Bigg Boss 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Naina gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says nobody left yesterday but Kavita went into the house without any response from the inmates. Let’s connect to them. He connects the video call to the house. Salman asks Kavita to stay longer this time, she says I will try. Salman says the audience wants to see you again so you are back by the public demand. Kavita thanks him. Salman says yesterday was entertainment but we will tackle the issues today. He says if you people are faking anything then take it off as this is the time. He asks Abhi to bring some items from the storeroom. He brings it. Salman says wear the hairbands. He says you have to tell who has more than one face and which face you want to expose. You will stick their face to their hairband. The person who has the most faces on their hairband will be selected as the person with the most faces in the house which is not good for the audience.
Rahul: He takes Eijaz’s name as he fights with people but then starts joking with them, he is fake. He says I want to expose Nikki’s face because she says she doesn’t want to sit with Jaan but then spends all her time with him so dual personality.
Naina: She says I want to expose Eijaz’s face as he uses people, he talks to anyone that he thinks will help him in the game. He flips a lot.
Shardul: He says I want to expose Jaan’s face, I thought he has some feelings for Nikki but I think he knows what he is doing and is playing a mastermind by using feelings.
Eijaz: He says I want to expose Jasmin’s cuteness, she hides a lot of things behind her cuteness, she is not fair. She is very unfair but she can’t hide it behind her cuteness. He says I want to expose Pavitra’s face, she has threatened a lot, she has been aggressive but it’s fake, she does it to hide her fear, she does over-acting to hide her fear. He says I want to expose Abhi’s face, he calls me a brother but he laughs when people are insulting me. He is fake.
Jaan: He says I want to expose Rubina’s face. Her face in the tasks is fake, she becomes aggressive, she fakes her aggression.
Kavita: She says Rahul over-judges people.
Nikki: She says I want to expose Eijaz, he is a big-time liar. I didn’t ask him to make Jaan put his hand in the toilet, he wanted to gain fake sympathy from Jaan by putting the blame on me. He is a liar.
Jasmin: She says I want to expose Pavitra as she tries to be neutral with everyone, she is a very smart and intelligent player. She wants to use her neutral relationship at the right time.
Abhi: He says I want to expose Eijaz, he is someone else as a captain and someone else as a normal person. I think he hides his weakness by trying to scare people but people are not scared of him anymore. He is a weak man. He says I want to expose Jaan, he is playing smartly, he acted nice at the start then people started calling him flip-master but it’s his strategy now to use others to move ahead in the game.
Rubina: She takes Jaan’s name saying he uses his innocence in the house but goes against his friends like Nikki too. He sits with me all the time but then goes against me in the task. He fakes his innocence. She takes Pavitra’s name and says I agree with Eijaz for the first time, she shows her fake aggression. She uses her loud voice to get into other’s fights. Pavitra says I talk where it’s needed.
Pavitra: She says I want to expose Rubina as I see her hidden side in the tasks. I see a vamp in the tasks but then she becomes a heroine in the house. She is a vamp in actuality. Pavitra says I want to expose Naina as I see her hiding her fierce personality behind her smile. She says I want to take Eijaz’s name because he doesn’t understand people’s love, he uses emotions to play his game, he flips in the game. Eijaz says if I am using someone’s emotions then I am not flipping?

Salman says Eijaz has the most faces in the house followed by Jaan and Pavitra. Eijaz says I express my feelings, I cry here too so they can think I am weak. I take out aggression to win my tasks.

Salman says to the inmates that now I will let you know what the audience thinks. He ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman says this house is crazy, everyone sees flaws in others but doesn’t see their own flaws. I have noticed one thing in every season that one inmate points out the mistakes of others but then repeats the same mistakes. When Kavita abused Eijaz so Pavitra was against her in week 3 but then in week 4 Pavitra did the same with Eijaz. The clip shows how Kavita abused Eijaz and told that she used to make food for him. Pavitra said that Kavita is misbehaving with him. Kavita hit Eijaz with her elbow. But then in week 4, Pavitra abused Eijaz in the same way and kneed him with her elbow. The clip ends. Salman says Pavitra was taking Eijaz’s side against Kavita but lost her balance in the next week and repeated Kavita’s mistakes. So Pavitra and Kavita are the same?

