Bigg Boss 8 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 110
song Tumhi ho Bandhu starts playing, inmates wake up and dance.

Sambhavna says to Gautam that Ali is not coming near, he iws afraid of me, I am not like that he will say a one sorry and finish what all bulshit he said.

Dimpy ask Gautam to finish matter with Ali, Gautam says I am not talking to him, I am talking to Sambhavna, he is not worth it, Ali starts shouting that see what this man is saying, Gautam says oh I am so much afraid, so sweet, Rahul ask Ali to not shout, Ali says he is fake, Gautam starts singing we love we love Gauti, Ali starts singing against him too, Ali says you are my servant, they do singing fight, all laughs, Karishma ask what is happening here, Gautam ask Ali to eat nutella instead of his head, Sana says this was a fight in which all are laughing, Gautam ask Ali to stop, I am making egg for you, Gautam say bald bald bald guy, Ali says you cheap guy always a cap, Gautam says you copy copy copy, ali says you are fake fake fake, Gautam says pack up of Ali, Gautam ask Ali what will you have Ali? Nutella, patella, or mouth to mouth fight, Gautam starts washing his face and says dirtiness came on my face because I talked to you, oh god, he washes his whole hairs.
Ali comes to Mahek and says that Gautam have started it again, Mahek says I don’t know whats happening inside. Ali comes in lounge, Gautam sings we love we love Gauti, Ali sings he is cheapo cheapo, Dimpy ask Ali to stop it, Gautam want content, he is just instigating you smartly, Ali takes a knife in hand, Pritham take Ali from there, Dimpy ask Ali to control himself. Pritham ask Ali to not do this, Ajaz got out of house, you should be calm, Ali says I would hit his face. otherside Gautam says to camera that I will give answer with smile to his slangs. Karishma says to Ali that he was fighting with you smile then why you are aggressive. Pritham says that Gautam is no less, Karishma says Gautam also provoke, Dimpy says Ali started it, he pointed to Gautam first then Gautam started the fight.
Sana says Gautam is no less, Sambhavna says but Ali comes on face and provokes others to fight, if Gautam would have done it with Pritham then I would have said that Gautam you are wrong.
Rahul says to Gautam that don’t do this, in game, you can get injured, Gautam says either I will win or will go dead, Rahul says give your point but don’t fight.
Ali says to Mahek that I am not doing anything but Gautam started Mahek says I will talk to him.
Pritham ask Gautam to not do all this, Gautam says why don’t you leave Ali alone, Pritham you said that I clean the house just to get footage, why did you say this, even dog cleans it before sitting, Pritham sas many have said many things about each other, you have said many things too, we have already cleared things, don’t talk about us, Gautam says I am saying same that don’t advocate Ali, he is wrong.

Gautam ask Ali should I make your breakfast, Rahul ask to finish it, Mahek says to Gautam that you will not do physical fight, Gautam agrees, she ask Ali to not hit below the belt, she makes Ali and Gautam hug, Gautam ask Ali to not do kissie and all, Ali smiles.
Sambhavna says to Pritham that Ali is wrong, remember one thing when your numbers comes, he has dagger for you.
Ali comes in washroom and starts crying incoherently, Mahek and Rahuk comes there to console, Rahul goes to bring tissue paper, and ask Pritham to come, Ali has breakdown, Sambhavna says to Gautam that now Ali will do drama.
Mahek wipes Ali’s tears and ask him to not cry, your mother is seeing, what will she say that how weak is my son, did I cry yesterday when we fought.
Sambhavna says to Gautam that if nominations happen, you will be nominated, Gautam says I will talk to him but I will maintain distance, Sambhavan says I will maintain one inch distance from him.

Gautam comes to Ali and says that will you like it that we make each othe cry, you taunted Mahek too, Ali says slangs will work with me but you taunt me, which is not acceptable, Gautam says can you tae a advise, did you ever listened a slang from my mouth? I like your entertaining style, go in washroom and think what you all said to me, Ali says I will not use slang and will not hit below the belt, he hugs Gautam, Gautam says don’t taunt others on career.

