Bigg Boss 8 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 109
Pritham says to Rahul that I don’t know why Gautam is behaving like this, Rahul says ou have isolated him, Pritham says no he isolate himself deliberately, he was not alone from dy first, he sit alone to gain sympathy, this is his game, he want to be alone, Dimpy was her good friend but he created fight with her, then Ali was good with him but now he fight with him, when you talk a little negative about him then he will snap at you, his mind has gone mad, he has developed a trust factor with audience that’s why, Rahul ask why you had fights with Dimpy? Pritham says I had two fights with her, Rahul says that slang thing happened, what happened in poking, Pritham says she called me not a man, why will I say a slang to girl without any reason.

song beedi ji laile starts playing. inmates get up and shake leg on tunes.

Ali says to karishma that Sambhavna was saying to going Gautam that she will do such with Ali that he will run out of house, Karishma says tell her that it used to happen in season 2, season 8 is different, Gautam comes there and ask Karishma to take permission of challengers before taking anything from kitchen, he leaves, Dimpy says Gautam hates us so much that he doesn’t sleep with us, Karishma says he used to sleep in lounge on floor whole season but now just cause we are sleeping on floor, he is sleeping on bed, I mean so much hatred that he refused to sleep, Dimpy says our Gautam left us, Karishma says he was not mine ever, Karishma says his brother said that their will be animosity with him till end, I tried a lot but we just cant be friends, there is wall between us, Dimpy says he deliberately keep that wall, Karishma says I keep that wall too, Dimpy says no you only maintain distance, but he keep the wall of hatred, I have noticed it.

