Bigg Boss 8 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 97
Comedy nights with Kapil Special
song hamma hamma starts playing, inmates wake up and dance.
Karishma says to Pritham that all were sleeping but I was disturbed and kept looking at Sonali that what she is doing, Puneet says Ali woke up in night, saw Sonali and came in my blanket, he didn’t sleep whole night, Karishma says I didn’t sleep either.

Puneet says to Pritham that I saw Sonali’s teeth, they are black, Gautam says I have seen her teeth and literally its so much black like color applied on teeth in movies, Puneet says its because of cigarette smoking, Gautam says but how can it be so much black.
Ali says to Sonali that Gautam used to be afraid of snake but now he is afraid of Mamba(Sonali), Sonali laughs, ali says to Sonali that Karishma is so much afraid of you, keep it up, Sonali says I have black powder too, Ali says use that, and act like you are talking alone infront of Karishma then she will have fear of you, then all will become your servants, Sonali laughs.

Ali says to Upen that Sonali have weird teeth, I asked her if she called any spirit? she said that she talks to spirits, she sit with me and when I saw her teeth, I am afraid of her, Upen says how can her teeth can be black, Gautam said that when you have ghosts and spirits in you then your teeth become black, Ali says yes this is true and she stayed in show till now because spirits are with her, Upen says she sleep after all sleep late in night, what she do till late night? Ali says she must be ghost in last life, spirits are making her eat, have you seen her in tension in house? all take tension except her because she is been give power by souls, Upen ask how come? Ali says in last life her boyfriend must be muscular man, he makes her drink milk, she drink so much milk, also she like muscular man like Ksg, you and Gautam, Upen ask what souls do? Ali says souls and spirits give torture to you and one do suicide because of them, Upen ask will we do suicide too.
Sonali ask Karishma that you people are so much afraid of spirits? I am not afraid, its interesting, curiosity is there to go to haunted place, Karishma says but we have to worship them to see them, Sonali says I want to go to haunted place out of curiosity, Karishma ask what about your family, when will you go to haunted place? Sonali says I told my mother she said sit silently in house, Karishma ask what about your career? sonali says it has nothing to do with career, its like how you believ in God, Karishma says I have curiosity too, I wanna go there too, how did you get linked with them? Sonali says I cant tell you much as we are on Tv, I don’t know I have something in me, which comes out sometime, Karishma ask how you feel? Sonali says when spirit come in me , I feel like breaking things, I feel like killing person, Karishma says hello, sonali leaves, Karishma is in tension and says OMG, she says bigg boss Sonali has made me afraid, either take her out or take me out of house, she laughs.

Ali says to Gautam and Pritham that clean garden, Gautam says Dimpy is ordering me to clean that or this, its her work and she is not doing it, I know you are plotting with Dimpy so I am not doing work, Ali says to Puneet that Gautam is not cleaning, Gautam says I was cleaning but Dimpy came and said use other broom and then smirked, she is not doing work and also irritating people who are doing her work, Puneet ask Gautam to ignore her and do your work, Gautam says she is treating like servants, Puneet says don’t get affected by her, gautam says don’t dominate me, Puneet says who is dominating you? gautam says I will do my work, its not much work for me, Ali says that’s why I am saying you to do your work and ignore her.

Ali says to Dimpy that Gautam said that Dimpy is treating like servants, why you do this dimpy? Dimpy laughs, she says I just said that this broom will not work nicely, he said you have problem with it, I didn’t answer her back, Ali says you don’t poke him, Dimpy says he used to poke others in their work too, he used to give suggestions too, Ali says he is reacting so just don’t do this, Dimpy says I will do more, why is he reacting now.
Gautam in lounge says I am last one to react but why she try to fight on small things like halwa and cleaning, maintain some standard. Dimpy says to Ali that cant anyone tease him, he also tease others too with nutella, I will not sit silently, did used to sit silently when others used to get irritated with him.
Dimpy comes to Gautam and ask to make tea, Gautam says I will not, Dimpy says its your punishment, sonali says whoever is making tea, make one cup for me, Gautam says punishment went in hell, I am not following orders, Ali says that Gautam is doing household work now so don’t irritate him now, Dimpy says bigg boss Gautam is not saying hoo hoo on my orders, Gautam says did I say that I am not doing your work? wait 20mins, Dimpy says I want Gautam to make tea for me, bigg boss you will see if he make it or not. Gautam says we have done punishment for whole house so this is not big thing.

