Bigg Boss 8 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Finale’s twist
bigg boss’s all moments are shown like inmates entering in house, they crying, sonali slapping Ali, dimpy saying, sonali’s romance with guatam and upen. Dimpy and ali’s relation, guatam’s and diandra’s relation is shown, then they swearing on every single thing.
Salman comes on stage, he dances je meinu yaar na mile, Arya babbar comes there, Praneet comes too, three dance on humka peeni hai peeni hai, they leave, Salman continues dance on jumme ki raat hai, Natasa and Minissha comes there and dance with him, arya and praneet come, they all dance, after dance, they sit on sofa, salman welcomes all bigg boss, he wishes happy new year, salman says bigg boss usually end on new year but this season is different, He says big boss was a secret society. The inmates never came under control. 15weeks are over and we’re near destination but is it a destination or just a halt? We’ll tell you soon but lets meet the people who used to be part of this journey. salman says do you feel bad that we got eliminated and they didn’t. What did we lack ? and upen he’s the most shocked. Upen says definitely i am upset. I thought i’ll go farther. Salman says you’re upset because you couldn’t say something to karishma. Upen says she’s my really good friend. Salman says how many pals you made here? upen says all of them are my pals. Salman asks who is special? Upen says all of them. Salman says diandra how does it feels outside the house. She says i wanna go in there. Salman says yeah life must be simple now. Diandra says yeah so simple. Salman asks who doesn’t deserve to be in there? Diandra says somali. Salman asks arya. He says puneet.salman says why? Arya says he’s the only one who got chance to stay in there after being violent. Salman says who will win ? Upen says karishma. dipshika says ali. Diandra says gautam. praneet says between gautam and pritham. Arya says ali or pritham. Salman says whoever is in there. Its not because of fate. Its because of votes. We’ve 7 finalists. We’ve a guest too. Lets talk to inmates and they don’t know whats gonna happen.

All inmates comes. Somali comes in last. Salman says why are you late? sonali says they said there will be hair and make up but no one came. Salman says then? She says what then? I got ready. Salman says you wanted bigg boss to come and get you make up. Somali says yeah whatever. Salman says where is mike? Somali says i don’t know. Salman says if same happens on a movie set you’ll leave the movie ! Somali says i’ve done a movie. She says i’ve been trying to handle it since 105 days. They didn’t accept the clothes that came for me and my jewellery is missing as well. They’re doing a lot of stuff to irritate us and now i’m annoyed. Salman says this is the show. Somali says this is the reality. This is what i am. Salman says there have been 8 seasons and its all about adjustment. He says well you 7 people came here not with ease.

Karishma selfish: karishma said yes i want my make up. She said yes i’m selfish. I give away my stuff to others. But i’m selfish where its necessary.

Ali double dholki : ali said yes i’m double dholki. Everyone talks behind back. I’m the one who exposed.

gautam nautanki:gautam said i’ve always been misinterpreted.

Dimpy chalbaz: dimpy conspired about so many things. Dimpy says that in arguments, in tasks I have always maintained my point of view so many are insecure with me.

Master Mind Puneet: his influential personality is shown, like how he asked to change beds, how he took Karishma’s bed. Puneet says I give suggestion in everything, they like it then follow but I don’t force them, if this is called master mind then I am.

carefree Sonali: it is shown how she said that now nobody can nominate me as I am fully nominated, Sonali says that I am like this, I let go things, and I think there much more bigger things in life then all this.

multiple personality Pritham: his fight with P3gG then agin supporting them is shown. Pritham says I stand on right but inmates think that I am opportunist, they cant see truth.

