Bigg Boss 8 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 103
song Saath Samandar paar mein tere peche aa gyi starts playing. all wake up and dances on song.

sonali says to Ajaz that Puneet was surprised to see that iw as in coffin, he was like haan, she is safe, Ajaz says I knew Upen would go, Sonali says I assumed him as my friend always but he had issues with me, I don’t know it was funny, in last, we were not talking even, he used to not talk to me on and off, maybe he was provoked by someone else, I don’t know.

Sonali and Dimpy are cleaning washroom things, Sonali says these are gents shampoos, we also use that washroom, Ali says that’s why your hairs are there in gents washroom, pick that too, Ali says to Sonali that I had to collect your hairs and throw it, Sonali says why you are saying me? he says its you who have hairfall, I don’t have hairfall, its your duty to put then in dustbin, Sonali ask who the hell are you? Sonali ask why you are shouting, Ali as why you don’t work? Sonali says I work for my things, Ali says I will throw things now, Sonali says who the hell are you, mosquito, by the way what you are saying, you are not important for me, Ali ask to cut her hair then, ugly girl, Ali ask they shave and throw hairs there only, they are hairs of what body part? now why they are silent, thank God I don’t have hairs else they would have alegged me that its my hairs.
Sonali says to Karishma that he has cleaned washroom for first time, Karishma says how can he throw everything? Sonali says he has done cleaning for first time and showing it off on Tv.
Pritham says to Ali that what you have done now, if it would happened before, Ali says end of love now, I ask them to work then he spit poison that why I speak so much, if you don’t work then I will speak.

Pritham is in room where there are many screens, bigg boss says Pritham Pyare, a man from small town was accepted by whole india, his journey plays on screen, Kal ho naa ho heart beat music plays in background, bigg boss says there was a time when he lost his balance too, people saw your face and your personality, you were the one who gave strength to Gautam when all were against him, we saw you as father and husband, and you saw your son walking for first time in bigg boss house only, we have seen many shades of Pritham, the witty Pritham, the straight forward Pritham, the aggressive Pritham, we loved you as Pritham, we believe that people will love you for your nature, bigg boss says thank you, Pritham’s journey plays on screens, his friendship with P3G, his fights with Deepshikha, breaking up with P3G, he nominating Puneet then his fight with Puneet and Gautam, then his patch up with them again, then his family coming in bigg boss, then his wife saying I love you, video ends, Pritham says thank you bigg boss, what you have made me bigg boss, he get in tears and says I took 14 years to reach here, bigg boss says not 14years but 14years and 15weeks, these memories will be with you for whole life, reaching till here was a like winning a war, we wish you best of luck for next stage, fireworks starts flowing around Pritham, bigg boss says that your lovers have send a good luck charm for you, take it and leave from here, Pritham takes the gift and leaves from there.

Pritham says to inmates that what it was I cant explain, I cant tell you, it can be experienced only, Dimpy ask what bigg boss said, Pritham says I cant explain, Pritham opens the gift and it is star shaped frame which have his child Adi’s picture in it, Ali says he is rockstar, Puneet says he look same as you, Pritham says I controlled my tears, what was that.

Dimpy is in activity area, bigg boss says you entered house as wild card entry, call it your strategy or something else but your inclination towards P3G was evident, you wanted to be their friend but ended up taking blame of breaking P3G, Dimpy nods, bigg boss says there was a time when inamtes said that Dimpy is there to fight only but you told them that you are not the one to be silent, you gave them answer, you did every task as if it was your life’s aim to win that task, then Rahul Mahajan’s coming in house, you meeting him, will be memories of this house, your tears when Rahul was leaving showed your emotions, you proved in lie dictator test too that you are a true person, her journey plays, how she entered are bride, then how Pritham blamed her for breaking P3G, then how she cried and Gautam consoled her, then how Ali flirted with her, she laughs seeing it, then how Ali ditched her, then how she said slang to Pritham and they had a ugly spat, then how Rahul entered and she said that I am glad to see you, then how her sister’s message played, Dimpy cries seeing it and says Oh my God this is so beautiful, bigg boss says you finished all negativity, bigg boss says that we wish you for next stage, we are giving you good luck charm sent by your family, take it and leave, Dimpy says thank you bigg boss.
She comes in house and says that its beautiful, she has got a photo frame which has all her family members, Karishma ask how journey was shown? Dimpy says I cant tell, Karishma says I cant wait now, Dimpy says last shot was that I was crying and you all were hugging me, video stopped there, Ali says I have made you star, Dimpy says its very nice.

Karisham comes in activity area, bigg boss says that you did characters of Tv and Films and then entered bigg boss as Karishma tanna to win hearts of people,you took stand first in house and showed that nobody can take you for granted, be it putting spice on anyone’s face for task, or standing on thin wood to win immunity, or sitting in phone booth for hours, you did every task nicely, you sat on seat for 36 hours and showed that you are here to play game, people called you selfish, self centered, bimbatte, you gave up your make up for someone and they made issue of it, you understood Renee’s view and didn’t crib to meet your mother shows that they were calling you selfish, that day, you decided to not your mother but your tears for your mother showed ervything, be it taking stand infront of Salman, or doing task in party, you were always in headlines and favorite villain of house, it is said that when path is difficult then reward is also great, we wish you luck, her journey plays, how she first entered in house and was so excited, then how her friendship happened with bedroom group, then how she had taken stand against Gautam for saying slang, then how they cried, then how she said that I remembered papa seeing Puneet then how she had so much fights with Puneet, then how she ditched Sushant, then how she couldn’t meet her mother but see her on Tv only, Karishma cries seeing all this, then how she met her mother after many days, then how Salman said that KArishma excels in every task, Karishma says OMG, thank you bigg boss, fireworks flows, she gets sacred, bigg boss says your journey had sweet and harsh moments, we wish you luck for next week, we are giving you good luck charm sent by your admirers.

