Bigg Boss 8 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 13
Weekand Ka Vaar
On stage, Salman Khan makes a heroic entry, he dances on remix of oo jane jana.. dhondhy tujhe deewna.. he dances with kids. Salman after dance says this episode is going to be amazing, he welcomes all. Salman says I think that this one hour will be less for episode as so much happened in house, I think that all are right and all are wrong in house, we are just host, we wont get involved in it but we will indulge in them, we will play the game, we will dig out from inmates mouth that who is acting, who is lying, who is innocent and who is conspirator.

video call is connected to house where all inmates are sitting and gets happy seeing Salman. Salmna greets them and says as you all cut off from world, I want to tell you whats happening in India, our prime minister went to USA, it was superb tour, he has started a new concept that is “true India” and you are not qualify in that concept, there is no truth in house, I don’t understand its just game or personality of yours in house, he ask Gautam do he have personality or just playing game? Gautam says I have personality, he says to gautam that I am shocked how you came in nominations, salman ask how many of think that Gautam will go back to house, all raise their hands, Gautam raises hand for himself too, Salman ask Gautam to sit on danger seat, Gautam sits, Salman says majority thinks that gautam should be evicted, many relation are being made in house, I am almost 50 years old but I don’t have so much brothers and sisters that you guys have made in house in two weeks, all laughs. I have two sisters and three rakhi sisters, that is all, salman ask puneet, puneet says all girls are like my daughters, Salman ask Arya about puneet, Arya says after meeting puneet I said that I don’t trust him as he is from secret society, Salman says don’t make relations in bigg boss house as it changes every week in house, he says except sushant nobody was happy seeing sonali, Gautam says I was, salman says you don’t have choice about it as you are sidelined by other inmates, you cant open your mouth, you did a mistake, salman says spice went in your eyes, he shouts like gautam and says you were genuine, you were impulsive and slang came out of your mouth, Salman says you said sorry every day from that day, you touched feet, you said sorry many a times, tell me who didn’t listen a slang in life for once, I don’t understand why Karishma is asking for eviction, he said sorry many times, will you not accept it, forgive him now, Karishma says its not about forgiving, he abused me on national tv, what if someone use slang against you on tv, I wont tolerate it, Salman says you made Gautam a star because of this controversy, its just been two weeks and you all started the drama, Karishma agrues with him, Salman says you were putting spice on his face, you were taking out your frustration in lure of task, all the girls start supporting Karishma, Salman ask contestants to raise their hands who thinks that Gautam was wrong, Salman ask Arya to put his hand down, Salman counts hand and says seven people think it was wrong, how many of you tried to solve the matter, he says to Arya that you have problem with gautam singing songs, Diandra says we went to talk to Gautam, after Karishma’s incident, there were many incidents which was not appropriate, Salman ask her to give example, Salman talk abvout Robert doweny incident, he says Sukirti didn’t like it but why she laughed on him, Suku says Gautam taunted me that I don’t talk to him now as he is weak, Salman says its his point of you, Salman says you all sidelined him, you all made him alone in the house, you made him guilty, he cant speak even if he said sorry many a times, you made him culprit, diandra says his sorry is not genuine, Sushant says he was applying spice on my face, he said that now he will make me uneasy, I said that I will slap him, I am stronger than him, his male ego got hurt by that. Salman says if kids were not watching this show, even I could use slang, Karishma says you wont use slang against a girl on national Tv, she says even I feel bad that he is being separated by everyone, he is alone but he is wrong, Salman says it was right that you don’t talk to him, you would say that my parents, my friends never said any slang to me so who is he, now I wont talk to him but you made issue of it, Karishma says I wanted his disqualification from task or house, salmna ask so you didn’t get hurt personally, it was all game for me, Karishma says no, I was hurt, Salman says you cant isolate him, Salman ask Praneet about whats happening in house, Praneet says what happened was wrong, they asked our team to take stand, we lost the task because of standing with Karishma, they asked us to leave the seats, stand could be taken by sitting on seats only. Salman says correct, Salman ask minissha that praneet was making you understand that we can take the stand by sitting on seats only, you don’t have to leave the task, Salman says to Gautam to not shout in house, Pritham says morally we lost the task on first day, our strong points were Soni, Sukirti and Natasa as they bore a lot of pain, Salman says their good faces are important for their profession but they bore all that spice on face, Pritham says yes but for stand the left the task, Salman says Arya was not concerned about task, all he thinks that with who, gautam is singing. Pritham says they cornered Gautam even when he was saying sorry, deepshikha says I chose my team but Upen, Arya and Sushant denied to apply anything on other team, I lost the task but it all changed because of gautam, my team said that other team is their friends so they wont play and when I forced them so they said that I came in house to break it, I was just doing my task. Salman says It will happen in every other task, he says you don’t need to dramatize everything but audience enjoyed your scuffle.