Salman says to inmates that you all are seven finalists, today is finale’s twist, there will be elimination today and only champions will remain in house, Salman says you have to tell who doesn’t deserve to be champion, Ajaz says Sonali, Pritham says Karishma, she think of herself only so she cant be said champion, champion is person so take everything to next level, karishma says Sonali as she was not interested in game, she doesn’t involve in tasks, all have done hardwork but sonali has no attitude to win, Ali says Sonali because I am captain from two weeks and I have become servant in it, I am doing every chore of house, Sonali says what should I do then, Dimpy says Sonali is giving up, Sonali says I don’t know, I have no answer and my mind is not working too, Salman says how sweet, I definitely want to work with you especially the way you are, she smiles, how sweet, Gautam says Dimpy because champion should behave like champion but her behavior change every day, Puneet says Dimpy as she do unnecessary fights just to be in game, Salman ask Sonali did your mind start working, Sonali says no, Salman ask her to control herself, it happens, just calm down, she nods, Salman says they have chosen you, there is dialogue that don’t underestimate I me and myself so they have chosen Sonali, Ria and Choto, Sonali and all laughs, Sonali sit on danger seat and says this happens every week, Salman ask when your mind starts working then call me. call ends.
Salman says that there was two gang, bedroom gang and P3G gang, bedroom gang got eliminated but P3G’s one member Praneet was eliminated, what is reason behind success of P3G, Praneet says we were active so got ahead in game, Deepshika says they are next level of jerks, all laughs, they have so much unity which others don’t have. Salman says see the performance of P3G now.
Song plays, Puneet, Pritham, Praneet and Gautam are lying on floor, Puneet gets up, then all of them get up, they get ready as cowboys, they dance on kill dill song, their jackets have P3G written on it, they find Dimpy’s picture, they throw darts at her picture, then Gautam takes off his shirt, they dance, and do boys act.
all claps seeing it, Salman says now it is P2G, and Ajaz got in house, will he break the P2G, we will see it soon, call is connected again, Salman ask Ajaz whats collection of first week? Ajaz says work is not going fine, Salman says ia m asking what your perception about them, Ajaz says Sonali is there on God’s sake, you fulfilled her dream, Salman says it was sarcastic, I thought she is beautiful but on finale her hairs are looking like broom, Ajaz says I said to her that if you take bath then Salman will directly take you to shoot, all laughs, Salman says her mind is not working but if it starts then Ria and choto will not leave you, Ajaz says Gautam was so afraid of them, the one which is seen, he is not afraid of that but afraid of someone who is not seen, all laughs, Ajaz says he was lost when I entered, about Dimpy, I will say Allah bachai mujhe inke waar se, she is playing with mind, about Ali Quli mirza is a monkey, Salman says he made monkey out of you, Ajaz says I said that before father a son cannot come, Ali says that’s why I became his grandfather, they laugh, Ajaz says about Karishma, cant say anything, she is gujrati so I talk with her, Pritham is good person, he said that he will give numbers of bhabhies, Pritham ask what you are doing, Ajaz says all are nicer than me, I cant judge them when I am not good, Salman says correct thing, Ajaz says I am your fan afterall, he get up and dance on superman Salman ka fan, all laughs, Salman says ajaz is just a sample, soon a godown will open , call ends.

Salman says recently someone said in house that my Karan Arjun will come in house that’s why Bipasha came with Karan singh and now Jaqueline is coming with Arjan rampal, they come on stage, song mtlabi starts playing, Arjun and Jaqueline comes on stage and dance on song, after dance, Salman comes on stage and says that they have come to promote movie Roy, Salman ask did you watch bigg boss season 8, Arjun says whenever I get time I watch it but my family is addicted to show, Salman says I did commercial with Arjaun’s wife, she sued to be top model, he askArjaun whom you think will win, Arjun says I like Sonali, Salman says not your personal views, Upen used to like Sonali too, he likes everyone, all laughs, Salman says tell according to game, Arjun sys I like Sonali only, all laughs, Arjun says I think Sonali will win, Salman ask Jaqueline, she says I think Gautam will win, he is good looking, six pack abs, good style, I like Sonali also she is fun person, Salman says you praised Gautam, one person is jealous here, they look at Upen, Salman says he has abs too, Arjun says I have request for you, my daugters like your song hangover so they wanted you to playback for me and Jaqueline, Salman says sings hangover song, Arjun and Jaqueline dance on it, Arjun hugs Salman, Arjun says one more request, ask your fans to watch my movie, Salman says on 13th February, Salman says did you do anything? arjun says its friday night and salman and heroin are here. We’ll do everything. Salman says okay then call the music and turn up the music. Salman dances on song hangover. Arjun sits and watches him. Everyone claps. Jacqueline joins him. Salman says just imagine she has so much taste in sari. Jacqueline laughs. Salman says wow what a tasty sari. He sings a song on her sari ‘Allah bachaye’. Arjun says i’m not saying anything. Salman says i’m giving you a task you’ve to go in the house and bring a contestant here. Arjun asks jacqueline can we do This? She says on i can’t. Salman says oh you speak hindi too? The one you’ve to bring here is.. He whispers in arjun’s ear. Arjun says NO. Salman says go all the best. Salman says they’ve gone in and they’ll bring someone here. Inmates have no idea about it.

