Bigg Boss 8 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 121
Karishma ask Dimpy to finish fight, you sid biased to upen so i got angry, Dimpy says it was misunderstanding, Karishma says why did you say biased word, go from here, Karishma is she is being biased here, Karishma and Dimpy hug each other.

Sambhavna talks to Upen, eh ask why you wanna leave? Sambhavna says my knees her hurting, Upen says ok leave the button, Sambhavna leaves the button and comes out of torture cage, Upen hugs her.

Gautam is holding button, Mahek is there too, she gives him jacket, Pritham says to Upen that Mahek is supporting Gautam, she is in our team not in his team, this is not done, task is different, friendship is different, Upen says yes, he says that we all playing for team, so is she in our team or his team.

Day 122
song paisa Paisa karti hai.. kia cheez hai paisa plays, all inmates dance. Gautam says good morning bigg boss.

Mahek brings kehwa for Gautam, he says its salty, Pritham says to Ali that why Mahek is supporting Gautam, she is in our team, talk to her. Ali comes to Mahek and says you are in our team, if he want something then he can leave the button and come out, Mahek says its personal decision if wanna give him or not, my decisio, Ali says ok. ali comes to Pritham and says Mahek said she want to give something to someone then he cant stop her, its humanity, Pritham says its about teamwork, why she is doing it? Ali says she cant mix friendship in task.

Gautam sleeps, Mahek says oyye, so that he can wake up, ali asys Mahek this is last time, you cant make him wake up, if he wanna sleep then he can, Gautam says so cant we even talk? Mahek says i am just saying oyye oyye cant i? Ali asys this is task and she should support our team, Gautam says i am standing here without food for two days, what if she helps me little. Ali says no this is task and she is part of our team so she should support us. Mahek doenst give him attention and says i can help someone out of courtesy too.

bigg boss is giving one more chance to inmates, the inmates in cage can get a second briefcase which is in confession room, they have half hour to get this brief case, the inmate who tell Upen about taking this bag first will get this bag, and can come out of cage, Dimpy says i wanna take that bag as my health is giving up, Upen says okay Dimpy said first so she will get this breifcase. Dimpy leaves the cage and comes in confession room, she takes the bag and leaves from there.
Dimpy comes in garden with breifcase, all ask her to open it, she opens it and laughs, there is pizza box inside it, she opens it and finds pizza in it, Dimpy says thank you bigg boss, Sambhavna says this cant be possible, there must be something else too, she finds nothing in ti, Pritham have sigh of relief and says we are still in game.
Dimpy says to Ali that i thought there was something like take this and go home, i was tired standing in cage. Ali says i am angry, Dimpy says its better than me saying i want to give up.

Ali brings one more bag to Karishma, he says one more have come, bigg boss have given one more chance to inmates standing in cage, the one who get out of cage in half an hour will get this cage, there is something in this bag which will take inmate to next level of game. Gautam ask Karishma to make him understand what it is, she says there is one thing in bag which will help him to go ahead in game, Ali says you will get immunity, Karishma aks Gautam to take decision first then leave button not before that. Pritham and Gautam discuss with inmates, both decide to not take the suitcase, Pritham ask Ali to take back suitcase, Ali starts laughing and it turns out to be prank played by Ali’s with Dimpy’s bag only, bigg boss says Ali good joke but put bag in confessin room back, all laughs.

Karishma and Ali comes in confession room, bigg boss ask how is task going? Karishma its boring as nothing is happening, Ali says there is no poking, no support, Karishma says i am supporting Gautam fully as teammate, bigg boss says that you both are from different teams, as now task is in last stage so it will get difficult for them in the cage, now they should not get any support from anyone, not from teammate too, Karishma and Ali says clear.
Ali says to camera that now i will poke Gautam, will make false stories so that he can leave button and we can make Pritham win who is from our team. he comes to Gautam and says you wanted mouth to mouth come here, you cheap guy, Ali says you jerk, Gautam asys shows your family background, Ali says not to go on family, they says *** *** to each other, Ali says you are fake and will remain fake, Rahul ask Ali to not this, this is not good, not use these kind of words, Ali ask Sambhavna to take Rahul from here, Rahul doesnt leave, Gautam sings that bald head just leave from here, Ali Ajaz will beat you so much once you go out, Gautam keep singing, Ali keeps talking, Gautam sings dirty face of yours, Ali says now should tell your story with Summit on national Tv? you cheated Summit, Gautam says Ali how much will you stoop, Ali says you are so much that you are fighting so much for 25lacs? money is everything for you, you took Summit’s money to come here, you can leave friend for money, the friend who gave you all these clothes, everything, you disgusting fellow, Gautam says to Sambhavna that see him what he is saying, Ali says what she will see. Sambhavna comes there to stop them but they both ask her to go from here, they are talking, please leave, she says ok and leaves, Ali ask why so much ego? Gautam says i am not talking to you, Ali says to Sambhavna that i am just doing task, why you are angry with me, Ali says if you are bugged then i will take back my words, he says all words were fake, sorry Gautam, i take my words back, now Sambhavna will make Gautam leave the task, Sambhavna ask why you are provoking me, Ali says you stopped me so come here and provoke Gautam, sambhavna says why should i provoke with you? if i wanna talk to Gautam, i will do myself, i am already upset, dont talk to me, Ali says to Sambhavna that why you are getting angry, we have to do thes task together, Karishma comes to Gautam and ask him to not react to Ali, Gautam says he will be beaten on finale, how can he hit so much below the belt, Karishma ask to not show that you are affected, we know how his language is, Gautam says but there is humanity, Karishma says to Ali that you cant say personal comments, you are also looking bad in it, you can go this cheap, Pritham ask Sambhavna to not involve with Ali, let him do whatever he want, Sambhavna says i cant stoop low to his level, i am not with him.

