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Day 128 (continued)
Gautam says to Sambhavna that i will hit this bald head, they smile, Gautam ask Sambhavna to come inside. Ali comes to Dimpy and ask her to get up from steps, Gautam ask Ali what? Ali says Pritham is asking Dimpy to not sit on steps, Gautam says why you are doing politics Pritham, Pritham says did you learn this new word politics? someone feeding you (taunting Tanna), Gautam says talk with respect, Pritham says why you are saying politics again an again, Gautam it was you who first sat on steps and now when Dimpy is sitting on steps, you are asking her to get up, Gautam ask Pritham that why you are shouting at me, am i your servant? Pritham says you do your task, Pritham ask so i am your servant? Gautam says now i am seeing your venom now, Pritham says i am playing my game, you play your game, Gautam says hell with your game, Gautam ask did you follow friendship? Pritham what friendship did you follow? Gautam says Karishma you were right, they are not friends of anyone, Pritham says yes now you will believe her, Gautam says why you shout on everything, first on Karishnma, then Dimoy and now me, Pritham ask him to get lost, Gautam ask him to control your anger, Gautam says you are following Ali now that first fight then say sorry, Sambhavna says it was my problem, why you people are fighting, gautam says they dont know about friendship, Pritham says why you are taunting about friendship again and again, Gautam says you are 10 years elder than me, you are shouting like anything, Pritham says finish it, you on your path, my on my path, Gautam says we are all in same house, i am just Gautam and you just Pritham, you always get angry on me, in apple task, i ate apple in fun so you got angry, Ali says stop it Gautam, Gautam ask him to not get involved in all this, Gautam ask Ali to not come inbetween, Ali says why, Gautam and Ali comes closer to fight, Gautam pushes Ali back, Ali ask him to hit him then see, Sambhavna tries to control them, Ali says you provoke others by giving them rods and all, hit me fake person, Gautam says you were saying sorry so many times to me now what? Ali says you are younger so i said sorry but you are fake person, Gautam ask what you are doing? Ali says kissing you, hit me, Ali says to Prtham that i told you many times he is fake guy see now, you call him your younger brother and see how he is talking with you, Ali says i said sorry to you Gautam as you were young but you have no respect for elders, Gautam says you speak bad words, Ali says you didnt say bad words for me? you said *** ***, you said many things too, Gautam says i didnt use bad words, Ali says yes you are all very pure, its Ali who is bad only, i am alleged that i use bad words, i cheap, even Upen said that i am low level person but what about other people in this house, all are cheap in this house, so why dig at Ali always. Ali says to Pritham that for you only, i am bearing this fake person. Gautam says if i am younger than you all so you can say anything to me? you use bad words which i cant, Ali says i have always called you brother but its you who talk without respect, Ali says if you had called me brother than you would have seen, Gautam ask do anyeone trust me? Dimpy says i trust Ali, sometime bacvk Ali and Pritham had all the steps in their hands but thay gave back to me for my respect, Gautam ask Ali to talk with respect, Pritham says its only you who talk with respect. Dimpy says to Karishma that Ali for trust left all the steps, karishma says but Ali have himself lost trust of people, Ali ask Guatam to take him as his brother mohit Gulati, Gautam says you cant be mohit, Ali says did you ever called me brother, Gautam says you say bad words first then say sorry, i appreciate you that you gave steps back trust thing, ali says i saved Gautam in nominations, he is in finale because of me, did he save Sambhavna his friend in nomiantions? Sambhavna says i have no problem with him. Ali says wjy all are afraid of him, nobody is speaking truth of Gautam. Pritham ask Ali to stop it now.

Pritham says to Ali that Gautam is of no one leave it, silence speaks more than words, let him do politics, we will do our task, i have always given him benefit of doubt but he is not friend of anyone.
Gautam says to Karishma that you were right, Pritham cant be right friend, he is so much aggressive, he cant talk normally, Karishma says i saw him praising Ali on your back and praising you on his back, Gautam says i am not blind. Pritham says to Ali that you are real man. Gautam says to Karishma that what if i am younger so they can say anythng.

Ali and Pritham are sleeping, they put steps under them to sleep, Gautam thrwos quilt at them, they laugh, Gautam says bigg boss see they are hidint steps under themselves, they are not putting them on steps, its against rules, Gautam takes steps from their ladder, Ali says you cant take it as we have placed it after buzzer played, Gautam ask them to first put steps on stand which is in rules or else leave task and all, Ali takes step from him and put it on ladder, Gautam says to Pritham that you are setting your rules here, are you bigg boss in this house? Pritham says i dont want to talk to you, yes i am bigg boss, Pritham says first ask your girl to leave from steps, Gautam says this girl has name, she is Dimpy, Pritham says Dimpy is lying on steps what is that? Gautam says to Ali that your owner is saying something, Ali says he is nto my owner, Gautam laughs, and says nobody is talking with respect in this house, Pritham says we dont know respect, only you know it. Gautam says i ma not talking with you. Pritham says ok come in open, he puts steps on stand.

Gautam says to Dimpy that they cant ask anyone from our team to get up from steps and all when they are sitting on steps themselves, he didnt say it in friendship but in task.
Pritham says only 4 days remained and all this happened. now Gautam’s reality is shown, Ali says we call thes kind of people as fukry, Pritham says dog’s tail never get straight, Gautam says to Dimpy that they have come to cheapness, i dont get affected by it, Ali says all saw how he cried and did drama, he is all fake.

Day 129
3 days to finale
song unchi hai building plays. inmates dance.