Video call ends, Salman says we talked to them like they don’t get the idea with whom we are, if gautam’s fan following increased or decreased. its a lot of spice in house.

Video call connects again, Salman ask Gautam to speak, Gautam says I think that I did wrong and I am repenting for it, I said sorry many times and I feel bad every day. Salman says now I wanna speak alone to someone, he ask Karishma to come in confession room, she goes In, Salman on stage takes off his court, he throws court in audience and goes to talk to with Karishma.

Salman talks to Karishma, she says my nature is of forgive and forget, I was feeling bad after two three days, I knew he is immature so I thought to forgive him, I know spice was hurting him, he had outburst, I took it sportingly, Salman says you had outburst too, you asked bigg boss to disqualify him, you made this issue a task, you were not angry but you were asking for disqualification, Karishma says i was angry, Salman you destroyed the whole task, you made sukirti, soni natasa to get up from their seats but you sat on seat and played game well, Karishma says I wanted to win, my team members backed out of task, I wanted to go in new house, Salman says you shouldn’t have tempered the task.

Salman comes out on stage after talking to Karishma, he says to inmates that we have chose a Snapdeal contestant of week, he is Tarun Tarika, he is snapdeal customer and bought something for one contestant, Salman ask to call Tarun, the call is made to Tarun. Tarun says I have bought Ice bucket for Diandra as she is hot headed, Diandra is stunned, Tarun says I want to ask something to Diandra, as viewer we thought that something was there between you and gautam but after Karishma’s incident, when gautam touched her feet too as sorry gesture, you were not with him you broke your friendship with him and threw him out like a bee from milk, Diandra says I felt that his sorry was not genuine, I tried to make him understand, I talked to him even after task but he was rude, Deepshikha says not diandra but gautam threw her out like bee, he started ignoring diandra, Diandra says I don’t think I need to give explanation to anyone, I don’t know what is being shown on tv. Salman ask Gautam what is his view, Gautam says I am counting lights here as I don’t know what she is talking about, I stopped talking to her because she was not genuine with me, Sushant tries to say something but gautam says I am talking to salman, you don’t interrupt, Salman says this is your problem guys, you are so harsh with each other, Gautam says my face is like harsh but I am very soft from heart, Salman says what is your nature comes on your face sometime, Salman ask why are to crying diandra, Diandra says I am hurt with somethings, I don’t know I am not coping up with things in house, Salman says when you take some job then you have to do it, you went in house so you have to cope up, salman ask pritham what is gautam’s problem? pritham says he doesn’t think before saying, Salman ask gautam do you behave on sets like this, gautam says no but I was good with inmates, I don’t want their love, when I loved them they said that I am fake, Salman says pritham was supporting you against deepshikha but you asked him to say sorry. Salman ask Gautam if he had to nominate someone who will it be, give three names, gautam says diandra, Karishma and Arya.

Salman says to Praneet that you are saved from eviction this week, praneet gets happy. salman says we will tell you tomorrow that whether Gautam will go or sukirti will go back to house, who is evicted will be announced tomorrow. Salman says do whatever you want but do it that much that when it comes back on you, you will bear it.

in house, Karishma says talks to girls, she says if gautam was genuinely sorry then he would have not nominated me, he has grudges against me, Diandra says he is egoistic, Deepshikha says you guys are making him hero, Soni ask diandra to solve the matter, diandra gets angry and says for solving matter, efforts should be made from both sides, clap is done from two hand, what happened today is truth, he nominated me, why I am involved in all this.

PRECAP- All contestants are dancing. Its eviction time, who will be evicted this week, Gautam or Sukirti?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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