in confession room bigg boss says to Dimpy and Puneet that we will do lie detecting test with you. both. bigg boss says you will say yes or no in answer. otherside inmates will have to tell if the answers of Dimoy and Puneet are correct or wrong., inmates will have to raise their playcards showing if Puneet and Dimpy are lying or not. Puneet and Dimpy are shown on Tv to inmates.
Bigg boss ask Puneet that P3G was made deliberately to play game? Puneet says no, all inmates agree with him except KArishma, bigg boss says you are right. he ask do you really think that Karishma is a bimbatte? Puneet says yes, all say yes except Karishma, bigg boss sys correct answer. boss ask Dimpy that you deliberately made P3G enemies? Dimpy says no, Karishma and Upen agree with her only, bigg boss says your answer is wrong. bigg boss ask Dimpy that you made Upen and Karishma friends in helplessness, Dimpy says yes,, all agree with him except Sonali, bigg boss says you are correct, Bigg boss Puneet that Sonali going to Upen or Gautam time to time, is a game plan of her? Puneet says yes, all agree with him including Sonali, Gautam looks at Sonali and does ahem. bigg boss says right answer. bigg boss says Dimpy you don’t trust UPen and Karishma even now? Dimpy says yes, all agree with her, bigg boss says right answer, bigg boss ask Puneet that Pritham and Ali have become your friends just cause you are strong player and its their planning, Puneet says yes, nobody agree with him, bigg boss sys wrong answer. bigg boss says to Dimpy that Gautam coming here in game is because of Puneet’s support? Dimpy says yes, only Sonali and Ali agrees with her, bigg boss says wrong answer. he ask Puneet that Dimpy deliberately fight without any reason, Puneet asys yes, all agrees, bb says right answer, Bigg boss ask Puneet is Dimpy chameleon, Puneet says yes. all agrees with her, bb says you are right, bigg boss ask did Pritham broke P3G for his good?and he deliberately blamed you, Gautam and DImpy for breaking P3G, Puneet says yes, only Gautam agrees with him, bb says wrong answer, bb ask Puneet that you know somewhere that only Gautam is your real friend? Puneet says yes, all agree with him except Ali and Pritham. bigg boss ask Dimpy if Upen didn’t have girls support he wouldn’t have reached till here? Dimpy says yes, Ali, Karishma, Upen doesn’t agree with so bb says wrong answer. bb ask Puneet that did Dimpy used P3G to make place in house initially, Puneet asys yes, all agree with except Upen, bb says right answer. BB ask Puneet that your patchup with Karishma is fake? Puneet says no, all agree with him except Sonali, Upen and Pritham, bb says wrong answer. bigg boss says it ends now.
Karishma says to Upen that we know truth of Dimpy coming to us, Upen says they come to us when they fight, like Ali but we don’t go to them, Karishma says I don’t trust Dimpy, Upen says she feels like I hide behind girls, Upen says girls are nice with me.
Puneet says to Ali that I was asked that ali and Pritham patched up with me because I am strong so I thought it was correct. Dimpy says I said answers wrongly in confusion, she leaves. Karisham sys she agreed that she did friendship with us in helpessnes, I will maintain one hand distance with her now, Upen says no two hand, Karishma says we supported her as she was alone, so it that bad thing that she was lonely and became our friend? Upen says she came to us and did friendship when she had no other option so its wrong.

Dimpy says that I think that Upen is supported by girls, boys are always against him, sonali says he come in nominations less too, Dimpy ask Karishma do you support that? Karisham says question was that he is still in game because of girls, he is in game because of his nature, he is nice guy, Puneet says this too, he is here because of his personality, he is an charmer, Dimpy says I said what I think, Upen says its fine. Upen says you agreed to question that you became our friend in helplessness, Dimpy says helplessness is confusing word, I didn’t become your friend because I need friends to be in game, if you people want then I will end my friendship, I thought question was that I was forced to be your friends.
Pritham says to Puneet that when Dimpy said she did friendship in helplessness, Upen and karishma stared at each other.