Gautam says to Karishma that they are playing with their rules, they can steal, they can snatch, they can hide under themselves, they can do anything. he says Pritham is very rude, he is doing everything by himself, Karishma says you guard the steps, i have to make breakfast, she ask Pritham who is making breakfast, Pritham says dont know, Karishma says so i should make for ourself, Gautam says Dimpy and Karishma will make tea and other things, you make omlet, Pritham says we will do work after task only, Karishma says ok then you make your breakfast, we will make our breakfast. Karishma comes to sambhavna, Sambhavan says those who want to eat will make for themselves. we are only working.

dimpy says to Karishma that Ali told me that we should have deal, he will give me 5 steps, they will get 3 steps, i dont if it was his game or Pritham suddenly came there when i rushed to collect the steps, situation was that i had only 1 step and they had all the steps, Pritham said what you were doing, Karishma says ou should have called me, Dimpy says then i told them to not do this and Gautam would get angry and i would look like fool.
Sambhavna says to Pritham that Dimpy only know provoking.
Karishma comes to Gautam and says you were right, they were doing deal, Ali and dimpy. dont react now, she is afraid of you, Gautam says why afraid of me, she would have talked to me, Karishma says they had deal to exchange all the steps.
Gautam comes to Dimpy and says you are bad girl, Dimpy ask what i did? Gautma says dont do deal again, she laughs, he says if you take me as friend little then dont do deal, she says done.

Sambhavna is messaging Pritham’s head. Ali comes to Karishma with all the steps, he ask to do deal, karishma says we dont need any deal, this is draw game now, Ali says this is not draw, we have more steps, Karishma says it was you who was dying to do deal with Dimpy. Karishma says you think you are clever only, Ali says then play game? Karishma says if i didnt have mind then i would have cracked deal with you too, you are taking inputs from Pritham, he ias telling you what to say and what not to, he is still playing safe. Ali says you played safe, you made whole bedroom gang go out, Karishma says yes i am bigg boss, i go in confession room and order bigg boss to evict him or her, right? she laughs, Ali says you dame Arya go out, you made Minissha go out, Ali says Karishma you have made people go out of this house, you made Sushant go from here, you made Diandra go out, you made Praneet go out, Karishma says what about Ajaz? Ali says he got evicted because of his ego, because of his misunderstanding that he is no. 1, because of his rubbish talks but you ate Upen too, Karishma you are snake.

Pritham says to Ali that when had breakup with my gf, i used to have anxiety, now i am feeling same. dimpy says to Karishma that Pritham have this problem, he is loudest one, he is aggressive, in task also he get angry, he should control his anxiety.

bigg boss says to inmates that less time is left for task, if no team is successful to make ladder fully then task will be draw and 25 lacs will not go to anyone.
Pritham ask ali what to do? Ali says we should snatch, Sambhavna says but Gautma said there should not be snatching and all, Pritham says then draw this task. Ali says suitcase can go, Sambhavna says dont misbehave with them. Ali comes to Dimpy and Karishma that we should do something so that bag go to one team, Ali says lets do toss, karishma says no we want draw, nobody agrees for toss.

bigg boss says task is done, its draw. this was last task for for 25 lacs and no team won the task so mow this bag is of no team, all inmates have same right on this bag, who will get this bag and how, you will know that soon. Karishma says what bigg boss giving more tension.

bigg boss says now its time for last mid week eviction of this season, one will go from house today, all of you said that you learnt many things in house and new life will start after going from here so now we have to see you with new outlook, new thinking, new mind, new personality will go to real world today. some bikers comes in house, bigg boss ask inmates to wear safety gates and sit on bikes. all inmates sit on back seat of bikes and bikers starts running bikes in garden. one biker breaks the wall of house and leaves from house, it was Sambhavna whom he took with him, SAMBHAVNA IS EVICTED, Dimpy says what an exit, Karishma says sambhavna we will miss you, Dimpy says congrats we are finale 5, they hug eahc other, Karishma hugs Pritham, Gautam. bigg boss says Karishma, Gautam, Ali, Dimpy and Pritham are finalist of this season, inmates says thank you bigg boss, bigg boss says now its on audience whom they will choose as winners.

PRECAP- Bigg boss make inmates see their journey in house, all inmates sit together to see it. on Tv plays, fights of inmates, and how Rahul and dimpy became good friends, Dimpy cries seeing it, then Upen and Karishma’s love story is shown, Karishma smiles seeing it. later a future predictor comes in house. Karishma ask him that i was with a guy but when i entered house, another guy started showing affection to me then i realized that i had not so good relationship with first guy so i wanna ask will this relationship with new guy work? predictor says it will not work too, Karishma sulks. later predictor says to Dimpy that new life will start for you after this show. he says to Pritham that a girl will come in your life, you are married so be careful, all laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. 1-gautam 2-dimpy 3-karishma 4-pritham 5-ali

  2. Gautham nautanki sala. …Ali n pritham shud win

  3. All gautam n tanna fans are as idiots as hell..throw dm out yar.fake gulati.n aag lagane wali selfish tanna

  4. pritam n ali……uske waat lag gayeeee………………………….

  5. karishma and gautam both are cleaver.they use each other to stay in this show.

  6. Gauti is winning this hands down…good to see Gauti give a mouthful to back-stabbing hokebaaz and fattu pritham and also fake and pissu Ali…they think they are too good…bloodyn idiots… Gauti was calm and quiet till now…ab he will not tolerate their shit…coz its the final week and he can settle the scores right here! Saale girgit….do pritham and Ali deserve to be kicked in the backsides….Gauti u r the clear winner….like every BB-8 guest has said so far…Gauti has class and is playing real…not faking it!

  7. i hate u gautam,u r a backstaper.pritam n ali k wajah se final me ho.dosti dosti bol k dusre ko dosti nibane kehte ho or kud natak krte ho.kamene.double dolki tm he tym natak he h tera.pritam tm sach me sahi insan game nai khelte
    .i hope u win

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