Bigg Boss 8 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 35 (continued)
Gautam says to sonali that I am miffed with you, she ask why, he says you are straightforward but you are weird, he says Ali makes fun of you but you don’t say anything to him, he tease you, Gautam says I am not your boyfriend yet but I am telling you being your friend, if you don’t stop him then all guys will tease you, Sonali ask what did ali say? gautam says he uses words like sonali you are looking hot etc, Puneet comes there too, Gautam says to sonali that stop him, he uses bad words for girls which we don’t like.

Arya hugs minissha and says be happy that you are saved, Arya says we involved in other things but now we are together, forget about past. minissha agrees.

Ali says to Sushant that only honesty works in life. Ali says when I came in house, I knew many people from before but not you so I nominated you but now I know you and I wont nominate you, I cant nominate you, you are part of my life now, I will be honest with you now.

Upen talks to Karishma, Karishma says that puneet is manipulative, he is master mind of Gautam. Karishma says Praneet and pritham are neutral.

Upen is with sonali, they are sitting on bed, Upen ask about Gautam, Sonali says he is weird, Upen says some like him but some doesn’t, Upen ask what kind of guys you like? sonali says like you.

Upen, sonali and Arya are sleeping on one bed, they have fun talk while Gautam is sleeping in lounge on floor.
Upen and Sonali takes one blanket till their head and laughs under blanket. they keep moving in blanket.

Day 36
Nomination Special
Song plays. All are dancing on song hare Krishna hare ram.

Sonali is resting her head on gautam’s shoulder, he says I am fighting hen, I have blades under my feet, sonali laughs, he says I play with heart, Sonali says you have personal problem with ALi and you want to use me in all this, Gautam says I am not Arya and Karishma that I will use someone else, you think before saying, he leaves from there.

Sonali is cleaning the house, she is using the broom while standing only, Pritham says to Karishma that she is not corrected even now, karishma says she wont listen till end, Pritham says she is in full ego, Karishma says all are pointing to her but even then she doesn’t listen, she has guts. Pritham comes to Sonali and says you have inspired many by using groom like this, he find minissha using broom too and cleaning the garden area, she is using broom by bending her body, he says to sonali that look at minissha, she is indian girl using broom in right way, he then jokes with minissha that you don’t know how to use broom, learn from sonali, she has her won style, minissha says that’s why have come in this department to learn from her, sonali then sits and use the broom in right manner

Praneet talks to Arya, he says i feel that you change group whenever you see other group is more strong, you go to group which is more strong, Arya says your group is more strong but.. praneet interrupts, Arya says let me talk, he says all think same about you, even everyone thinks same about other that all change their group, Praneet says no gautam doesnt change his group, Upen and Sushant doesn’t change their group, they are predictable, I am taking this thing of yours positively but you are unpredictable.

Arya talks to Upen, he tells him about what praneet was saying to him. Praneet says to Puneet that I told him on his face that he is unpredictable.

all gather in lounge, Bigg boss says it nomination time, all inmates have to nominate two people for eviction. they have to go in confession room one by one and nominate. First comes in confession room:

KArishma: she nominate Puneet as he is devilish, he is manipulative. second she votes against Gautam as he has no brain of his, he does things what puneet says to him.
Arya: he votes against puneet and Gautam, reason is that puneet is respected in house but yesterday soni also said that he made fun of her pure relation so I felt bad, and for gautam, he is something infront and says other thing on behind.
Gautam: he votes against Arya and says that he took Ali’s side when I was defending him only. he votes against Diandra and says her behavior is not right.
Sushant: he votes against minissha as she is confused person and doesn’t talk to human but talk to mosquitos. second he votes against Gautam as he is tensed and takes things seriously.
Praneet: he votes against Arya, he is my good friend but he doesn’t take stand, he is unpredictable. Second he votes against minissha as she is illogical and doesn’t believe other person.
Pritham: he votes against Karishma as she was talking wrong yesterday. Second he votes against Upen as he is not much interactive.
Sonali: she votes against minissha as she makes strategies, secomd she votes against Karishma as she lied that I didn’t says sorry to her but I did.
Diandra: she votes against Gautam as she doesn’t interact with him, he doesn things which she doesn’t like. Second she votes against Puneet as he is manipulative.
Minissha: she votes against Puneet as he pointed her character. Second she votes against Gautam, he says that he plays with heart but in actual gautam Is losing his identity in house.
Puneet: He votes against Arya because he doesn’t have his point of view. second he chooses minissha as she is not understandable.
Upen: he votes against Puneet as he said wrong things about soni and me. second he chooses Gautam as he also made of soni and his relation.

