Bigg Boss 8 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99
Weekend Ka Vaar
Elimination Day
Salman Khan comes on stage and dance on dinkha chika, SAlman welcomes all in bigg boss, he says 15th week has started and now there will be blast, KARISHMA SONALI UPEN are in danger, i promised you that there will be twist today but there will be two big twists today but first let me show you something.
clip plays, Karishma says to Pritham that there are no potatoes in house how to make food, Karishma sing potato song from welcome film, Pritham says nana pathekar was hero in that movie, Upen leaves from there. later Karishma says bigg boss send me out of house, this Upen Patel is not talking to me, Upen says nothing, Karishma says tell me the problem first, we have pressure of game and you are pressurizing our friendship too, Upen says when you live with someone you know who is like what, Karishma says I know they are not good but I cant ignore them, you cant tell me whom to talk or not, Upen says who am I to stop you, your father? brother? bf? husband? Karishma says I was having normal conversation with Pritham.
Karishma says to Upen that I cant be rude with them, Upen says they were sitting with you, you know that I am not talking to them but you are sitting with them, don’t bring them with you as I cant be fake, I will come to you if I wanaa talk to you, Karishma says are you telling me that I am fake.
later Karishma says to Upen that I am leaving your family photo here if I am going out today, you will need it, Upen says I have gifted you so I wont take it back, why did I give you? karisham says because I am like your family, Upen says this is just a picture, I don’t need this back, and you are giving me back, you don’t understand, Karishma says I didn’t mean that, Upen says you are wrong, Karishma says yes you are right always.

call is connected to house, Salman says that three people are in danger, who is most nervous, Ali says Sonali is most nervous, Karishma is feeling low too, Karishma says I am feeling unwell not nervous, Salman ask who is most desperate to win? Karishma says Ali, Ali says yes, Puneet says Ali have made a scheme that he will win, Ali says if my half votes for me then I will get 1 crore vote and will win, Salman says no you are getting 80lacs, Ali says they don’t know whom they are living with, Salman sys people are saying to keep Ali inside house only that’s why they are voting for you, Salman ask how is girlfriend? Ali says I don’t know, you tell, Salman says why shoul I tell about your Gf, all laughs, Salman says she wanted Sonali to slap you more, Salman says now we will do task “M ki Ankh”, Sonali says yes Maa ki ankh (mother slang), all laughs, Salman sasy its Mann ki Ankh (eye of heart), there is eye prop, Salman says I will ask inmate about others inmates and he or she has to confess one thing about them that was not done brfore, Salman ask Ali to confess anything about Karishma, Ali says in heart, I have started feeling that Karishma is strong contender, she will lose to me with 50 lacs votes, and she is getting beautiful too, Karishma says thanks, Salman says you bored us a lot, all laughs. Salman ask Sonali to confess about Upen, Sonali says if Upen wanna meet me outside house then I will meet him, all laughs except Upen. Salman says lovely, this is your quality you tell whats inside your heart straight out, Salman says one will be eliminated today, we will tell soon. call ends. Salman says everyone thinks that he will win in house. he welcome a actor Vikram Aka Kanny, he has come to promote film I, Salman says Vikram I saw your movie trailer, its outstanding, he look totally different everytime I meet him, Vikram says my wife say that look at Salman, why don’t you look like him, Vikram says movie is releasing on 14th january, Vikram says Salman you do great films, I am huge fan of your attitude, your humor, everything, I want you to teach me that, Salman says you are saying that nobody is like me, you are saying like this, all laughs, Salman says we will play song of your film, song Kalma li plays, they dance on song, Vikram greets Salman, he leaves.
all are sitting in lounge. Salman comes in home via confession room, all cheer for him. all wishes him birthday, Pritham says we are surprised, Salman sit with them in lounge, Salman ask Karishma where is your book? Salman says all are talking about Amir’s Pk and your IQ, bring your book, Karishma goes to bring the book, its general knowledge book, Salman ask should I ask some questions, Karishma says no, Salman ask national fruit of india, Karishma says Mango, Salman says great, Salman ask SAchin R Tandulkar, what is R? Karishma doesn’t know, Ali answers that its Remesh, Karishma says I am nervous now, Salman ask Karishma what is capital of UP, sonali says I have been to Up, Salman ask places there, Sonali says Muzzafar Ali, all laughs, Karishma says no Muzzafar pur, Sonali tell places, Salman says lucknow is capital, Salman ask to tell five gujrati personalities of hindi movies, Karishma sys Paresh rawal, Karishma tanna, Himesh resemiya, Rupa, Salman ask who is sitting beside you, Karishma says oh I forgot Upen Patel, Salman says KARISHMA YU ARE SAFE. airport devil comes in house with box, Salman laughs infront of devil, Salman opens box and says you have made many films in house, let me show you, clip plays. Praneet says that Sonali situation that Upen is in love with you and you love him too and I am villain who wanna marry you. then Pritham says I am father, Pritham says to Sonali that now you have act and say to your Bf that your father is making you marry another girl, so you ask him to find job soon, Upen act like sad bf, Sonali comes to him in attitude and slap him on shoulder, she says how dare you love me, see your clothes, from which poor place you have come from, Pritham and Praneet laughs, Upen says I am rich from heart, he hugs Sonali and says I love you, Pritham says now villain’s entry, Praneet comes and says its my scene, Sonali says to Praneet that lets go, Upen says whats this, Sonali says this is love story of this age and in this heroine go with villain, next scene, sonali says that I am going to be mother to two child, Upen says congrats, Sonalu says you are father, he looks at her, its confirm, Pritham ask how you know that? Sonali says because I had kambal(blanket) mein fumble with you only, Upen says now you have come with two kids? you left with villain before, Sonali laughs, Pritham says now she will die and kids will born, all laughs, clip ends. devil leaves.
Salman says Upen and Sonali are in danger, SAlman ask who should go out among Sonali and Upen out of house? Ali says Sonali is full now, she wanna go out, she was saying that she wanna go out and party, so I want her to go, Sonali says I wann go to Us for party, all laughs, I want to party on new years, Dimpy says Sonali, Karishma says Sonali, Upen says no idea, dimpy says Salman if you have come personally then you will take Sonali out from here as she get special treatment in bigg boss, Sonali says I will go, Pritham says Sonali, Gautam Puneet says Sonali, Salman says don’t wish for something that much, you wished for it and you got it, Sonali lets go with me, Sonali packs her stuff, Ali says now its time for entertainment end, Sonali hug everyone and wish them happy new year, Salman says everyone is looking happy including Sonali that she is going out, Sonali says I am going to party, Salman where you are taking me, Salman says that it was my birthday that I feel I should not take anybody out from here, Sonali ask are you joking? Salman says I cant see this smile that she is going out, all are happy, Salman says she is lucky, sonali says no I am leaving, open the door, Salman says twist is that THERE WILL BE NO NOMINATION TODAY, Sonali says I am going to kill myself, Salman says but the thing is that all the nominees will be transferred to next week, means the one whom we saved yesterday was all fake, ALI SONALI PRITHAM DIMPY KARISHMA UPEN will be nominated for next week, this week’s votes and next week’s votes will be combined and one will go out next week, Sonali is called in store room, she comes and there is cake in store room, she brings cake in lounge, Sonali says happy bday to Salman Khan, KArishma says what cake, Sonali cut the cake, all sing happy bday, then Salman cut the cake, bigg boss says happy bday to Salman, all inamtes feed cake to Salman, Salman greets everyone and leaves. Sonali says I was so happy.