Upen says Sonali agreed that she flirted with two guys for game only, Karishma says its a big thing that a girl agrees that she roamed around with two boys just for game, Upen says she tried to kiss me and Gautam, Karishma says its shameful.
Sonali says to Dimpy that both Gautam and Upen are so mean, they have attitude, so right I played game with them, I will say that only now.
Karishma says why don’t she try films, she want to make love story with two guys in one show, she want to date both.
Sonali says I never said bad things about both guys but they always say stupid things about me.
Upen says I did genuine friendship with her, I don’t know what kind of people are here.
Sonali says you were right in every question. what questions was wrong? Dimpy says many, I said that Gautam is here till now because of Puneet’s assistance, Sonali says yes it is, he has guided him, Dimpy says Gautam have not that much mind, he would have gone wrong way before but Puneet supported him, Sonali says definitely he is talented, good looking, handsome, have personality but he doesn’t have mind.
Gautam says to Puneet that Dimpy used P3G, Puneet says I would say she has use PG, like we opposed her in one thing and she went to other people, Gautam says which kind of games people play to stay in game.

Dimpy says to Upen and Karishma that I swear I thought question was like I was made helpless in house so I came to you people, you know that I have never discussed so much with Puneet that how much I do with you, Karisham leaves from there, Dimpy says Puneet didn’t trust me and judged me very soon, he is not acting like senior but a contestant, Puneet is not talking to me, I don’t know why, me and Gautam are showing attitude since morning and if he is angry with that thing so its wrong, that is between me and Gautam, he should not judge me on that.

