Bigg Boss 8 25th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 25th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 126
Eviction Special
Farah comes on stage, she welcomes all in big boss. she says that ALI DIMPY RAHUL are in danger, one will go out today. she says next weekend will be finale, from tomorrow will start final week, it is sad, it feels like superhit film after running long is getting ended, people inside house is filmy too, let see.
clip plays, Rahul is wearing dress like gabbar and acting like him, he ask how many men were there, Ali says 8, Rahul says 25lacs for 8 people, very disappointing, Sambhavna comes there as Basanti and says i will dance for 25lacs, she dance, then Ali comes in mogambo’s dress and says magambo got happy, he says to Rahul that i am the one wo made Gulati do many gulatis that he started crying, i am man and love man. Upen acts like SRK from mohabbatein and says to Karishma that i love you, Karishma sings aj kal tere mere pyar ke charche, Pritham comes there and dance on i am disco dancer, he says i will take away 25lacs, then Dimpy comes there acting like Madhuri and says i will get 25lacs, Upen says i have Karishma, i dont need anything, all start fighting for 25 lacs, then comes chulbul pandey, Gautam, he is wearing uniform and says to inmates that will you not welcome me? you need 25 lacs, he hugs Upen for not fighting for 25lacs, he shows bag to inmates and says this is 25 lacs, you want it? he starts dancing on munni badnam hui, Ali runs away with bag.
Farah says what acting my them? i am sure they wont get any acting assignment post show but they wrote this item and did act greatly. call is connected to house, she says what a acting, Gabbar was telling dialogues of singham, Sambhavna what heema ji you played, all laughs, Upen if SRk sees your acting then he wont leave you and Gullu you are now chullu, all laughs. Rahul says Ali is in tension as he is nominated, i am happy that if i come out then i will do dinner with you, Farah says i am fasting today, all laughs. Farah ask Dimpy what she is feeling? Dimpy says will get disappointed if i leave as i ave spent so much time here, Farah says this house is like this only, when people go inside they say they want to leave but when they are coming out then they dont wanna come out for example see Upen. all laughs. Farah says lets see what happened yesterday. clip plays, Ali says to Pritham that i say dialogues and said i have speech for Karishma in flow, Karishma says to Upen that i always supported Ali, Upen says you dont have to be nice to peopke now, Sambhavna says Dimpy said many personal things about Karishama too, Ali says i was usually discussing you Karishma, Upen says we dont anything to listen, Ali says i am not telling you anything, ?Upem says i am no one to ask you, i am just guest, Karishma says Ali you know how to put people down, how can you say cheap things for a girl, Ali says i didnt put you down.
Ali says to Sambhavna that it was not me but Dimpy who put here and there, she was discussing with me about Karishma but now she chickened out.
Upen says to Karishma that Ali’s game is like this only, Karishma says Pritham is also playing safe game, he said Ali is cheap infromt of me and supporting him on my bakc, Upen says he said worse about Gautam, Karishma says yes he was saying to us that he is fed up of his friendship with Gautam, and now he suddenly close friends with Gautam again. Sambhavna says to Ali to not react, Ali says its Tanna who is reactng. Sambhavna says give time to me to clear with her. Karishma says that i will maintain one hand distance from Ali, i will maintain my cool with Dimpy and Pritham but will say to not say cheap comments about me. Upen says you are doing well just be like that. clip ends.
call is connected to house, Farah says you have raised some questions for other inmates so i will ask them but will not tell which inmate asked this question, she ask Karishma that inmates wanna know if you will continue your love after show? will you marry Upen? Karishma says girls want a loving boyfriend, and if it goes like this then it end on marriage only, Upen kisses her on cheek. Farah ask Dimpy that inmates say that you say dirty comments in real life too? you have relationship outside too and making angle here too, Dimpy says i have many relationships outside, like with my mother, with my sister and everyone, Farah says i just wanna say that even if you have relation outside with someone else then why people are burning in house? Dimpy says i dont know why my relation of outside is discussed in house? Sambhavna says right but why Dimpy discuss about Karishma’s boyfriend outside? she is making Karishma look like cheap friend, she keep saying that Karishma ditched her boyfriend, why she discuss her personal life then? Farah says but this topic is discussed by everyone, Pritham says we were discussing about Karishma’s boyfriend as Ali is his common friend and he was hurt, Karishma gets teary eyed, Farah says to Karishma that one inmate said that if you take him as your brother? Karishma says this must be said by Ali as he call me sister but i dont take him as brother because he alleges my character, if he thinks me as sister then he would not pass cheap comments about me, brothers protect their sisters not allege them like this, Ali says i never said dirty words for you, you can see after show but even if you wanna believe others then your choice, Upen says we all know what kind of man are you, Karishma says i dont wanna stoop to your level Ali. Farah ask what is loyalty for you in house? Ali says i have no loyalty for anyone here as nobody stood with me ever in this house, Karishma says me and Upen always stood for me. Farah ask Karishma that one inmate that you always hate and pose that you are good to me, Karishma says i never use hate word anyone, we have difference of opinion but i dont dislike him (Gautam), i have nothing against him, Gautam gets up and hugs Karishma. all applauds, Farah ask Sambhavna that someone said are you this much violent in real life too? Sambhavna says with evil people i am always like this. Farah ask Dimpy one inmate said that do you still love him (Rahul), Dimpy says i always loved him and i will always. call ends. Karishma says to Upen that i dont like what Ali is talking about me. Upen says to Karishma that i asked Ali who is he to ask Karishma things, is he your father or what. Gautam says to Rahul that Dimpy is your wife so you have that respect for her, as a man you tend to take care of her, its like if i have a wife and we are separated, people ask questions but she is my wife and i will protect her, why people are burning. Karishma is crying, Upen ask her to not cry, dont react to Ali, dont cry, he wipes her tears. Ali says to Sambhavna that now i will show what is loyalty here? Sambhavna says now you see what Dimpy do, she deliberately tell you things so that you pass it on and get caught and she is always saved, i give one chance to everyone, i gave to Dimpy too but she bite me back, what you do is Dimpy bite you everytime and you go back to her everytime, see what is your game now? nothing, you have to rise above all this in life. clip ends.