Salman connects the video call to the house. He asks Pavitra how she liked Kavita’s return? She says I liked it. I used to follow her show and I liked her a lot. When she came into the house, I thought she would be a tough competition. Salman says then? Pavitra says then I thought she doesn’t have guts, then she misbehaved with Eijaz. Salman says you were against Kavita when she abused Eijaz, bragged about giving food to Eijaz in the lockdown but this week, you repeated everything that Kavita did, you copied everything Kavita did in the last week. You criticized her but after one week, you repeated all of those things. Pavitra says she was bringing outside’s topic. Salman says she talked about food, you talked about food. You cursed Eijaz, and also became physically violent. I was just asking if you are a big fan of Kavita? But you disagreed with her but then followed her footsteps? So who is right or wrong here? Pavitra says I don’t want to say anything. Salman says you were talking about people looking up to us, that you people are role-models to Kavita but then you took her place only? You don’t want to say anything? Pavitra sighs and says I did a mistake by saying so much to him, I am sorry for that and I want to apologize, I shouldn’t have brought it up but it was my emotions because I couldn’t accept his reason for saving Jasmin. Salman says you are saying sorry to him now? Pavitra says I thought to apologize to him yesterday only. Salman says but it looks like you are saying sorry now because I brought it up. Pavitra says I wanted to talk to him before. Salman says Eijaz must have sensed that you were feeling guilty for your aggression and cursing? He asks Eijaz. Eijaz says she has fought with me before also, she calls her the store of misunderstanding. I didn’t want to choose from my friends to save so I saved Jasmin as a reward for her halwa. I wanted to be neutral. Salman says so friendship is just about saving your friend? Pavitra says I didn’t ask him to save me but I didn’t like his reason for saving Jasmin. I am sorry for keeping expectations, I am sorry and I will apologize for my aggression and cursing but not for my emotions. Eijaz says you felt that because of your wrong expectations. Salman says cursing is fine but you shouldn’t be physically violent Pavitra. I don’t know if this is aggression or you feel something for him. Pavitra says I did but I don’t feel anything for him anymore. Salman says why keep so much expectation from someone? Pavitra says I am sorry for keeping expectations, I am sorry for saying all this. Salman says you think you can act cute to melt someone’s heart? People might think you are acting. He says you people keep bringing up violence in the tasks but no one said anything to Pavitra. No one told Pavitra that she was wrong, that she was violent. It’s shameful. I am most surprised at Abhi, he was right there, he acts like a righteous man but you were silent? Abhi says they were both so angry, Eijaz can do anything in his aggression. I didn’t want to get involved. Salman says that’s not my question, I just want to know who told Pavitra that she was wrong? Abhi says I talked to Pavitra but I didn’t ask her to apologize. Salman says when the incident happened with Jasmin and Rahul, you were not there but you took her side. Abhi says because Jasmin is my very good friend. Salman says you didn’t think but took your friend’s side but you didn’t say anything when you were the witness of Pavitra’s violence. Rahul says they have subjective judgment, if their friend does something then it’s always right. Rubina says I didn’t witness Pavitra’s incident. Rahul says you people act all righteous so raise your voice against wrong every time. Salman says to Abhi that you were present there, you saw Pavitra hitting him but you didn’t talk to Pavitra as a friend. I will tell my friend if they are going wrong. You should have told Jasmin also that she was wrong in Rahul’s case. You should have also told Pavitra that she was not in her senses and she should end it as she was going over-board. Salman says I won’t ask Jaan anything but I want to ask Nikki why she didn’t talk to Pavitra? Nikki says Pavitra curses when she is angry so I didn’t want to talk to her at that moment. I was stopping Eijaz. Salman says Nikki you are doing the same mistake, you are not listening to my question. You should have told Pavitra that she was wrong. Did you people plan to make it difficult for Eijaz as a captain? Pavitra says there was no planning, it was my sudden reaction. Salman says Jaan and Nikki were against Eijaz so they didn’t stop you. Salman asks Jasmin. Jasmin says I was trying to stop them because they were so angry. Salman says you people could have told Pavitra. Jasmin says Pavitra was totally in control, I asked her if she would hit him but she said she knew what she was doing and she was in control. Salman says she can say she was in control but she did raise a hand. Jasmin says she was not listening to me.
Salman says I am shocked that Eijaz didn’t make an issue? Eijaz says they joke about aggression. I don’t expect any common sense from anyone, they make fun of me so I don’t talk to anyone. I tried picking it up but I knew Pavitra will start talking to me again so I didn’t want to make it an issue, she can behave as she wants. I don’t feel any vibe from these people. I cried to Shardul. Abhi calls me his brother but I don’t feel his vibe. I can’t expect anything from Nikki and Jaan. Salman says did you take a stand? No, but we noticed it. I feel like you all were enjoying it when it was happening with Eijaz? Rahul says they do it daily so we don’t tell them anything. I think Eijaz-Pavitra fight in the morning and then make-up at the night time. Eijaz gets triggered by anything, Jasmin used the ‘mental’ word and he got triggered. Eijaz shouts it’s my trigger point. Rahul says he is crazy. Salman tells Rahul that anyone can be triggered by anything. Jasmin says I said sorry to Eijaz but he keeps grudges in his heart. Eijaz says because your apology is not genuine. Jasmin says you are trying to fight with me but I am ignoring it. Salman says to Jasmin that you shouldn’t talk about the trigger point as your trigger point was discussed too. Jasmin says I overcame that and said sorry to Rahul. Salman says Pavitra thought that Eijaz was ungrateful, she said that she made him the captain. Eijaz paid you back when he brought you back from the red-zone, he can give any reason to save Jasmin. He asks Pavitra what is happening to you? Why are you taking it personally? Pavitra says I did a mistake, I won’t have expectations anymore.
Salman asks Rubina what’s her reading? All laugh. Rubina says should I speak? Salman says we want to ask if Pavitra should get angry for Eijaz saving Jasmin as she made halwa? Rubina says Pavitra shouldn’t have gotten angry, they talk about their chemistry but saving in nominations doesn’t bring respect in a relationship. It looks like they want to move ahead in the game using another one. If you like someone then respect their reasons. Salman says like Abhi. Rubina says if Abhi takes a decision for someone else then I will respect his decision. Salman says Rubina you are absolutely right. If there are no expectations then there shouldn’t have been such a big reaction. Pavitra says I didn’t expect him to save me from nominations. Salman says you are not understanding, you can’t justify your aggression or violence. He tells Eijaz that your patience is amazing.

