Bigg Boss 8 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 34
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan comes stage, he starts dancing on song Dupatta tera Nau Rang da. He welcomes all in bigg boss weekend Ka vaar. Salman says a lot of drama has happened in this week, Sonali said that I will not apply foam on anyone’s face and then she threw foam in insulting way on soni’s face, she said something and did something else, then Puneet lifted gautam in anger and then after sometime he made gautam sit in his lap, Ali warned Gautam that he will take out his eye from spoon. Salman says seven people are nominated this week. Salman says first let me show you a video. in house, all are getting ready to meet Salman, they are dressing well. Sonali says to Ali that Salman complimented me last week, Sonali says soni is angry with me.
Ali comes to soni and says make sonali’s hairs, Soni says I have no time, Ali says are you angry with her? Upen stops Ali.
Soni comes and makes sonali’s hairs. Ali says stop this matter, Soni says you have started ALi, you are putting fire in matter. Sonali says I didn’t say anything to Ali but he started the matter, why he is involving in matter, Ali says I love you both, stop this matter.

The calls is connected to house, Salman talks to inmates. He says the nominated people are Sushant, Pritham, Diandra, Sonali, Minissha, Gautam and Soni. Salman says to Ali that you are a good captain, tell me who should sit on danger seat, Ali says Sonali should sit on seat, She is lazy in work, Salman says you don’t like it? gautam laughs, Salman ask Gautam to not blush. Salman says to Ali why Sonali? she doesn’t give attention to you? Gautam laughs, Ali says all inmates do work which I say to them but she doesn’t work, whenever I say to her, she denies it and doesn’t work at all, Salman says this is wrong, ok let me show you a video.
A video is shown in which Salman with his team cleans the road, he is in some village, he cleans the garbage and colors the houses of village. video ends, All applauds for Salman, Salman says to Ali that Sonali works A lot. Sonali has inspired many, she has told people how to not work, video plays, Sonali is shown cleaning the house in lazy manner, she is using broom while standing only, then people are shown cleaning roads like her, showing how much she inspired people, all laughs seeing the video. Pritham imitates Sonali, Salman ask her to clean the house while lying one floor and using her hairs, All laughs.

Salman says to Pritham that you imitate many people, Pritham says it started with Puneet, he acts like puneet, Salman laughs. Salman ask Pritham to imitate Gautam, he acts like Gautam and sings like Gautam, Pritham then imitates like Diandra, he says nobody can talk to diandra when she wakes up, she doesn’t even reply to good morning, he says yamraj can run listening to diandra’s laugh, All applauds for Pritham, Salman says audience like this about you pritham, You are safe. All claps. Salman says to Sonali how is you feeling on danger seat, Sonali says there are pricks in this eat and its uncomfortable, Salman ask how many of you think sonali doesn’t deserve to sit on dager seat, almost all raises their hand, Salman ask then who should sit, he ask Puneet, Puneet says soni or minissha, Gautam says minissha should sit, Karishma says sonali is rightly sitting, sushant says I should sit, Upen says no one is deserving to sit, Salman ask to give name of one person, Upen says minissha, Soni says minissha should sit, Praneet says minissha, Arya says Soni, diandra says me myself, Pritham says Soni should sit. Salman says minissha has got so many votes so she will sit on danger seat, minissha sits, minissha says popular thinking is that I am going out this week, Salman says I need to apologize on one thing, I have one friend who knows Arya too, I got to know that Arya called you up to set strategy but you denied him and said that we will go in house but without strategy and will be what we are, will not play any game, this is conveyed to me so I apologize to you, minissha says thank you sir, minissha says its all in audience hands to decide now. Call ends.

Salman says to audience that captain is always in problem, he get many advantages but he has to solve many things, he shows a video in which Ali says to sonali that you have problem in house, you don’t work in house, you should work what is given to you, Sonali says don’t shout, Ali says you are very lazy, sonali is busy in her make up, Ali says if you don’t come out then I will give you punishment, sonali says don’t order me, Ali says I am responsible for everything, Ali says you do the work, Sonali says I am not interested in quarreling with you. Ali leaves.
Ali comes to puneet, Pritham and Gautam, he says I asked Sonali to work and she said that I am busy in makeup, All laughs, he says sonali was saying that she works a lot, Ali is frustrated and leaves, Gautam says to Pritham and Puneet that don’t make Ali free with you all, if I am sitting with you people, then don’t allow him to sit with you, Pritham says he doesn’t come when you are around, Puneet says Gautam gave one slang to Ali but Ali gave 3 4 slangs to him. Video ends.