Farah says welcome Malika sherawat. she comes on stage and dance on song mere ghagre ke lye. Farah comes and hugs her, she says you are looking fabulous, you came so far to meet me, she says Malika’s movie deadly politics going to release, its a very decent movie, Malika says i am playing character of anokhi devi, Farah says only you can have this name, Malika says i am ambitious in movie, i want to become prime minister, Farah says it seems like bigg boss house, Farah says you can make any guy go around you, Malika says you can make any guy go around you too, Farah ask did anyone played dirty politics with you? Malika says yes one actress tried to take my role in a movie, Farah ask you went inside house, how was that? Malika says they all want to win, they all want to go ahead of others, Farah says lets see what happened inside.
malika enters the house and dance with inmates, she says to inmates that i am happy to be here. she shows a stick which have heart made on it, she says i will put stick on anyone and ask question, she ask Gautam did you break anyone’s heart? Gautam says no, not like that he will start crying, Malika says we will do task with you, she takes round around Gautam and says i am checking out Gautam, then Gautam goes around her and says that i am checking you out now, people call you hot but you are cute, Malika says you have to impress me by taking off your shirt, i am haryanvi girl, you cant impress me simply, Gautam takes off his shirt and sings for malika to impress her, malika says he is over confident so we will give him competition, she calls Ali, Ali flirts with her and says how are you beautiful, he sings for her, Malika says now task is done, sit, Gautam says one minute, he looks in her eyes with intensity and says now you must be impressed, Malika smiles, she calls Rahul and ask him to dance with her, Rahul dance on song, he opens his shirt and shakes his belly on jalebi bai, all laugh like hell on his dance and applauds for him, she ask Rahul to teach him dance steps too, she ask Rahul to sit, she says my movie is dirty politics, i will ask questions to inmates related to dirty politics, she ask Karishma who play dirty politics with you? she says Pritham, i always like him, support him but i feel like he back stab me, he avoids talking to me, one or more time he played dirty politics with me, then Sambhavna comes and says that Dimpy always played politics with me, she doesnt want to solve problems in right way but make issue of everything, then Pritham comes and says Karishma is always selfish and play game thinking about herself only, she is the one who play politics not me as she always think about herself. then Dimpy comes and says Ali plays dirty politics with me, he always put fire to ignite my fights with people, then Gautam comes and says Ali play dirty politics here, on humanity level he can atleast agree that he make people fight but he says that he was just joking, you are a good person Ali, tyr show your real side. then Ali comes and says Gautam plays dirty politics with me, he also used slangs for me, then Rahul comes and says Ali plays dirty politics, he uses topics from personal life which is not related to house and use it against people inside how. task ends. Malika takes selfie with inmates, she greets everyone and leaves.
Farah thanks Malika for making Gautam take off his shirt, she ask for whom you will vote? she says i will vote for Gautam, i found him classy and real, he is not putting up an act, Farah ask about her movie, she says its releasing on 13feb. Malika greets her and leaves.
Farah says now i will monitor (devil) and manitor (fairy), they come there,she ask are you student or principal, she brings box from his bag and says its UPMA in his lunch, lets see Upma in house.
clip plays, Upen says to Karishma that you are looking nice, she says i didnt do makeup and you are saying nice? he says you are looking very nice like this only so dont do make up for me today, she open her hairs, Upen says i going out in garden, i will miss you so much, to infinity, you are my everything. clip ends.
call is connected to house. Farah ask Rahul how was it? Malika came in house, she was saying that.. Gautam was looking hot, she says nobody of you take stand so today you will stand, you all have to give ranking to yourself, on viewer’s views you will do ranking, umpire will Upen, we didnt get any referee so sent Upen, all laughs, she ask inmates to go in garden. call ends. Farah promotes Ashoka new show that will replace bigg boss, she says its last week so i should go in house for once. she leaves the stage to go in house.
inmates come in garden, Sambhavna, Dimpy, Rahul say that 1st is Gautam. Rahul, Sambhavna, Dimpy say that Pritham is 2nd, Karishma says i think i am 2nd, Pritham is selected for 2nd position, all vote for Karishma for 3rd position. Ali says i feel i am 3rd, i entertain people, i feel that i am 1st but then on response of people i go for 3rd, Dimpy says i have got positive response from outside too. Sambhavna says let Ali one 4th position, Ali says people like to watch me, Ali says you can hate me, you can love but you cant ignore me. sambhavna says we will go with majority, majority goes with Dimpy for 4th position, Pritham says but Ali is more popular than Dimpy even more than me he is popular, Upen ask for voting, they vote for Ali for 5th position, Sambhavna take 6th position, Rahul says i will stand at 7th, anybody have any problem? Dimpy says i have, you are not 7th, he says who cares.