Salman says Rahul has amazing patience too. What Nikki did the mask task was not right. He says the mask was not underwear, where did you keep it? It was a mask. Nikki says in my pants. Salman says you can’t even say it but you did it easily. What if there was someone else and didn’t hesitate to take the mask? He could have justified taking it from your pants. Rahul didn’t do it but what if someone else had done it? What if it was Jasmin or Pavitra? Even if a girl puts her hand in your pants, would that look good on national TV? What if Rahul had tried to get it? Rahul says I would have been destroyed. Salman says our women put money in their bras because they know no one will touch them there. You incorporated it into the task. What is your point? Were you excited? Did you want to win at any cost? You knew that Rahul wouldn’t put hands in my pants so I did it to win the game. Nikki says I was scared in the task, he was snatching it from me and I didn’t know what to do so I put it in my pants, it was not planned. I did wrong. Salman asks Rubina. Rubina says it was wrong of Nikki. Salman says did you tell her? Rubina says no. Salman says you didn’t feel as a woman, you should have told her that it’s not okay. Rubina says I agree but I feel like Nikki does things in the tasks which are unbelievable, I think she plans all this. Salman says to Nikki if Rahul had done this then what? Nikki says I would have shouted at him. Rahul says I don’t think so. Salman says everyone would have wanted to throw Rahul out of the house for that cheap act. You people didn’t tell Nikki that it was wrong of her. You people have moral responsibility too. Abhi says it backfires as then they call her softies and tell us that we don’t know how to play a game. Salman says they can say anything but you do your part. Abhi says okay. Salman says you people didn’t say anything because it was Rahul in front of Nikki. If it was Abhi in front of her then Nikki would have become a vamp. You people back-bite about Nikki but scared in front of her. He tells Nikki that only you can damage your respect. Nikki says I did a mistake. Salman says hats off to Rahul, you were very decent. Rahul says thank you. Salman says RAHUL IS SAFE. Rahul thanks everyone. Salman tells Nikki that you are an innocent girl so maintain that. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Naina hugs Rahul. Jasmin congratulates Rahul. Nikki says sorry to Rahul and says I shouldn’t have done it. I realize it just now, I was confused at that time. Rahul says as a friend, you should realize before someone pointing it. Jasmin hugs Rahul and says I told you will be saved. Jaan hugs Rahul.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He asks Rubina and Abhi if they trust each other? They say yes. He says then we will play a game. Salman says we will play a task. All inmates to have to tell if Abhi and Pavitra are the last two men in the world then whom you wouldn’t trust? and why? You will take out tags from the garlands they are wearing.
Rubina: She says I don’t trust Pavitra at all, she flips in the tasks.
Jasmin: She says I don’t trust Pavitra as she made Eijaz feel bad, she wants a return and gains from others so you can’t trust her.
Nikki: She says I don’t know Abhi so I don’t trust him. I know Pavitra but I don’t trust her. She takes her tag from Pavitra’s garland.
Kavita: She says I was rude to Pavitra once but I tried to create a bond with her, I can’t trust her.
Jaan: He says I can’t trust Abhi as he says something and does something else in the tasks.
Eijaz: He says I know Abhi has integrity. I know Pavitra makes very good food but I don’t think she has integrity, she shields herself with her weaknesses.
Shardul: He says I can’t trust Abhi as Pavitra has proved her loyalty to me.
Naina: She says I think I can trust Abhi more than Pavitra. He gives emotional support when I want. She takes her tag from Pavitra.
Rahul: He says I don’t interact with Abhi more but I feel like I can trust him if only he is left, I don’t trust Pavitra in the game.
Aly: He says Abhi is very caring, he does so much work in the house. I will take Pavitra’s tag.