Gautam call Upen and say i cant play this kind of dirty game, i am leaving this task, Upen says ok Gautam doesnt want to play dirty game, he is leaving task, Gautam comes out of cage and says to Pritham that you win with these low level people, be happy, he leaves.
Ali comes to Pritham and says i have done my work, bigg boss says Pritham have won the task, so if get saved in next nominations then he will be first finalist of house. bag comes down, all champions hug each other and enjoy. Ali brings the bag in lounge, Ali says i did my work, Pritham says why did you go to family, Ali says not me but he went there, Pritham ask who is summit? Ali says no one, i just made stories to provoke him, Pritham says he got bugged.
Pritham comes to Gautam and says Ali just provoked you, you played very well, no issues from my side, Gautam says not from my side either, they hug, Gautam says i wanted you to win. Mahek says to Ali that you got so much low, Ali says i will say sorry to him.
Gautam says to Sambhavna and Pritham that now i will stay alone in this hpouse, i am innocent person, i cant talk with low standard people like Ali, Dimpy says but Sambhavna and Pritham didnt support him at all, they were with you, Gautam says no now i will not talk, i will be silent and will come out of house on finale with silence, Sambhavna hugs him, Gautam cries.
Rahul says to Ali that Gautam is crying, Upen ask Ali to go to him and say sorry.
Gautam drinks water and says to Sambhavna that nobody is friend here, Ali comes there, he pushes ali away. all ask him to calm down, Upen takes Ali out and says now Gautam is acting. Gautam says to Sambhavna and Rahul that you both were there but didnt stop him, sAmbahvan says i didnt support him, Dimpy says we support you, Ali was totally wrong in it, Gautam says no one has humanity here, eh says see this kind of people call them friends, he cries and says all are selfish, Mahek wipes his tears, he says to Rahul that there is humanity and friendship but you people don’t understand it. Mahek ask him to calm down. Pritham says to Gautam we all know Ali, you dont take it to heart.
Gautam says to mahek that there is no humanity in these people how can he use so much disgusting words for me, what have i done to him, he cries loudly, Mahek wipes his tears. Mahek says you are just tired, i know you are right. Karishma ask ali to go and say sorry. Ali says he is doing drama.
Sambhavna says to Gautam that i spoke against Ali there only, i was fighting with him for you, Gautam says no you didnt support me, Mahek ask Pritham and Sambhavna to leave from here now, Pritham says she was supporting you. Gautam says Upen and karishma were laughing when Ali was making fun of me, Upen comes there and ask when i was laughing on you? Gautam says you didnt stop Ali, Upen ask to tell when he saw him laughing, Mahek ask Karishma to take Upen from here now, Gautam says should is show boxing skill, Upen get little angry, they both come closer to fight, Mahek ask them to move away. Upen says we were not laughing on your insult, Sambhavna says Karishma was asking Ali to not do it, she was fighting for you.
Rahul says to Ali that dont go there now.
Upen says to Gautam that i swear i was not laughing on you, Gautam says i am sorry, Karishma says nobody was laughing on you, we all were supporting you, Sambhavna says i asked Ali to not stoop low so he said this is my game, Gautam says i said to him that you are entertainer why stooping low, Sambhavna sys i said to him that i cant speak against Gautam like this, Gautam says it felt like that all left me alone one my one, Pritham says nothing like that.
Ali says to Rahul that if he is so much hurt and there is no humanity so leave the house.