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Dimpy says to Gautam that you feel like we have isolated you, we are ignoring you deliberately, Karishma ask I wanna ask too that are we making you feel that we have isolated you, Gautam sys I have no problem, Gautam says when I was with you people ever? , Karishma says but we are a team right? Gautam sys there is no team, we are playing individual, Dimpy ask just to tell you feel isolated or not? Gautam says nothing like that, its just that when you fight deliberately it can be seen like Ali and Pritham are to do something deliberately so I am avoiding them but I am talking to you both, I don’t feel isolated, I am alone enough for all, Karishma says its like we all champions are together but you stay alone, Gautam says who is alone, there are new people with whom I gel with, Karishma says I noticed that 3.5 months you slept on floor with Puneet but when we started sleeping you went in bedroom, Gautam says I couldn’t sleep with Ali and Pritham, that’s personal, I don’t like to fight with Ali and Pritham, Karishma says I have noticed that you are saying to new people about us that we are like this or that, you also said that Rahul was winner in earlier season, Ali comes there and ask karishma to tell how Rahul was winner, Ali says Gautam is invisible for me, Karishma ask them to not do argument we are here to clarify, Gautam says to karishma see that’s why I don’t talk to them to avoid fight, Pritham comes there too, Gautam now you understand, Karishma sys there should be team work, why you run away from us, Gautam says what team is like this that 4 are against one and corner him, Pritham ask who is cornering you, Gautam ask what is happening now, Gautam says why Ali and Pritham started talking, Pritham says you included us in your corner talk otherwise I was not saying anything to you, Pritham says if he want to be alone then let him be, ali ask Dimpy to not give him footage, Dimpy says we just wanted to mend things, Gautam says I am not alone, I am just doing friendship with them, Karishma sys you do friendship but why you are running away from us, Gautam says we were not together before too, Gautam says I was talking to Ali and sudde3nly he started abusing me, if I do this with you Karishma then you will hit me, Ali says I didn’t say any slang, Gautam says why should I sit with people who always fight, Pritham says we have not made you feel isolated, Gautam says Pritham talk like get lost and all, Pritham ask how you talk then?, Gautam says to Pritham I tried to tell you that when I tale normally with you, Pritham says you included me in all that we are isolating you, why will we isolate you, Ali says I didn’t say any slang, you are fake, Gautam says when I am called fake, when I am abused then I will feel bad, when somebody poked you, you hit her back, Pritham says don’t bring that poke point again and again an I reacted to slang of her not poking, Gautam says you felt bad on slang then I felt bad on slang too, Ali says I didn’t say a slang, Karishma ask Gautam what slang did Ali say to you, we will solve it, Gautam says I don’t wana solve, he talk in high tone, my skin will look bad if I talk much so I don’t wanna talk, he says to Karishma that you talk to me, I do jokes with you, we fight too, but we talk to each other as I know that you take things sportingly and forget things. Ali fought with me then Pritham took his side too, Pritham leaves from there, Dimpy says I just asked you to check if there is bucket in washroom and you gave reaction and said I will check? how cute, what was that, we are trying to mend things but you don’t take things positively, you made a issue, you did dramatics, Gautam says so cute, Gautam says to Rahul that if someone fight with you then come and smile at you then fight with you what should you do, Dimpy says Rahul is like this only, all try to mend things, its on you how you take that, Gautam says its sin to talk to you, Dimpy ask what you mean, Gautam says you fight in everything that I run away from you, people have to lessen the volume of tv when she speak, your voice hits on ears, Dimoy says nobody can be friends with him, Gautam says if I talk to you for 5 minutes then you will use slang, Dimpy ask Rahul do I use slangs? Rahul says no, Dimpy says Gautam your mother that you do fake acting, why he get personal, dimpy says I try to be nice with him and he is like this, Rahul ask to not be, Gautam says when someone have problem with you then you should say sorry to him, Dimpy says I had problems with you then you should say sorry too, it was me who move ahead, Gautam says to Rahul that she is your wife that’s why I giver her respect, Dimpy ask what you mean if I was not his wife then you would not respect me, you are degrading me on tv, that I use slang, Rahul says what he will say you will take it as statement you repeated it so many times more than him, let it go, you have stretched it, Gautam leaves, Rahul ask who is he, he is hero or Salman khan, Rahul says public know everything, Dimpy says yes public is shown that my husband have left me because of my voice, she cries, Rahul says keep personal things out of here, Ali ask Dimpy to finish It, Dimpy says Gautam was friend earlier and now he thinks that I am irritating, poking.
Sana ask Pritham the matter, he says its simple that if Gautam talks you then I wont come and if talk to you then he wont come, Sambhavna says that women fight but men doesn’t look good fighting, men hug each other, Pritham says nothing like that, if someone is saying that he feel isolated and all, Sambhavna says so don’t make him feel like that, Pritham says I swear that we never made him feel like that, but he want to make himself isolated to gain sympathy then I am sorry, when he was cornered, I supported him, Sana says I saw, Pritham says if he say that I am avoiding you, then he is isolated himself, Puneet diffused many thoughts of his, he is not bad but his antics, we are tired of it.
Gautam says to Karisham that Ali provoke you, I was talking to you why did he come inbetween, why did Dimpy started shouting, I am talking to you too, I thought that Pritham is left from P3G, I thought to be friends with him but he too Ali’s side, Ali is coming so close to my lips in fight, how will feel like it, he did that before too, he is a guy and coming so close to other’s guy mouth, if I was outside then I would have beaten Ali.
Ali says to Dimpy that you tried to make Gautam understand, the one whose mother say that we don’t know him.
Gautam says to karishma that the person who can use slang, who can do susu in garden can do anything, I am peaceful person, I came here to take shower.

