Bigg Boss 8 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 108
song Gandi baat starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

Mahek says to Rahul that you cant have double standard, Sambhavna says you are not looking cute, Rahul says I am not baby, Sambhavna says you came with saying that you will entertain, Rahul says that I am not joke but lover, they laugh, Sambhavna says that are you in love with Mahek, Rahul says that I tried on her but she stopped me, Mahek ask don’t you love Dimpy? Rahul says she is my friend, Mahek ask you were saying to Dimpy to wash your underwear, Rahul says no, Sambhavna says you are damn cute sarcastically.

Sambhavna says to Mehek that I checked their things but fruits are not there, Mahek says its in bedroom, they come in bedroom and find it behind bed, Sambhvan brings out apples and put in dustbin in kitchen.
Sambhavna comes to Sana and says bring apples from dustbin stealthily. I cant go now.
Sana comes in kitchen and says to Dimpy that I have to make roties, Dimpy finds apples there, Mahek and Dimpy pushes each other to grab apples, Dimpy calls Karishma there, Mahek says she cant come here, Sana grabs apples to and runs from there.

Sambhavna says to Dimpy that you cant go out of kitchen. Pritham says to Ali that they stole apples, Ali says we have still many left, Gautam have done it, he has told them place where we have hidden it.
Sambhavna says that now they will put blame on Gautam, Rahul says but he didn’t tell us anything, Gautam says I don’t care. Sana says they are not allowing us to come inside, how to make breakfast.
Sana comes to karishma that there was not one person inside so we stole things, Karishma says how can you take pass of kitchen and go in bedroom, Sana says so you want us to take pass of bedroom to steal there? Sana says don’t involve task in food, let me make breakfast, we didn’t come here without asking you, we will steal things but not after taking pass.

Ali ask Gautam to talk openly now, Sambhavna says that when always think that other person is talking about you then you must have done something wrong to him, Gautam says you think that I talk about you behind your back, yesterday too when I and Mahek were talking, you thought that we were discussing you, Ali says ***, Gautam says I don’t use bad words, Ali says then what Rahul was saying that outside you use slang in every sing sentence, Gautam says when Rahul said anything cheap, I diffused him, Ali says I know you are fake but I am not, I am way above you, Rahul said that he knows your truth, Gautam calls Rahul and ask what you said that you know my truth, Rahul says I didn’t say anything like this, Ali says you are fake, Gautam comes close to him, Sambhavna takes Gautam away, Ali says you are so fake, Gautam says you are provoking me but I am not, he says those who say I play hide and seek then come openly, he takes off his shirt, all cheers, Gautam says now come to me, Ali says I can openly say that you are fake, you use people, they do rapping that this is torture, they come closer, Mahek says you both kiss each other, Mahek says to Ali that you provoke others and then you cry, Gautam stand on stool and dance, stool breaks, Ali says see bigg boss he broke your property, Gautam says sorry bigg boss, Sambhavna says to Gautam that see how he made Ajaz out, that’s why I am with Ajaz, Gautam says he do this to provoke others, I will make him out now, he is coming close to me. Rahul says to Karishma that Ali’s work is to poke but Gautam should not lsoe control.
Ali says now I will start poke, he comes in washroom, Gautam is there with rod, Ali ask will you hit with this? Gautma sys this is my weapon, Sambhavna ask Gautam to give rod to her, Ali says to camera that Gautam want to attack on me just to play game audience.
Ali comes to Rahul and says see rod in his hand, Rahul says he has this daily in his hand, Ali says but now his intentions are different, Gautam laughs and ask Ali to take rod, Ali says you are body builder and you have power, Rahul says I am not referee, don’t bring me in.

Gautam ask Ali why you were doing drama of fighting, ali says I was just joking, Gautam says that if you plan something then tell me first about it, Ali sys I winked my eye in fight, Gautam sasy now you have taken matter so now be away from me, Ali says be away from me now too, Sambhavna is there, Gautam says it was real not planned or joke, you were using slangs which cant be plan, I am not with anyone.
Gautam says to Mahek that Ali is double standard, he said to me now that it was his plan to bring apples from other side, he was like he was joking, I said nobody use slang in joking and when you plan something then you have to include others too, he is afraid now as it went against him so now saying that he was joking, Sambhavna says these footage artists are shaken because when you play game then you are shaken.
Rahul says to Ali that you are not playing right, don’t provoke others and what if someone hit you on face, you wont be able to become actor then.

