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Bigg Boss 8 4th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Halla bol
Salman’s poster is there on stage, his recorded message of welcoming all in bigg boss plays n background, then Farah comes on stage, she says this Halla bol is totally different which was not seen before, Gautam, Pritham, Ali, dimpy and Karishma were in house, challengers have gone in house, this is start, lets see what happened.
clip plays, dancers come in house, Sana comes in house and meets everyone, she says I am feeling so happy to comeback, Pritham ask to get respect as guest for now only, Karishma ask is there any episode? Sana says I don’t know anything, Gautam says karishma is so much concerned tell her, Karishma says I wanna change, Sana ask her to not change till they say, Gautam says Karishma’s problem is that she wanna know everything, Karishma says Gautam started again as he got no.1 postion so he is sitting on head, Gautam says all she wanna how am I looking, Karishma says you don’t deserve to be no.1, Gautam says if you speak much then I will cut you long dress, Karishma ask him to dare to touch my dress, Sana says you live like this? Karishma sys yes, be witness of his behavior, he is ill-mannered, Gautam ask what did I say? Karishma ask to not cross the limit, why did you say that you will cut it, if I cut your jacket then you will know, if you wanna laugh then fine but don’t cross the limit.
Pritham says to Ali that all are good, it situation that make them worse, we will be nice to everyone, Ali says I am with you, we are together.
Dimpy ask Ajaz do I look like liar on tv? ajaz says all are liar here, Dimpy says sambhavna was saying that I put fire between people, I lie to them, I never misquoted anyone, I will tell what I have witnessed, sometime misunderstanding happens.

Farah says we are sure that action wont be less in this house now, now its time for my halla bol.
call is connected to house, all cheer for her, Farah says I am your new teacher, ali why you are looking like this at me, didn’t you see a young beautiful person before? ali says not like that, he sings gore gore mukhre pe for Farah, all enjoys it, Farah says I am your teacher, sit, Farah says I am new host, Pritham I cant be friends except Gautam, hi Gautam, he says hi, she ask will you be my friend? Gautam says why not, Farah ask can I call you gullo, he laughs, he says you can call what you want, Farah says Gullo what doctor said when you will come out of coma? all laughs, wake up, bigg boss halla bol has started, Gautam says yes, Farah says karishma is that student of class who sit in first row, do neat and tidy work, if someone copied in class then she will complain to teacher, miss miss she is copying my work, that type of students are not popular with students but are pet of teachers, Karishma says thank you, Farah says Pritham is that type of student who try to adjust with big school after coming out of small school, be it big or small, you are liked by bhabhies, Pritham says there is women behnd every successful man, I have many women’s hand behind me, Farah ask is it hand only? all laughs, Farah says hi Dimpy, I thought I am queen of reality tv but you turned out to be queen of reality shows, you can start coaching classes to teach people how to play reality shows, all laughs, you are clever, you are smart but you make them weapon and use against others and your weapon is crying and beating, Farah says Ali you entertain very well but you are little mad, I am little mad too, Ali says thank you, Farah says sambhavna till you there, anything can happen, water can come anyone’s face, Sana my mirror queen, the you look at yourself in mirror, you cant give that love look to any boy even, all laughs, Sambhavna says Ajaz want to say something but he himself is confused if he s challenger or champion, Farah says we are confused if Ajaz is monkey or man, all laughs, Ajaz says firs monkey came in existence only, Farah says your time has not come, Farah says Gullo, I want to tell news, my movie happy new year got superhit so I have brought a happy new year gift, go and receive it.
they come in garden and find airport devil with box, they open the box and Mahek comes out of it, they cheer, she says movie is still remaining, she says hi to Gautam, she says boys boys boys, then says girls girls girls, all girls hug her, then all boys do boys act, then girls shout girls girls girls, they come in living area, Mehek says I missed my home, Ali shows her around, she says wow so much neat kitchen, Ali ask you were finalist, Ali says you are still same, fit and fine, I saw your movie wanted, had seen your south movies too, Mehek says your language is very clear, I like it, ali sys I will help you to learn.
Sambhavna says to karishma that its cold in Mumbai, Karishma says I didn’t get any news of my boyfriend, no letter no message, Sambhavna says I hope all fine, I listened that you broke up with him, Karishma says nothing like that, she says that Upen was so sweet, did he started to loving you? Karishma says no he was so protective with me, Sambhavna says no he used to cuddle you a lot, Karishma sys no he was just protective, we were vocal that we are friends, karishma says was it mentioned that I have a boyfriend? sambhavna says yes t wasshown but seeing you and Upen also looked like you started to love each other, I am not cooking up stories, Upen’s was attracted to you, he even said that he will do everything for heart, it seemed like you were playing a game but he was all for you, Karishma says I am already in relationship, Sambhavna says but it cant be one sided na, he must have got some signals from you if anyone would come closer to me then I would say that I am in relationship maintain distance but it seemed like you didn’t care about his feelings as you were engrossed in game, I know you, I am seeing you differently here.
siren plays in house, they all come in garden, Rahul stands on wall of bigg boss, Dimpy gives a weird smile seeing him, all ask him to come down, Rahul ask Gautam to take his bag, Rahul comes in house, Pritham says now it will be fun, they all do boys act, Rahul hugs Dimpy, everyone, Sambhavna says he ran same way, he cameback, Dimpy says to Ajaz that Pritham, Gautam and Ali are most excited, they have met him for two times and acting like they are childhood friends, they are happy that Rahul has not come as contestant but as husband, they think that someone has come to save them from Dimpy but they don’t know that Rahul would himself say that I have spend 4 years with Dimpy with much difficulty, let me go now.
Rahul ask what bed should I hot, I mean what bed should I take.
Gautam and Rahul come to dimpy, Karishma and Sana, Sana ask Rahul did you take the bed? he says yes, Dimpy sings tere samne wale bistar pe ek chand ka tukra rehta hai, Karisham says you are singing wrong, Rahul says your bed is most away from me, Dimpy laughs.
Farah says Rahul has come in by wall, he will create such situations that people would jump that wall to go out. she says all the weapons has come in house.
bigg boss says champions have spent a long time in house without comforts, family etc this proves you are champions, in next stage of show you will be called champions, new contestants are welcomed again, they don’t need introduction, that season have passed but their antics are known till known, like Ajaz’s the no.1 entertainer, or mischievous Sana who should that they can love non living thing too, she laughs, or Mehek who with her personality won hearts of people or break your face girl, bold Sambhavna, or the most funny and angry Rahul, they all have come in house to claim their authority of house, they will be called challengers, we want to tell you that you are equal to win this title but champions will get advantages in next level now its champions vs challengers war, we wish you luck for this leg of game.