Bigg boss says to Pritham in confession room that give one name from champion’s team for making captain, talk with your team.
Pritham comes to his team, Karishma says Ali is already captain so me, Dimpy and Pritham are contender, Mahek comes there too, he tells her about giving one name for captaincy, he ask her decision, Mahek says Pritham, all agree on his name.

Dimpy ask Ali am I not beautiful that my husband run behind others, Ali says you are beautiful, elegant, you look gorgeous in Saree, Dimpoy says he always taunted me on my height, my voice, that I don’t look good wlking with him, the one whose husband doesn’t respect her, nobody respect that women, Ali says this is old thinking, you are women of today, Dimpy says how Karishma complains that he tease her, he irritates her, if she wants then nobody cant irritate her, she allows others to hug her, she takes help from others and then blame them only but how can I speak when my own person is bad. ali says right.

Bigg boss ask Pritham name of contender for captaincy, Pritham says they have selected my name, bigg boss ask challengers to give one more name from champion’s team only for next contender.
Challenger’s team decide Karishma’s name.

Rahul is talking to Karishma, he says I will make a dres for you like a Cinderella, Karishma says I am not single, Rahul says I know, Rahul says I will do great wedding, Dimpy is listening all this sitting behind.

Sambhavna says to karishma that Rahul is dog but I pity on him, she hugs Rahul that he didn’t eat food. Rahul says I adopt Sana as my daughter, Sambhavna says he forget that he adopted someone in house and will not even recognize you, Pritham says Rahul is afraid of girls so he has hired body guards, Sambhavna says no, he is afraid that he will jump at any girl, he cant stop himself seeing a nice girl, Dimpy says its not like that. Pritham says we are just doing fun, Sambhavna says drama not again.

bigg boss ask challengers name of next contender, they say Karishma. Dimpy reads the task. there is spider web in activity area, they have to lie on spider web upside down, the one who lie for more time will win the task and will rule champions and challengers.

task starts, there will be task where there is spider web, Pritham and Karishma have to stick to web upside down like spider on its web, they stick to it then web starts rotating.. Karishma ask what is happening, All cheers for them, they guide them too. web keep moving from time to time, Mahek says well-done karishma, Mahek says bigg boss bring web down, Pritham is tired, web is taken down, they both leave the web and are tired, all clap for them, Bigg boss says karishma left the web after Pritham so KARISHMA IS NEW CAPTAIN, she says thank you.

Karishma says to challengers that I will allot work to you people, Sambhavna ask who is deciding this, Karishma says I am deciding it, Rahul will clean washroom and wash utensils. you will clean living area Sambhavna alternate days, Dimpy try to say something but Sambhavna shouts that Karishma you are captain so you tell us work, nobody should come inbetween, Karishma says Ali si my vice captain, Dimoy gives flying kiss to Sambhavna, Sambhavna ask her to not do this, Dimpy sing chumma chumma de de, Sambhavna says you cheap women, do all this for footage. Karishma comes to Sambhavna and says I asked Dimpy to remember duties I have assigned, don’t get angry, come. she brings Sambhavna in kitchen. Dimpy still sing chumma chumma de de, Sambhavna says stop it, the women who broke P3G.
Mahek says to Sambhavna that Karishma has become captain now and Dimpy is going over broad, she was intervening in everything.
Rahul ask Dimpy to not do this, you are coming out as negative, your image is looking same like Sambahvana, your voice is coming out negative, you don’t show this attitude, 80% of india hates you, Mahek ask Rahuk to not say like this, this will not show good effect on her, Dimpy in tears sit there, Mahek ask Rahul this is not the way to explain things to anyone, Dimpy says yeah right Rahul you are great husband, Mahek ask them to not get personal. she starts crying, Pritham comes there, Dimpy throws her mike, Pritham ask to not do this, Dimpy says I don’t wanna talk, if I speak, if I sing, If I laugh, with everything I have problem, Dimpy says to Pritham crying that I cant talk to anyone in house and if someone abuse me even then Rahl say that I should remain silent, he says that technically I am your husband then how can he flirt infront of his wife. Mahek comes to Dimpy and says that I told you to be silent infront of Sambhavna then why did you started it, Dimpy says we should have freedom to talk, what have I done wrong with Sambhavna, Ptitham says Sambhavna’s reaction was wrong too, Mahek says I cannot say whose reaction was wrong.
Sana says to Sambhavna that when a person doesn’t like me then I wont interfere in his matter but Dimpy is something else.
Karishma sys to Dimpy that Sambhavan get irritated by your talk, Dimpy says no she just want footage. Karishma ask her to wear mike, Dimpy leaves from there.
karishma comes behind her in washroom, Dimpy say I get affected by my husband, I am loosing my confidence, if my voice irritate then I will stop talking, Karishma says no you don’t have to.
Sambhavna ask Sana what was Rahul saying, Sana says he was saying to Dimpy that she is looking same like Sambhavna, he meant to say fighter image, Sambhavna says I will straight this Rahul, Sana ask to not to as it would look like that I am saying all this to make you fight with him, Sambhavna says that I am not playing any game but that Dimpy is playing game with everyone.
Dimpy tells Karishma that Rahul said he likes you from 6 years then why did he marry me. Karishma says he was just joking, Dimpy says no, he really flirts with you, he was behind you from way back, Karishma says if that’s the case then I would raise my voice, I thought his wife is taking it as joke so I should be calm too but now I will ask him to stop it, Dimpy says when I married him, after sometime he started running behind other girls, he started massageing you, Karishma says he would do massages to many girls but I am infront of him so he is doing flirt, I am not interested, I have Bf and even if I am single then I wont think about Rahul.