Salman says only two tags are left in Pavitra’s garland. Only Jaan and Shardul trust her.

The caller of the Week:
Salman says it’s time for the caller of the week. He connects the call to the caller. The caller says I want to ask Jaan that I am your father’s fan so I was interested in watching you, you talk about friendship a lot but you fight with them in the tasks. Jaan says I get trust issues, I have done mistakes and I am trying to rectify my mistakes. I will fulfill my friendship. The caller says you ditched Nishant too, where is your loyalty? Jaan says Nishant cheated me on the bag task. The caller says yesterday only you insulted Eijaz so much. Jaan says Eijaz was teasing me, touching me and said some bad words. Eijaz says it was my strategy to provoke you. Jaan says I didn’t like what he said, I take him as a brother and I got angry, I apologized to him. Eijaz says you apologized to me because Aly talked to you. Jaan says I shouldn’t have said those words to him, I have said sorry to him. He also said sorry to me. The caller says you accepted your mistake so it’s a big thing. He ends the call.

Salman says to Jaan that you cursed Eijaz and he is your senior. You said some very bad words. Jaan says I was wrong. Salman says it puts the blame on your mom, you came here as a sweet little boy but you look like an illiterate brat here. Your tongue is so bad that we can’t show your sentences. If you say that your mom raised you then how can you talk like this? You are showing that you learned this? You are cursing so much that it looks like you want to look macho. You can put your point across without cursing. You know cameras are capturing you but you are cursing so much. You are always talking about upbringing but then you are cursing and such a bad level of cursing. What is your level Jaan? It’s really shocking to hear such language from you. This is not cool. You curse people at the time of intensity and it hurts your personality only. Jaan says I will work on that.

Salman says the nominated inmates are Naina and Shardul. He asks Abhi what he thinks? Abhi says I think both are equally in danger. Jasmin says I think Shardul will go. Eijaz says I think Naina will go. Salman says the eliminated inmate is Naina. He tells Shardul to use this chance now. He tells Naina that you got the least votes. He says Shardul and Rahul can move back to the green-zone. He ends the call.

In the house, Naina hugs Rahul and others. She calls Aly. He says I am so sorry, this is wrong. Kavita hugs her. Naina asks Aly to take care. She hugs Jasmin. Naina leaves the house.

Eijaz tells Jaan that I didn’t forgive your mistake. You have cursed my sister, I am her father. Jaan says I have done a mistake. Eijaz says you call me your brother and then you call me ******. I don’t come to you for any advice, I told you to not touch me, you don’t know the reason as my father will feel bad. Jaan says it’s my first mistake. I am not like this. Eijaz says don’t go over me now. Jasmin tells Eijaz if he will do his duty tomorrow? You didn’t do it today. He says I will do it tomorrow, I didn’t get any sleep today. Jasmin says I know, I didn’t come here to fight or blame you. I understand it was a heavy day for you. Eijaz says you are not listening to me. Jasmin says you can talk. Eijaz says you are not talking nicely to me, I don’t deserve it. Jasmin says you didn’t think my sorry was genuine? You want me to sit on my knees in front of you? Eijaz says when you are genuine then I will feel it, don’t say all that. I don’t feel your sorry. I will do my duty when I am feeling well. Don’t show me attitude. I am tired now so don’t talk to me. Jasmin says I am asking you politely, what do you want? Eijaz says I respect you so I want the same. Jasmin says I try to talk to you every time but you are always guarded. Eijaz says let’s end it, I will feel better tomorrow and I will do my duty, I won’t irritate anyone. I don’t disrespect anyone as you do. Jasmin says I didn’t disrespect you.