now time for next task, this task is to claim right on living area, there are boxing walls, inmate of both the teams have to stand on both side of boxing wall which have punch hand inside it, other team mate have to push that punch hand otherside of wall and have to make that inmate standing that side fall, the one who wins will get living area, defend yourself and attack too. Rahul sys we are sending Mahek as challenger and Dimpy is the one we challenge, Dimpy says I am girl, its not good, Mahek says I am girl too, you feel you are weak? we both are girls, Rahul says its all kai kai of Dimpy all the time. Dimpy and Mahek are pushing punching hands at each other, Gautam is supporting Dimpy, Sambhavna says she is taking support of wall, Karishma is referee, punching hand breaks so bigg boss ask them to leave activity area because of technical problem in equipment.
Ali steals bag of apples from Sambhavna and runs in bedroom, Karishma cheers that stealing has been done.

Ali says that Rahul said to Sambhavna outside that he cant fight with Dimpy so he asked her to take on Dimpy, this was listened by Sana and she said she will tell it on time, then when they entered house, Rahul became defensive, Sambhavna pointed to Rahul that she will take on Dimpy, Karishma ask to not talk personally, Dimpy will get disturbed, will concentrate on game only, Ali says she will not get disturbed, she is strong, we are with her, karishma says she is crying, don’t speak, ali sys I just want to say that don’t trust anyone, Ali says Rahul said that target Dimpy first in tasks as she is physically weak, Dimpy wipes her tears and says that they target me in tasks as I have less weight, Karishma says its their strategy, Dimpy says then why double standard that don’t nominate strong contenders as they make game and all, why did they this when they cant choose strong contender in task against them, Karishma sys I didn’t expect this from Mahek, Ali says she Is gamer, Dimpy says I think they all are acting, I am like this, I cry on small things, my voice is like this, what to do, how to change my voice, people think that I am having divorce because of my voice, what can I do if God has given me this voice, Karishma says this is nonsense, Dimpy says they ave pointed out so much that I cry I cry that now I feel embarrassed to even cry, she cries, Karishma says who said that you cry so much.

now inmates have changed the inmate taking part in task, now Rahul from challengers and Gautam from champions will continue the boxing task, Task starts, they hit punching hand to each other, Gautam makes Rahul fall a little in start only, Mahek says I wanna sleep in hall for God sake Rahul, Karishma Pritham, Ali enjoys, they starts task again, Dimpy helps Gautam, Rahul is having difficult time, Rahul falls, Gautam wins the task, champions hug him and cheers for him, Karishma hugs him too, bigg boss says that champions are winners so living area will be theirs, in their celebration Dimpy scratches Ali’s neck.
Ali comes to Rahul and says she scratched my neck, Rahul says I told you to be away from her, Ali says she was so happy that she hit me so hard, Dimpy says it was undeliberate, ali says without doing anything, I am getting beaten up in this house, please evict me, Rahul says she is a snake will eat you up, Smabhavna says wow you said it finally on her face, dimpy see. Dimpy says to Rahul that you have spit venom on me first, Dimpy comes to Rahul, Rahul says I was not talking in that sense, sorry, I said in flow, Dimpy says get lost, she leaves, Rahul says God please take her away from show, Dimpy comeback, Dimpy says to Rahul in peotry that how much pain you give, I will bear it, love will not lesson from my side. , Ali says this is women, hats off to you.

now time for next task, task to claim right on bedroom, there is ring made, one inmate from both teams will come and will try to push other out of ring with help of pillow, challengers will choose champion. Rahul says from our side I and as human we choose Karishma not dimpy, bigg boss says Mahek will be referee, her decision will be final. task starts, Karishma and Rahul pushing each other out of ring with help of pillow, all enjoys it, Rahul pushes karishma and throws her out of ring, Rahul wins, he hugs karishma, Karishma gets hurt on hand, Gautam says shit she has really got hurt, Dimpy says atleast decide sensibly whom to choose for such tasks, Sana says its obvious that we will choose weak from you and strong from our side, Dimpy says yeah right, Sana ask her to shut up, Dimpy says you shut up, Sana says why you are talking, Dimpy says my mood, Pritham and Gautam help karishma to get up, bigg boss says challengers have won right on bedroom so now they will use bedroom.