Kapil comes in house, he sing Hum tum ek Kamre me band hoon aur chabi khoo jaye. there are common people, Siddhu ji in garden area seated, inmates are there too. Kapil meet inmates, Kapil says we have brought our audience too, all laughs, bigg boss welcome Kapil, Kapil says thank you, bigg boss says Salman will be with us tomorrow as he has birthday too so you will do show today. Kapil says problem is that you call guest but don’t come welcome us, Kapil says these girls take huge amount outside to dance but here in house, when song plays in morning, they start dancing, bigg boss is enjoying all this, all laughs, Kapil ask bigg boss you thought that I will come in bigg boss house? bigg boss says we always want you to come in our house, Kapil ask to show how you laugh, kapil says you call any girl in room, like order Karishma come in room and she instantly come, Karishma laughs, Siddhu says you are alleging bigg boss, Kapil says you took Karishma’s make up, did you apply it as you don’t come out, you don’t today now too, bigg boss says we are not coming but our inmates are with you so you can ask them to do tasks too, Kapil says we are here to give entertainment, you also give some interesting task, sorry I asked so much, bigg boss says no you didn’t say much, we will consider your suggestion, Kapil ask where? all laughs, Kapil says I wanna know do you cry too bigg boss? I wanna know where are you sitting, I have complain that there is swimming pool but you don’t show inmates using it, that footage you keep for yourself? all laughs, he ask bigg boss I wanna ask something you there? bigg boss says yes, all laughs, Kapil ask are you married bigg boss? all laughs, bigg boss says I don’t think to answer this question right now, Kapil says you are bigg boss here only and in house meow meow, Kapil says you people are here for 100 days, I don’t know to congrats you or not? Karishma says give condolences, Kapil says DImpy was missing her touch screen phone so she touched Pritham’s knee, Kapil ask is it difficult to leave your family, and come here? Puneet says we come here after making our mind only, Kapil says Puneet you were cooking, Karishma, sonali and Dimpy were dancing but you didn’t check out them, so this is nice thing, all laughs, Kapil says everyone become obedient here, they don’t get up in house but here they wake up dancing and cleaning their face and eyes inside blanket only as camera is focusing them, all laughs, Kapil says I wanna thank bigg boss that he make people wash clothes here, Kapil says Dimpy is begali, and Bengal is famous for sweets but Dimpy showed spice in her, Dimpy says even if you are sweet in house, they make you eat karela, chili juice, Kapil says you ate one karela and gave them 100 chilies, all laughs, Kapil ask ali that you jumped to roof of house, were you spying on neighbor’s house, Ali says I wanted to see weather outside as its hot inside, Kapil ask who is increasing hotness in house, sonali or karishma? ali says all three girls, Kapil ask Sonali why you think you have put on weight? I want you to show your weight, Sonali cmes on stage, Siddhu says no you are not fat, he gives her suggestion to not take tension, Ali says one musician is in tension, he want to go to washroom, they show him way, ali says he was moving here and there, pointed to me, Kapil says expression change when you have natural call, Kapil says to sonali that you are looking very nice, sonali says when I came here I was nice but my beauty has vanished here, I don’t feel confident now, my teeth have become black, I have put on weight, Kapil says don’t take tension, you are looking beautiful, all clap. Gutthi comes there, Hawa hawai plays, she dance, all cheer for her, Kapil says to Sonali that see her confidence even when she is bad from head to toe, all laughs, Gutthi has brought blanket for her, she says I will sleep here, and one side Ali will sleep and other side Pritham will sleep, Ali says i sent marriage proposal but you denied, Gutthi says i am afraid of slap not love, Kapil says this dialogue is i am afaird of love not slap, Gutthi says where sonali live, you should be afraid of slap only, all laughs, Kapil says Ali is entertainer too, Gutthi ask Ali to come with her in washroom, all laughs, Kapil says when we see Gautam on Tv its like he igiving audition, don’t you know you are selected, all laughs, he says when we go to take bath in bathroom, we cant reach our back to to put soap there so we need someone else right Gautam, all laughs, Kapil ask Puneet why you are lauging? you have doubt on gautam. Kapil says Upen i like you, i will talk in English with you, Kapil ask why you are so pally with girls? Upen says i behave nicely with girls and i live with girls more, Kapil says my mother is girl too, all laughs, Kapil says we saw Karishma’s mathematics is week but i sadi no she take full payment of every show, all laughs, Gutthi and twin Gutthi (ALI) come there, all laughs, Karishma says they are same, omg, Gutthi says i will do work here, i will wash clothes too but wont wash Puneet’s underwear because if i keep it under sun to dry it then whole lonavala will be black out as sunshine will not reach here then, all laughs, Gutthi ask Ali to sing aap ayi hain is bagiya mein, they dance and sing, Gutthi ask Ali to not kick, Gutthi says now i will sing and will sing one’s name, that inmate will have to come on stage and dance with me, she sing and take Ganna’s name, Karishma get up to come, she come on stage, Karishma dance with her, then he call Upen, they dance, then he call Puneet, they dance, then Ali sing and call Gautam, Ali try to kiss Gautam, he runs, all laughs, then sonali is called, she comes on stage and dance, then he call Dimpy and Pritham, they all dance and sing, Ali sing and tease Dimpy, all claps for them. Gutthi says now i will go, Karishma says no please, Gutthi says my mummy papa doesn’t allow me, she says to Ali that now you will know how to wear girls thing, Gutthi leaves, then Bua ji comes there dancing on Saree ke fall sa song, all cheer for her. she dance with Pritham then dance with Dimpy. she comes on stage and says what to tell, i am fan of bigg boss from childhood, when i was 14 years, i saw Bigg boss season 1, so you know my age, she calls Puneet as Punno, Kapil says see his size and you call him Punno, Bua says i wanted my boyfriend to break coconut with his head, she brings him on stage, Puneet says look at couple, i am 24, she is 23, Bua says he doesn’t talk with girls as nobody is like me, Puneet says no one is like you, she says Puneet not expose much on Tv, i don’t want anyone to eye your thighs, all laughs, Puneet says i will say poetry for you.
aap ka husun ilahi touba
Saans chelte hi ruk jati hi