Mahek says to Gautam that you are very strong, what you said and did today was great and i respect you for that. dotn cry.
Prithams ays to Sambhavna that Gautam is alleging that we didnt support him but we were not liking ali too and we asked him to stop too. Pritham says to Ali that this is happening daily, you do this with everyone, this is not right, we know it was your fake stories but you cant insult peopel like this. Ali says i went to says sorry, Rahul is wtiness. Mahek says to Gautam that you have done great my friend, dont create expectations from anyone. Ali says Mahek said to me that sorry will do nothing so should i cut my head for him? Sambhavna says to Pritham that if is speak for someone then i am wrong, if i dont speak then i am wrong, Gautam hurts me so much that i am silent now, i do everything fro him but he..
Gautam thanks Mahek for supporting.

Mahek says to Gautam that ali is so much cheap, Gautam says he will get punsihed for his deeds, Mahek says he is already repenting for his mistake, Gautam says no he will be punished by me only.

alarm plays, all comes in garden, bigg boss says that the nominated inamtes stand on positions marked, Karishma, Mahek, Dimpy and Pritham stand on their position for surprise eviction.

PRECAP- bigg boss says its time for surprise eviction. later in confession room bigg boss ask Gautam whom he want to save from nominations? Gautam says there is no one in this house who is on my side but still she took mu side against Ali even if fake but she spokein my favor so i save her. Sambhavna comes in confession room and says that he feels alone, he is nice guy so i save him, Rahul comes in confession room and says she have seen many nominations so i wanna save her, then ali comes and says that he is like my younger brother so i wanna save him. later Gautam says to Upen that i dont want to be alone but i cant live with people who can stoop so low. i am alone enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ali really crossed limits.. and how can he say gautam was acting? so cheap of him

  2. Because ali is jealous of gautam

  3. Ali please go to he’ll. In the name of provoking he is simply insulting gautam. Watevdr u do Ali, gautam is India’s fav:)

  4. No othr inmate provokd pritam..its sad tht nly gauti is targeted..Gues if punz is re he wld hv supportd gauti 2 win d task..upen,ali sayng oa was disgustng..if they were in gauti’s place pain wld hv bn known 2 them..bored of kt,upen drama..must evict upen

  5. No othr inmate provokd pritam..its sad tht nly gauti is targetd..Gues if punz is re he wld hv supportd gauti 2 win d task..upen,ali sayng oa was disgustng..if they were in gauti’s place pain wld hv bn known 2 them..bored of kt,upen drama..must evict upen

  6. If all wer against then wh noone provoked pritam. Its fixed to make gautam out of game.. hate this.. wvwn bigg boss is against gauti

  7. Gautam is really nice… What was ali trying to say summit means gautam is gay… blo*dyfool ali… Dont have any respect for anyone…
    It was upen who started first saying gautam is acting… Go to hell you bustard upen…
    Mahek is really nice… We love you gautam… U r so strong…

    1. Calm down! It’s a show no need to take it to heart and swear. Relax

  8. I think upen will be out with k.tanna make her out so we will get ride of yhis u pain….
    I think its time to salman have to say something about this rubbish

  9. Ali u are a pig

  10. Oh noooo can’t see u crying and upen and ali hope u rot in hell blo*dy idiots
    Gautam was not overacting he was really hurt he is right there is no insaniyat left in the house
    Gautam u are best alone love u

  11. Lets be clear Ali should not have gone that low. But Gautam was ok once Ali said all those things, otherwise he would have quit then. Also Ali said to Gautam clearly everything I said was fake it was just to provoke you. Bit even then Gautam did not quit. But he quit later because he was very tired with no sleep and not eaten, which all added up and made him break down and start crying.
    He was so tired he could bit even remember how much Sambhavna stood up for him, Raul stood up for him and imaged k and u laughing at him.
    Again Ali was wrong, but like Pritam said everyone knows how Ali is like it’s not new he does this with everyone.

    1. Minty,,u r absolutely right…

  12. eviction is oly in our hands..thn how can the inmates get a chance to save??? is upen nominated?no na thn how wil he get evicted? bigboss plz say tht ITZ TIME FOR UPEN TO LEAVE THE HOUSE…this time kt should go…felt bad for gauty…mehek u r soooo sweett i hope u get saved

  13. why is gautam doing so much of drama?
    Or maybe its his game that again he will isolate himself so that he can gain public support.
    Ali was specific that he was faking everything so people dint react much, he just wanted to provoke. Even though Ali is not a great man but I think he is right this time.
    And gautum doesn’t stand up for his friends except for puneet..
    I dnt remember wen gautam took a strng stand for othrs. He thnks himslf as the king so evry1 should take his stand.. Evn ali was wrong in this so gautam shud b angry wid only ali, why did he allege his frends

  14. Upen is a good guy that’s why everyone likes him in the house. Only gautam doesn’t because of ego. People only like Gautam because they are obsessed with his external looks. I don’t think he is that positive or does something interesting.