Sana says to Sambhavna that I swear I wont fight with Dimpy, she doesn’t stop for a minute, she poke so much, Sambhavna says now you know why I reacted so much first day, was I wrong? Sana says no, I have decided to ignore, you will degrade your standard if you talk to her, she doesn’t stay silent for a minute, Sambhavna says she used Rahul’s name to come in show and now he has come in show because of her, they laugh, Sana says I am not saying she I bad but her antics are such that you get angry, you see her that she is cute, simple but when you speak, Sambhavna says if you think that do her work, she is nice but then she willmake you realize that she doesn’t worth it, I will go but I will beat her with smile, they ask Dimpy to take pass first before going in kitchen, if you ask others to follow rules then do it yourself too, Dimpy takes the pass, Sambhavna says aww so cute, look how beautiful dimpy is, Sana and she laughs. Karishma says to Rahul that Sambhavna is taking too much on Dimpy, Dimpy says she do everything for money, karishma says Dimpy told me Sambhavna is her friend but its opposite now, Dimpy says I was naive to think like that.

Pritham does Karishma’s interview, he ask are you dating someone? she says yes, Rahul says lie, Pritham says anyone asked you? he ask Karishma do you think about anyone else? Karishma says no, Pritham says can you go on date with Rahul? she laughs and says no, Rahul says I am trying on her for 6 years, you give me word that you will go with me, Karishma says I said that I will meet you, Rahul says god forbid if you become single then make me in your waiting list, Karishma says there is already one on waiting list, she laughs, Pritham says to Rahul that you want Girlfriend like her? her maintenance is high, if you want to maintain her then you have to maintain yourself too, Rahul says I will make 6packs for her, Pritham says look friend I have tried a lot on her but no chance, Karishma laughs, Pritham says these kind of girls are attractive but you have to be away otherwise you cant sleep, Rahul says then on whom I will splurge money on? Pritham says you can splurge on her to make her happy, make her sister, daughter, mother. Rahul says I will make her mother, Karishma says no sister, Pritham says no daughter, they laugh.

Rahul is talking to Karishma about his eviction in earlier season, Mahek comes there and ask him to come and work, come outside, Rahul says let me finish this, Mahek ask him to come, Rahul says this is not right time, I will not listen to you or bigg boss right now, I am not in mood to cooperate, Rahul continues his talk. Mahek comes in garden and says to Sambhavna that Rahul’s important is about his earlier season and he is allowing Karishma and Pritham to sit in living area, saying its not time to work, we are sleeping like idiots in garden, but he makes some excuse and go to sleep in bedroom, Rahul comes out, Mahek says to Rahul that not cool at all, Rahul says I am not in mood, Mahek says you go inside, take rest without asking anyone, and do not work on time, Rahul says I cant talk in temperamental manner, I will talk to you after 10mins, Mahek says its been 3days you do work on your own way, Rahul says I will avoid confrontation, I will not follow you, complain to big boss, Mahek says you are in our team and you sleep in bedroom, eat food, do not work.

now time for task to show claim on washroom area, they have to sit on box then cow dung mixed with water will start flowing in box then using that water, they have to rub soap on their body and have to finish soap, as Rahul slept in bedroom last night then challengers will start rubbing soap after 1minute of champions, this is last task, Rahul says from our side I will do task, from champion’s side we choose Dimpy, Pritham says we are sitting challenge us, Ali ask Rahul to talk between men, Dimpy says its ok, Ali wishes her luck, Rahul and Dimpy sit in respective box, bigg boss says Pritham is referee, task starts, Dimpy starts rubbing soap with cow dung water, then Rahul get water after one minute, he starts rubbing soap, Ali cheers for Dimpy, Dimpy lost the soap in water, task ends, Rahul finishes his soap, Dimpy says to Pritham soap was almost finished so I lost it, Mahek says Rahul is winner, Bigg boss ask Pritham who is winner, Pritham says according to me, Dimpy is winner of task as her soap got melted, Mahek says that’s disgusting, Pritham says if I am cheater than you are bigger cheapter as you always call a weak girl against strong man, Mahek says wow Pritham, I didn’t think you will think like that this.

