Bigg Boss 8 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 7
Suddenly light of house goes off, all the inmates comes in garden to see who is coming in, some people come in house with their faces covered, then secret society members pritham and deepshikha come in house, all greet them, depshikha says we used to listen everything, she says we have not come to break the house, to indulge in fight, like you 12, we are 3 and we all are 25 inmates of house, Arya says i hope so, Pritham says men have gossiped more in house.

Day 8
song jeene ke hain chaar din… jawani phir na aye plays, all contestants get up and starts dancing, they suddenly finds a new and luxurious house with glass walls around it, they can see inside and screams in happiness seeing the house. Arya and all contestants are seeing the new house from windows, Bigg boss starts his conversation, all applauds for listening to the voice of bigg boss, bigg boss says seeing you all together gives the message that house is made with living beings in it, he says you all have come here after a long journey, we were observing you all the time, i know its difficult to sleep on seats but you all made it seem easy, you slept on chairs in night and some members even slept on those uneasy chairs in daytime too, right Gautam? gautam smiles, Bigg boss says some people spent all the days in house in one clothes only with smile, like praneet and Diandra, he ask praneet if he wants to wear something else other than dhoti? praneet says yes, bigg boss says you both can take your luggage from cockpit, Bigg boss says in secret society, the most promising person was deepshikha so we are giving her immunity to choose her team of six person who will compete with other team of pritam to get the house.
praneet and diandra takes their luggage from cockpit. Upen helps diandra in taking her luggage.

all contestants are seeing the house from glass windows, the walls of house is of transparent glass, Sukirti and Minissha admires house, Arya talks in different style while seeing the house.
Karishma says to Diandra that i know there will be some house for us.

bigg boss talks to inmates, he says we are giving you task and this task is very important and the team who will win this task will get the new house and also immunity, bigg boss ask deeshikha to tell names of her team mates, Deepshikha says my team members are me, Karishma, Diandra, Minissha, Sushant, Upen and Arya and our team name is tiger, Bigg boss ask Karishma to read out rules of this task, Kairshma reads that its hijack task, Pritam’s team will sit on seats while Deepshikha’s team will try to hujack their seats, they have to make them get up from the seat, they can put anything on their face but cannot drag anyone from the seat, Deepshikha and Pritham will support their team but wont take part in task, Sukirti and Natasa sit on seats, Sukirti says we will not go to pee, don’t think about it, Upen comes and puts some insect on Natasa’s neck, she screams.

Gautam takes off his shirt, Karishma applies soap on face of Sukirti, deepshikha says to diandra that bring lemon and spice powder for the task, Karishma comes to Natasa and says you made me eat spice a lot, she applies spice on her face, Karisham rubs her slipper on Gautam’s face, Upen talks to deepshikha and says praneet is very strong, it will be difficult to make him get up.

Natasa cries with spice on her face, Deepshikha says to Minishha that don’t be polite with anyone, they wont leave you when their time will come so apply whatever you need. Diandra says to ayra that we also don’t like to put these things on anyone’s face, either we say to bigg boss that we cant do this task and surrender or if we are doing it then we should do it fully. Karishma comes to Natasa and says i will apply red spice face pack on your face now, she applies red chilly powder on her face, Natasa cant bear it anymore, she cries in pain, praneet gives her moral support. Diandra says to upen that minissha is very polite to Sukirti and Soni, she is not applying anything on their faces, they are enjoying her company, what to do. Praneet ask Karishma to not target only one(Natasa), someone brings water to put on praneet’s feet but praneet takes the bucket and washes Natasa’s face, Deepshikha comes and takes bucket away from praneet, on this pritham comes and says you cant hold or touch anything, its against rules of task, Deepshikha says i was just stopping praneet, pritham says but you are not liable to involve yourself in task, she broke the rule bigg boss, this is wrong, Sushant comes and calms them down, Sushant says why did praneet put the water, Deepshikha says if Natasa has so much problem then why did you not leave the seat, Natasa winces in pain.
Diandra says to deepshikha in kitchen that Natasa is doing drama only, Minissha says if you apply chilly powder on anyone’s face then it will hurt, deepshikka says don’t be emotional, they are doing this to make us emotionally weak.
Praneet ask deepshikha to not waste food of kitchen for the task, have some moral values, deepshikha says don’t pass personal comments, we are just doing the task, be in limits, soni says to sukirti that deepshikha has come to separate us.

