Bigg Boss 8 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 30
Jalebi bi song starts playing, all inmates starts dancing. Son hugs upen.

Ali hides pritham’s kurta pajama to take revenge on something, Pritham is finding it, Ali gives it to him.

Praneet made ALi eat the spice so he took revenge from Pritham, now pritham and praneet are discussing why Ali is doing this. puneet says to Praneet and Pritham that he is just doing all this to get captured in camera, Ali comes there and says to Pritham that I didn’t like when you stared me so I hide your clothes, Pritham says you are taking up fight, Ali says I will do it, Ali says Praneet made me eat spice, Praneet says you got fine after eating spice only, it was difficult for sometime to bear it but then you got peace after eating spice only.

Arya and Minissha, talk, Arya ask minissha to cut his hairs. in kitchen, Karishma and Puneet are making food. Minissha comes there with scissor and cuts died lock of Arya’s hair. Minissha says I will wash scissor. Praneet comes in kitchen and says that minissha took scissor of kitchen in washroom, this is not good, Praneet comes to upen and ask why minissha took the scissor, Upen says she was cutting hairs of Arya, Praneet says that scissor is being used in kitchen and she is cutting his hairs, this is not fair, he leaves, Arya comes there Diandra and upen aask him what minissha was cutting with scissor, Arya says it was not hairs but thread of cloth, trust me, I don’t know where she took it.

Praneet talks to minissha, Praneet says minissha cut hairs and she said that she cut small lock, Karishma says this is wrong, Arya is washing with detol, Arya comes there, Praneet says when I took scissor to cut my hairs, minissha made it a issue that I cut my hairs, I washed it from detol too but minissha made it issue and now she cut your hairs with same scissor, Arya laughs, Praneet gets offensive, Arya says I didn’t know about the issue but I have washed scissor with detol, Praneet says the rules you make you should follow them too, Arya says you are right, I asked her to bring the scissor, I am sorry, leave this matter.

Ali and Pritham talk, He ask Ali about his life. Puneet says to Praneet that ali has taken up fight with wrong person, Pritham is Scorpio, he will bite Ali soon.

Minissha talks to Puneet, she says whatever you think you can, I don’t know how you got thing in your mind, if you want to nominate me then you can but I didn’t like when you pointed on my character, puneet nominated minishha and said that in Arya’s case, minissha had done what a girl with self respect will not do ever. Puneet says I didn’t like it when Arya said about you, I asked him to say sorry to you but next day we see you both talking to each other, you both were normal so I thought you both used us, Minissha says we decided to talk to each other as we thought house environment will not be good if we both don’t talk, you said that I am selfish, she is just thinking about game, minissha says I didn’t like it, puneet says I didn’t mean to hurt you, I am sorry, now if you are saying that you started talking to arya for house peace then I appreciate it, Minissha says I was hurt when arya said about our relationship, I was hurt, I took one day to handle myself, then I decided to handle this matter maturely.

Praneet reads bigg biss order that this week is o Diwali so we should talk about sweets, all applauds, order says that we are changing house in sweet shop, there will be two sweet shops of two teams, its luxury budget task “sweet keeper”, inmates will get ingredients and they have to prepare sweet, Ali will taste the sweets of two teams and will tell who made more good sweets, four people of one team will make sweets and other members will try to tarnish work of other team. first team is red, which has diandra, puneet, soni, minissha, Upen, Sushant. second team is blue Gautam, Karishma, Pritham, Sonali, Praneet, Arya.

two shops are in garden, one is Diandra sweets, other Gautam’s sweet shop. Puneet says to upen that soni and diandra are good in cooking, we will do work of strength. Gautam says to his team that Pritham, Praneet, KArishma will make sweets.

Karishma says to Arya that I don’t know how to make sweets much, Praneet says they will provide recipes, the ingredients starts coming, all inmates struggle to get it, they push each other to get more ingredients then other team, puneet is getting more aggressive, Karishma says puneet you broke my nose, Ali ask all to be calm, Gautam says Puneet is getting agitated, Karishma ask Praneet to go and collect ingredients, puneet is hitting all, Gautam says to Puneet that I can hit too, Ali comes there, Puneet shouts on Gautam and says you were pushing me too, Ali says collect it by mutual consent, like two people from both teams come and collect ingredients, Puneet says if gautam takes ingredients by pushing then I will come, Ali says from puneet’s team, Upen comes and Gautam come from other team to collect the ingredients.

