Bigg Boss 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid gives the immunity to Nikki

Bigg Boss 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

7:15 PM
The buzzer plays as the second task starts. Gauhar wishes luck to Rubina. Sid sits on the ATV and all girls dance with him. Pavitra sits on his lap and dances seductively. Rubina wets herself dances with Sid. Nikki uses the hose to wet herself and leans on Sid. Hina says Nikki is killing it. Rubina cleans Sid’s feet. The song ends and Nikki hugs him.

7:45 PM
Sid says alright, all performed well. He says Rubina had an eye-contact but there was a point where everyone was doing their thing. He rejects Rubina.

8:45 PM
The buzzer plays, the last task starts. Sid fills the glasses for all 3 girls (Jasmin, Pavitra, Nikki). Pavitra says you can’t be partial. Sid says I can be. Jasmin says fill my glass to the top. They pick their trays and protect their glasses. Nikki asks Eijaz to not create problems for me. Shahzad throws her glass and says I can do it to save Jasmin. Nikki curses him. Nikki gets angry and throws her tray away. Nikki throws Pavitra’s glasses. Pavitra gets angry and throws Jasmin’s glasses but Jasmin protects one glass. Jasmin asks Nikki to stay away otherwise I will kick you. Nikki says I am not going to stay silent. Eijaz claps for them. Sid says wait for the buzzer, Jasmin your glass liquid is gone, you can’t keep holding the tray. Pavitra argues with Nikki that a guy threw a glass and you threw my glasses?

Jaan says they all did wrong. Hina says I just said that they will get tired holding the trays and we could have had a good match. Sid says they did all this, they know what they have done. They will bear the consequences of their strategy. Jasmin says I had the glass till the end. Sid says it doesn’t matter who is holding the glass till the end, it was about who had the liquid till the end.

9:15 PM
Sid tells Shahzad that you said I talked badly with girls in the last season but what did you do? Why did you throw girl’s glass, you have shouted at Nikki a lot. Shahzad says I didn’t disrespect Nikki. Sid says you shouldn’t say big words when you are shouting at girls. Sid argues with him that he was shouting at Nikki and says you want to misbehave with me? Shahzad says I told Nikki that I wanted to clarify things with her but she doesn’t listen. Sid says you are just a week here and you have crossed all the lines, you have destroyed this task. Shahzad says I have never misbehaved with any girl here like you. Hina says he played his game, Sid you shouldn’t take out frustration on him. Sid tells Shahzad that I don’t care if a woman is speaking badly to me then I will speak badly to her. Shahzad says then why are telling me that I couldn’t shout at Nikki when she was shouting at me? Jasmin asks Sid to not be so angry.

9:30 PM
Rahul tells Sid that Shahzad told you that he won’t disrespect a girl but the girl was disrespecting him. Sid says I don’t know about the background, I am giving a personal opinion. He is giving his opinion so I am questioning him. He told me that I was wrong in my season but he has been here for 3 days only.

Shahzad tells Hina that I was not wrong. Gauhar says you didn’t curse any girl, you didn’t disrespect her so it’s fine.

Sid tells everyone that it’s my duty to point out to him when he was giving his opinion to me. Jaan says Sid is right. Nishant says Nikki shouts at him and Shahzad provokes her. Nikki says he does it deliberately.

Eijaz tells Hina that Shahzad was saying profound things about respecting women but Sid wanted to point out that he is not following his words. gauhar says he is just making a point, Shahzad just talked loudly. Eijaz says I think Sid is right.

9:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task ‘Sid island’ has ended. Sid can announce the winner. Sid says all trays were gone before the buzzer played, this task should be rejected. Bigg Boss says it was not rejected, you have to decide who should be the winner. Sid says I want to make Nikki the winner, I have been trying to do this season honestly. I am giving chances to everyone. I didn’t like a guy interfering in the task. I think Nikki was hard-done so I want to give it to her. Jasmin smiles sadly. Bigg Boss says Nikki has got the immunity. She is SAFE FROM NOMINATIONS. All clap.

10 PM
Nikki tells the camera that I was damn sure that they will throw my glasses but I will play for myself, I am quite strong. I will play and fight alone. Hina comes there and says Shahzad and you both shouted but you shouldn’t have cursed him. You should shout as much as you want but don’t abuse it.

Shahzad tells Jaan that Nikki irritates me. Jaan says you interfere in her fights for no reason because you are angry on her for some other reason. Sarah says we have arguments and he just shouted at her. Nikki comes and says sorry to Shahzad for cursing at him. Shahzad says sit with me and tell me if I ever misbehaved with you? Nikki says you pointed at my character yesterday. Nikki says I have come to say sorry only for cursing. Shahzad says accepted.

10:30 PM
Nishant talks to Rubina. Rubina says we all know that we get emotional and our emotions influence our decisions. Sid didn’t take this decision without his emotions. Nishant says so you think that Sid is favoring Nikki? Rubina says he might think we are all ganging up on her. Abhi says Nikki kept us on our toes and Sid felt emotional for her? Rubina says Shahzad destroyed Nikki’s game so Sid got angry? Would Sid have been angry if Shahzad had done that with Jasmin or Pavitra?