Shardul tells Pavitra that you have to bring out your entertaining side, you have to win your audience. I will sit and hear people talking about you. We will keep Aly on our side as he is strong. I will sit with Jaan and Nikki. Pavitra says I will sit with Rubina and Abhi, I did one mistake with Eijaz but there won’t be any more mistakes, too hell with all of them.

Salman signs off from the show.

There will be a BB court task tomorrow. Farah khan and two other famous journalists Amith-Charrul will come to question the inmates.
Bigg Boss says to inmates that the journey will be difficult now. They raise the curtain to show the surprise.
Aly is frustrated being locked in a glass room and says I will not wear mic or eat now. He shouts that I want to be free from here. He starts banging on the glass and says I will break it, let me out of here. He says I don’t care if they throw me out of the show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This ejaz is seriously mental..he should consult a doctor..he dont know how to behave..always shouting at everyone unnecessarily..irritating guy..he talk shit nd provokes everyone to call him mad nd thn he plays victim card

  2. Jasmin did wrong and told sorry..but this eijaz is trying to put her’s not fair .he is really mad…if eijaz thinks that she is showing attitude or disrespect then y should she plead him? …at first jasmin had problem with Rahul… It was mistake by jasmin…but soon they problem got solved and now they are good..
    Like that it is also a simple misunderstanding…everyone should give up even if others are wrong to get problem solved…then that person will even get audience’s support bcz every humans do mistakes ….jasmin dint disrespect anyone she is just proving her point of view…eijaz is trying to provoke her…it is not fair and he is not fair…at first I showed sympathy towards him but he is wrong…everyone whoever read my comment pls support jasmin ..I think she is true … Pls do reply me if anything wrong I have written…I think jasmin needs some guidance so we will all support her…are you all ok with it? Pls share your reply?

    1. Eijaz thinks , everybody must Respect him and Listen to him . He is a very Selfish Man

    2. Karma hits really hard. Its her karma. Just remember who she was supporting last season a bully. She was supporting a bully and now she is herself getting it back. Eijaz may be wrong but God can never be unfair to anyone she is getting a taste of what women tasted last season and she was supporting a bully man. Karma is great let her have it.

    3. Stupid… jasmin is true and she is not a hasty women ..she and Rubina are only playing perfect …all the best for jasmin!!!

    4. Yes playing very well by crying madly on no reason and playing women card with out any need. Cursing others, crying on washing clothes etc etc. She cries ebery five minutes. Now getting insecure for Aly. Playing very well. She will surely win. No one wins by crying and lamenting without any reason. Just copy that.

    5. Yes you are right she needs some guidance and ejaz is being favoured by bb and salman


  3. Yes Ruhi is right nd sure support jasmin and surabhi is also right about eijaz..I pray that eijaz must get eliminated soon…😁

    1. I guess Eijaz won’t get eliminated this easily as you see, bigg boss salman and everyone else is supporting him as they feel he’s a strong contestant. Even I don’t like Eijaz much, but as long as he’s giving footage..He won’t be eliminated. Jasmine is so genuine and is hence easy to target, I wish Aly gets out of Quarantine soon and starts guiding Jasmine effectively.

    2. You are right and aly is guiding her but I think channel has programmed aly to support ejaz. But I loved how aly is even trying to understand jasmine’s point of view. I don’t hate ejaz but I hate the favourism done to him

  4. Lol nikki is an innocent girl biggest joke of the century 😂😂😂😂. Sorry salman khan and bb but she was never an innocent person infact she is the most dirty and negative player in the house which you people can’t understand. I am happy that pavitra got scolded but for what insulting bigg boss favourite ejaz. I used to like ejaz but now he is also favoured in the same way like nikki. And how many times jasmine have to say sorry to him. Everyone does mistakes ejaz is not a doodh ka dhula hua but unfortunately ejaz is doodh ka dhula hua for makers. And I was amazed by the reason of scolding rubinav. Why were they scolded because they didn’t stood for right in a loud fight why only they should stood why not nikki and her friends. And why should rubina only speak to nikki. Is she some thekedaar of house that she has to say nikki that she is wrong and if she does it then nikki will insult her and then rubina will react then rubina will be scolded for her reaction. I know rubinav have done wrong in previous week but for that you cannot taunt them always. Everyone make mistakes and this week they were trying to improve themselves but still they were mocked and scolded. I liked how rubina and jasmine gave a befitting reply to salman. Biased show


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