt play any game, it was all from heart. Mandana says audience has make me winner as they liked me and i have entertained them, Salman jokes that now you should start crying, he mimics her crying, all laughs. Vikas says audience make me winner as i was genuine and this is for my daughter, Salman says now its Rimi’s speech time and it will be fun to listen her, she will say that now i like bigg boss house, i wanna do Chinese version of show too then i wil go to Bigg brother, all laughs, Rimi stands up and says i won as audience didnt listen what i was asking, their mind was somewhere else when they were watching this show so basically they took wrong decision and trophy came in my hands by mistake, all laughs, Rimi says i am telling honestly. Digi says audeince liked me so they made me winner, Keith says i was consistent throughout so they liked that, Rochelle says i was entertaining and excited person so they made me winner, Aman says audience is not fool and saw that i play with my mind and use heart too so they made me winner, Yuvika says they made me winner they liked me. Kishwar says they made me winner as i am deserving, i did everything from my heart in this house.
Salman says all speeches were good and Aman said rightly that audience is not fool, the fan following grows from day one, i wanna show you something.
Video clip plays, inmates are talking, Kishwar says bigg boss says will say that we can do only physical tasks, Kaith says that big boss is going to eliminate us all and only wild cards will remain,Prince says we all are going to be out, Keith jokes that this season wont extend but will end before time only, they will say that stop this show and start new season, Kishwar jokes that Rimi was saying that day that this time most of contestants are well educated people but here no one is able to understand task, its good that i am not much educated, all laughs, Digi says we have done things, Kishwar says we have given enough content, Keith says equations are changing too, Prince says we stop ourselves in tasks, Rochelle says if we would have boring and not giving content then Salman must have said something, Prince says even Salman said that this is first season that people are not understanding tasks, Digi says that content too, Digi says if you make people laugh then its content but if you make fun of yourself then its not good, we laughed at ourselves when Salman was saying this, Kishwar says we keep laughing when Bigg boss is scolding us, Rimi never stop laughing, clip ends. Salman ask Rochelle why she is laughing so much? Rochelle says in last seasons, there were many fights but we try to resolve things and keep things calm, Salman says you are wrong, in last seasons fights started after much time but it was entertaining from start, i am doing my 100%, i am promoting my film, i am shooting for my film, i am fighting my court case but i am giving 100% to bigg boss too, you have to be entertaining, thats your job, all are playing game here, if you are thinking that show will end in 2months then you are wrong, they can extend show if they want, i was not available last time so they continued show without me, Prince use to say that he knows every task but why he is stopping himself? its like you will buy a house after bigg boss and will all live peacefully in that house, thats not the case, he says to Keith that if his attitude remain like this then his journey might end soon, he says to Digi that how can you say that content is sent to Tv by you people? you are in background of all things, you are not active, you are like ghost with long hairs moving in background, all laughs, Salman says i will show comments of people on social media, one writes that apart from 2 3 housemates, all seems like paid audience(inmates), one writes that there is no entertainment this season, next is that this is worst season of BB, i watch only for Salman, Salman says it must be looking like that i have put this comment, next is that BB has spoken so much in BB9 that he didnt in whole BB8, Salman says to Rochelle that you wanted to me come and warn you that Masala(content) is coming out, think next season who will give example of you inmates? i will comeback, he ends call.
Inmates talk, keith says problem is that we are not putting effort to entertain people, we should leave ego and start enjoying show.
Keith and Rochelle talks, rochelle says that we talk to each other without mike at night, we should talk about everything like mandana etc openly, we all are playing safely, we should be open more, Keith says you are outspoken and thats good.

Salman says now we will ask friends of inmates what they think how their friends are playing, call connects to actor Karan Kundra, Salman says you are Prince’s friend, what you think about him, Karan says he is not playing with full capacity, he is very aggressive in nature but he is holding himself alot in house. Salman talks to Suyyash’s friend Actor Shaleen Malhotra, Salman says Suyyash seems completely different inside, he wasnt like here on stage, Shaleen says he is spending time with Kishwar, he is not able to entertain, he has come out of comfort zone for first time, Karan says i dont think he is spending less time with Kishwar, infact Kishwar is intimidating Prince too, Shaleen says Prince’s sister gave him message to play alone but that didnt mean that he has to go against Suyyash and Kishwar, Salman says i feel Suyyash is under shadow of Prince, Shaleen says Suyyash is coming out as frustrated person. Karan says Prince should come out of Kishwar and Mandana’s shadow, he can make love angle with any girl, there are pretty girls inside, Salman says but girl should show interest too, he cant become Ejaz Khan, all laughs, Karan says Mandana has capability to change game so Prince should be away from her. Shaleen says Keith is very smart, he is underdog of house, like inamtes say Aman is sharp from mind but they dont say it for Keith so he is going good, he says that Rochelle takes two stands at one point like she was against stealing then she said no it was right to steal so either she is so smart or so dumb, Karan says i have one advise for Prince that he should stopping reciting Didi didi(sister) to Kishwar, Salman thanks them for coming, they leave.