Farah says now time to tell them what will happen next. call is connected to house, she welcomes challengers, all the best champions, she says you all are terrific 10, she ask Ali when Mehek came out of box, you broadly smiled, Ali says when flower came out of house, my heart became garden, all laughs, Farah ask karishma is your mood off seeing challengers, Karishma says I am sleepy, we are tired, Farah says I thought your sleep will be gone seeing them, Karishma says luckily all good people have come, Fraha says that we will see next week, all laughs, Farah says it will be war between champions and challengers, you are all competitors for winning, Karishma you did so much hardwork to win, now challengers have to claim their right on winning, Karishma says I was telling Rahul that its little unfair for champions that we have crossed 15 weeks, we did fights, we did tasks, we have come to saturation point and now they have who are fresh, know what is happening outside, they are unwind, but we are winded so much so how will we show same energy but when task comes all become energetic, Farah ask who should be called experienced the one who were in house before too or one who is living for 15weeks, Rahul says I think the one who are living in house right now are experienced but you cant charity the winning amount to them, but bigg boss have did this as entertainment was less, Dimpy says sorry to disagree, we are so much strong, bigg boss wanna if anyone is stronger than us, Rahul says I am not against anyone, Dimpy says we are champions not weaklings, Dimpy says when I came as wildcard, they all were adjusted in house so I thought it was disadvantage for me, so if I see from their point of then challengers do have this disadvantage, but that time I was alone but they are 4, Sambhavna says you were not alone but came with Renee and Nigar, Gautam asys I am ready for the game, Farah says very good Gullo, Karishma put on your fighting shoes, Ali says we have no problem with them, we have survived till here, we are not insecure of them, its positive energy in house but thing is that we had created mind that closing to winning by fighting with same old people but now new people have come, not afraid, we will play accordingly, Gautam says he didn’t clear his point, Ali says your soap(mind) is slow, Farah says this show’s king is audience, this extension is bonus for audience as we get depressed when show ends, Gautam says we are not in shock, we will take it sportingly, Farah says we want the old Gautam but don’t want old Rahul, all laughs, she says I want much more mad Rahul, Gullo says can I sing for beautiful lady Farah, Farah says not do much, you were going right but don’t overdo it, all laughs, control Gullo, Ali says I will be hero in your next movie, Farah ask what I did that you are being so unfair to me, why this cruelty for me, all laughs, Ajaz ask will we have two winner from challengers and champions? Farah says there will be only 1 winner, its not sale in bigg boss, Farah says you all must have known my syllabus of class, I want you people to make report card for each other, a board is brought in house, Farah says to challengers that you know about inmates from before, you have to tell whom you think from champions as your Target, who is zero in them and who is threat for you. you have to put picture n board on target, threat and zero fields.
Rahul: target-Ali, threat-Dimpy, Zero-Ali. Farah says you strategy is rubbish.
Sana: target-Karishma, threat-Gautam, zero-Dimpy.
Mehek: target-Pritham, threat-gautam, zero-Ali. Farah says zero have much value.
Sambhavna: target-Dimpy, threat-Gautam, zero-Ali.
Ajaz: target-Gautam, threat-Pritham, zero-Ali.
Ali says you can see my popularity, Farah says five champions are target, better watch out, Farah says that Rahul has brought a briefcase, Ali says this briefcase has money, Farah says secret of this briefcase is… i will tell after sometime, Farah says to maintain your relation, i will come every week to take class, i will give punishment to one every week, she says to Ajaz that you have bored us with old stories of season 7, Ajaz says they keep asking me, Farah says what khan saab, paan saab, we have seen it, so now your punishment is that you have tortured Ali a lot so you will be servant of Rahul, all laughs, now Ajaz will do every work of Rahul, Ajaz says i am servant of only my parents, i am denying punishment on your face farah, Rahul says you cant do that, Farah ask inmates to raise their hands who feel bad for Ajaz, nobody raise it, Farah says if you don’t follow it then i will take your class, she says now my class is over, i want to show you something. video plays, Salman says hi to inmates, he says when i came in house last day, i hugged everyone, i said you will see me tomorrow and you are seeing me now, i hugged you all as my journey was till now, your journey extended, i had to leave the show because i am committed to some other work, i will try to come on finale, i didn’t want to leave you, but i had to with heavy heart, make me proud, champions you think that challengers have after seeing everything but you guys know plus point and bad thing about each other, so its unfair for them not for you people, they have come on shaky point, i am seeing you all, i will not miss any episode, if i think i want to say anything to anyone so i will find a way, i have handed over show to Farah, be nice to her, she is biggest fan of show, so if she say anything then listen to it, now Farah will take care of you and you take care of her, now do whatever you want to do, message ends, Karishma gets tears in her eyes, Karishma says it felt nice when he said that he didn’t want to leave, Farah says first time i saw Salman so emotional, he felt really sad that he cant complete show, he and all had tears when he was leaving show and i was crying because for me, bigg boss is not without Salman, i am just doing stand in for him, Salman we miss you and comeback soon. she says Gullo sleep well, Karishma is already sleepy and those who are not feeling sleepy, ajaz will tell them jokes, all laughs, call ends.
Farah says that all are missing Salman including me but show must go on and it will go in such a way that Salman will enjoy episodes too. don’t forget boss is always right.

