Bigg Boss 8 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 93
song Bata mere chehre pe kia likha hai starts playing, Sonali for the first time wake up by herself and dances. all inmates wake up and dances to the tunes.
Pritham says to camera that look at this girl Sonali, she didn’t get a good boy, she is so nice, she do work like that all die, first she didn’t have interest in bigg boss but now she has become captain, Sonali laughs, Sonali says I got so much love that I got 8 out of 8 votes, Pritham says its all planning, Sonali says for planning watch bigg boss 8.

Dimpy says to Upen that people have become b*t*hy, Upen says all were b*t*hy from start only, Dimpy says but it has gone to another level and now they are openly b*t*hing.
Ali and Pritham look at crow on tree, ali says our house crow is Dimpy, all she do is kay kay kay, Pritham says after insect, now crow.
Sonali brings Upen in garden and gives him punishment that he will stand under sun till she cout 20, he ask what lie did I say? Pritham and ali looks at them, Pritham says Upen can do anything for beautiful girl, Upen didn’t talk so much sweetly with anyone in whole season, Sonali relieves Upen, he leaves. Pritham ask Sonali is it power of you captaincy or your beauty? Sonali says he was talking in English so I punished him, Pritham says what power you have? why people are going mad? Ali says the upen Patel who didn’t do any work in dimpy’s captaincy was bearing punishment, he was sweetly standing and raised his hands too, what is secret behind this, Sonali says yes this is same Upen patel.

Sonali is checking work in kitchen, Gautam is eating halwa (sweet dish) which Karishma’s mother had send, Dimpy says ask Karishma, Upen says no need, she wont feel bad, its for everyone, she feels good when her mother’s food is eaten by all, Dimpy says I generally not touch thing of others without asking so I just asked, Gautam says even I don’t touch without asking but.. he heats halwa for himself, then Pritham comes and heat it for himself too.

Dimpy comes to Gautam and ask halwa finished? Gautam says yes, she says I wanted to eat, she leaves, Pritham comes there, and says she came to taunt you, Gautam says its her nature.
Dimpy tells Upen that Halwa finished and I didn’t taste, Puneet says you should have said that you wanna eat too, why you were silent when they were eating, Dimpy says when there is one thing on house, then out of courtesy one can ask others whtter they will eat or not, Sonali says darling this is bigg boss house, Dimpy says exactly, Puneet says their fault too.
Karishma comes to washroom area to clean it, Ali says Karishma want freedom from this house now, Gautam says give her freedom, he sings, Gautam says see your name songs are be ing made, you should be happy, KArishma says I wish I would, Gautam sings to eliminate Karishma bigg boss, Karishma sys Gautam is not getting content these days, Gautam says you alwasy spit venom, Karishma says you throw potty from your mouth, Gautam says so much cheaps words you use, Karishma says going on your level, she screams like Gautam crying for nutelle.
Dimpy ask Upen what is happening in washroom, Upen says I will go and check, Sonali says they are just cleaning and Upen is going to stop them, Upen says Karishma is there, my friend so I will go and check her as she is my friend, you don’t know what friendship is, he leaves, Sonali laughs.
Gautam shout like asking make up, she screams like Gautam crying for nutelle, Upen comes there, Karishma he is not getting content so pointless shouting, Upen says he is not shown on tv, let him come on tv, he will do with you, Karishma says exactly I make him hero everytime, they laugh, she chants loser losr, Upen takes her from there. ,, Gautam also chant loser loser, I am a loser, Karisha goes in smoking room, Gautam and Ali comes to room door and start acting that if this girl want freedom then bigg boss should give, Karishma shouts from room that stop it nutella king, Gautam sings to give her freedom, Karishma says sing in melodious voice, Gautam says she will go mad puffing cigarette, karishma comes there, Gautam says don’t follow me, Karisham says god give him some content, he is not seen on tv, I pity you.
Pritham says to Puneet that Dimpy was taunting Gautam that he ate halwa, Puneet says Gautam didn’t finish it, Pritham says Dimpy is root cause of all fights.
Dimpy says to Upen that if Karishma is being nice and saying all to eat her halwa but what she get in return, no consideration, not even 1%, they will eat your food and will abuse you only.
Gautam says to Ali that ate halwa very small part but Dimpy is taunting about it, she need it then take it out of my body.
Upen says its about not halwa, you can ask others if they will eat or not, Dimpy says exactly. Puneet says to Pritham that eating is a sensitive issue, if you ask person that did you finish everything, ti feels bad, Pritham says Dimpy is like this only, she is dangerous, only God can save from her.