Rahul ask Sambhavana to finish this, Sambhavna says after my first fight with Dimpy, I started ignoring her but she irritated me, she doesn’t exist for me, Rahul ask her to not cross her path from now on, Sambhavna says I will not com in her way and will not allow her to come in my way either, Rahul says ok Karishma, Sambhvana says not karishma but Sambhavna, he laughs and says Karishma is on my mind.
Pritham says to Karishma that they are doing fights deliberately as they have come in house so they have to give content. he ask Dimpy to not initiate fight from her side.

Gautam says to Rahul that you call karishma sometime Princess and sometime sister, Rahul says what sister? I am behind her for 6 years, Gautam ask what? really? Rahul says yes, I am giving her line from many years, Gautam ask then is she avoiding you? Rahul says not avoiding me.

PRECAP- teacher Farah Khan is coming to attack inmates on weekend Ka Waar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sambavana,,,,hate uuuuu

  2. Rahul is an ass. Honestly, I still don’t know what made Dimpy marry such a guy. Dimpy was, no doubt, wrong in poking her nose (as usual) in between Sambhavna and Karishma’s conversation, but the way Rahul dealt with it was completley wrong, and why is she effin still hanging out with Karishma when she knows that she’s a user. Someone needs to tell Dimpy to get back to being her old self when she initially came into the house. As for Rahul he needs slaps, kicks and much more. Moron.

  3. dimpy shudnt always interfere in other’s matters but rahul is just bein a MCP,it doesnt seem lyk he belongs to a famous political family…hez just ruining family name…..a bloody joker….

  4. Why is gautam behaving like that why is he sitting and talking with that psycho sambhavna I hate her I hope gautam will keep distance with her all of them are depressed specially gautam he was not like that before we want our gauti back

  5. OMG dimpy really needs to divorce dat budhaa hes got an awful Way of talkin to his wife poor dimpy she should tell him that if you loved krishma so much you should have asked her to marry you he hated dimpy anyway just did it for famee the disgusting man hes ruining his image

  6. gautam u do bter ali jesa……dog ke liye its prfct

  7. Dimpy don’t cry dear & Rahul do u have any self respect one girl is ignoring you & you are saying that you are behind him from six years on national television….As man and specially maharashtrian Marathi man its does not suit you at all……grow up man….grow up….!!!!

  8. Good going gullu!! Gave the right bang back to ali!!!! He did the same with ajaz but you maintained your cool

  9. Irritatd vth Ali..barkng like a dog..he is no playng like a entertainer..ds guy must b evictd

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