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Bigg Boss 8 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 36(continued)
sonali says to Ali that you are crossing the limit, you were touching me in weird way, i will slap you tightly, ali says don’t take on heart, you are my friend, Sonali says you were weird, Ali says i was Just doing fun, he says i am sorry, Sonali says he says weird things too, he is weird. Upen takes sonali from there. sushant says to Ali that if one girl has no comfort level with you then why are you joking, Ali says she jokes with me too, diandra says girl joking with a guy and guy joking with a girl, both are different, this matter can go far.

Ali says to Sonali that you are like my sister, sonali says no your things are going beyond control, Ali says leave it, Sonali says you were touching me under blanket, i wont tolerate it, Ali says you also touched your hairs on my shoulder, sonali says you are lying, i didn’t do it, ali says ok i wont talk to you, he says i was joking with her only, Sonali says i was just talking to Upen, why did he come to me, you touched me under blanket in weird way, Ali says i am sorry, i wont do it next time, Sonali says i have no comfort level with you.

Ali says to diandra that praneet was saying that i did wrong, he leaves. diandra says to sushant that why did Ali out his hand on sonali’s thigh in first place, Sushant says he is wrong.
Ali comes in kitchen, Praneet ask why you do things like that, Ali says i was just joking, i didn’t know she would take in that way, i take her as small child, Praneet says leave her alone, you are always behind her in everything, every task, she is tired of you.
Minissha says Ali is stupid, he made a mistake, Diandra says Ali is gone.

Day 37
old song tumhari yad stati ha plays, all inmates starts dancing.
Pritham says to puneet that in song it was about phone call so i think we will get call today.

Gautam ask Karishma what happened yesterday night, Karishma says ask Sonali.
Puneet ask Ali what happened yesterday night, ALi says nothing, we were just sittng. sonali comes to Gautam and Pritham and says ali touched me under blanket.
Ali tells Puneet about matter, Puneet says don’t you have mother and sister in your house, Ali says all is game.

Gautam says to Pritham that all girls are entertaining Upen, he was there when Ali did that, if i was there, i would have fought with him Sonali says Upen said to Ali that this is not right kind joke but this is not a joke. Arya says this is wrong what Ali did, if he was joking even that he should have not done that, eh is 100% wrong but his intentions were not wrong. he leaves. Puneet says if our intentions are not wrong, you can do anything, Puneet says when Gautam sang for Sonali, arya made issue and said this wrong, i wont tolerate it.
Puneet says to upen that everyone should be equal, Upen says gautam also made fun of me and Soni. Gautam says to Upen that your English hindi is mix, Upen says you were making fun of me and Soni, Gautam says we were not making fun but was just joking, Pritham says things are projected in wrong way.

Bigg boss says that we found Ali doing wrong with sonali, he touched sonali without her consent so we have decided that Ali will be no more captain of house, also he cant become from now on till end of season, also he is nominated for next week. Ali says ok and leaves from there, All inmates says right decision.

phone rings in house, Karishma runs to phone booth and takes the call, she ask who are you? man on other side says dotn ask me who is me, he says ask praneet to go out of booth, she ask praneet to go out, he goes, man says that you have to play the game, till i say you, you wont leave the booth, you will not end the call, you will do as i say, if you lose the game then you can be eliminated. All surrounds phone booth.

Karishma is in phone booth, man on call ask Karishma who is beautiful in house, she says me, he says who needs make over, she says praneet, he says you have to convince praneet to use bleach on his face, on his eye brows, but you cant go out of phone booth, Karishma calls praneet in booth and ask him to go in store room and bring bleach, Praneet goes and brings the bleach. Praneet is not ready to use the bleach on his eye brows, karishma convince him, Karishma applies bleach on his eye brows, Praneet jokes about his white eye brows.

Praneet washes his eye brows and removes bleach, the black color of eye brows are gone, its very light brown and is not visible, he says no, not this with me. he comes to Karishma, karishma applies black color pencil on his eye brows.