Farah comes in house, all cheers for her. she hugs everyone, she says oh gautam why you are wearing shirt. she ask Upen how difficult it was to make them stand on ranks, Sambhavna says Ali and Dimpy fought for 4th position, Rahul says Ali should not be even ranking. Farah says i am feeling bad that i came in house for first time and will have to take one from house with me. she ask Dimpy do you think will go out today? she says Rahul, Farah ask is this gut feeling or love feeling, she says both, i want Rahul to stay as he is support system for me. Ali says i think that i am safe, Farah ask Ali do you have saving factory outside? Ali says no bu i have fans, Farah says your fans didnt disappoint you, she says ALI IS SAFE, she ask Ali to stand on 4th position, make Sambhavna stand on 5th position, Dimpy on 6th and Rahul on 7th, she says RAHUL YOU ARE EVICTED, she ask Dimpy that if ypu want to talk to Rahul alone then you can as i am taking him out, Rahul brings Dimpy in lounge, she is crying and says that you will go and this will be our last meeting, why did you come here, Rahul hugs her and says dont cry, i promise we will meet after show, all inmates come in lounge, Farah ask all okay, Rahul says yes, Farah takes Rahul and leaves the house, Dimpy is upset and cries.

PRECAP- Dimpy is crying missing Rahul. she says to Ali that this was it, she says now we will meet at court, Ali says this will not happen, Rahul said to me to take care of you, i have responsibility to take care of you, he hugs her. Dimpy says to Ali that Sambhavna dont know what happened in my life, she said many things about me, that i am animal, witch etc, Ali says i am not bad for you. later bigg boss says now its time for last nominations of bigg boss. this time nominations will be done team wise, champion team member will nominate 2 challengers and vice-versa. in nominations, Ali says Gautam is strong contender so will nominate him, Pritham says Karishma always allege me that i dont give strong reasons to nominate so i am giving it now. then Karishma says that Pritham has 0 loyalty for anyone, he cant tak stand for anyone. Gautam says Ali use bad words which is wrong. Dimpy says here all think that wildcard entries should go out first which is wrong.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. m not against KT…whatever m watchng i jst said that…KT ditchd her bf and thatz fact…and on other hand upen is still in the house bcoz came there fr not this bb’s paritiality towards kt?? I nvr saw this before in bb any guest living so long inside the house…

    1. Yeah thats true
      karishma has no one except upen to talk

  2. And farah is a totally biased host, agar gotam gotala itna acha lagta hai toh usko le k bhag idhar se. bitch kahin ki kutti.. i miss u salman. no one can replace yoy.

    1. Hey bud be calm, im agree wid u bt we cant do anything

  3. BB is a totally fucking biased show. i hate bb.

  4. Hey Kt pritham ali..if i comment on kt it doesnt mean m gauti’s i fan of bb n salman’s.. If sm1 says their opinion jst read n chod dho..u no need 2 interrupt n comment abt othrs posts

    1. haha chod do ;D
      like it

  5. nonsense yar… farah gautam ko itna pyar se kyo rakhti hai, kal kachehri main b gautam k saath aise sweetly baat kr rahi thi.. i hate her

    1. Gotala ;D

  6. Ria… it’s democracy.

  7. i am sorry KT pritam ali… i know k main pagal hu

  8. Pritam pyare best 3:)

  9. Ali is an entertainer, i like him for that reason. but i hate gautam gulati, he’s a totally fake person

  10. pritam is an idiot double dholki, i love i love gauti

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