Bigg Boss 8 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 9
morning song starts, all greets and says good morning to each other.

Karishma says to Arya that I wont the task, Arya talks to Kairshma, Soni is there too, Karishma says I would have beaten gautam, Gautam doesn’t know how many people watches the show, I don’t want to say but his caliber is very low than us.
Sukirti talks to Diandra and says he showed me ego, I think that this age guys have much ego, Sukirti says I do not talk with gautam because I know gautam is egoistic and I know it from past three years.

Diandra talks to Gautam, she makes him understand, she says your patience level is tested, Dirandra says you are good, you would have gotten slap from girl, don’t do this again, gautam agrees.

Praneet reads rules for today’s task, he says today deepshikha’s team will sit on seats today, pritham’s team will try to hujack their seats, the team who spends more time on seats will win the task. ow its turn of deepshikha’s team to sit on seats while pritham’s team will make them leave the seat, Kairshma says she wont do this, she wants clarity on her abusing, she will not do the task till then, deepshikha ask her to do the task, its important for them, she kind of forces her to do the task. Karishma says I have gotten the slang, I know it so don’t do this, upen comes to deepshikha and says don’t force her, you want to win so I wont play, deepshikha gets angry and says you don’t say this, I am gathering team and you are saying that I am doing this for win, Karishma says yesterday you took stand for me, now you are forcing me to win, deepshikha cries and says to upen that I am doing this to gather my team, I want all of us to win and you are pointing that I want to win for myself only, you did wrong, upen says sorry and hugs her.

In plane, Deepshikha says that one person said that I came to break the house, I took it positively but that doesn’t mean you will disrespect me, if my whole team agrees to not do the task then I will announce that ok we are boycotting the task. Karishma says to Arya that this means that anyone will come and will abuse me and will sorry then its done. I will take this matter forward. deepshikha says to karihsma that we are one team then why are you doing this, i am your leader so i have to make you understand, Karishma says you should with me on my stance. Depshaikha talks to her team and ask who will not do the task, Arya, Sushant, diandra and all take stand for task, deepshikha says ok this is our team’s stance, deepshikha talks to bigg boss and says my team member was abused and we have decided to not do the task, we want you to take the decision on this matter, we are boycotting the task.
outside plane, pritham;s team decide to take stand against wrong, team gathers and puneet says that bigg boss we want you to take decision on this matter, other team is not doing the task and also we are not willing to do the task till decision is taken.

Sushant talks to Soni and says deepshikha said that she is not doing the task for herself but for her team, Sushant says when Karihsma wasn’t not doing the task, why did deepshikha forced her to do, she kept forcing he she is so bossy, Soni and Sushant comes to karishma, suhant says deepshikha have come from outside so we will take time to open with her but she is bossing around from first day.

deepshikha is in cock-pit, bigg boss ask her team stance, deeoshikha says my team have boycotted the task, bigg boss says what happened was wrong and we will take decision on it but it is wrong to not do the task, ask your team to do the task, deepshikha agrees.
deepshikha talks to her team, she says bigg boss will take decision but we have to respect him and do the task, Karishma says what decision will he take, he will ask gautam to say sorry, I don’t want it, Deepshikha says let bigg boss handle the matter, we will do the task. all agrees.

siren blows, deepshikha’s team sits on seat, upen takes off his shirt, Natasa applies dirty cloth on Karishma’s face, pritham’s team applies soap and different things on their faces.

deepshikha’s team is sitting on benches, puneet talks to pritham and praneet, praneet says they wont get up easily.

Soni applies red chilly on Karishma’s face. Gautam applies balm on Sushant’s face, Sushant ask to not apply in my nose, deepshikha ask sushant to calm down.

Gautam talks to Praneet and says they are so sensitive.
Natasa, Soni and Sukirti discuss how to make them stand.
Natasa is taking cloth from Karishma from which she is wiping tears, Karishma says puneet have given me.

in plane, Sukirti says to pritham that I wont play the game, its unfair they are not allowing to do anything, they are saying to not do this or that, pritham says what to do, puneet is in our team but says to all that don’t apply anything as it is going in my daughter’s eyes. soni says things were going in our eyes too but we were not agitated, we were calm but they are so agitated and not allowing us to do anything, karishma is not allowing anyone to apply anything, Pritham says pundeet ji (praneet) is missing from the scene. Puneet comes in plane, all bombard him for being polite to other team, Praneet says yesterday Arya didn’t apply anything to us too, Sukirti says I am not asking you to beat them but atleast apply something to them, all agrees and goes out.

Sushant is not feeling well, Gautam applies something on his face, he is agitated, Diandra is just wearing shorts and bikini, she starts wearing her pants. deepshikah pacifies sushant.
Gautam comes to Karishma who is crying sitting on seat, he says you are my sister, I know it was wrong I am sorry.

Bigg boss announces that deepshikha’s team has win the task, Bigg boss says Pritham’s team was not enthusiastic, some member of his team didn’t take part in task, he says what gautam did yesterday was wrong, we are taking his right to nominate for this week, he will not nominate anyone this week, he congratulates deepshikha’s team and ask them to pack their bags, they will go in house tomorrow, Karishma says I am not satisfied with gautam’s punishment, I was beign abused on national tv, what will happen that gautam wont nominate this week, I want you to nominate him this week along with sukirti, if this is your punishment then I am sorry, I will lose my trust on you, I wont be able to respect you if you give such a lenient punishment to him.

Puneet talks to soni, Natasa and Sukirti, he says you all have showed patience, we bore torture yesterday a lot and we didn’t do even 1% torture than what deepshikha’s team did on this, soni says their captain was supportive, she was providing them everything, Pritham comes there and says was not about captaincy, Pritham says here someone is someone daughter (taunting puneet), all have become relative here, first leave your relationships then point on me.

Karishma comes in cock-pit, bigg boss ask what do you want to say? Karishma says I was abused on national tv twice, I didn’t take action in my hands but punishment was not good, Bigg boss says nomination is the big right of every contestant, we have taken that from gautam, Karihsma says this will give message that I can use slang against anyone also, bigg boss says when someone use slang against anyone then who is bad> karishma says the one who use slang, Bigg boss says we appreciate that you didn’t take action in your hand.

Karishma, Minissha and Deepshikha talks about house and beds in it, they divide the beds.

All contestants are sitting in garden area, they plays antakshiri, Gautam is alone in plane and sings awarapan banjarapan. outside all contestants enjoys the song, sushant dances on songs.

PRECAP- the luxurious house is opened for the first time, deepshikha’s team goes in house and screams in happiness, Karishma says I will go mad with happiness, this house is awesome.
Soni is in garden area, wearing weird clothes, Karishma calls her servant, she says soni is looking like a bai( maid), Soni gets offended and says to Sukirti that even fi she find me looking like maid then what was the need to say that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. I 222 dnt lyk karishma.

  3. Gautam and karishma-dramebaaz of the house. Both want to win at any cost.i hate both of them. They will be in the house for a very long time but will not win like ladt season tanishaa

  4. big boss apne chasme ka number check karna kal jo tumne decision liya woh ek dam galat tha aur karishma ko is show se nikalo warna aap ka show is saal flop jayega

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