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Bigg Boss 8 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 11
as norm, Song starts, emotional attachyar song plays all contestants wakes up and dances.

Upen and diandra are lying on bed, diandra says gautam came to me and said that you are so much creative, Gautam kept nagging me.

Pritham is in kitchen, sukirti comes and ask who will wash clothes, pritham says sorry we wont wash them, we weren’t not asked for it, we will do work of house only. Sukirti says I was asked who will see washing, so I thought its about washing clothes not bathroom, pritham says washing bathroom is my duty.
pritham talks to deepshikha’s team and says clothes are personal so we will not wash them, we will wash bathrooms and all, all girls agrees.

Gautam comes in bedroom where all are sitting. all are unpacking their stuffs, Diandra says what gautam said to me yesterday, I will not forget it, he should not create problems.
Gautam is cleaning floor, sukirti ask him to do it slowly else dust will blow.

Praneet ask who will drink tea? karishma ask and says six people wll drink it, deepshikha says take water according to that only, sushant says if it extra even then someone will drink tea after sometime.
Praneet says to puneet in kitchen that they are making us work a lot but when their time will come they will know how much difficult is this.

Upen didn’t ad breakfast on time, deepshikha says when everyone was eating where were you, you are immature.

Diandra talks to praneet about luxuries of house. deepshikha says its your task to make all contestants eat breakfast.

Pritham gets the list of what work he will do in house by deepshikha. Arya talks diandra and says you were wrong about telling what luxuries are, diandra says you are getting harsh. deepshikha says if anybody eats apple then they make such a hue and cry that can you eat apple without permission.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its nominations time, all contestants have to vote against three person whom they want to be evicted, as deepshikha was winning captain then she has the immunity from nominations this week, sukirti is already nominated by sonali so she cant be nominated by anyone in house this week, bigg boss calls minissha in confession room.

bigg boss ask minissha three names she want to nominate to be evicted, she says 1st pritham, 2nd praneet as his way of talking is not good.
second arya is called in confession room, he says 1st gautam as he abused a girl, 2nd praneet as he is not doing tasks properly,
3rd is soni because I think she is very senstivie. next comes natasa, she votes against Gautam, 2nd pritham, 3rd Diandra.
next is Upen, he votes against Gautam, 2nd praneet, 3rd pritham.
next comes diandra, she votes against gautam, 2nd praneet, 3rd pritham.
next comes sukirti, she votes against Gautam, 2nd praneet, 3rd pritham.
next is pritham, he votes against puneet.
Soni comes, she votes against diandra, gautam, Arya.
Puneet comes, he votes against Gautam, pritham, praneet.
Karishma comes and votes against gautam, praneet, pritham.
Sushant comes, he votes against Gautam, pritham, praneet.
Praneet comes, he votes against Gautam, Diandra, Karishma.
next is deepshikha, she votes against gautam, 2nd is soni, 3rd is praneet.

bigg boss calls sonali in confession room, all say sonali is evicted, the are shocked when they realize that sonali has comeback.

in confession room, Sonali says to bigg boss that I am excited to go there, I missed all contestants, hope they missed me too, bigg boss says we will see it, bogg boss says people and inmates couldn’t connect to you so you were evicted but now you are given second chance, sonali says it was my fault but I will try my best this time. Sonali Raut comes back in house, All applauds, Karishma says why did she comeback? Sonali says I saw your fish market, sukirti gives killing look, Sushant hugs sonali. Sonali says I have comeback after chilling and I have seen your fish market too, I saw two episodes at home, girls are not much excites seeing sonali, Sonali talks to gautam, she says I saw what happened, gautam says I thought all are against me.

sonali talks to karishma and sushant and says much happened in tasks, you all becme so much aggressive, she ask pritham why he couldn’t lead properly.

deepshikha says sonali is very clever, I was shocked when she got evicted, Karishma says she was asking me what happened, I said didn’t you what happened, you know what gautam did.

bigg boss says the inmates who are nominated for this week are sukirti, Praneet, Gautam and pritham.

Sonali says praneet was very upset in task. Praneet says when we got up for karihsma then you also shouldn’t have sit on seats, we decided to make you win but you sat on seats next day, you came to me, asked me to leave the task, minissha says I don’t want to say but all women must feel bad listening to it that you are saying why did I make you get up from seat, we were asking you take stand, we sat on seats, we played the game as bigg boss asked us to give your team full chance, praneet says when we left the task for your team then your team should have also left it, minissha says you took stand for a girl, your sister must be proud of it but not playing the game on second day was foolishenes, praneet says you mold things according to yourself praneet gets angry and goes from there.
diandra talks to minissha and says why were you arguing with him.
praneet says to puneet that my question was when you make us get up from seats for a stance then why didn’t you continue it second day, why you involved yourself in task, why not take stand for same stance second day.

Gautam sings diandra went to bandra in kitchen.
deepshikha says to arya that gautam is doing all this so that we become cordial with him again.

Gautam sings song tumko paya hai jo khoya hun for sonali, he acts like doing French kissing with her, all inmates watches it and ask what is going on there.
Gautam acts like SRK and dances with Sonali. Sukirti, Minissha, Upen and others gossip that gautam is taking chance and sonali is always ready to take it.
Gautam do a SRK pose and says to sonali that if you have something in your heart for me then come in my arms, pritham laughs on it.

PRECAP- Diandra says to puneet that I was sitting in dining table, gautam came and didn’t sit beside me, showing attitude, he should keep his over acting to himself. later praneet reads new task in which sonali will rate three people according to three words “least, most, Happiest”. Sonali rates puneet as least and says sorry uncle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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