Bua says we will dance now, song Teri meri Prem kahani plays, they do couple dance romantically, all laughs and enjoy, Dimpy whistles, Bua touches Puneet, Puneet says save me, save me, he then lifts her, Gautam comes to save Puneet, Bua says now we will talk with him, Bua says you cant meet girl like me, gautam says yes i cant meet Bua like you, she says my name is pinky, she hugs Puneet and leaves.
Kapil says you talk with bigg boss daily so you must have thought how bigg boss look like, now you have to make sketch of bigg boss that you think he look like, allinmates starts making his sketch on paper, Kapil says sonali is so much engrossed in making like she is MF Hussain’s student, all laughs, first Pritham gives his sketch, he has made a weird old person, then Dimpy gives her sketch, she has made a cool boy, Kapil says it feels like Dimpy loves bigg boss, according to her he wears jeans, broad shoulders, Kapil says bigg boss will say i look like this only, then Ali show’s his sketch, he has made like Siddhu ji, then Karishma gives her sketch, she has madfe weird bigg boss, then Sonali has made bigg boss sketch, having twisted eye, licking lollipop, hairs are like telephone wire, all laughs seeing her sketch, Upen’s sketch is like snow man, shoeing fat, Gautam’s sketch is like he is muscular man and then he is lean from lower body, Gautam says i feel like he is sophisticated man, then Puneet shows him, he has made a six pack ab man, Kapil ask Bigg boss with whose sketch you look look like most? Bigg boss says if Gautam’s sketching was nice then he would have made more good, Gatuam’s thinking is nice and Dimpy’s sketch is nice, all laughs, Kapil ask bigg boss do you like Dimpy. Kapil says think if bigg boss comes out and he looks like short small man, then ou would get angry that we were listening to him. then comes Palak, she see ali and says Gutthi you here, Kapil says he is Ali not your sister Gutthi, Palak ask where is Salman? Kapil says he got to know that you are coming so he didnt come, Palak says he again lost chance to marry me, all laughs, says Salman is not here but you will be shocked to listen that i am giving chance to you for marriage, Palak says i don’t know guys run when i talk about marriage but now boys cant run from here, all laughs, Palak says i know all guys must be waiting to marry me but i am selecting Upen and Gautam, they are lucky, she says i have printed cards too for marriage, she ask Upen to read the card, Upen starts reading Hindi, all laughs seeing him reading wrong hindi, he finds its difficult to read pure hindi, all laugh, Kapil says he must have not read that much hindi in whole life, Palak ask talk to my hand, Palak says you look confuse Upen, don’t worry, we have only one thing inbetween, Kapil says your belly only, all laughs, Palak says we have one person inbetween us that is Gautam, she says to Gautam that i have written a poetry for you. she says
Apke Pyaar main mei ji lungi khaa ke sirf butter chicken or roti
We love we love Gauti
all laughs, Gautam and Palak dance in Gautam’s style. Palak says now you both have to lift me, Kapil says this is suicide for them, Siddhu says who will lift you in his arms will be lifted from world, all laughs, she says whoever lift me take round of garden will win me, Kapil says when Palak born, doctor said she will born in two months, Gautam says we have to life one by one, she says yes he says oh no, he try to life her but cant, all laughs.
Gautam says come on palak one two and picks her up. She stands and picks him on her shoulder. Siddhu says now if you can pick her up like this your wedding will be arranged. Gautam says Upen can do it. Palak says think you can do it. Upen easily picks her up and walks around the stage. Everyone says congratulations we have a bhabhi. Gautam hugs upen. Kapil says he will be the first groom who will die by coming under his wife. Palak says we should dance at least gautam. Kapil says on Gautam’s wedding I will sing a song. Kapil sings ‘gulaabi ankhain’. Palak and Gautam dance on it. Everyone laughs on their steps. Palak says i will wait for you. I have to go now. Come soon, i will see you. She hugs him and cries. Everyone says bye palak bhabhi.

Kapil says lets clap for the contestants. When you all are living with each other for so many days you might know a lot of things about each other. now i will ask some questions any of you can answer it. Kapil asks who is the most unhygienic? I want everyone to be clean. Ali says sonali. Kapil asks why? ali says because she take bath once in a week. She never does laundry and asks for clothes from karishma. kapil says sonali would you like to say something or you will go and take a bath. SHe says this is an accusation which is false. I take bath daily and i don’t wash my clothes because i wear new clothes everyday. I never repeat my clothes. Kapil says who stares at the girls most? Sonali says upen. Everyone laughs. Kalpi says i heard sonali stares at upen. Kapil asks who smells the most? Everyone says ali. Ali says this is a lie. Pritham and sonali smell the most.