Arjun and jacqueline come in the house. Everyone welcomes them. Ali says happy new year to them. Arjun says how are you all? ejaz says so gone. Arjun says we’re here to promote our film. They’ve gone tasks for you. Jacqueline says they’re in garden. Arjun says yeah lets go to garden area. They all sit. Jacqueline says your pictures are on table. There are numbers on board. You’ll put pictures of top 3 contenders on the board, that’s all. Lets start with dimpy.

Dimpy: 1. Dimpy. 2. Gautam 3. Karishma.
Gautam:1. Ali 2. gautam 3. Puneet. Arjun says why ali first? Gautam says oh its in order. Arjun says yes. Gautam says oh okay. He makes puneet first and ali second and himself third. He says i feel they’re good and better than me.
Karishma: 1.ali 2. Dimpy 3. Karishma. She says ali is a good entertainer and dimpy makes you agree to your point that’s a good quality and i because i do my tasks and i’m selfish.
Ejaz : 1. Ali 2. Puneet 3. Karishma.
Puneet: 1. Gautam 2. Ali 3. Puneet. Arjun says dimpy is the only one who has most faith in herself.
Ali: says not only dimpy, I am in this line too, all laughs, he puts himself on first spot, puts puneet’s picture on second spot, Pritham on third spot.
Pritham: comes, Arjun says he is my favorite, Pritham puts Ali on first, Gautam on second, Puneet on third.
sonali: comes, she puts Gautam on first spot, Pritham on second, herself on third spot, Sonali says I choose Gautam because he is popular, deserving, for Pritham, I have always supported him, Pritham nods, she says I took my name as I never thought what inmates think about me, all that matter is what people think about me, Arjun says great, Arjun says now we will bring happiness for you people, Arjun says I am director in movie, bigg boss have given me script, I need three girls to act it, Karishma, Sonali and Dimpy comes forward, Arjun says me and Jaqueline will give demonstration, they starts reading dialogue,
jaq: where you are going?
Arjun: to Chambal
Jaq: your life is in danger
Arjun: yes but for me country love is more.
Jaq: don’t go
Arjun: so you also come with me, we will romance there.