Upen and sonali are in bathroom, they talk, Sonai ask why Upen you keep things in your heart, Upen says you did many things but I didn’t talk about out of respect but they are in my heart, Karishma deliberately comes in bathroom, she ask what you guys were doing? Upen says talking, sonali comes out, Bigg boss says we want to remind captain Sonali that at one time only one person can be in bathroom, we hope that you don’t break this rule, Sonali says but there ws only person in bathroom, Dimpy says don’t act.
Ali says this is kid show, even if you go in washroom to talk only then this doesn’t look good that boy and girl are in bathroom together. Dimpy says to Upen that nice captainship that bigg boss warned captain two times. Upen laughs.

Karishma says to Dimpy that they felt bad that you poked about halwa thing to gautam, Dimpy says you and him doesn’t share good relation, so if he wants eat then atleast for respect he ask permission from you and then they call other inhuman, selfish, Karisham says Gautam is biggest selfish of house.

some chair comes in house and there is curtain on it, inmates says it must be new entry, bigg boss says its been 13 weeks you are here, we have seen your personality, we know how you will behave in which situation and not only that we can predict future too, all laughs, bigg boss says we have done some predictions, curtain is raised and there is book on stand, bigg boss says in this book we have done predictions which you will get to know in end of task, except this we have done 10 more predictions which are placed in living area, in this week’s luxury budget task, they have to prove bigg boss’s predictions wrong and they have to do that by changing their habits and if they prove bigg boss wrong then they will win. bigg boss call everyone in living area, they come and look at predictions. they read predictions. first prediction is that all inamtes will sleep in night so this means all inmates will have to be awake, there are list of predictions like Upen will not make food for three times means that Upen have to make for three times, then bigg boss predicts that all will follow Sonali this means inmates will not follow Sonali., Pritham Ali and karishma will eat breaskfast lunch and dinner means they will not eat, everyone will drink coffee and tea means they will not drink, they will not use washroom till hours after waking up in morning measn they will not use washroom till 2 hours, Sonali will break rules means she will have to not break rules, she will not give punishment means she will give but they will not follow her, this task will be dominated by Puneet means he will not dominate task, Gautam and Karishma will not hold each other’s and and dance three times a day means they will dance, Upen will spend time with girls means he will not spend time with girls. these are all predictions. Karishma ask Gautam to dance, Gautam says I need romance to come in me to dance, when it will come then I will dance, karishma says then my mood wil change and I wont.

Puneet asys to Dimpy that you went to sleep yesterday without greeting us, Dimpy says yes as I was upset, she hugs him, gautam says you nominated her so she must be feeling bad, its her right, Gautam says but all have their point of view, Dompy says point of view can be suggested by advising but that doesn’t mean you will nominate me, Dimpy says that clap happens from both hands, it was all not my fault and don’t forget Gautam all I did that day was for you, but you didn’t support me, Gautam says I don’t thinkg that much, I think straight, Dimpy says no your straight line is vertical and mine horizontal so we dotn come to mutual point, Gautam says suppose you are right, Dimpy says I have doubts too about you but I have good faith, I give benefit of doubt to you, now you guys are puppets of Ali, Gautam says try other guy for this, I know your strategy, I wont be poked by you, Dimpy ask who told you that I am poking? Gautam says you make your friends enemy too, Dimpy says I don’t need anyone, I alone can fight everyone, gautam says everyone is alone here, Dimpy says exactly, when time came did you support me? Gautam says why should I support the girl who have thinking of Karishma, that is to put chili on everyone, Dimoy says this is the second friend you are losing after diandra Gautam.

Karishma is sleeping, alarm plays, Karishma says I am awake only, i will not take punishment, i will say Dimpy was sleeping and dimpy you say that i am sleeping when captain comes, Sonali comes there and ask who was sleeping? Karishma sys Dimpy, Sonali says ok i will sleep too, she lies on her bed.

Ali is called in confession room, Ali is given secret task to make big boss’s predictions true instead of wrong but the predictions which is written in book, they are 15 predictions, he is given list of those predictions. Ali reads predictions about inmates, about Karishma it is written that she will try to open book and captain will catch her, Ali have to fulfill this predictions, then Pritham and Dimpy will fight more, then Karishma will get irritated by Gautam’s jokes and they will fight, then Dimpy will fight with two inmates, ali have to do all this, Ali says bigg boss you want inmates to beat me, i don’t even have hairs, Bigg boss ask any problem, Ali says you have given me mountain of problem and asking me problem, don’t worry, Ali leaves the confession room.