  15. Rahul Mehek Dimpy Gauti….they shud be in finale…i hope Pritham gets evicted…i dislike him…he has been a wretched snake who stabs in the back. How can anyone like him? Now his wife says oh you and gautam are friends…and pritham treats you like a friend…and we see how pritham always criticises gautam and calls him mentally ill! What foolish wife pritham has!! Ali you are a ass##le…you should be kicked out iwth every housemate allowed to spit on your face once….blo*dy low life….you have no respect for men or women! none whatsoever…shame on you and your family to have raised you like u are!

  16. Minty go and live in that house then you will know who is what….the same can be said baout you that you are after Upen’s good looks coz he definitely for a mature age guy does not have a brain or a heart! only a body that he can flaunt all the time and keeps saying “dont taunt me dont taunt me!!” Gautam has a class personality, has been consistent, has stood up against whats wrong always…and has given us good glimpses of how mature he is even for a young 25 year old! He makes Pritham, Upen and others in their late 30s look so cheap and character less! what are you on about,,,you dont like him dont bother watching the finale coz its Gauti who will win!!

  17. i agree with u RG…evn salmanji doesnt lik upen n kt’s character…upen does pranks to others n when he is pranked by others tht time he wont like it ..bigboss plz send upen out ..ali is ovractingggg …gautam dimpy rahul n mehek shd b there in finale

  18. ali is jealous of gauti…. jab mehak uski help kar rahi thi tab bhi usko problem ho rahi thi… ali ko pata hai ki gauti ghar me rahega to definatly going to win… aur ha pritham is playing silent game but jab ali uski peeth(back) pe waar karega to usko pata chalega….

  19. Gauti definitely was too tired, hungry and upset dat he lost d task- dats why d flood of tears. And blamed it on “no1 supports me, i am alone etc” drama as clearly rahul and karishma spoke against ali and Sambhavna supported him and no1 was laughing!


  21. upen is not a contestant…hez a guest who ll go out this tym..probably this sun..he had come bk to make headlines with KT so that she can win…..

    this was in news

  22. u r also cheap minty like ali…. Thats y u r supporting ali… Gautam is not acting…. U r ****er…

  23. Upen has seen how popular Gautam is outside everyone loves him he’s genuine and that he is definitely going to win this show

    he made this disgusting move even though it gives karishma a bad name, I must say to upen Good performance u scheming manipulative ass how can u come between someone who apparently says she is in a committed relationship or he knows that she’s already been dumped or something otherwise hes obviously gonna get a kick up his backside

    Do what u are good at that’s lick ur lips hahahahha u dog

    Gautam to win :):):):):):):):):):)

  24. Get out of there upen cant tolerate u anymore ur very boring

  25. Self centred karishma fell for upen when he was naming countries that he will take her but when karishma sees that he lives in a dustbin and has nothing she will run a mile hope her ex has already found someone else by then and doesn’t take this two timing witch back
    If she can do this to ex who she loved then what makes u so special upen

  26. What u z is correct Rg. Even upen z once he is bk to the house that your the the one who is playing perfectly in this house. And he met gauti”s mother. Gautam we luv you

  27. Gautam was standing in cold the whole night. Why was Pirtam not povoked. Why Ali told Gautm that he is an male pr*stitute who serves desginers and hence he gets designer clothes to wear. He faked some name as ‘Sumit’. so its alright when Karishma ask Gautam to be evicted and what all drama for Gautam calling her b**** and now when Ali calls him the same why nobody is supporting Gauti. Pritam is the real snake. He knew everything. He stopped Mehek from helping Gautam. Whre were the Challengers. Why they did not provoke Pritam?? Hate Ali and Pritam tothe core. We Love We Love Gauti

  28. Gotomy will definitely win in the LOSERS race.. Great ACTING..

  29. Pritam is playing dirty games in disguise of a friend..atleast Ali shows up as villian..but Pritam knows the game..he should be thrown out of the house with 25 lac… Gautham rocks and after 36hrs anybody can break down when provoked..! but he silently went to the washroom and when was hugged broke down..! Hate Pritam..!!

  30. We love We love Gauti..!

  31. karishma upen n pritham shud b thrwnnnnnn

  32. We love gautam

  33. ohhhh my dear karishma longback u told to gauti tht once he leaves the house her so called’bf’ will hit him but now gauti’s place is taken by b ready to get beaten by ur bffff :-p

  34. Love u Gautam

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