Man says to Karishma that Sushant and Sonali have less energy so lets make them drink energy drinks, energy drinks are in store room, you have to convince both to drink that. Karishma ask sushant to bring energy drinks from store room and he nad Sonali have to drink it.
Karishma is smiling in phone booth, diandra ask why are you blushing, Karishma says he (man) is talking like that (in husky voice) so that’s why i am blushing.
Diandra blush,, talking like that,,
Sushant brings juices from store room, they are of bad taste and smell, Sonali and Sushant have to drink whole jug, sushant has got jug full of green chili juice, sushant says i cant drink it, Karishma says to man on call that if sushant don’t drink it then, man says then it will be ok for him but it will go against you, you have to convince them to drink. Karishma ask sushant to drink it otherwise he will be nominated, sushant drinks half and goes to washroom as he cant drink more, then Sonali drinks her juice, she drinks half jug, she vomits and says its very yucky, all feels for her, she says i cant drink it, all inmates cheers for sonali, sonali drinks more, man ask Karishma to stop sonali, Karishma says to sonali that stop drinking.

Ali talks to Gautam, he says leave the earlier matter, They talk about their fight, Gautam says forget the past.

Man on call says to Karishma that you did good job by making inmates afraid that they will be nominated if they don’t do the task which was lie, now its last task for you, you have to convince inmates that they put half ration in store room and spend week in half ration only, Karishma calls everyone in garden, she say that bigg boss is miffed that we splurge on ration, we use more ration then given so he has asked us to put half of ration in store room and use half ration this week, Upen ask is there no other way? KArishma says no its strict order, we have to follow it, All agree. Arya goes and put half ration in store room.

Man says to Karishma that you are freed now, but first you have to choose a person who will sit in booth in place of you but he can be nominated next week, she chooses puneet to sit in booth. she calls puneet and goes out of booth. she says to diandra that i was asked to choose a girl or puneet to sit in booth so i decided to make puneet si as he is strong. man talks to puneet and says you have to make Karishma and diandra agree to put their make up kits in store room. Puneet understand that what conversion is between us, you will not tell it to anyone. first task is to convince diandra and Karishma to put make up kits in store room, Puneet calls diandra first in booth, he says that you and Karishma have to put mae up kits in store room, it is task, Diandra goes to talk to Karishma.
Diandra says to Karishma that we have to put make up kits in store room, Karishma is skeptical as she has done th task and knows about it, They go to store room and puts make up kits in store room.
in bed room, Karishma says to inmates that we should have not put kits in store room as its all on Puneet, he would be punished for it not us, Sushant says you were convincing us saying that we will be eliminated, Diandra says you should have told us.
Diandra comes to Puneet, Puneet ask did you put whole make things of yours in store room, diandra says Karishma has some things which she didn’t put in store room. Puneet ask her to say to karishma that put things in room. Diandra comes to Karishma and says to her that puneet is asking to pur everything in store rom like lipsticks and nailpolish too. Outside in garden, Puneet says to Pritham and Praneet that convince Karishma and Diandra to put things in store room.
Otherside Karishma takes out her make up kit from store room and brings it back to bed room, Sushant says we also did task for you so you should have also done it. Pritham and Praneet comes to karishma to convince her but diandra says that its puneet’s task, you dont interfere, thy leave from there.
Man on call says to Puneet that this task of yours is not going anywhere, the girls have taken back their make up kits from store room, Puneet says i knew it, they wont put it in store room , man ask why? puneet says karishma can do anything to make herself win and make other lose, she will not put it back, this task cant be done, man says not to worry, there are still tasks for you.

PRECAP- Praneet says to Gautam that have had enough of you, you are not tolerable, They shout on each other. later upen comes to Gautam and says don’t b*t*h about me, he ask gautam to behave, Gautam says its my style and i will play lie this only, he says to Upen that when it was about you had to choose mine (sonali), you didn’t think about your younger brother. Later Arya comes to end the fight but Gautam ask him to stay away, you are weird guy, you are with someone at one point and with other on other point, you don’t talk. Later all guys are in laundry area, Gautam says Upen that i have handled many like you, i will see you.

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