Ali talks to Pritham and says Dimpy said many things about you, i was shown on tv, Pritham says why not shown to me, what she said? Ali sys she said that you plan everything, your character is lose, you talk to girls laughing, he stare at girls with wrong intention, Pritham ask are you sure she said? Ali says you agree or not but she said this, Pritham says i will clear with her, i never did fun with her, i always joke with Sonali but if she want me to joke with her then i will do that, if she want me to touch and joke then i will do that. ali says she discussed it with Praneet.

Pritham comes to Dimpy and says that you said about my character? that you watch me with with wrong intention when i wear western dress, Dimpy says what? she is clueless, Ali says you said that Pritham glance at you when you walk and has evil eye on you, dimopy says wait a minute, i went to co-ed school, i have many brothers, i am doing modelling from 16 years and if i have insecurity about it that men watch me with wrong eye then i wouldn’t be here, Ali says your clip is there that you said his character is lose, Pritham says this can be your mentality, Dimpy looks at Ali and ask him to swear on mother that he watched that clip, Ali says from where did mother came, don’t bring me in, Dimpy says you always swear not now, Dimpy says you are sayng that i said all this to Praneet, Praneet your best friend? ask yourself, Ali says we will clear it, Dimpy says to Ali that we are not school.
Pritham says to Ali that if this is your task then this is not good, Ali says i was asked to clear this thing, if she had not said all this then she would have shouted at you, she would have torn you but she was cool as she knew that she said all this.

Upen in fun says Sonali is my girlfriend but she doesn’t give damn to me, Karishma says do not talk to me, Upen comes and hugs her, Karishma says you mad guy, she beats him, Karishma finds a lipstick mark on Upen’s neck and says Sonali kissed him, Sonali says i am female Emraan Hashmi, its story of my kiss only, Upen says i will take kiss from you three, Karishma beats him, Dimpy and Sonali ask her to beat more.

Ali ask Gautam to dance with Karishma, he holds her hand and sing Janam dekh lo main yahan hoon, Upen says dance romantically, this is acting, Dimpy says Ali is junior actor behind them, then Gautam and sweetly dance on main agar kahoon tumsa haseen, they sing too and pull each other, Ali ask them to not fight, Gautam says let us do, full commentary is going on behind, Upen ask karishma to enjoy herself this is just acting. Pritham says to Upen that Ali is given secret task that he has top full all these predictions, Upen says if that is case then we will tease him. they ask Ali to come here and not disturb them. Karishma select song main tainu smajhawan ki, Gautam says lets have scene like that i am angry with you and you have to pacify me, Pritham sys great idea, Gautma acts like angry and sit, karishma comes to him and starts singing, she holds his hand, she comments to that what acting Gautam, all laughs seeing them, Upen says kiss now, kiss him on hand, Karishma ask Gautam please get up, he get up, they start dancing, Ali says Gautam got tears, Karishma sing, then Gautam hugs her, she hugs back, Pritham ask Gautam to strangle her.

Ali comes to Dimpy and ask why you are crying? she ask to go away, ali says don’t cry, if you want to take off my clothes then i will take off myself, Dimpy laughs, Sonali is dizzy, feeling sleepy, Ali says she is looking like dead, Ali says to Dimpy that you are so sweet at times but then you irritate so much that i feel like killing you, she laughs, he says now you are my dimpy with whom i can talk.
Karishma says to Upen that Ali and Dimpy have started talking again, they fight but now talking, Upen says they are playing their game, let them, Karishma says its good that she went to him as i cant speak everything infront of her, Upen says when Dimpy is alone she come to us, Karishma says she is yusing you upen but you don’t become her puppet, Upen says i jjust listen to her and doesn’t answer her.

Gautam comes out of washroom and he put some cloth in basket, Gautam breaks mugs.

PRECAP- Sonali ask Gautam that did you put my cup in lost and found box? Gautam says no i broke two mugs, Pritham ask why? don’t act oversmart, Puneet ask Gautam are you bigg boss? or what to break it, who are you, Gautam says this is not much big thing, Pritham says ofcourse this is big thing, i can tear your jacket too. later gautam and Dimpy are given task to become reporter and open channel, Gautam do reporting while dimpy cameraman, Gautam interviews Ali and says it looks like you are funny man on tv but you are a coward and cheap man, how do you do that, Ali says when you know how to speak then talk to me, he leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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