8 AM
Eijaz and Rubina are in the kitchen. Rubina says you can’t sleep. Eijaz tells Rubina that they don’t think we are humans. He makes tea for them both.

8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song hua chukra jawan. They all sit and dance together.

8:45 AM
Pavitra says bad for her. Eijaz says should I jump in the mud? She says depends on the mud. I want to see the Eijaz Khan. I want to see how that Eijaz is.

9:00 AM
Shahzad says my teeth hurt. Eijaz says I will take you to dentist. Shahzad says you must know these things. Eijaz says I kept a dog. Shahzad says misunderstanding? He says no a real dog. Eijaz says she was tortured and used to breeding. She was biting people because she was tortured. I brought her home, she bit me. I gave her food and she still bit me. Whose mistake is it? Shahzad says yours. He says yes. The one who bites shouldn’t be given two much respect. So I gave her her space. Gave her food and ignored her. She came to me on her own. Apply the same logic in this house.

10:00 AM
Nikki says everyone is so rude and mean in this house. She says everyone is dependent on each other. Can’t we take our own decisions? Nishant says they think we are here to overthink them. Eijaz is the babysitter. Nikki says not Eijaz. Zeenat thinks. The seniors I am talking about, they think we are weak. Jaan says we have to take our decision. Seniors are here to spice things up not to guide us.

Sarah says do you know I am Haryanvi. Shahzad says yes I know. He says should I take your name wrong? She says I will break your head. She aims a small stone at him. Shahzad says soon people will know I already know you. people who have the same destinations meet on the way. She says I have to shoot.

11:15 AM
Nikki says you have one underwear to wash? Shahzad says has Hina made you her representatives? Nikki says I just had to decide. He says why are you shouting. Nikki says that’s how my accent is. He says you pointed finger at me first.

Eijaz says to the camera that I feel like my niceness is being misused. People think a man is always negative. I feel like if my mother were here, she is more than anyone. She can’t be equal to anyone. Eijaz gets teary. He says I will explain it on time. I am not being egoistic. I think women are greater than us, we should respect them. Maybe I crossed my limit. I try to do more than required and people misunderstand.

12:45 PM
Nishant says Rahul needs something. Pavitra says if you people don’t ask it’s your mistake. My things are important to me. Rahul says you have been taking for three days. She says I got a chance to pick my three things because Nikki said she gave up. if you’re so understanding Rahul, show some understanding for me as well for a day. Rahul says okay done. They leave. Nishant says appreciate it Rahul.

1:00 PM
Pavitra says he was trying to be so nice. Nishant says he pretends to be nice. Pavitra says I won’t take it from him. Even if he gives up on life I won’t take it. Nishant says give it to me. She says I will tell Rahul that I gave your spot to Nishant.

Jasmin says my face is burning. We are not getting things. Physical damage is not okay. She cries. Rubina says stay strong. She says people use good things because they need them. Rubina says my physical strength is gone. My sleep cycle is gone so out. I had an outburst yesterday. Didn’t even have a blanket, space or sleeping bag. Gauhar says what happened? Rubina says I have been crying that I have sinus, please turn the AC low. She is also tortured. Gauhar says it’s tough. This is the game. Rubina says I thought it would be a game. Give me a task, but don’t break the spirit to be the part of the show. She’s also teary.

Sid says these people are being so great, giving up things for each other. All the love is here in this house. Hina laughs and says yeah Bigg boss scene is changed. Sid says get them out of their shells. Get them out of their greatness. They are all animals. But they are wearing a coat of niceness. Gauhar says maybe they haven’t seen previous seasons. They are complaining about hardships. Sid says as if they would get spa every day. It had to be a roller coaster. Rubina should have thought I am in a different situation. Sid says she could have won. Gauhar says she is still not understanding. Sid says they don’t have the sensibility. Gauhar says I told her this isn’t a spa. Sid says some things get on your head. Like jail, I was outnumbered. Gauhar says and you’re in a competition. I was only listening. Sid says I was also laughing. They don’t understand the show.

3:15 PM
Pavitra says looking nice Rahul. Nikki says he’s getting ready like someone is seeing him. Clean the washroom. Nikki says please clean the washroom. I have to go.