Arjun calls Karishma first, she enacts same scene with Arjun, all claps for them, then Sonali comes, she acts with Arjun, Arjun hugs her in end, all clap for them, Arjun says Salman gave me a mission that was to bring out someone from here, he puts cuff on Sonali’s hand means first eviction, SONALI IS EVICTED, Sonali says its fine, I wanna go this time, all hugs her, Sonali says bye and leaves from there.
Sonali comes on stage with Arjun and Jaqueline, Sonali opens her cuffs, Sonali says when I got to know that I will be meeting you so I did little touch up of face in cuffs only, Salman says why didn do it before? Sonali says was in no mood, Arjun and Jaqueline leaves, Salman says did forget Ria and choto in house? sonali says yes they live there only and I have kept them inside for inamtes, they have freed me, all laughs, Salman ask are you happy, Sonali says very much, Salman ask about secret of choto and Ria, sonali says It was all fun, Salman says you made inmates afraid of your fun, all laughs, Sonali says I happy that I am going, Salman ask to go and sit with ex-contestants, she sits with them, Salman says ask diandra that you met Gautam in freeze task, whats your relationship status, Diandra says just good friends, Salman says teri meri prem kahani hai muskil, Diandra says exactly same thing, Salman says we gave one more chance to Diandra to meet Gautam again yesterday, don’t know what she said to him, maybe said I love Gauti but lets see.
Gautam is sitting by poolside, song Teri Galliyan starts playing, Diandra comes there, both are wearing blue, they do romantic dance on song, their house moments are shown too, their fights too, they dance, a gate prop comes down, there is “do not disturb” tag on gate, they go inside gate, Gautam comes back and changes tag to “just friends”.
Salman says many things happened in house but let it be whatever happened, Salman says being eliminated cant take off their sleep.
call is connected to house, Salman says 6 are remaining, now make yourself strong, you have no idea whats going to happen so its my duty to give a new information, one more will be evicted from house except Ajaz, then 5 champions will remain in house, you will know it soon, call disconnects.
Salman says there is a inmate who is alleged that he spend more time with girls, whats wrong in that, its straight and normal, all laughs, Salman says you were a give a chance yesterday to spend time in house, you name is bed bond, all laughs.
Upen, Karishma, Dimpy are lying on beds, they wake up starts dancing on song love is a waste of time.
Salman says lets see one more eviction.
all 6 contestants are standing in activity area, Salman comes there, he meets Dimpy, then hugs Puneet, then Ali, then Gautam, then Karishma then Pritham, Salman says this time is very important, one will be eliminated today, I have come personally to take one from here, he looks at them, he moves Ali forward and brings him back on position, Salman says I will give you thumbs up and thumbs down on your performance, he says to Dimpy that your passion thumbs up, anger thumbs down, Puneet hardwork thumbs up, dominating thumbs down, Gautam loyal thumbs up and breaking rules thumbs down, Karishma involvement in task thumbs up, always you are right thumbs down, Ali entertainment thumbs up, afraid of Ajaz thumbs down, Pritham be at everyone’s side thumbs up, forgot your limit thumbs down. Salman says PUNEET YOU ARE EVICTED, Salman hugs Puneet and says well played, the hugs everyone, he wishes them all the best, Gautam hugs him and kisses him, Puneet leaves, Gautam is sad, Karishma says I wash happy to be evicted, they do group hug.
Salman comes on stage, Puneet comes there too, Salman says Puneet inmates helped you to become young again, Puneet says yes that boys feeling was relived in house, I enjoyed playing, Salman says now its PG in house, Puneet with ex-contestants.
Salman says that you guys are fabulous 5, you are champions but not winners, you would want to know your ranking, Salman says according to voting, 5th is Ali, 4th is Dimpy, 3rd is Karishma, 2nd is Pritham, 1st is Gautam. Salman says karishma one general knowledge question, Karishma says not again, Salman says someone want to ask you something, Salman says Mohit is here in audience, Gautam gets excited seeing him, Salman says Mohit you have to tell Gautam from whom he should stay away, Mohit says you have to find who is real or fake, then Pritham’s parents are shown, his father ask him to be cordial with everyone, mother ask him to control his anger, then Karishma’s mother ask her to be yourself and you are doing right, Salman says mother will destroy daughter, all laughs, Dimpy’s sister and mother is there too, Salman ask them to tell who should remain away from Dimpy, all laughs, her sister says that our mother don’t speak, she is shy, Salman says she has given her voice to her daughters, all laughs, Salman says she did selfless act but I request mothers to not this as we have to bear it, then Ali’s relative says to him that you have so much energy, I know you will overtake voting, you did most difficult act of making people smile, play with double energy, Salman says all the very best, you will see me tomorrow, do whatever you want, call ends.