Gautam ask Karishma what you learnt from journey that you should not apply spice on anyone, Karishma says I do task with my full heart, it was task and I was right in doing that, Ali ask karishma to apologize to Gautam, Karishma says sorry Gautam that I was so good in task.

Puneet is in activity area, Bigg boss says all were in doubt whether this man can come forward in house or not, your journey was not easy, you made relation with inmates, you were given respect, some saw you as father and some as friend, you gave suggestions to inmates like elders but did tasks like a youngster, you sat in phone booth for hours, didn’t sleep in museum task, we salute for your passion ans this passion rbought problems for you too, mistakes is done by everyone but the person who accept his mistake, ask forgiveness for it and move on in life is great person that’s why we gave you another chance, you cried like a kid to see your wife, you proved that you are emotional person and proved that you played with emotions, we hope that next stage of house will be interesting for you, his journey plays, how he entered in house, then how he got physical in tasks, how he had hit Arya and got evicted, how Gautam cried for him then how Puneet was brought back but remained in jail, then his friendship with P3G, then how he met his wife, how he cried, how he said that I love you my wife, then how he said that the respect they have given to me, he will set example for them, jouney ends, bigg boss says it was like fire sea for you, fireworks flows around him, bigg bos says that you have crossed the fire sea and you are close to next level, we wish you luck, there is some gift for you sent by your family, take it and leave, Puneet says I wanna say that I will make life of all youngsters a hell, I will show them my power, he takes the gift and leaves.

Ali is in activity area, bigg boss says you were first wild card entry, you mad people wake up in house, you made them do the parade of cleaning, all inmates accepted that something new happened in house, you didn’t let entertainment level go down, you had different chemistry with everyone, even bigg boss couldn’t stop you from t4easing Praneet in confession room and otherside you made friend, Dimpy, your relation with her was given many names but your relation with her is like sun and shade, sometime so much strong friendship, and sometime its disaster, then twist happened and you became villain when sonali slapped you and we saw funny Ali going all angry and trying to go out of house but you continued your journey, you tried to win trust and in end won it, we hope that you become entertainer in real life too, his journey plays, how he became first captain, how he was thrown in pool, how inmates got against him, how he entertained, then how Sonali alleged that he touched her in inappropriate way, then how Sonali slapped him, then how Ali tried to go out of house, then how he fought with Gautam, how he broke, then how he said that he never disrespected a women, bigg boss says many memories you have created, you are now you going for next level, firework flows around him, Ali says today my remaining hairs will burn too, thank you bigg boss.

Ali comes in house, he has got a jacket, there is message in it from Gauri wishing him happy new year, Ali says to Puneet and Gautam that it was so much fun to watch journey, sonali’s slap was also shown, Gautam ask how you find the slap? Ali says I was angry seeing slap, it was good slap.

Sonali is in activity area, Bigg boss says that coming from a modelling family, you came in house at 24 years of your age after doing hit movie, in such less age, you left your family and came to house where everyone try to oversmart other but you kept yourself away from politics of house, you showed them that you cant be provoked, you were made target and was eliminated in first week only, but this star’s stars were in good postion, you cameback, you created memories be it falling in tasks or using broom in unique way, she laughs seeing it, bigg boss says there was uniqueness in everything of yours, we wish that you reach heights, Sonali says thanks, her journey plays, how she was carefree, flicking her hairs, her witty nature, her famous way of using broom by just standing straight only, then using it on knee, then the task where Upen and Sonali had to act like lovers, then how she said that Gautam cane be her option too, then her friendship with Gautam, their dance, then how she said that Gautam roti will come on your face, then how she had tiffs with Ali, then how she said that I am dragged in everything, how she cried, then how Salman joked with her, then her bindass attitude was shown, bigg boss says that in all these weeks, you with your consent, wherever you wanted, you lived like that on your own terms, Sonali says yes, bigg boss says you were all carefree, fireworks plays, bigg boss says we wish you luck.

Gautam is in activity area, bigg boss says after antering in plane, your journey was on fire, be it friendship with Diandra initially, all thought that your journey will go good but twist happened in hijack task where you lost your cool, and some slangs came out of your mouth, you became villain of house, was coming in nomiantions for 8 weeks, was servant of house for 4 weeks, shows that inmates used to hate you but india was loving you, then when your mother came, you cried seeing her like a kid, it showed that you give attention to emotions, with time, your enemies became your friend, then your relation with Diandra was said above friendship, we hope that the way you have made show entertaining, you will do it in next stage too, his journey plays, his dance with Sukriti on stage, then entering in house and becoming friend with Diandra, chili incident where he said slang to KArishma, then how he was given punishments, was cornered, how he said that I am breaking, then how he became friend wit P3G, then his dictatorship is shown, then how he made inmates sing we love we love Gauti, then how he danced with boys, his moments with Diandra, how they shared close moments, then how he denied his relation, then how Diandra cameback in house and talked nicely with Gautam, when his mother came in house, then his boys act on birthday Gautam cries seeing his journey, bigg boss says Gautam you were fire of house, you kept the flame of house always open, you made this house lit with your lights, fireworks happens around Gautam, he looks at them, Gautam says it was not me, it was somebody else, thank you so much bigg boss from heart, you gave me name.

PRECAP- Upen, Karishma and Dimpy dance. there will be Finale, where many twists will happen, Salman comes on stage and dance with Arya and Praneet. then the halla bol challengers are Mehek Chahal, Sambhavana seth, Rahul Mahajan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. Hey guys
    The show is gonna be extended for one more month
    Now two more inmates are gonna be evicted and only five will remain
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    My vote is for gautam and Ajax
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