Mahek says now you are in game Pritham, you jumped in game by doing cheating? Sambhavna says that Rahul you were superb and you are winner.
Ali says what is this way to choose a girl everytime, choose weak one, Pritham says she is not weak.
mahek says to Pritham that I thought you are fair person, Pritham says it was like that if I choose one team then other will allege me, Mahek says tell me you say that her soap got finished then why Dimpy was finding soap in water in end? Karishma says Pritham asked her to find even if small piece is remaining, but it was not there, Pritham says I asked her to find even a small as he may have to see piece in end to take decision, Mahek says we were clearly winners, Pritham says yes ok you are right.

bigg boss says now luxury budget task is finished, Sana says thank God, Champions owns living area and bathroom, challengers own bedroom and kitchen, now count apples to claim graden area, Rahul says we have no apples, ali says all apples of us and theirs are with us, big boss ask champions have won three tasks so they have won the luxury budget task, Karishma, Ali cheers, bigg boss congrats them, bigg boss says now both teams will stay in their claimed area till next order, they will use pass to go in other team’s area, as bedroom is with challengers so they will sleep in bedroom, karishma ask Ali why did you use my bedsheet to bring apples here, I don’t like when somebody touch my property, Ali says I didn’t know that, Karishma says never touch my bed without asking, Ali says I will give you my bedsheet. she leaves, Sana says so much fuss for bedsheet? Ali says this is property of bigg boss, Sana sys but you used bedsheet for your team only so why so cribbing? Karishma ask Ali to put bedsheet back on her bed and don’t do this again, I don’t like it, Ali asy this is not your property, Karishma ask who sleep on it? ali says anyone can sleep, Karishma says I am sorry this is my bed, Ali says all beds are of anyone, why you are reacting so much, you are mad, Karishma says when I don’t like it then why you did this.

Gautam says to mahek that when you live in house of this kind there are minds of different types with you. Mahek says now game is not between you and us but it has started between us only, Gautam says its tough, when you 5 came, a different energy has come otherwise even if you people would have not come even then I would have been alone and these 4 would be one, I did task nicely but these 4 are like against me, they are b*t*hing about me, Mahek says you are threat, Gautam says but they are spoiling themselves by b*t*hing.

PRECAP- Dimpy says to Gautam that you feel like we have isolated you, we are ignoring you deliberately, Gautam says when I was with you people ever? Gautam says Pritham talk like get lost and all, Pritham ask how you talk then? Ali says you are fake and will be fake. later Sambhavna says after Ajaz left, Ali was all normal and singing. Mahek acts like doing over the top acting, Ali says if you cant then why make fun of me. Mahek says so you are saying that I am not good actor, why you are going on my career, how dare you? Ali says how dare you, mahek ask are you done? Sambahvna intervenes, ali says I have sambhavna in me too so stop it. later Ali says to Sambhavna that you targeted Dimpy, come fight with me, you copy person, later bigg boss says its time for first exchange of house, bigg boss wanna know name of person from champion’s team whose performance in task was worst.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. And its ok guys if Pritham took dat decision. Hez rite dat if they can in a way cheat and choose strong against weak competitors so Pritham can also tilt d decision in favour of his “own team”! No1 is a saint there so its perfectly ok!!!

  2. Ha ha ha kitne bare nautanki h dimpy and rahul mahajan! Best was d line: “i am even embarassed to cry now”; then she cried lol Even hating her doesn’t mk me ignore her and she cn b a threat as only ppl who generate a STRONG LIKING OR HATRED TOWARDS THEM by d audience r retained til d end! However, its clear winner wl b either Gautam or Karishma! None of d challengers r deserving, ajaz was stil entertaining bt left due to d unfair decision!

  3. Preetham made a wrong decision after declaring dimpy as winner in soap task. Challengers had proof that the soap was finished,but he declared dimpy as winner without any proof of soap dissolving.. Whenever a responsiblity is given to pritham,he makes a wrong decision out of it. 1st was his captainship and now the saop task.. Winnner of bigboss should be a person who can handle the responsiblity in well manner.. preetham you have lost your second chance also… I am not voting you from now on.. My vote goes to gautam from today because he has played cleanly in all his task,best captain ever…

    1. No where it can be seen that gautam is unfaithful to his time.. He did his task with sincerity.. N these were the same champions who were fighting with each other few days back.. N wat if gautam talks with challengers.. No one is his boss n everyone is playing their game.. And champions fighting for bed sheet with each other.. How stupid!! Gautam is best!!

  4. Gautam u r the best but just stay away from challengers ! What if they r only using u to defeat champions !!! But any way we love we love gauti !


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