Call is connected to house, Salman says i will ask questions and you have show green side of board if you agree and red if you dont agree. Salman ask if Rochelle is expert of Hindi, all raises red card even Keith and rochelle too, Salman ask if Mandana wants to bring attention towards her in every topic, all raise green card except Keith, Rimi and Suyyash, Mandana. Salman ask that Yuvika didnt play any buzzer as she cant take decisions, all raise green card except Suyyash, Yuvika and Prince, Rimi says Yuvika wants to maintain peace which is not show’s concept so i have asked her to open up more. Salman says Mandana is genuine friend of Kishwar secretly, All raise green card except Prince, Rochelle says Mandana’s strategy is to keep her enemies close too so its good, Mandana says we all are here to play game and friendship will keep changing after tasks, Keith is not even allowed to talk to me, Keith says nothing like that. Salman ask if Suyyash has become soft target for everyone, all raise green card except Keith, Prince and Aman, Mandana says i and suyyash are soft targets thats why we are bonding nicely, Aman says Suyyash’s personality is coming out as he is always angry and he does get angry in every task so he deserved to be targeted. Salman ask if Keith is Rochelle servant, all raises green card except Rochelle. Salman says last question if Suyyash is Kishwar’s servant, all raises green card and laughs.
Salman says to inmates that they have to write name of person from whom they have some problem, all write it in diary. Salman ask Suyyash to shuffle diary, he does, he ask kishwar to start reading names, she reads that Suyyash should start taking his decisions and stop asking Kishwar everything, Yuvika reads 2nd diary that Rimi should start enjoying tasks, Rimi makes poker face, Salman says why i feel that Yuvika have written it, all laughs, keith reads that Mandana should not be rude this much, Salman says this must be written by Rochelle, Rimi reads next diary that Mandana doesnt budge from her point, Rimi says it seems like Prince have written it, Salman ask Mandana to read next diary and read only what is written, she reads that only Prince and Digi is written in it, Salman ask who this clever is that he or she didnt write anything except name, Mandana says i wanted to write that Prince should chill and for Digi i wanted to write that she is just pass, Suyyash reads next that is for Aman, he doesnt do susu(pee) nicely, Salman jokes that who have seen Aman doing Susu, Kishwar says there was debate in house that washroom is not clean so we have separated it for boys and girls, Prince says i have written it as Aman doesnt throw tissue in dustbin after using it in washroom. Prince reads Aman’s name in diary, Suyyash says i have written it and i wanted to say that Aman doesnt listen to anyone, it is rule of house that coffee will be given only once per day but Aman made coffee for himself today when Prince tried to warn him he ignored him as if he didnt listen anything, Aman says i didnt know about this rule that coffee will be given once a day.
Salman says you know that one snapdeal customer is selected to talk to you, call is connected to customer, customer says i am your big fan, Salman says i would have been shocked if you were not, all laughs, customer says to Prince that you said in other show that Prince is only one, but you seems lost inbetween celebrities of bigg boss, Prince says i wanted to make my image that i am not aggressive but now i will play my game and will change myself, i am not overshadowed inbetween celebrities, you will see a different from now on, Prince sign mug for customer, call ends.
Salman says now we will eliminate one more inmate, yesterday Arvind left show, today one more will go home, he ask Digi who is not participating in house? she says Rimi is not participating much and also Vikas, Salman says you are wrong as its Keith who is eliminated, he ask Keith to leave her girlfriend’s hand, Rochelle and everyone is shocked, Salman says i am sorry, he ask Keith to come, Rochelle says no, she hugs Keith and starts crying, Keith tries to calm her down, Keith kisses her cheek, Salman jokes that you cant kiss at 9:30 slot, it is allowed for 10:30 slot, all laughs, Rochelle is crying, Keith says its for 2 3months, Salman ask Mandana why she is not crying? Mandana says he is not my boyfriend, Salman jokes that if Arvind was your boyfriend? she says yes, he was, Salman says good choice you have, Salman says Keith will take Vikas to gate, KEITH IS SAFE, VIKAS IS ELIMINATED, Rochelle hugs Keith and is calmed now, everyone hugs Vikas and see him off, he leaves house.
Salman welcomes Vikas on stage, he ask Vikas why did he take so much time in setting inside house? vikas says i tried but there was so much backbiting inside house, Salman says you wanted to win this for your daughter but you didnt play game, Vikas says i tried my best, Salman greets Vikas, he leaves, Salman says a new storm is coming in house, from tomorrow, wild card will keep coming in house, they dont know what is going to happen with them, he signs off from episode.

PRECAP- Rishab Sinha enters house as first wild card entrant, he ask Digi to wake up its high time, he is Prince’s friend. Kishwar says Digi has a fight with him from before show. Rishab says to Kishwar that as a viewer i dont like you. Rishab says to Prince that i will target everyone in this house. Later shirtless Keith and Rochelle enjoys steamy swimming together. Later Bigg boss says that this week it will be open nominations, inmates will have to burn the picture of inmate whom they want to nominate infront of all.

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  13. Hey atiba, its ok, we undrstand:) And any way, i didnt waste my weekend watching this season’s big boss- it’s that boring. Then came here for upates by u, but saw that u couldnt update it and there was a wierd 6-7 line summary, it was incomplete but wasnt curious as not enjoying big boss dis time!

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