Salman comes on stage and says there was no elimination today and nominees will continue next week, Salman says now a new but old contestant is coming here, welcome Ajaz Khan, Ajaz Khan(season 7 contestant) comes on stage, Salman says you didn’t come in party, Ajaz says I didn’t get you massage, you said that don’t even go to heaven without invitation, Salman says remember that and I wont invite you next year too, Ajaz laughs, Salman says that you were eliminated last season in ending days only so we are giving you chance to complete your journey, Salman ask is there any growth, Ajaz says no growth infront of you, Salman says Ali is very talented, Ajaz asys he is brother, Ajaz says Puneet have adopted that Gautam, Karishma is not honest, and Sonali is worshiping devil, I will say you worship devil and devil(ajaz) will be behind her, Salman laughs, SAlman says he was finalist last season, lets see his journey, clip plays, Ajaz’s antics is shown, his flirt with Gauhur is shown. clip ends. Salman ask Ajaz who is Gauhur this season, Ajaz says no one, Salman says you will save yourself from whom? Ajaz says no one from inamtes but from audience, as its 9pm show and I go to toilet one person only but here two people are going, Salman says didn’t you with someone in washroom ever? he says no, Salman ask about his action this year, Ajaz says I have no strategy, Ajaz says its like if anybody hit me with a brick, I will use wall against him, who will love me, will get love back and for audience it is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Ajaz says that I have come again with same style but new words, he hugs Salman, Ajaz leaves for house.
some people come in house, they come with things, they take Upen’s bed and changes his bedsheet, song Abhi to party shuru hui hai plays, Ajaz khan comes in house with some dancer, all inmates welcome him, he meet everyone, Pritham says this is surprise, Sonali ask are you going to stay in house?Pritham says didnt you see his things. Sonali ask Ajaz wont you talk, Ajaz put smiley on his lips, Dimpy says he will smile only.
Salman says now its time for biggest twist of season.

PRECAP- Ali and Ajaz enter in scuffle, Ajaz slightly slap Ali, ali says you are crossing limit, Ajaz is not speaking. later bigg boss freeze every contestant except Ajaz, some foreigners come in house, Ajaz make fun of Ali’s bald head and says his tongue runs like knife. later Puneet’s wife come in house but bigg boss ask Punet to be freeze state, she hugs Puneet, he cries, Gautam has tears in his eyes, wife says that I am seeing you after 100 days, you are living here with so much problems, you are already winner in my eyes, she hugs him and leaves. Puneet comes to gate and shouts I love you a lot.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Thank goodness sonali didnt go out because i like her in bb8

  3. I love reading the update here but today Ajaz’s antics were worth “seeing and hearing” on tv (parne mein utna pata nhi chal raha)…even Salman was amused…the “ek number” guy is actually v.funny and entertaining! Thank god kuch toh hua bb8 mein, i was almost planning to quit watching this season frm next month! Not now 🙂

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