Arya comes to sukirti and Soni and wipes their eyes in which soap has gone, deepshikha gets angry on this, she says if soap is going in their eyes then why don’t they get up from seat and washes it, why you are wiping it, you are helping them, you have very good bonding them, you are wiping their faces so they wont get up till tomorrow only, you are helping them, Sukirti ask Arya to go from there, he goes in plane and punches the wall.

Karishma applies red spice to gautam, Gautam touches, Karishma says this is qualification, he applied spice on me, Gautam says ok i will not touch her now,Karihma applies chilly powder on Gautam’s bare body to make him get up from seat, Gautam shouts that its hurting me bigg boss, he shouts on Karisham that don’t touch my body, you are taking chance to touch it, you are shameless girl. Karishma laughs on him at first, she goes to Natasa to apply something, Natasa folds her hand pleading to not apply anything, Karishma shouts that you are pleading but not getting up from seat, Karishma shouts that she is doing task only, he used slang against me on national tv, its against conduct, Sushant says we are just doing the task, its very bad manners to use slang against a girl, Karishma says you cant do this, i want Gautam’s disqualification, Arya comes to Gautam and says you did a big mistake, you shouldn’t have done this, All girls come there, deepshikha says this is stand, all the girls have come to take stand against abuse, Gautam comes to Karishma and says i will ask forgiveness from you, i am sorry, i did wrong, you are like my sister. all contestants leave the seats except praneet, Pritham says to praneet and puneet that Gautam was doing over acting, it was fine but why did he abuse Karisham, he has done wrong with himself.

Gautam says to arya that i am leaving the house, Arya says no, if you think me as your brother then don’t ever say it.
Minissha says talks to Gautam in washroom, she says i made you and praneet my brother, how can you say it to a girl, you used a slang against her, this is not done, Gautam cries and says i am leaving the house, this is not my cup of tea, Minissha says this you should have think before coming in house.
Minissha comes to praneet who is still sitting on his seat and says you wont get up from this eat as you don’t know what happened here, you wont take stand against it.
Puneet talks to Gautam and says you did wrong, if you respect me little bit then i am begging to you to not use abusive words in house, this is not done, you did wrong, you are my junior and i don’t want you to conduct yourself like this, Puneet comes to Karishma to pacify, Karishma says i don’t wasn’t his sorry, i want his disqualification, where were you when he was insulting me, you didn’t take stand for me, you are like my father but you didn’t support me, Puneet becomes emotional and says you are my daughter, don’t say that, he brings Karishma and Gautam together and ask Gautam to say sorry, he ask them to patch up, he says to Gautam that if we were not in bigg boss house then i would have slapped your abusing my daughter, Kairshma cries, Gautam repents and hugs Karishma, all three cries.

Praneet says to Pritham that we did mistake, Praneet gets from his seat.
Deepshikha talks to upen and says Praneet insulted me, he said to me that he knows what i am and what i am doing here so i said that i am here to play the game so he said that he knows what i am.

Gautam says to all that i have never gone through this much torture so slang came out of my mouth in pain, Karishma says that what if there were praneet, puneet other than me, you abused me on tv, i could have slapped you on tv but i laughed on you, i was killing your patience with my laughter so you got angry, deepshikha says if it was hurting you so much then you would have left your seat, why you abused the girl, Guatam says i understand you all dear to me, Arya says to Gautam the way you are asking forgiveness, it doesn’t seem you are repenting for your mistake but you are rude, Gautam ask Arya to not judge him, he says i am asking sorry, Karishma says no i want your disqualification, all other contestants says that we are with Karishma in this case, Gautam says i will accept everything.

Gautam says to himself that i did a mistake, Praneet comes to her and ask him to be like hero and accept what will be decided, Gautam agrees.
Bigg boss says that 2nd week started with a task but it ended on a sour note with huge fight, lets see what happens next.

PRECAP- now its turn of deepshikha’s team to sit on seats while pritham’s team will make them leave the seat, Kairishma says she wont do this, she wants clarity on her abusing, she will not do the task till then, deepshikha ask her to do the task, its important for them, she kind of forces her to do the task.
in plane, deepshikha says to karihsma that we are one team then why are you doing this by not doing the task, i am your leader so i have to make you understand, Karishma says you should with me on my stance.
Sushant talks to Soni and says when Karihsma wasn’t not doing the task, why did deepshikha forced her to do, she kept forcing he she is so bossy.
Later deepshikha cries that all are against, i want my team to perform but nobody is listening, the time i came in house, all are saying that i came to break the house, sushant hugs her to comfort her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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