PRECAP- there is a tent placed in garden, bigg boss says that challengers will sleep in tents, Sana is shocked. Dimpy says something so Sambhavna ask her shhh.. dimpy says shhh, Sambhavna ask do not Dimpy, i will break your face, i will go out of house but will send you to hospital too, Dimpy tease her by passing a flying kiss to her, Sambhavna throws a slipper at her. later Dimpy cries and says she threw shoes at me, Rahul ask why you are crying, if she is throwing slipper and you too throw back at her, why you are crying, Dimpy says why you didn’t speak up for me there. later Ali says to Ajaz that we are listening to your bullshit from many days, Ajaz slaps on his head, Gautam ask Ajaz what you are doing, Ali ask Ajaz to hit, Ajaz runs to hit him, Pritham holds him but they both get closer to hit each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Goodness! Salman was “actually” emotional wen he left and his eyes did all the talking :,( i startd watchng big boss becoz of salman, used to wait whole week to see salman kiski class leta hai- now no reason πŸ™ Wat to watch- such idiotic ppl who throw shoes at each othr and today karishma was rite- these 5 chapmpions r at saturation point nw and were waiting to go home to b with family! Hw cn they show d same energy to ppl who hv jst cum in fresh as lily! Kya bakwas and unfair h! Salman we all love u! πŸ™ cum bk varna trps jiske liye 5 namune laye h woh aur girengi! :/ nt here to see shoe-throwing and ovracting! All crap without u πŸ™

  2. @munnu what karishma did with gauti was not at all ok ..gauti kept tolerating but at last he screamed and yes he abused her..the very next moment he begged for forgiveness but she dint wanted sorry she only wanted disqualification was that OK?? he gets tears in his eyes even now for what he did,he respects her but she doesnt…whatever it is..
    WE LOVE WE LOVE GAUTI πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. harshitha reddy

      wel said…nd xtremly tru…hate dis karishma….luv u gauti

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  5. LOL xyz even after hating him you people say WE LOVE WE LOVE… πŸ˜›

  6. OMG…..seriously these challengers are very much disgusting !!!
    show is nothing without sallu πŸ™
    may the best win for…

    1. I agree with you. I do not see point of bringing these 5 people in.

      I wanted to ask you something. Do you think what karishma did in hijack task ie putting chilli powder on Gautam’s face was ok?

  7. we love we love goatytyy mehhhh stupid!!!!! mehek uska band bajjaoooooo

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