Pritham says to Sambhavna that ajaz had intention to hit Ali, he was about to take dumbbell to beat ali, it was clear, Mahek says yes I asked Ajaz what you are doing, Pritham then think if acting is big or intention, Sambhavna says thing was that Ali was acting as if he cant breath and when Ajaz left, he was all chirpy, he did acting like he cant breath, Ali comes there with black ink on his face, he ask them to not fight with him, Mahek says what about your acting, Ali says I pray that you act like that, Mahek acts like doing over the top acting, Ali says if you cant then why make fun of me. Mahek says so you are saying that I am not good actor, why you are going on my career, how dare you? Ali says how dare you, mahek ask are you done?, Mahek says I can talk about your career too, don’t get personal, Ali says I will get personal, Mahek says have a class, Rahul ask Ali to talk while maintaining a distance, don’t touch her, Ali says you can talk about my life but I cant talk about your personal life, Mahek says I couldn’t become famous actress as I had accident, it is not related to acting skills, Ali says then show your skills, Sambahvna intervenes, ali says I have sambhavna in me too so stop it. later Ali says to Sambhavna that you targeted Dimpy, come fight with me, you copy person,, Sambhavna says you cant become Sambhavna, Ali says when I was not acting then why you are saying, Priyanka chopra came with you and she is famous, where are you Mahek, you are making fun of moment when I was taking last breaths, Ali says to Sambhavna that you can fight with Dimpy but not with me, Mahek ask to repeat what he said, he ask her to get lost, Ali leaves.
ali comes in garden and shouts that he was strangling my neck and he is saying that I was doing acting, if they wanna fight then I am ready. he comes back to them and says if you talk about sensitive topic then I will talk about family, Mahek says its your style to provoke others, Pritham takes Ali from there and says that Ajaz got punishment, why you are shouting, Ali says I am human too, I don’t feel good when they say that I was acting. Gautma says to mahek that did I react to him, why you are reacting, stay cool, he is using bad language, Mahek says he was saying that I don’t do good acting that’s why I am not super star, Gautam asys not everyone is superstar in world, we are human first.
Ali says to karishma that they think they will push us to wall I swear that if they corner you, Pritham and Dimpy then I will fight with them, she was saying that I have much level than you, if I started opening your reality on Tv you will not be able to talk about level, Pritham and Karishma ask him to not talk like this.
Gautam says to Mahek that he will get back what he said. Sambhavna says he has graved his dig.

Gautam says to Mahek that Rahul wanted me to gel with them, Rahul says I said that don’t isolate one person out of group, Sambhavna says Pritham was talking about it, he said that Puneet had issues with you, he said when you will stay with Gautam then you will know him, Pritham comes there to fill water, Gautam ask what you said Pritham that Puneet had issues with me? Gautam says lets forget past, I felt bad that someone is hitting below the belt and you are saying to me that I was bearing his jokes before why not now, its not like that, he ws hitting below the belt but I didn’t react to him, I took out my shirt and started breathing, it was no against you but you took his side, Pritham says I just want you to realize that you are not alone, I am with you, Gautam says we are alone in game, Pritham says relationship also matters, Gautam says Ali is trapping you, he hit Mahe below the belt too, Pritham hugs him and says I love you and says we will fight but we will be friends after show too.

Rahul says to Mahek that they are many actors in champions, didn’t you see their talk like you are my sister, my father, my daughter, and all, there is no relation here, are you orphan that making reltions here, and one slang Gautam used, they created issue that he doesn’t respect girls, Mahek says this Ali is same guy who touched a girl under blanket, then said I respect girls, the way you argue with girls, the words you use is matters, Rahul says Ali said to me that don’t flirt with Karishma its morally wrong, but you can use words which can bring tears in eye of girls, with my flirt girl smile not cry.

Ali sings seeing Mahek that don’t take me wrong, please forgive me from eart if you have humanity, you hit the below the belt so I had to react, Mahek says you cant react but not that way, Ali says I accept that and I am saying sorry, Mahek says but promise that you want get personal. ali says I will not get personal but you also not talk about my acting in Ajaz’s case, ali says I swear I will not get personal with you.
Gautam says to Sambhavna that Ali is like that that he will fight with you on Monday, will stretch it to Wednesday, get normal on Thursday, say sorry on Friday, do comedy on Saturday, Sambhavna says so this is his strategy. Ali comes there wit Mahek and says I will talk after sometime, he leaves. Sana ask what happened, Mahek says he was saying sorry to me.
Ali says to Pritham that Mahek is from background that she believe in face to face talk, she smiled at me, she gave point to clear things so I did with her.
Mahek says that he was saying sorry and all, fine, I am not that stupid to stretch things.

Rahul says to Karishma that come to my house for cooking, Sambhavna ask when did you meet last? Karishma sys on my birthday, Sambhavna says he talk to you like he meet you everyday, Rahul says we talk on phone, say Karishma, Rahul says I sms her 45 times ad she give one reply, Sambahvan from behind points karishma to say no that she talk to him, Karishma laughs, Sambhavna says Rahul said you are his close friend, Karishma says no, Rahul says I said old friend not close.

Ali and Karishma sing a song, she dance, Ali sing to be away from Rahul, block him on whatsapp, she says I have already done it, she says he is cheap, I blocked him on whatsapp so bore me on facebook, then do text message, Ali says he is behind you, I didn’t know that he broke up with Dimpy, then I got to know it and I said like dude I am not interested if he is single, married, I do have class.