Dadi comes in with santa cap. Everyone cheers and says hello dadi. Dadi says siddhu ji our bigg boss here. Siddhu says dadi in bigg boss? Dadi says you all have no manners come here. Gautam goes and hugs her. dadi says you are a nice guy, people talk rubbish about you outside. Dadi says how are you my kids? Karishma says beautiful. Dadi says except puneet. She says dolly dadi will give you gifts on a condition. I will ask you give a new year resolution. If you break it, you know how cruel bigg boss is. Now I would like to call the tallest and youngest girl on stage. Karishma and dimpy both stand up. They hug dadi. Kapil says dimpy is not hugging close she knows the reality. dadi says you both shout the most in this house. karishma says yes this is truth. Dadi says now i would like to see who will shout louder. Karishma shout dadi. Karishma shouts and says i have flu. Dimpy shouts and the bottle in dadi’s hand breaks. dadi says where did you get that voice from? She is too much. Listen, some people don’t like your voice. Dimpy nods. Dadi says i have a gift for you. She gives her a speaker and says now you can be more loud. You have a resolution written on it. Dimpy reads from now, for one week i will talk in this speaker only. Everyone laughs. Kapil says all the contestants are saying dimpy and built in speaker. dadi says now my dewdas gautam come here. I saw you are so sad since many days. gatam says yeah i am missing family. Dadi says oh i know everything. She gives her a packet of wigs. She says see these wigs when you miss diandra. gautam reads the resolution it says, from now for one week i will make ali wear one of these wigs and give her a compliment like diandra. Ali says its your love whats my fault?

Dadi says now its sonali’s turn. You know you are so famous outside. Sonali says why? Dadi says you are famous in maids. they say 100 rs for normal broom and 150 for sonali brand broom. They have made you their brand ambassador. Dadi gives her and abascus and says keep playing with this. Now its upen’s turn. Dadi says i feel so bad when they make fun of your hindi. She gives him a book to learn hindi. Sonali reads her resolution its says, i will lose 2 KG weight in one week. Upen reads i will help sonali in losing her weight, i wont do any of my work myself I will ask sonali to do all my work. Dadi says okay Punnet now. She asys how are yo? puneet says so good. DAdi says why is you short getting shorter day by day. He says i am wearing pants. She gives him a packet of shorts. He reads out his resolution, i will wear dadi’s shorts for one week.

Dadi says i have a very good gift for you ali. She gives him a doll. Ali reads out i will do attire of one character every day and talk like them to everyone. Ali says why me? Dadi says bigg boss. DAdi gives him a bag of costumes.

Dadi says now come pritham pyaray. You will become bhabhi. She gives him a saari and says wear it. She makes him wear the saari. Pritham reads the resolution i will call everyone bhabhi from now. Gauti bhabhi, dimpy bahbhi, sonu Bhabhi. Everyone laughs. Dadi gives him a kiss. Dadi gives him two saaris. Its karishma’s turn. dadi says you have so many fans they have sent you something. She gives her a book of general knowledge. Everyone laughs. karishma reads out from now i will read and learn 1 to 10 tables every morning. Dadi says you wont go. I want all the girls to come up. I will help you in getting ready. She takes them backstage.

kapil says one by one all the girls will show dance. Dimpy dances on ‘piya tu ab tou aja’. Everyone cheers. Karishma dances on ‘lovely’. kapil joins her. Then sonali comes and dances on ‘chikni chameli’. All the inmates join her along with palak and kapil. Kapil says such nice attire and dance. He says some time before there were a lot of fights in this house so we came here to spread happiness. We should capture these moments and take a selfie. he takes a selfie with inmates. Bigg boss thanks kapil and his team for coming and wishes them happy new year. Kapil says happy new year to everyone.

Precap-Sonali says to ali you are ugly. ali says how? I can say you are ugly too. sonali says your language and all. ali says what limits did i cross? sonali says why did you get slap? Ali says you said a lot about me to i could slap you as well. you held upen’s hand. sonali says yeah i did. I did all. why are you jumping on different topics? No one gives you anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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