Salman says they have no idea what twist is coming there way, twist is that this is not end of bigg boss, they have to beat some more people to become winner, 5 challengers will come, 1 is already in house that is Ajaz Khan, now 4 are remaining, lets meet them. please welcome halla bol challengers, Shambhavana seth comes on stage and says Dimpy you think you are fire but I am wind that can blow off fire or can increase fire, I am more ahead then fire, she dance on song Sadda haq ethhe rakh, then Sana Kahna comes on stage and sas I will make Karishma break up with house, she dance on same song, then Emehek chahal comes on stage and says I cant do we love we love Gauti, if I would ave been in house then wouldn’t have listened to such small actor, Gautam your game is finished, she danceand fires at Gautam’s pictures, then Rahul Mahajan comes on stage and says that Ali you are with umbrella but when storm comes then umbrella blows of first, he dances too, then 4 challengers dance together.
Salman comes on stage ands says wow, he ask how many champions, Rahul says 5, Salman says you are 5 too, he says season 6’s Sana sardar, she laughs, Salman says sambhavana of season 2, mehek of season 5, season 2’s Rahul, Rahul says they will pee seeing us all, Salman says it can be reverse too, Sambhaavana says this will happen only, mehek says nothing happens by just saying, Salman ask Sambhavana whats her strategy, she says I don’t plan anything, once my image was shown as fighting girl so this time, I will count till 10, will drink cold water then will fight, I will fight after thinking now, all laughs, Rahul says what she is saying, Salman ask who you think can raise your temper, Sambhavana says Dimpy do over the top things, I will straight her, Rahul sys do whatever you want, you are my sister, she is my outgoing wife, its complicated, Sambhavana says inshort I will handle Dimpu, Rahul says then Ajaz will handle you, all laughs, Salman says last time you left the house, let see their journey. Rahul’s clip of his earlier season plays, how he did fun in house,
then Sambhavana’s journey is shown, her aggressive nature, then how Rahul was evicted s shown.
Salman ask how you like it? Sambhavana says it is dangerous. Salman ask whom you find dangerous in house mehek, Mehek says Gautam, he is hero but I am heroine too, Salman says lets see her journey, her fights is shown, her fights with Sky is shown, Salman ask Sana whom you will make mad? Sana says they are already gone mad so I wont have to do much, like Ali, Dimpy, Rahul ask why all are behind Dimpy, she says I think Karishma thinks that she will live there only, its her life only, her perception is coming as selfish, I will challenge her, I will tell her that I am make up and mirror queen of bigg boss so don’t try to snatch that, all laughs, Salman ask president of india, she says Mukherji, her journey is shown, her fun, how she fought, all claps. Salman wishes them luck, and hugs them, Rahul does poetry
pata nahi kiski dauan ka asar hai mujhpe
mei doob bhi jata hun toh darya ucchal deta hai mujhe
Salman hugs them, they leave for house. Salman says they are wow, I don’t know what will happen to season 8’s contestants as these are experienced, Salman says I am here for much, I am going on break, I will be back, he leaves the stage, he comes out and looks poster of bigg bos 8, he comes in dressing room and goes in washroom and Farah Kahan comes out of washroom, she looks in mirror and says what happened In Salman’s voice, she says how I changed from Salman Khan to Farha Khan.

Fraha Khan comes on stage, ex-inmates does hi to her, she reads letter of Salman that dear Farah, I am leaving show and as you are biggest fan of show so I am leaving to handle show, it is challenge to host show and I know you will do it, if you think you need my help then don’t call me, bring show to end, in short do whatever you want to do men oh women, Farah says Salman is gone audience are you with me? they say yes, Farah says thank God paid audience is here, all laughs, she says now we will see how champions welcome challengers.
some ninjas come in house, they surround inmates then a lady comes there, she is Sambhavana, she hugs everyone, Karishma says you challengers have come to destroy us, Sambahavana ask can I challenge anyone, Ali says you can do it by eyes, Sambhavana says there is twist, Pritham ask is finale going on? she says its twist so let it be twist only. Rahul is climbing inside house through ladder, he says the way I left house, I am going back same way, I am coming inmates.
Salman says when we start a thing, we tend to finish it but I cant do it as show is extended and I have booked dates with bajrangi bhaijan, I am sad to leave them like this but Farah is here, she wil handle show very well, she is biggest fan, I am sorry for leaving show in middle, I will be watching show and if I get free time, I swear I will return, I will be back, he leaves the stage.

PRECAP- Farah’s class is starting. challengers vs champions it will be.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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