Karishma reads that champions won the task, bigg boss wanna know name of person from champion’s team whose performance in task was worst., challengers have to tell too who was best in performance, this decision will affect nominations and captaincy. they have to tell names after sometime.

challengers team talk about tasks, Sana says apple got away from us because of me, Mahek says Sambhavna drank juice too.
Pritham says to his team that from us only women performed, Gautam ask to tell who they think was disappointing, Pritham says girls performed so girls should tell first, Karishma and Dimpy says that Gautam criticized our strategy so overall he gave disappointment, Ali agrees with them, pritham says when we were planning Gautam was not with us, Gautam says cool, he leaves.
challengers are confused in Sambhavna and Rahul who performed well by doing a toss.

bigg boss ask champions who did disappointment in task, Pritham says it was Gautam, Ali says Gulati, all laughs, Mahek says really, bigg boss ask challengers who performed best in task, Sana says Mahek, Ali says really. bigg boss says its time for first exchange of house,, now Gautam will be part of challengers and Mahek will be part of champions, all are stunned, bigg boss ask Gautam and mahek to exchange mikes, Mahek says really? they exchange mikes, Pritham says Mahek we welcome you in champion’s team, big boss ask Gautam to wear T-shirt placed in store room and you have to wear it whole day, Gautam comes in store room and finds shirt, “i don’t deserve to challenger” is written on it, Gautam says whats all this. Gautam wears the shirt. he comes out. Gautam says nice shirt, Karishma and Dimpy are stunned.

Sambhavna says to Mahek that you are in their team now, fine but don’t come in talks of Ali, Mahek says you think that I am stupid, my loyalties are with my friends, Sambhavna says keep remembering it what he said to you, Sambhavna says I just hope that everything remains same, Mahek ask are you doubting my friendship, Sambhavan says not you but Ali, Mahek says first is my friendship with you.

Sambhavan says to Sana that now Ali will become servant of Mahek now, Sana says f you leave this week then I and Gautam will be target of them, obviously Gautam wont be evicted so me, Sambhavna says didn’t think about it, Sana says we came in Mahek’s talk, she is saved but we are gone, it was Rahul the best performer from our team but she wanted us to take her name, it was written in paper that the one whose name will be taken will be saved from nominations.
Pritham says that game happened in challengers team but it affected us too.
Sambhavna says to Sana that good thing is that we got Gautam, Sana says we will use Gautam if we get to do something.
Ali says to his team that good part is their strong member Mahek is in our team not, Mahek gives 100% in task.
Gautam ask Bigg boss is T-shirt looking fine? I don’t want to be champion if you have to play the game like this.

Dimpy says to Ali that the shame in Rahul’s eyes is not there, Ali says Rahul’s target is Karishma tanna but he doesn’t know that Karishma doesn’t even looks at people like this, Dimpy says I know it but thing that hurts me is that he is looking stupid doing all this, Ali says he is responsible for his deeds, Dimpy says Karishma said that she has blocked him, honestly speaking I am technically married to him so I feel that someone said this about my husband, I have given him hints to stop it but he doesn’t understand, ali says he is ignoring you, let him play the game, Dimpy says I don’t want this to happen, I have spent difficult with him, Ali says he should maintain respect tthat you are here, how can he talk like this, Dimpy says he was saying that people say you will go to heaven for bearing dimpy, I don’t say like this, problem is that I cant even look in Karishma’s eyes, she is irritated with him, ali says ofcourse she is, she said that I blocked him on whastapp so he came on facebook, blocked him there os he irritated her on text messages, she said how to tell this to Dimpy, Dimpy says when people talk about him, it hurts me, Ali says it must hurt you as you are his wife, Sambhavna said that you have Bf and Rahul have Gf, I said that I have nothing to do it, they all are playing game, Rahul says that he is intelligent then cant he see all this.

PRECAP- ali ask Gautam to not speak much else I will.. you fake person, they come closer to fight, they call each other fake, Pritham and Rahul holds them back. later for captaincy, champions choose Pritham and challengers choose karishma for captaincy, Karishma is stunned. there will be task where there is spider web, Pritham and Karishma have to stick to web upside down like spider on its web, they stick ot it then web starts rotating.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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