Bigg Boss asks Hina since you all came to the house, has the mall been closed any day? Hina says no. Bigg boss asks are they getting 7 things? She says yes. She says Eijaz took what he’s wearing. Sara took what she’s wearing. Nishant and pavitra took perfumes and Jaan took shoes. Bigg says are you giving things to people who are able to convince you? She says yes. Bigg boss says are you deciding on on your own. is bigg boss intervening? She says no. Bigg Boss says we heard two people Rubina and Jasmin saying that they are deprived off things they need to break them and make them look ugly. This season is for you to prove yourself and show your voice. If a contestant is weak, it’s your mistake. No one else. Rubina you’re the only one who is living in the garden. Three other people were also nominated by the seniors. You rejected contestants were given a task to be accepted. So you all decided that your performance was the most disappointing. you remained rejected. This week, Abhinav won the immunity task. He was given a chance to give that immunity win and get you accepted but he decided otherwise. It was his decisions and that’s why you’re in garden as a rejected contestant. When you guys are playing and deciding everything. How is Bigg Boss responsible for your hardships? Rubina says you can give me as many hardships as you want. I accepted to be a part of this house. I haven’t slept in 5 days. I have no space to sleep. You’re saying we are famous faces and we understand our responsibility. We trust you that’s why we are here. Jasmin says I was upset about my skin. Don’t mind but we go emotional. I wasn’t blaming you. We have to vent out our emotions. My skin was damaged. Bigg Boss says this show is yours. In the coming time, you will get a last chance to get immunity to save yourself from nomination. But before that we want to give Rubina a chance to get rid of her hardships. If you want, you can skip the immunity task and be accepted contestants. Hina says you will not get the immunity and can come inside the house. Rubina says I will come inside the house. If I am physically strong, only then I can win any task. Bigg Boss says this means you are now an accepted contestant but you will remain nominated this week. You can sit now. Rubina sits and cries. Abhinav consoles her. Everyone claps for her.

5:15 PM
Pavitra says the restroom is so dirty in first washroom. All the tissue is on the floor. Nikki did you ask Rahul to clean? Nikki says he said he cleaned. Pavitra says you didn’t check. She says I have other things to do as well.

Pavitra says to Rahul there’s tissue under jet spray. I don’t think you clean at all. It’s all wet. He says you didn’t notice other clean things? She says it is counted in the washroom. Pavitra says if I cook that doesn’t mean I will cook half. Rahul says why do talk like dada? Look at your tone. Your sabzi was so bad. She says why did you eat it then? He says why did you go to the washroom then? She says are you mad? Go clean and do your duty. Rahul says don’t shout on me. Don’t try to be my boss. She says go in and do your duty. Learn to clean and do your job. I will slap. He says do it. Pavitra asks him to go and clean. Pavitra says don’t show your attitude to me, talk to me with love. Pavitra says I will slap you. Rahul says who the hell are you? Abhi asks him to calm down. Pavitra says to Abhi that he didn’t clean the basin area when I asked him nicely. Rahul says I will have done it if you had asked me nicely, you know I am not like that. Pavitra says you are nothing like that, I asked you to clean it and you said you would but then you came here and didn’t clean it. Rahul says you could have used another bathroom. Pavitra says it’s your duty. Rahul says making food is your duty and you didn’t make good food yesterday, did I say anything to you? If you want to act like you are the boss around here then you are wrong. You are no one so stop it, I don’t F***king care. Pavitra says get lost, don’t eat the food that I make, how dare you point at my food. You don’t respect food so you will die hungry. Rahul asks her to keep shouting, ohhhh ohhhh. Pavitra says you can just say ohhhh? Rahul says this is your reality. Pavitra says you know my reality? Rahul says I know a lot of things but I am just answering you. Pavitra says you send messages to girls on Instagram, you ******. Rahul says if you misbehave with me then I will do it. Jasmin asks him to calm down. Rahul says I am a singer so I don’t want to shout. Shahzad and Jaan tell him that you respectfully gave it back to her. Nikki tells Rahul that she is cooking and making food for us so respect food. What if she stops making food? Rahul says so she will blackmail us? Nikki says nobody is wrong here, it’s just about food. People didn’t get food because of me yesterday and all were pained.

6 PM
Pavitra tells Nikki that I asked you to tell Rahul to clean the washroom, he did but you didn’t inform me and said that he didn’t clean the washroom. Nikki says I didn’t remember that he cleaned it, I went to another washroom and it was not clean. I didn’t remember him telling me that he cleaned it. Pavitra says so you forgot that he talked to you and informed you? Nikki says yes. Pavitra says I understand you.

PRECAP – Nikki tells Abhi that Pavitra is doing all this to get content. She is arguing about tissue in the washroom.
Rubina tells Hina that if a pair of shoes is one item then shalwar kameez can be one item. Hina says now you will get one shoe. Rubina says what is this nonsense? This is wrong. Hina says you won’t get it.
All inmates are fighting in the task. Nikki’s make is destroyed too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I dont think Shezaad did anything wrong.
    Sid clearly favors Nikki. Nikki is just toxic.
    She’s stirring up childish/irritating drama… and because of this, she will never be voted out no matter what.
    I feel that Pavitra is trying to stir some drama

  2. Pavitra started off great.. but all this unnecessary drama and fights is not needed at all.
    Nikki toh matlab, ugh irritating. She gives me a more toxic Arshi Khan vibes.
    I love Sid, Hina and Gauahar but I can’t wait for them to leave coz i feel these are a potential bunch of contestants. Can’t for their individual games to start🙌🏻
    Rubina-Nishanth-Abhinav look good so far. Hope this trio lasts.

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