Puneet talks to Ali, Puneet says they were pushing each other and KArishma said that she is a girl so don’t touch her.
Gautam talks to Sonali and ask her to tease diandra, Sonali ask him to go and do, she says fight gets extended, I will not do it, Gautam ask sonali to sing infront of diandra to irritate her, sonali doesn’t agree.

both teams are making sweets, Gautam ask his team to work fast, make jalebies first. Gautam ask pritham to make it, he says I trust you.
soni and Diandra are making sweets, Soni ask Upen to not talk to her as she gets disturbed. Pritham starts making Jalebies but it doesn’t become good. otherside diandra make jalebies nicely. Diandra’ team make Ali eat the Jalebies. Gautam comes there with bad shaped jalebies, Diandra’s team laughs on him, they make fun of their jalebies, Ali taste their jalebies too. Ali gives result that diandra’s team has made somewhat near to Jalebies but gautam’s team has made something else like pakoras, they are tasteless so I announce diandra’s team as winners.

Pritham makes fun of his jalebies, Praneet says Pritham was acting like he was head cook, gautam says I told pritham that I trust him that doesn’t mean I don’t trust you, I had assigned duties to all, Gautam ask to not blame anyone that he was head cook and all. Praneet says I am not blaming anyone, its about team work, I told you to put it in plastic bowl but you directly put it oil, Gautam says you know I know how to make jalebies, praneet ask then why you didint tell then, Gautam says you had to make paste but you melt the ingredients, jalebies are made from cool material not heated material.

Ingredients for new sweet is about to come, both teams are making strategies, Upen says we need to be focused only. Gautam ask his team to have team work. Gautam and diandra collects the ingredients.
both the teams starts making sweets, Sonali comes in diandra’s shop, they ask her to go from their shop, Sonali tells something in Gautam’s ears.

both teams are making kaju halwa, Diandra and Gautam brings sweet to Ali, Ali taste the sweets of both, Ali says in this task both are disqualified, Gautam’s sweet has shape but has not too much sugar, diandra’s sweet has no shape but has taste, so I think bigg boss taste both sweets and then he decide whose is more good. Bigg boss says if you are rejecting sweets of both the teams? Ali says yes, bigg boss says you will not send anything to us, you have to decide one winner, Ali says I am rejecting sweets of diandra’s shop, so Gautam’s team is winner.

Sonali talks to Praneet, and says gautam is rowdy, how you bear him, he was showing rowdy thing on girl, he held me from neck, Praneet says this to Pritham, he ask pritham to explain to him.

gautam comes to sonali, sonali says I was disoriented before, Gautam ask what I did? why are you behind me? you said that I am mad, I don’t care, I don’t give pain to anyone, I am good at heart, I know who care for me, if you don’t understand me then its ok, many here understand me, don’t judge anyone, I am like this only, I joke around and I will remain like this, Sonali makes weird face.

siren blows and ingredients come again, all inmates collect it. they have to make sweets in 30minutes, All inmates starts making sweets but they see ingredients missing, they say bigg boss have not even given sugar. Arya brings sugar from kitchen, he hides sugar in pocket and says sorry to bigg boss and says its for my team. Diandra’s team is making sweets without sugar only while Arya comes and puts sugar from his pocket in his team’s shop, Ali sees him and says I saw sugar in his hands when sugar didn’t come how you people get it? he takes sugar from their shop and says to camera that Arya brought this sugar from kitchen so I disqualify them, Praneet says we didn’t put it in our sweets, Praneet shouts that eat the sweets first, if this have sugar or not, if we didn’t put sugar then how can you disqualify them, puneet comes there and says Arya is thief, Gautam says to ali that if we took sugar, if we robbed it so what? Puneet ask Ali to disqualify them, Ali says I have seen them so I am disqualifying them. Karishma says we didn’t use the sugar so we are in game.
Diandra’s team is making sweets, Soni and gautam brings sweetdish to ali, he taste sweets and says I am ignoring sugar issue, I will give verdict on taste, he taste and makes diandra’s team winner and says they made good sweets.

Ali makes fun of Pritham for robbing sugar, Pritham and Ali laughs on Arya’s acting and hiding sugar, Pritham says Arya got afraid seeing you.

PRECAP- luxury budget task continues, both teams will will ask other team to make sweetdish which they will ask them. Gautam ask diandra what she wants them to make. gautam taunts puneet, puneet lifts gautam in his hands and ask him to mot mess with him. later Gautam shouts on Ali that do your work, Ali says I am doing my work only, Gautam uses slang against him, they both enter in scuffle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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