Call is connected to house again, Salman says congrats to Ali for becoming captain for second time, he says you chose 7 people who work a lot, Salman says to Soni that you work a lot in tasks, didt it hurt you when Ali didn’t chose you in 7, Soni says I was, I work a lot, I work extra too, I asked Ali that didn’t he see me working? me, karishma and soni used to cook food till Ali changed the duties, I asked Ali why he didn’t take m name, he said that I chose my friends, I was partial but from now, I will remember you, Ali says I said her sorry, Soni says I don’t understand that if I am not his friend so he will not see me working, ali says I asked sorry to her, Salman ask Soni whom should not be working 7? Soni says pritham, he has started working now, he doesn’t used work before, Pritham says I have cleaning the house from starting, I am working a lot, Ali says pritham have worked in every department I have asked him to. Salman ask Sonali to talk, Sonali says I wanna say that my journey in bigg boss was very unstable, I have a wish that I work with you, I want you to give me a chance,
Salman says we are working togather in bigg boss, and how many people know me, will know you after coming out of bigg boss and i have no work so i am doing bigg boss, All laughs. Salman ask Ali who is more lazy in between sonali, Praneet and sushant. Ali says Sonali is queen of laziness, she sleeps after alram is palyed too, Salman says she need beauty sleep. Sonali says he talk a lot, he gave me one punishment that I have to listen to him so obviously i will sleep listening to his songs, Salman says all inmates says that you dont work, Sonali ask who is doing my work if i am not doing it, Salman says ok raise your hand who thinks that Sonali works alot in house, Gautam raises his hand btu then itches his ear, all laughs, Salman says that work is differnt for which you are itching your ear, All laughs, Sonali says i work which is given to me, i finish my work but Ali is always behind me, Salman ask sonali who according to you is lazy in house, Sonali says i know work of kitchen, like how to cook etc but minissha doesnt know anything, Ali says i asked Sonali to wash cooker, she said that i washed it, when i saw the cooker, whole pulse was there inside it after her washing, Salmna jokes that she saved that for herself, Ali says i asked sonali to wash again and she said that dont disturb when lady is doing makeup, Salman says i agree with you Sonali, Sonali says he is talking rubbish, i washed cooker nicely, Salman ask Ali why he chose Sushant to compete with him for captaincy, Ali says all was willing that Sushant become the captain of house, Salman ask why inmates was willing to make Sushant captain? Salman ask Karishma to speak, she says Sushant is balanced person, he has cordial relation with all and he will become responsible by becoming captain otherwise he doesnt work and sleep too, Salman says the person who doesnt work in tasks, how can he lead the house? Sushant says i have not been captain in any task and also i dont do physical things, i make strategy in tasks, so i participate mentally, Sushant says i have not given responsibility so how would i show that i am responsible, Karishma says i dont agree with him, he is not active in task, we are active physcially and mentally but he is only mentally present, Salman says sushant have to show leadership skills to become captain, Karishma sushant is lazy so i thought that he would become active when he become captain, Salman ask about vice captain, he says maybe it will happen that sushant will become cpatain and a women will control him, Karishma says nothing like that, sushant have mind of his own, Salman ask diandra what she will say, diandra says i agree with you, that sushant can be controlled by other, but i dont agree with karishma’s reason, i think lead should set example, he should work and wak up on time, Sushant says they are talking about leadership qaulities, i represent a community which is suppressed, he gets in tears, he says i dont know what to say, Sushant says i agree that i didnt work too much in house, if they think that i am not deserving then its ok, he gets emotional and cries, he says it hurt to listen that i have no leadership qualities, Salman ask puneet his stance, Puneet says me and upen decided to make sushant captain, we thought he will become example, he will wake up early, Puneet says diandra is brillent cook, we thought we should make diandra help the captain, Diandra says i am happy to listen it, i agree that i am agressive, Salman says to the concept was that the person who works less should become captain as he will work then, Diandra says they are changing statement, they are saying i am good cook so they should not nominate me, if i go out from here, who will make food, diandra says earlier reason for not chosing me captain was that i am agressive, this way no one can be captain as only sushant is calm in house, or sonali can become captain as she doesnt work, all laughs, Salman ask why you said that you will go with majority, Karishma says i said that ramdomly, i had decided whom to choose for captaincy, i thought that captain should be calm so i thought upen and Sushant should become captain, Karishma says diandra is not ready for captaincy as she becomes irritated on things, i thought that if she become captain then she will make everyone angry, Salman ask diandra to come in confession room.

Diandra comes in confession room, Salman talks to her, Diandra says now people in house are becomign open, Salman says Ali is doign good job but why inmates are not accepting him, Diandra says inmates are thinking that suddenly a authority has come in house, Diandra says it is about control, Sushant is stonr but he can be bullied, they say that sushant is cordial with all so i am cordial with all too, i have no issues with anyone, Salman says i give you advice that you have to fight for yourself, you have make people on your side, Diandra says i worked hard in tasks, i am hurt that they didnt choose me for captain, now i will think before doing work in tasks, Salman says you are doing good, you have to think how to handle things, be calm or agreesive is your choice. chat ends.

salman says lets see where gautam is focussing. video is shown in which gautam is with Sonali, he gives sonali flowers, she takes it and says thanks, she gives him back, he ask her kiss him, she laughs, she says dont do this, you will be stabbed, he says did i ever touch you? i know i seems like casnova but i am not, she says did i say you are casanove, Gautam says so sweet, he kisses her on cheek, Gautam says now i did something for first time, he ask her to talk, she laughs. video ends.

Salman talks to inmates, call is connected to snapdeal costumer, she says that upen is not active at all, i ask soni to give him bangles, they call each other brother and sister but they are covering up something, their relation seem something else, its not of brother and sister, we viewers think that they have any other relationship, Salman says i watch them too but i dont think so that they have other relation, Soni says i work for my real brother too and i work for upen too, Upen says we connect to people, i have connection with soni, i am sorry to say but the customer said very bad thing, its about her thinking, Soni says its about your vission, we dont see each other like that, call ends. Salman says Sushant you are safe, all applauds, Salman says about others we will tell tomorrow.

PRECAP-Urvashi (ex-contestant) comes on stage to take class of inmates. Soni, Daindra, Minissha, Sonali are still nominated, One will go from them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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