Bigg boss says according to votes, Puneet, Gautam and Minissha are nominated this week. As Ali is captain then he has to take two names which will be nominated this week. Ali folds his hand for not giving him this responsibility, ALi says I choose Sonali as she doesn’t work. second he chooses Praneet as he doesn’t listen and is lazy in work, he goes to bathroom and doesn’t come out, all wait so he is lazy. Bigg boss says that nominations are done. the nominated persons this week are Gautam, Puneet, Minissha, Sonali and Praneet.

Minissha says to Arya that Gautam is nominated every week, this time I am nominated and I knew it that I will be nominated.
in lounge Praneet says not only me, all sleep in house after alaram rings, he leaves. he comes in kitchen, Praneet says to gautam that I have no tension, the reason is not that I am lazy but is that I stand against Ali, Gautam says I will try to become captain next week. Praneet gets angry on Ali, he comes in lounge and says to ali that only Praneet can raise voice against you, he shouts that only I tell you that this is right or wrong so you get angry on me, all do work like me, they don’t work too much but you always target me.. Puneet says to Ali those others who dont work, see them too.
Sushant in store room says to Arya that Ali nominated me directly last week but I didn’t make issue out of it, I could have insulted Ali but I talked to Ali in person not shouted on him like this, I maintained my dignity, he says that audience chooses best, now why doesn’t he let audience decide, things are in audience now then why is he shouting because he is afraid that he will be out.
Minissha says to diandra that this is right, you do less work and then shout on others so that nobody can ask you or can take action against you, you are accepted without working this way.

Ali gets angry on praneet, he says to pritham that I am tired of being captain, I am not captain but dog of bigg boss, praneet says that there are many others that doesn’t work more than me, Ali says that you sleep too, I had to give your name.

Upen and Sonali are sitting on bed, Ali is sitting on their bed too, He sings pehla nasha pehle khuma, Ali touches Sonali, she pushes him with leg and says don’t do things like that, she leaves from there. she comesback and says Ali touched me in weird way, Ali says I didn’t do it, sonali says you do weird things, you tires to touch me, Ali says I was just doing fun like upen was, Sonali says but I didn’t allow you, be in your limits, Upen says lets leave it.

PRECAP- Sonali says to Ali that we don’t have joke relation between us so be In your limits, Ali says you do fun with me, you touched my shoulder with your hairs, Sonali says you are lying, I didn’t do that, don’t touch me from now on. later Arya says to puneet and others that this is wrong even if he touched a girl in joke even then its wrong, nobody should touch a girl without her consent. Pritham says yes this wrong. Later the phone in bigg boss house, Karishma runs to phone booth and takes the call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sonali will cheat gautam..for sure

  2. yy is evryone behind gautam.. ??
    some saying puneetji saamne se kuch boltha hai aur peet peeche kuch aur.. dn wt the hell is diandra doing.. is she giving advice at front and back..
    good for nothing b*t*h..
    am sure evn sonali is upto no good.. she’s really gonna dump gautam.. wen soni ws der she cudnt cum close to upen.. nw she got the chance n she’s lyk crossing the limit.. poor gautam..

  3. i thnk its totally wrong that guatam is nomitated every week but i am happy he saved from elemination everytime which shows how much he is famous among viewers ………………..i really want to see him as captain next week

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